Like a Good Neighbor Chapter 7 , 8

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Within a week, Shelby and Jennifer moved in with me for good. We went out and bought a pink canopy set with pink sheets for Jennifer’s princess room. We let her choose a few decorations and the three of us finished her room.

I had brought Ryleigh and Molly into my office and explained to them that Shelby would now join us as our newest employee. Ryleigh jumped at the idea of having some help and volunteered to start working nights since her husband worked night s as well. That way, they could spend their days together. It was the perfect solution for everyone. Shelby would come in after dropping off Jennifer at day care. She would work until three or so when Ryleigh came to work. Then she would go get Jennifer and return home. I would meet them there several hours later and we would eat then get Jennifer ready for bed. Once Shelby got her routine down to her liking, Molly would cover for her in the morning while she started working out. By the time Shelby came in I had finished working out and had taken my shower. That way, I could personally train Shelby myself. Shelby had opened up about things she did not like about her body. She felt her legs where too thin and she did not have a nice ass which I found silly but I wanted her to feel comfortable with herself.

That’s an easy fix concentrating on lower leg work and squats. The squat rack did wonders for your thighs and ass. However, as I explained to Shelby, she couldn’t neglect her upper body if she wanted to look symmetrical. Shelby weighed one hundred twenty-seven pounds in workout clothes. By the time Christmas was approaching Shelby was a beast in the weight room. She was mentally driven to sculpt her body into what she wanted. She attacked the squat rack and leg press like it was her mortal enemy.

It was apparent Shelby was feeling more comfortable with herself as she went out and bought more revealing workout wear. She was one of the best-looking women in the gym and was turning a lot of heads. We didn’t act like we were romantically involved so she got hit on quite frequently which I know had to help her self-esteem.

Christmas was approaching and I talked Shelby into having Christmas Eve at my house with her entire family. I had a local deli that was going to cater the entire event. It would be Shelby’s parents, Samantha and her husband, her grandparents on her dad’s side and one of her mother’s sisters. I ordered three trays of small sandwiches, two trays of meatballs, three large pans of chicken wings, two trays of muffulettas, two trays of deviled eggs, vegetable trays and two large pots of soup. One was corn and crab and the other a seafood gumbo mix.

Shelby had mostly taken care of Jennifer and we had hidden her gifts that were not wrapped in our bedroom closet under sheets. Shelby had made a rule that Jennifer could not enter our room without permission and if the door was shut, she had to knock. The other rule that I had implemented was that Jennifer had to speak to adults respectfully. From now on all women were ma’am and men were sir. It took a while, but it was finally almost routine for her. She did not have to call me sir, she called me Jace but I insisted that she call Shelby ma’am.

I was personally struggling on what to buy Shelby for Christmas. I was infatuated with her and loved her with all my heart. Shelby was the kindest, most softhearted souls I knew. She wanted the best for everyone and held no grudges. She even bought a large, beautiful Christmas card for her ex-husband and both she and Jennifer signed it. She sent it to his office she did not have the address for his new house.

Tim’s parents had made no effort to contact Shelby or see their grandchild since the divorce. It was sad because Shelby had given her husband everything he had asked for and then some. We were not even sure if he knew that Shelby and Jennifer were living with me.

So, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what to get her as a gift. I thought about giving her an engagement ring, but she had just gotten out of a bad marriage. It was entirely too soon to propose although I wanted to do so very badly.

Clothing was out of the question because her body was evolving on a monthly basis. She had everything she wanted and very rarely asked for anything for herself. So at the last minute, I reached out to Shelby’s mom, Beth for help with a gift.

Beth explained to me that her ex-husband always forgot her birthday, anniversary and never bought Christmas presents for her. Beth did find out that he had bought some diamond jewelry for his secretary which really upset Shelby. It was not the fact he was fucking around. It was that in all the years she had been without him the only jewelry he had bought were the wedding rings. So, Beth thought that a diamond gift might be appropriate.

