Lunch at CPK

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Cyndie got off BART and headed down the stairs thinking about taking them two at a time. She was in a hurry and her heart was racing knowing she was about to meet Joe again but did not want to trip so wisely took them one at a time but as quick as she could muster. Cyndie could feel her breasts bouncing as she declined the stairs and she hoped her tits did not fly out as she was not wearing much up top. She knew that Joe liked the show and she loved teasing him at lunch. Cyndie got down to the base floor and looked to see which way to go knowing she was early and thinking about either waiting or heading over to the target store.

Cyndie made the decision to head over to the Target store and as she started off she heard a horn honking. Not sure if it was for her or not she still looked over her shoulder and was stunned to see Joe standing by his car waving still honking his horn. Cyndie smiled in seeing Joe excited as much as her to have lunch again. Cyndie turned quickly and headed over to the car being sure to take an extra bounce in her step and give Joe a nice show. Cynide smiled with a big grin looking at Joe smiling back at her with just as big grin. Cynide did a quick check on Joe’s package to see anything happening and was not surprised when she did not see anything — at least not yet.

“Cynide,” Joe said. “So glad to see you again.” Joe reached out with his hands enveloping Cyndie in his arms.

“Nice to see you to…..” but Cyndie could not finish her reply as Joe placed his lips on hers. Cyndie just melted and submitted to Joes kiss, feeling the pressure of his lips on hers. Cyndie slightly opened her mouth and Joes tongue was quick to slide in lightly teasing her lips and flicking over her tongue. Cynide pressed the kiss back now pushing her tongue into Joe’s mouth as the two pressed their bodies together. Their kiss ended but neither pulled back holding each other together. Cyndie was sure she felt something stirring there and that only caused her own juices to flow. The two stared into each other’s eyes when Cyndie realized that Joe was holding her buns pulling her tight to him. She liked that feeling and did not mind doing this out in public. Cyndie’s hands were around Joe’s waist as she let them slowly fall down to feel Joe’s butt.

The two looked into each other’s eyes just smiling and enjoying holding each other. “I missed you.” Joe whispered.

“I missed you to love.” Cyndie responded.

Joe leaned in again and started another kiss. Cyndie was prepared for this one and kissed the best she knew how. The two locked lips and then easily parted allowing their tongues to play in each other’s mouths like long lost lovers. Cyndie could feel the heat and lust building in her body and hoped the same happening to Joe when she was sure she felt something and knew that yes it was happening.

Joe again pulled back on the kiss breaking the lip lock and lust that was building. Cyndie was a bit disappointed but then was able to look into Joe’s eyes again. The two of them smiled like kids playing doctor in the back seat. “We should be going now or we might be arrested soon.” Joe said.

“OK.” was all that Cynide could get out as he head was swimming with some wonderful feelings.

“Let me open the door for you my Lady.” Joe said as he finally let go of Cyndie and moved back and opened the door. Cyndie felt a shiver run thru her body as Joe used those special words only for her.

“Thank you my love.” Cyndie said as she sat in the car and waited for Joe to get in.

Joe walked around, started the car and immediately put his right hand on Cyndie’s left thigh. Cyndie turned and smiled at Joe putting her hand over his feeling the closeness and a little of the sexual tension. Joe’s hand was not doing anything but just feeling his hand on her thigh mid way up after some of the stories Joe had written for her in the past just made her recall and experience those sexual feelings all over again.

Joe pulled out and drove down the road his hand always on her thigh. Joe and Cyndie talked some about things that had been happening in their lives and just catching up on each other. Joe continued down the street heading for the parking lot as Cyndie talked and smiled. Joe turned into the parking garage and said “Well let’s find a nice place to park.”

“There’s a spot right there.” Cyndie replied.

“No that one is a bit tight.” Joe went by and turned up to the second floor.

“There’s one right by the elevator.” Cyndie pointed out.

“I don’t think that one’s good either.” Joe kept on driving by and turned up to the third floor.

On the third floor, there were only a few cars and most of the spots open but Joe kept on driving heading up to the top floor. “Where are you taking me?” Cyndie asked.

“Some place special.” Joe snickered smiling with that grin. Cyndie then gasped as she felt Joes hand on her thigh move up. Now his hand was just an inch away from her tingly pussy and his hand was beginning to softly squeeze and Pendik Escort massage her thigh.

“Oh god Joe” was all Cyndie could get out as she felt the sensations from her thigh to her pussy. Her nipples began to tingle as well. Cyndie never expected Joe to be this forward and this all caught her by surprise. Cyndie just looked out the front window and moaned “Oh god.”

