Marcie and Phil Explore Ch. 01

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Marcie, my wife of nearly one whole year was standing in front of me, and leaning against my chest, facing away. I could smell her long straight auburn hair that reached to the middle of her back, the scent of honeysuckle. She was five inches shorter that my six feet. She was a lean one hundred and fifteen pounds. I’m Phil, by the way.

She was wearing her LBD (little black dress) that was showing a lot of beautiful tanned leg above her knees. It was a spaghetti strapped number with a very low-cut back, tight around her small waist with a pleated skirt. The design somehow created the appearance of more cleavage than her small breasts were really capable of. To me, and most everyone else I guess, she was the most beautiful girl in the world I had known since our junior year in high school, which was when we first met.

It was around ten in the evening and it was Saturday night at our condo pool. I was standing at the end of the Tiki bar looking over Marcie’s shoulder at the crowd growing more intoxicated and louder as the night progressed. There were a few people swimming or trying to have a water volleyball game but most everyone else was dressed in street clothes and milling around, drinking and just hanging out.

Everyone there was a resident, which consisted of two building, both ten stories high and with eight units per floor. It looked like half of the residents were around to pool.

I am a self-described introvert; when offered a choice, I always prefer to be at home and certainly not in the type of crowd I was in right now. Marcie on the other hand has never met a stranger and can make friends with anyone. And she always has something to say about any topic being discussed. Marcie understands about me and is fine with it, but I realized a long time ago that I had to give a little sometimes too. So here I was at a crowded pool on a Saturday night, just for Marcie.

“I’m going to take a stroll around the pool, want to come with me?” she asked

‘I’m good right here.” I said, “Someone has to hold up this end of the bar.”

“I thought so.” She kissed my cheek, twice. “Get me another drink, will you? I’ll be right back.” I watched her walk away to the far side of the pool deck. When she disappeared into the crowd I turned and ordered two more Jack black and sodas.

I had been crowd watching for some time and realized my second drink was empty. I picked up Marcie’s, still untouched, took a long gulp and started walking the route she had taken Şanlıurfa Escort earlier.

I hate trying to fight through a limited space, overcrowded with drunken people. I had managed to reach the far end of the pool and found an unoccupied spot against the security fence. I took up a post and tried to find my wife in the throng of loud talking, arm waving drunks.

Every once in a while someone would move in front of me just a little and I could get a glimpse of a pair of long legs in what looked like a black dress. I worked my way to the pools edge and about fifteen feet away; Marcie was sitting on the fixed end of the diving board. Her legs were certainly crossed and she was unknowingly showing a lot more lean tanned leg than I had ever known her to do. She was holding another drink she had managed to obtain from somewhere.

She appeared to be talking to a very tall, well built black man. She was smiling up at him. I managed to make my way toward them. As I approached, Marcie looked up and immediately stood as her dress settled back into place.

She held out her arm and hooked it around mine when I got close. “Phil, this is Darren. Darren, my husband, Phil.” We exchanged greetings. “Darren has a unit on our floor. 7-B across from the elevators.” Marcie was acting a bit uneasy and she seemed flustered.

Even though there was a semblance of conversation between the three of us, felt like Darren and I had spent a good number of minutes sizing each other up. But then Marcie said. ” I bet you’re ready to call it a night, right?”

I shrugged my shoulders toward Darren. “She knows me better than anyone.” We said our good nights and fought our way to the pool gate. Once in the clean fresh night air Marcie weaved her arm into mine, leaned her head on my shoulder and we walked back to our building that way without a word.

As the elevator door closed, she wrapped her arms around my neck and rose onto her toes to kiss me. Our tongues danced together for the entire ride up. We broke our grasp long enough to get to our door and get it unlocked. Once inside, she was back at me, kissing and hugging me with more passion that I could recall lately.

Don’t get me wrong. We have very good sex. And we have it often, three of four times a week. I mean, we’re both twenty-three and married just a year for Christ sake.