With that information in mind, I went to Miller’s Jewelry in town which had an impeccable reputation. I explained to the young lady that I had no idea what I was doing and I think she was amused at me. But after about forty-five minutes, I walked out with three items. The first was a one carat, six-and-a-half-inch diamond tennis bracelet. The second were a pair of white gold one and a quarter carat diamond earrings. Since I bought both together, I saved a little money and walked out with about six thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry. The third was a birthstone ring symbolizing Jennifer’s birthday in January. It was a pretty ring with a large garnet stone in it.

Christmas Eve was on a Friday, and we scheduled the party for six that evening. All the food was delivered at four thirty and the caterer set everything in warming dishes and laid out everything else of the dining room table. I had bought a few cases of beer and the previous owner left the bar fully stocked so we were as ready as we would ever be.

Jennifer was bouncing off the walls waiting for everyone to show up. She had adopted my house as home and we had grown very close to each other. I had to go in her room and kiss her goodnight after Shelby tucked her in. She always told me I love you when she kissed me back. She was an amazing child and somehow, she seemed to be handling her new life well.

Shelby’s siter Samantha was the first to show up with her husband Brian. Then Shelby’s parents were right behind them. Then Shelby’s grandparents arrived several minutes later followed by her aunt. After Shelby gave everyone a tour of the house everyone wound up back in the living area where we had two huge sectional sofas and several chairs arranged. There was ample seating for everyone.

Shelby and Jennifer played host making sure everyone got drinks and knew where the food was laid out. Jennifer was really doing a great job bringing the drinks to everyone. When she brought two cokes to her great grandparents Bob and Margaret Bartlett, Bob thanked her. She responded like she had learned.

“You’re welcome, sir.”, she replied, with caught everyone off guard.

After several more polite comments by Jennifer, Shelby’s father could not help but speak up. He looked over at Shelby and I with a smile on his face.

“There’s no doubt who is influencing who here.”, he stated.

“She has become quite the young lady sir. Shelby is an amazing mom.”, I replied.

“Yes, we knew that……. But there is a lot of you in there now too.”, he answered.

I talked to Shelby’s grandparents and her aunt for quite a while trying to explain the series of circumstances that had brought us together. They really were grateful for the transformation in not only Shelby but Jennifer as well.

Everyone ate and drank for several hours then around eight o’clock Shelby wanted to give out presents to everyone. Shelby had handled all the gifts for everyone this year and she had done a fabulous job. Everyone was overwhelmed with their gifts and of course, I had a couple of surprise presents for Jennifer and Shelby.

So, Shelby went to the side of the tree and pulled out three large boxes and called out Jennifer’s name. Jen ran across the room and took one of the packages from Shelby and sat down on the floor. Jen made short work of the wrapping paper and pulled a Wilson A1000 Fast pitch Softball Glove out.

“Wow, this is big……. Who gave me this?”, she asked.

“All of these are from Jace.”, Shelby replied.

“Thank you so much, Jace. Now we can start practicing.”, she said, reaching for the next gift.

She unwrapped a new Easton Ghost twenty-four-inch softball bat with a pair of batting gloves. The Last gift was a Boombah rolling bat bag for her to keep all her equipment in. Shelby made sure to explain to Jennifer that this was all very expensive equipment and had to be taken care of. Jennifer got up and came over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek for the presents.

Shelby had left the room, so I slipped a small box to Jennifer and told her to give this to Shelby. I also instructed her to say that this present from her. Jennifer waited patiently for Shelby to return then ran across the room to her holding out the box.

“Here momma, this is for you. Jace said to tell you it’s from me.”, Jennifer stated, causing everyone to laugh.

“What did I do?”, Jennifer turned staring at everyone.

“Nothing my angel, thank you so much.”, Shelby replied bending over and kissing her.

Shelby carefully unwrapped the box and placed the paper on the coffee bursa eskort table. She opened the box and saw the ring for the first time and almost cried.