Joe turned up another ramp and came to the top of the parking garage where no there were no cars at all. Seems no one wanted to park out in the sun when there were places below. Cyndie sat in the car just staring forward as her legs spread just a bit wider as Joe continued to massage her thigh. Cyndie was now feeling a lot of sexual energy and was not watching or really caring when Joe parked the car into a spot at the furthest point from the ramp and elevator.

Joe let go of Cyndie’s thigh and turned off the vehicle. “Ready to get some lunch?”

“No please I need a minute,” Cyndie moaned.

“Feeling ok Cyndie?” Joe asked turning with a smile on his face like the boy that just got to see a boob. “Let me get that door for you Cyndie.” Joe jumped out and walked around the car and opened the door for Cyndie. “Here now take my hand my Lady and let me help you out.”

Cyndie physically shivered as Joe said my Lady again, her body being in a heightened state. Cyndie turned and took Joes hand and stepped out not sure if her legs would support her weight or not, luckily they did. Cyndie stepped out and Joe closed the door but Joe never let go of her hand. Using her hand as leverage Joe pulled Cyndie to him once again. Joe wrapped Cyndie’s hand around his waist as he pulled her tight against his body. “I want another kiss,” Joe demanded softly and Cyndie was not about to resist.

Joe leaned down and pressed his lips to Cyndie and she felt the power between them. The passion was quick and hot and Cyndie felt the flow from her lips to her nipples down thru her pussy to her toes. Cyndie’s whole body was alight with passion and energy. Cyndie could feel Joe’s body pressing against her causing overall genuine warmth with her lips going off like a nova. Cyndie was breathing faster and could feel Joe’s breathing equally increasing as well. Their lips parted and a new sensation splashed over Cyndie as she sucked on Joe’s tongue. Cyndie concentrated on Joe’s tongue and did not realize that Joe had one hand holding Cyndie’s head pressing her lips to his and his other hand square on her butt massaging and pressing her into Joe’ crotch.

If Cyndie could melt she would but her body felt too alive. Every nerve was tingling and giving off sexual energy. Cyndie could feel how hard her nipples were now pressing against Joe’s chest and how wet her pussy was. She wondered if she would be showing but did not want to stop the pleasant feelings flowing all over her body. Joe and Cyndie continued to press their bodies together especially at the lips. The energy continued to build and both of their hands began to roam and slide over each other’s bodies when suddenly Joe pulled away leaving Cyndie feeling so wanting her body demanding more.

“Don’t you think we should get some lunch?” Joe asked smiling and looking deeply into Cyndie’s eyes.

“Lunch is over rated.” Cyndie responded pulling Joe in tighter.

Joe gently laughed still staying tight against Cyndie. “That’s true but I promise you something special afterwards.”

“Well ok.” Cyndie slowly agreed.

Joe slowly let go of Cyndie and it took a few more seconds before Cyndie let go of Joe. Joe smiled and took Cyndies hand. Cyndie smiled back letting Joe guide her from around the car thru empty parking lot over to the elevator. Joe pressed the button and turned to Cyndie, “I hope that you are hungry.”

“I was.” Cyndie winked back at Joe.

The elevator door opened and the two walked in but before the door could close Joe pulled on Cyndies hand and started into a kiss again. Cyndie again just moved right into position and felt the passion flowing thru her body. Cyndie felt the world move around her, no wait that was the elevator going down to the bottom floor. Joe kept up the kiss till the elevator stopped and he quickly pulled away from Cyndie still holding her hand. Cyndies head was still swimming and she was a bit uneven on her feet but Joe led her out of the elevator into the sunshine to walk along the street over to CPK.

Cyndie was just smiling with a big grin as Joe led her over to the restaurant asking for a booth. Cyndie followed Joe still grinning like the Cheshire cat. They were led to a table where Joe helped Cyndie sit down and then instead of sitting on the other side of the table, Joe slide in next to Cyndie. Joe turned to Cyndie and said. “I hope you don’t mind I thought this would be cozier.”

“Un huh.” Cyndie mumbled and nodded.

Cyndie slid over more allowing Joe in on her side allowing his thigh to press against her leg. Joe took the offered menus handing one to Cyndie so they could Kurtköy Escort begin to figure out what they wanted for lunch. Joe quickly looked over the menu and put it down his left hand going right to Cyndie’s thigh causing Cyndie to blush slightly.

“Wh..wh..what are you having.” Cyndie eked out.

“The four cheese pizza and a diet coke.”