We managed to make it to the bedroom and get undressed without tearing the black dress; that would be a shame. Now naked, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan Marcie fell backwards into the side of the bed pulling me on top. She had her legs wrapped around my waist before I finished falling. We kissed each other passionately, lips, faces and necks. She sucked on my ear and pushed her wet tongue into it then whispered. “Fuck me.”

Marcie has always been an outgoing lover. She is not afraid to let me know what she needs or wants. But she has never said ‘fuck me’ before either. So I did, right on the edge of the bed with my feet still on the floor. I was just a few minutes into it when I felt my climax rising from the depths and I immediately regretted getting there so soon. It was however mostly unavoidable.

Knowing that Marcie was still a ways away from her own orgasm, I stopped and pulled out causing moaning complaints to rise from Marcie’s lips. “Trust me.” I whispered.

I knelt down and cupped my hands under Marcie’s thighs and raised them into the air. Her long slender legs spread wide with anticipation. I kissed her from her knee to her inner most reaches of her thigh without actually touching her vagina. I moved to her other leg and repeated the task. When there, I placed a very wet hiss on her clit and she whimpered her approval.

I licked a long slow trail from the bottom to the top of her swollen lips. I let my tongue slide into her and caress her inner walls. I pushed into her and she arched her back and began to ride my tongue. My mouth spread her wings and opened her like a flower and my tongue lashed at her pearl.

She was writhing and rolling her hips causing her ass to slide across the bed. I pulled her back to me and inhaled her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I pushed her legs up against her chest and felt her fluids start to flow. I released her clit and began to fuck her with my tongue as fast as I could. She came in waves, one after another, Groaning and letting incoherent babble escape her lips. She lay there a long while, still for a bit and then another small aftershock would make her ass jerk and her vagina would momentarily tighten around my tongue.

When the shaking subsided, I crawled up beside her and without speaking she rolled on top of me and took hold of me cock. She drew her legs up beside me and lowered herself onto me. She laid her head on my chest and raised her ass until all that remained in her was the head of my cock. She then sucked on my chest and lowered Escort Şanlıurfa herself down until I was as deep as I could go. She began to fuck me just like that. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her and she began raising and lowering herself onto me with ever increasing urgency. The climax I had put on hold was returning with a vengeance.

I felt the surge from deep down and felt it boil to the surface. She was humping me in rapid strokes and she never slowed as I started to spew seed into her. I was quite sure she to had cum again. I could feel our juices seep from her and trail down over my balls and onto the bed.

We lay there quietly breathing for a long while. “That was great.” I said.

“That was amazing” She replied.

“To what do I owe for this pleasure and the unexpected sexual aggression by my usually reserved beautiful wife?”

‘I’m not sure.” She said, “But I liked it.”

‘So did I.” I said. “I thought there might have been something special in that drink you had when I walked up to you and Darren.”

“Don’t be crude.” She said. “When he walked up to me had two drinks in his hands. He said one was for his brother but he couldn’t find him and the ice was melting and that I should just drink it. It was only ginger ale.” She was running thoughts together. “He was very interesting.”

“Interesting, how?” I asked

“I don’t know, he just was. Like he knew everyone. Every person that walked by said hello and called him by name and he knew their names too.” She explained.

“Popular, I guess.”

“Very much, I think.”

“Good looking too.” I offered.

“Why do you say that?” She asked.

‘Looked so to me.” I said. “You didn’t think he was?”

She laid there, her hand playing with the small tuft of hair on the center of my chest. “I did.” She said. “A little.” She added. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” I asked

“You know, that I thought he was kind of sexy.” She said.

“Lets see,” I said. “First he was interesting, then popular, then just good looking and now he’s sexy.”

‘Can we not talk about him?” she asked

‘Marcie. You are free to see beauty wherever your eyes find it. I’m your husband and I think that has to be important to both of us. But I have to say, if it means we have sex all of the time like we did tonight, you’re free to let the thought of Daren wander through your mind once in a while when we are.”

She kissed me very lovingly. She kissed my chin and down my neck. She sucked my nipples into her mouth, Her tongue trailed down my rib cage and across my navel. She lowered her head and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth.

‘Your mouth feels so nice.” I whispered. I didn’t know whom she was sucking right now and I didn’t really care.

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