“What is it mom?’, Jennifer asked.

“It a birthstone ring with your stone in it. It’s a Garnet which means January.”, Shelby said, choking up somewhat.

“Do you like it, Mom?”, Jennifer asked.

“I love it baby. Thank you so much.”, Shelby replied, kissing her daughter.

The rest of the evening went well and everyone left a little before ten o’clock that night. Jennifer went straight to bed and was sleeping in less than thirty minutes. I helped Shelby lay out all the gifts that were from Santa around the tree for Jennifer in the morning. We both took a shower and turn all the lights off in the main part of the house. I was already in bed when Shelby walked in wearing a sheer white lace slip with matching lace panties underneath. She leaned against the door frame and smiled at me.

“This is for you.”, she exclaimed, holding out her arms.

“Ooh, I like.”, I replied.

“Do you now?”, she answered, licking her lips.

“You look good enough to eat.”, I responded.

“Oh, you will do that for sure.”, she replied walking toward me.

She walked over and slipped into bed pulling me into her arms. She kissed me as only Shelby could setting every nerve in my body on fire. I reached up under the pillow and pulled a gold gift wrapped small box out handing it to her.

“Merry Christmas gorgeous.”, I said, kissing her softly.

“Oh, my goodness, another present?”, she inquired.

She slowly unwrapped the gift and open the top of the black velvet box to expose the diamond earrings. She looked at me then back down at the earring and tears started to come from her eyes.

“Jace, you shouldn’t have. This is way too expensive.”, she stated.

“Nothing is too good for you, Shelby. Please remember you are my everything. Without you I am nothing. I can never tell you that enough.”, I whispered.

Shelby leaned in and kissed me with as much love and passion as ever. We fell back in the bed with our hands all over each other. Before I could even get my hand out of her lace panties Shelby had her first orgasm. She moved down and took my cock into her mouth so softly and used her tongue the way she could. I could never hold out long when Shelby took me into her mouth, but I was determined to give her several orgasms before I did. I reached down and pulled her off me and laid her on her stomach.

I got behind her and pulled her lace panties down pass her butt cheeks and pushed my firm erection slowly into her. She was extremely wet and tight as I pushed deep inside of her. I grabbed her hips with both hands and began to move back and forth inside her soaked pussy. After close to thirty seconds of pumping her tight pussy, she exploded into her second orgasm.

I didn’t stop but only increased the pace and less than a minute later she had her third orgasm only it was not as powerful. I pulled out and turned her over pulling her panties completely off her. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began licking what was left of her three orgasms. I took it very slow and before long her body was moving against my face, I moved up and started licking her clit gently.

“My god baby, you’re going to kill me.”, she moaned.

I pushed my tongue deep inside of her and use my finger to rub her clit exactly like I know she liked it. Within several minutes Shelby had another orgasm and begged me to give her a break. I moved up the bed and took her in my arms and held her tightly listening to her breathe. After about fifteen minutes she rolled over and kissed me firmly on the lips. She pulled away and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes.

She then turned and laid back in the bed motioning me to straddle her which I did. She wanted me to move closer the bed towards her head.

“Baby, I want you to jerk off for me and cum in my mouth.”, she instructed.

“Really?”, I asked.

“Yes, I want to watch you get yourself off.”, she whispered.

I did exactly as I was told. I grabbed my hard dick with my right hand and began to stroke it in the direction of her beautiful face. She lifted her arms so that her soft hands were softly rubbing my thighs.

“That’s it baby…… jerk that dick for me. I want to feel that warm cum on my face.”, she panted.

“Oh god, this feels so good.”, I answered.

“I love to watch you play with yourself. Next time I want the both of us to get ourselves off facing each other. I want to rub myself as I watch you pull on that big dick.”, she moaned.

“Fuck Shelby……. You’re gonna make me cum talking like that.”, I promised.

“You like it when I talk like a slut?”, Shelby giggled.