“Ok,” said Cyndie still trying to get her head around having lunch. It took Cyndie a few minutes but she finally decided while the whole time Joe had his hand on her thigh. The order was taken and Joe talked with Cyndie as they enjoyed the drink together and finally the pizzas arrived. Joe choose his pizza so he would never had to take his hand off Cyndies thigh and the whole time Cyndie did enjoy the feeling.

The lunch went by fast nothing much else happening besides a lot of smiling and laughing and just enjoying each other’s time together. Joe paid the bill and slid out of the booth finally letting go of Cyndies leg. “Ready to go my Lady?” Joe asked.

“Why yes kind sir.” Cyndie slid out as well being sure to lean over to let Joe have a good look down her blouse which Joe of course did and smiled hugely back at Cyndie. Cyndie winked at Joe sharing the special bond they had. Joe held onto Cyndie’s hand as they walked back out of the restaurant and down the street. Joe swung Cyndie’s hand like a like teenagers walking down the street and Cyndie enjoyed the attention. As they walked up to the elevator Cyndie began to wonder what the surprise was going to be. Joe pressed the button for the elevator and the doors opened immediately allowing Joe and Cyndie to step inside.

Then again just like before Joe slightly pulled on Cyndie’s hand but this time Cyndie was ready and she easily jumped into Joes arms and they began the kiss. Cyndie could taste the pizza Joe had on his lips as the two French kissed and pressed their bodies together. Cyndie felt her body responding and she hoped that Joe was as well. It only took a few seconds, but the door opened and Joe broke the kiss off pulling Cyndie out of the elevator.

Joe walked ahead of Cyndie pulling her over to the car which still was parked on the top floor with no other cars around. Joe walked over to the other side of the car and Cyndie thought he was just going to open the door and head back their ways. She was a bit disappointed that it was going to end so soon, but Cyndie was wrong.

Joe did not open the door but lead her to the other side of the car and pulled her into another amazing kiss. This kiss was just as powerful and Cyndie felt her body began to build up that sexual heat and Joe had both hands on her butt pulling her into him. He was even using motions practically simulating sex with clothes on and Cyndie enjoyed every movement. Cyndie was surprised at how forward Joe was but she loved all the movements and the feelings that were flowing thru her body. Cyndie closed her eyes and felt the soft wind on her face as the kiss intensified and her body responded to Joe’s attention. Cyndie was really getting into the kiss now when Joe let go of her butt and stepped back still smiling. Cyndie almost fell forward still feeing her body drawn to Joe. “Now for your surprise.” Joe said slyly.

“What?” Cyndie practically begged.

“Undo your pants.”

“What are you asking?” Cyndie looked quizzically at Joe.

“I said, undo your pants. Open them up.”

“You have to be kidding Joe, I can’t open my pants out here in public.” Cyndie looked around to emphasize her point in that she and Joe were out in the open.

“Well if you don’t want your surprise then,” Joe Trailed off.

“No wait it’s just,” Cyndie paused feeling the desire to obey and yet feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t take them off just undo your belt and lower the zipper.” Joe instructed.

“Ok.” Cyndie whispered giving into Joes desires. Cyndie reached to her belt and pulled it open and then quickly with one movement slide her zipper fully open. Not sure what to do with her hands, Cyndie placed her hands in front of her wringing her hands just a bit.

“Thank you Cyndie I am glad you could obey me.” Joe stepped a bit closer so his face a few inches from Cyndie. Cyndie could feel Joe’s breath and smell his scent and it only just turned her on more. Cyndie even tried to respond but could only slightly nod her head. Her pussy was really humming now. Joe continued his instructions. “Now take your right hand and put it right into your pussy and get it nice and wet. Then I want you to offer your wet fingers to me. Can you do that for me Cyndie?”

Cyndie nodded again this time her whole head spinning at the thought of what she was about to do. Cyndie took her hand that shook slightly and slid it into her panties. As she did this, Joe stepped back to get a better view staring at Cyndies crotch. “Yes baby, ” Joe moaned. Cyndie had touched herself thousands of times before but this time was extra special. She was about to offer her wet pussy juices to Joe Tuzla Escort for the first time. Cyndie’s fingers made contact first with her clit and she moved her hand lower and it was like fireworks went off right at her fingers. Cyndie was cumming. Cyndie could feel with her fingers her own clit quivering as the first orgasm over took her. Cyndie looked up her orgasm still washing over her body to see Joe staring at her. “Wonderful, ” was all that Joe said still staring at Cyndie’s crotch.