“Fuck yea baby….”, I answered stroking my dick hard and fast.

“Come on baby, fill my mouth with cum.’, she biggened.

I leaned forward slightly and she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. The head of my dick was rubbing against the top of her tongue. I took one look at the blue eyes that I loved and I starting cumming on her soft tongue. I filled her mouth with white hot fluid as she swallowed what she could. After I stopped cumming I put my dick into her mouth and she began to suck it trying to drain what was left of my orgasm. I finally rolled off her and fell to the mattress besides her. About an hour later she climbed on me and rode me to two more orgasms until I finally pumped another load of cum inside her pussy. We both fell asleep exhausted.

The following morning Jennifer was up at seven o’clock running around the living room looking at all her presents. I cooked a little breakfast and we ate then dressed to go to Shelby’s parent’s house for Christmas dinner. Shelby pulled her hair back in a ponytail and put her new diamond earrings in. They did look amazing on her.

We arrived at about twelve o’clock and were the last to show up. Shelby’s parents gave out their gifts to everyone before the meal. I could tell Samantha was very envious of the diamond earrings I had given Shelby. After we ate, we went back into the living room to just talk about the year and what the plans were for the following year. Once the ladies were finished cleaning up and had rejoined us, I could tell that both Shelby and Samantha were both staring at me and smiling. I had no idea what that was about. I went into the kitchen to get another glass of iced tea when I put the pitcher back in the fridge Samantha walked in.

“Ok, I think my sister is bullshitting me.”, Sam asked.

“About what?”, I asked, taking a sip of tea.

“You really made her cum six times last night?’’, she asked, staring into my eyes.

“Is that what she told you?’, I answered.

“Yes, in fact she says she always cum two or three times.’’, Sam stated.

“Does Shelby ever lie to you about sex?”, I inquired.

“No……. never.”, she quickly advised me.

“Then it must be true.’, I replied, walking past her.

That night in bed, I asked how Samantha found out about what we did in the bed on Christmas Eve. Shelby admitted that the three women in the house shared everything when it came to sex. Samantha had admitted that Brian had made her cum the night before which apparently was not always guaranteed. So, Shelby chimed in that she had got off six times that night. Even her mother questioned her, but Shelby stuck to her story. That was great, now everyone in the family knew we were sexual deviants in the bedroom.


Two years later, we were once again approaching Christmas only this year I was going to propose to Shelby. It was time to make her commit to me. The gym was doing extremely well and Jennifer had started school was about to turn seven. She was a scholar student never getting anything other than an A in any course or conduct. We had been practicing softball for close to two years and this summer she would play Babe Ruth Softball for the first time. She was really getting the hang on being an infielder and her arm strength was getting better. Right after the first of the year I was getting her a personal trainer to get her faster and stronger.

I also had a young woman who had pitched in the SEC for Georgia lined up to teach her how to pitch. In exchange for the pitching lessons and the trainer I gave both free use of the gym anytime. It was December the twenty third when our doorbell rang at nine thirty at night. I got up and walked to the door looking at the cameras. It was Samantha standing at the door. I quickly opened the door to find her crying.

“Sam, what’s wrong?’’, I asked.

“Get Shelby for me.”, she sobbed coming inside so I could close the door.

I was about to go get Shelby when she walked in from the theatre room on her own. She immediately saw Samantha crying and expected the worst.

“Oh God Sam, is it mom or dad?”, Shelby gasped.

“No, their okay Shelby, that fucker Brian is cheating on me.”, she cried.

“Oh my God, Sam.”, Shelby crossed the floor and hugged her sister.

“I think I had better make some coffee.”, I added, walking into the kitchen.

I brewed a fresh pot of coffee while Samantha cleaned herself off in the bathroom. But the time she came out I had three cups of coffee poured. I mentioned to the bursa escort bayan girls that perhaps this was a conversation they should have alone, but Samantha wanted a man’s opinion. So, we all sat down on the sofa as Samantha spilled her story.

Apparently, Brian’s interest in Sam had waned a bit and she was having to beg for sex on a regular basis. Then one night, Sam had woken up and noticed Brain wasn’t in the bed. So, she got up and walked through the house and then saw him masturbating with some girl on Facetime. She hid behind the wall but heard most of it including his orgasm. After that she began checking his phone and noticed that he was getting explicit pictures and texts from a girl named Bridgette. Samantha took screen shots and forwarded it all to her phone for the moment she decided to confront him.

Then he started coming home late at night or making excuses about working late but never had overtime on his check. That is when Samantha talked to her mother and decided to confront him. At first, he denied it but after seeing everything that Sam had on her phone, he confessed. Apparently, this had been going on for several years with Samantha just finding out the last few months.

She asked him why he would look to another woman when she was begging him to fuck her. He used a lame old excuse that he did not feel wanted and their marriage had become stale. He promised he would stop but tonight she caught him again jerking off on his phone with the same girl added he told her he was too tired to fuck her.

She packed a bag and got in her car and left. She was headed over to her parents but did not want to burden them with another failed marriage. So, she turned around and came over here to her best friend Shelby. She admitted she did not even know what she had thrown in the bag when she left.

Shelby looked over at me and she did not even have to say it, I simply nodded. She told Sam she could stay with us if she wanted. Before Shelby had started working out the two of them were about the same size so Shelby had an entire bedroom of clothes that would fit her.

Shelby had gained twenty-two pounds of solid muscle. Her thighs were spectacular, and she now had that rock hard ass she had wanted for so long. Her upper body had developed as well with mass on her shoulders, back and arms. Shelby always had a great body but now she was simply unbelievable.

Shelby walked Sam into the bedroom she could use, and they sat in there most of the night talking. I went to bed so I could get up with Jennifer. Around seven that morning Jennifer knocked on my door and I got up. I went to the kitchen and made her breakfast and started a pot of coffee. I explained to Jennifer that Samantha slept over and she was sad because some things happened between her and Uncle Brian.

“Uncle Brian did what my daddy did to mom?”, she asked.

“Yes, kind of Jen. Although he did not hit Samantha like your dad hit your mom.”, I explained.

“Oh, so he just has another girlfriend like my dad did huh?”, she stated, eating her cereal.

“Yes, something like that. So, promise me to be good around Aunt Sam while she feels sad, ok?”, I asked.

“Yes sir, not a problem.”, she replied.

“I know sweet pea, you’re a very good person.”, I stated, kissing her cheek.

That Christmas was particularly sad with Samantha’s marriage virtually on the rocks. Brian had made no attempt to reconcile with her and Sam would not budge either. She felt like the betrayed person in this relationship and from what she had told us she was right.

I decided to hold off my marriage proposal for a while longer. There was no way I could ask Shelby to marry me now with Sam in the state she was in. So, we struggled through Christmas and came out on the other side how we went into it.

There was going to be a big gala at the Metrodome for the banking industry to which Shelby’s grandfather was a huge part of. He would have a table at the event that would sit ten people. Shelby and I, Shelby’s parents, Samantha and Brian and the two grandparents. Of course, Brian would not be attending so we were down to seven. Samantha really wanted to pass on the event, but Shelby wanted her to get out.

Samantha had been going to the gym with Shelby in the morning and helping out. She would wash and dry all the white towels which numbered hundreds a day freeing up Molly for other things. So the Saturday morning on the week before the gala I told the girls we were going shopping. That Friday night Jennifer went to Shelby’s parents house to spend the weekend.

I got up Saturday morning and rousted the girls awake and took them to breakfast. We then drove downtown to Sak’s Fifth Avenue for clothes. Samantha protested the entire time, but I just ignored her. Since the event was formal the both of them would need a new dress. We went in and a saleswoman greeted us and took us to the evening wear department. Samantha had on jeans and a t-shirt, but Shelby was dressed in gym wear which accented her strong body. It took about three minutes for me to realize the saleswoman was attracted to Shelby, but then again who wouldn’t be.