Cyndie continued her fingers lower and slid between her soaking wet pussy lips. Her panties were thoroughly drenched now but she did not care. She only thought to carry out Joe’s orders. Cyndie pressed two fingers into her wet pussy which easily accepted them being so wet. Cyndie thought that would be no issue but her body again flared into another quick orgasm just not as strong as her first one but this one did make her knees weak. “Oh god,” Cyndie moaned loudly.

“Good Girl. Now offer them to me Cyndie.”

“Yes sir.” Cyndie replied pulling her fingers out of her pussy and holding them out to Joe. Cyndies vision was hazy with orgasm and lust but she thought she could see her fingers were wet and Joe licking his lips and so took Cyndies wrist and brought it to his mouth. Cyndie felt Joe’s mouth encompass her fingers and her knees did go weak but she recovered quickly. Cyndie never knew how someone sucking on her fingers could make her feel so overwhelmingly good. Cyndies pussy gushed again wanting to give even more juices to Joe and she felt her nipples harden and tingle against her bra.

“Oh Cyndie you taste so magnificent.”

“Yes sir,” was all that Cyndie could get out.

“I think I need to taste that directly.”

“Oh Joe.”

“Hold your pants open for me Cyndie.” Joe stepped closer his hand out reaching toward Cyndie’s panty.

“Yes sir.” Cyndie reached down and pulled her pants wider and grabbed the panty top pulling it out as well.

Joe slid his hand down inside Cyndie’s panties. Cyndie gasped at just the touch of Joes hand against her lower stomach. Joe had not even reached in yet but Cyndie was alive with passion and her mind was spinning around. Joe moved his hand in deeper sliding against Cyndie’s skin. Joe slid over Cyndies pussy hair his fingers moving back and forth as he sild in deeper. Cyndie stumbled a bit as she felt her body so close to cumming again. She knew when Joe touched her it would happen and she was not wrong. Joe’s finger just gently touched Cyndies swollen clit and a massive orgasm overtook Cyndie. Cyndie came so hard with just a soft touch her body shaking all over but Joe never pulled his fingers out.

“You like my fingers in you Cyndie?” Joe asked.

“Ye…yesss…” Cyndie gasped and moaned still cumming.

“I like it too Cyndie.” Joe then slid his fingers in deeper. One finger slide over and between Cyndie’s pussy lips.

“Oh god Joe I am cumming,” Cyndie implored. Joe moved to the side of Cyndie helping to support her weak knees but still keeping his one hand in Cyndie’s pussy.

“I need to make sure I get it nice and wet.” Joe snickered. Joe then started to move his fingers and play with Cyndies pussy lips and slide a finger deep into Cyndie.

“Oh god Joe, Joe, Joe,” Cyndie moaned.

Joes hard cock was now placed against Cyndie’s hip and Cyndie could feel it but she also could feel Joe’s fingers deep in her pussy fingering her so good she was unable to think and barely stand. Joe supported Cyndie with one hand in her pussy, the other hand on her ass and his cock rubbing her right hip. “You like that don’t you Cyndie,” Joe asked sexily into her ear.

“Yes,” was the only thing Cyndie could say as another orgasm tore thru her body. “Oh god I keep cumming.”

“Yes that’s my girl, cumming for me. This is your special prize.”

“Oh god.” Cyndie moaned again as her whole body shivered in orgasm from her toes up and over her head.

Joe softly snickered into Cyndie’s ear never once stopping his fingers playing and fucking Cyndies’s pussy. “Just keep cumming for me Cyndie.”

“Yes… Joe.. oh yes Joe..oh God,” and Cyndie exploded in another orgasm even stronger than the one before. Cyndies knees really did go weak and Joe finally had to stop to really physically hold up Cyndie. Cyndie meanwhile was still having orgasm as Joe moved in front of Cyndie holding her up by putting his hand around and under Cyndie’s arms. Joe held Cyndie against his chest as Cyndie continued to orgasm less and less finally calming down. Cyndie looked up finally starting to focus and realized she was in Joe’s arms. She got her legs under her and threw her arms around Joe standing up and planting a kiss hard on his lips. Joe returned the kiss.

Joe pulled back and said, “I hope you liked your prize.”

“Yes ,Yes, YES.” Cyndie replied again going in and kissing Joe.

Joe and Cyndie continued to kiss with their hand s roaming over each other’s back pressing their bodies together. The kiss went on and on with the two of them just feeling the love and passion between each other. The kiss got more intense, the tongues began to writhe in each others mouth. The breathing was picking up pace. “Cyndie I really do need to get back to work now.” Joe whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32