I sat in the chair by the dressing room as Samantha and Shelby explained what they were looking for. The woman returned with a few dresses that they tried on but honestly, I didn’t car for any of them. They had to may ruffles or not the right color. Then the women brought out a long black gown for Sam to try on with a slit up the right side. Samantha went in and put it on coming out to show Shelby. She looked amazing in the dress and it fit her really well.

“I think you have a winner, Sam.”, I stated.

The gown was a Chiara Boni Cocoon Collared Trumpet Gown in Black which sold for one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Samantha looked at the price tag and immediately protested.

“I can’t afford this.”, she said.

“I can……. We’ll take it.”, I told the lady.

“No way Jace, you can’t do that……”, she once again said.

“Yes, I can and I am…… now hush.”, I laughed.

Then the saleswoman told Shelby that a new dress came in, but it had not been put out on the rack yet. We went to the back and returned with a dress in a black garment bag. Shelby went into the dressing room and returned about five minutes later. I was completely blown away.

The dress was a Rosario Embellished Corset Tulle Gown in white. It looked as if Shelby had on a very short corset which came to mid-thigh with a sheer white opaque covering over it. It made it appear you wear seeing a lot more of Shelby than you were supposed to. Secondly, it looked like she was melted and poured into it. It hugged every curve she had and really set off her lower body. Shelby’s sides were exposed as well covering by the opaque material and the bust was low cut. All in all, she was beautiful in it. The fact that it was two thousand six hundred and fifty dollars did not matter at all. Even the saleswoman chimed in.

“You look incredible in that dress.”, she said, smiling at Shelby.

“Okay, we have two now……. Now show them shoes.”, I asked.

About thirty minutes later, Samantha had a pair of Bottega leather stretch sandals in black and Shelby picked a pair of Jimmy Choo Meira Crystal Embellished Sandals. We went to the register to check out and I pulled out my Visa card which very rarely had a balance. It also had a fifty-thousand-dollar limit on it so we would have no problem. The total charge was a little over six thousand dollars which startled Samantha.

“Jace, this is silly for one night.”, she protested.

“Sam, listen to me. I lost my entire family in one night. You are now my family. Your mom and dad, Shelby, Jennifer and you. I get close to forty thousand dollars a month put in my account because of the settlement. I can’t spend that kind of money. I have over eight hundred thousand in my checking account. I want to do this for you.”, I explain.

She backed away and pointed to the saleslady then hugged Shelby for a few seconds. I knew Sam was emotional right now and I was hoping this might make her feel better. We left and went back home to put up the dresses. We went back out and the girls shop for some athletic stuff to wear around the gym. Once again, a woman in the Under Armor store started hitting on Shelby. Fuck, Shelby could get more pussy than I could now.

The event for was for Friday night so I arranged a complete a complete makeover session across the street from the gym. Two of the stylists worked out at the gym so I conned both Shelby and Sam into a complete transformation. They were scheduled for ten o’clock Friday morning.

I was working in the gym around three that Friday afternoon when Shelby and Sam came back from the stylists. It was as if I was looking at two completely different people. Sam had cut about a foot off the length of her hair making it shoulder length.

Samantha had dark black hair, but she had put blonde highlights in it that looked amazing. Then whoever did their makeup was very good. You knew they were wearing it, but it was not overpowering. Sam looked like a completely different woman.

Shelby had cut most of her hair off in I think was called a pixie cut. She had taken the highlights out of her hair and was straight light blonde. Shelby’s makeup was impeccable and I wanted to grabbed her so bad right then görükle escort I had to resist the urge.

“Well, I know who is going to have the two most beautiful dates tonight.”, I stated.

That night I dressed in the tuxedo I had bought about a year ago which thankfully still fit but the sleeves were snug on the shirt. I was dressed and waiting when the doorbell rang so I got up and went to the door. The young woman from down the street who was home from college had agreed to babysit Jennifer for us. Jennifer knew her and they were great together. She came in and went into the theatre room with Jen.

About thirty minutes later, both Sam and Shelby came out of the bedroom fully dressed. The sight was something I am not sure I would ever see. Both were dropped dead gorgeous. Samantha never really dressed up so all I had seen her in was jeans and t-shirts. But holy shit, here she was, and she was stunning.

Shelby on the other hand always amazed me. Never had I seen Shelby so beautiful. Half of Shelby’s body was showing under the opaque skin of the dress. You could see her muscular thighs and strong calves through the material. Her ass was spectacular and her strong shoulders arms and back showed.

We left the house about seven thirty and drove straight there. We arrived about eight fifteen and the parking lot was packed. Since we had Shelby’s Mercedes, I decided to valet parked. I pulled to the front and the valet let both girls out and couldn’t help but start at them. I got out and walked around and he simply smiled at me.

We walked into the lobby and across to the huge double doors which were open. We stopped at the hostess and gave her our tickets for table five which was in front. Just about that time Samantha gasped and took my arm.

“Oh my god, the two assholes are sitting together.”, she whispered to Shelby.

Sure enough, there was Tim Phillips and some woman sitting at one of the tables in front on the opposite side. I didn’t expect Brian to show but since he did work with Tim maybe it was mandatory who knows. I’m sure he figured that Samantha would not be here. He did have a young woman sitting with him as well which really shocked me. I mean him and Sam were not even separated legally yet. Then I recognized Tim’s father sitting at the table as well.

I spotted Shelby’s and Sam’s grandparents and parents on the other side of the room. No one had seen us yet with the large crowd between us. I leaned over and told the both of them don’t even look in the direction of their ex-husband. To let them stare at you and see what they lost.

We entered the room with the ladies in front and me behind them. We were about halfway through the room when I quickly glanced at the table to see Tim and Brian’s mouth halfway open. They had probably never seen their significant other dressed like this. In fact, damn near every male in the room had their eyes on the two sisters. We walked to the left and up to the table that was reserved for the grandparents.

“Oh my god, look at my beautiful daughters.”, Beth exclaimed, getting up and hugging the two of them.

“Holy crap….”, Shelby’s father exclaimed looking at the two of them.

“Where did those dresses come from?”, Beth asked.

“Sak’s.”, Samantha replied, pointing at me.

“Well, the next time I need a dress I know who to take.”, Beth exclaimed kissing me on the cheek.

We all sat down and the girls began to tell the story of how I took them shopping and arranged the make overs. I was talking to Shelby’s grandfather and thanking him for inviting us.

“Son, I have to say you are a very positive influence on both of my granddaughters. I have never seen Shelby so happy in a very long time. Tim Phillips is a world class asshole and if I would have been a younger man, I would have personally whipped his ass. Once again, thank you for what you did that night. You might have saved Shelby’s life.”, he said, patting my arm.

“Shelby is an amazing woman sir, I am a very lucky guy.”, I replied.

The party went on and people were starting to make plates at the buffet table. Sam got up first and headed in that direction a few moments before Shelby and I got up. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Brian head in that direction. I must give Brian a little credit, he did not hesitate in walking right up to Samantha and touch her arm. I was only a few yards away and heading in her direction. The look Sam gave him told me everything I needed to know. I closed the gap quickly as he was trying to talk to her.

“Look Sam, we need to talk……. I mean..”, he had started, as I walked up.

“Sam, everything ok?”, I asked.

“Yes Jace, I am getting something to eat.”, she replied.

“Look man, this doesn’t concern you.”, he said, looking into my eyes.

“Maybe, maybe not……. That depended on what this gorgeous young woman says. If Sam says it concerns me, then it does.”, I replied, softly.

“Look, she is my wife.”, he shot back.

“I’m your wife and you’re here with another woman. Please Brian, no offense but get the fuck away from me.’, she asked, very reserved.

“You heard her Brian…… step off.” I asked.

Just about that time Shelby arrived and Brian did a double take on his siter-in-law. She merely nodded to him and Sam turned her back on him. After several awkward seconds, he turned and walked away. I made sure the ladies got back to our table before I got in the buffet line. I was about halfway through when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Tim Phillips standing there looking very nervous.

“Hello Tim.”, I said.

“Jace, I hear that you are involved with my ex-wife.”, he said, somewhat nervous.

“No, I’m not involved. I love her and I’m going to ask her to marry me”, I answered.

“Well, good luck with that. What I wanted to ask you first before we have any problem is that I would like to speak to her sometime tonight without there being a huge altercation.”, he stated.

“As long as you’re respectful it’s fine with me. But honestly, I’m not sure if she will speak to you.”, I replied.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”, he answered.

I walked back to the table and sat back down next to Shelby. She had been watching us the whole time so I was waiting for her to speak up.

“What did he want with you?”, Shelby asked.

“Actually, he asked me if it was ok with me if he talks to you for a few minutes.”, I answered.

“What did you tell him?”, she asked, her blue eyes locked on mine.

“I told him that was entirely up to you.”, I answered.

“What does he want to talk about?”, she asked.

“I have no idea. You will have to talk to him to find out.”, I responded.

The music started and everyone began moving to the floor to dance to one song or another. I dance twice with Shelby and once with Samantha. I also danced once with Beth, Shelby’s mom. I was leaving the floor with Shelby after our second dance when Tim and his father walked over to us.

“Shelby, we would like to talk to you.”, William Phillips stated.

“What about Bill?’’, she asked.

“In private, please.”, he asked, looking at me.

“Sorry Bill, nothing in my life is private from Jace. If I talk to both of you then you talk to both of us.”, she stated, grabbing my hand.

“This concerns my grandchild.”, he said, in an urgent tone.

“Even the more reason Jace needs to be here. He is the only father figure in that little girl’s life now. He puts her to bed at night, he wakes her up, he cooks for her and they play softball almost every day. In fact, your granddaughter is becoming a very good softball player.”, Shelby replied.

“I just feel that we need to be part of her life.”, Bill stated.

“Your son walked away from us close to three years ago leaving me in the hospital. He signed off giving me full custody of Jennifer. No one from your family has made any attempt to contact me and my child. And now just like that, you want to be part of her life?”, Shelby said, a bit angry.

“Shelby, it’s ok…. Calm down.”, I said, reassuring her.

“You’re right Jace, I’m sorry…… I’m better than that.”, she sighed.

“Look maybe we can get together and talk about this another time.”, Bill suggested.

“Tim, be honest with me………. Is this what you want. Do you want to be part of your daughter’s life.”, Shelby asked.

“I guess…… “, Tim said, barely looking up.

“Tim, listen to me very closely. At one time in my life, I was so in love with you. When I had Jennifer, I thought our life was perfect. But that did not work out and here we are now. Tim, I don’t hate you……I hate the things that you did to me. I hate the things you did to Jen. But if you are sincere, the both of you, I will not try to keep Jennifer away from you if she has the final say. Agreed?”, Shelby asked.

“We can live with that, Shelby.”, Bill responded.

“That’s fine then. Tim, give me a call when you can and we can talk about it.”, Shelby said.

“Ok Shelby, by the way for what it’s worth…… I’m sorry.”, Tim stated.

“That’s a start, Tim.”, Shelby said, turning and walking away.

Tim Phillips turned and walked away as well leaving his father and myself basically standing there looking at each other.

“Jace, I have to say you have done amazing things with Shelby. She looks amazing and so fit. Is my granddaughter doing as well?”, he asked.

“Yes sir, she is doing well. Talk to Shelby and perhaps you can get things worked out. I hope you do.”, I said, extending my hand.

“Thank you, son I appreciate it.”, he replied, shaking my hand.

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