Let’s Eat In

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One of the many, MANY great things about marrying your soul mate is the blissful satisfaction of knowing that you will NEVER again have to be out on the meat-market, dating an endless parade of losers. You no longer need to desperately, fruitlessly seek Mr. Right, while being secretly content if he just doesn’t turn out to be Mr. Terribly Wrong! There is a true joy in knowing that you can have great loving whenever and wherever you want, as often as you want, in whatever way you want. You can have a slow, sweet, tongue-bath one night, a quickie nooner the next afternoon, or just an old-fashioned, no-holds-barred, all-night fuck. Being so in tune with each other as to instinctively know what you BOTH want and need at that moment. And no matter which one you choose, and how great it is, there are thousands of more great sexual adventures stretching ahead, with the same loving, caring partner. You never have to worry about when you will next get eaten-out or royally fucked in a way that only a truly terrific man who truly knows, loves, and appreciates you can do.

Best of all, you are not pressured to try EVERYTHING in one night. You can if you want to, of course. But you can spend hours and hours leisurely luxuriating in one single sexual sensation.

Last night was one of those nights to focus on a single sensation. Frank started by kissing under my breasts, then down along my underarm. He slowly kissed all the way down my right side, past my hip, and then kissed directly on the very narrowest part of the waistband on my skimpy purple-lace panties. Then he kissed his way all the way across the waistband, kissing the fabric that barely covered my thick, güvenilir bahis furry triangle and pussy lips, kissing me right THROUGH my panties, then pushing my panties aside to kiss all over my thick dark bush and my outer pussy lips. Then working his kisses back across the waistband of my p[anties, to my hip, then down along the outside of my leg.

Then he gently spread my legs open, kissing up my ankle, my calf, my inner thighs, and finally kissing my pussy. Then with the lightest touch imaginable, kissing and licking my clit, so lightly that his mouth barely touched my clit at all. The light brushing of lips and air, of course, excited me even more than his USUAL passionate, hard licks. Then he slowly. teasingly skimmed my tiny panties down my dark legs. He nuzzled his face between my raised knees, beginning some SERIOUS licking and sucking on my hot, eager clit. He knows how that always sends my slutty little clit into one, two, and then three consecutive, feverish orgasms. My hips were grinding, my breasts heaving, my torso twisting and gyrating, my toes curling, my hands rummaging frantically through his hair, my desperately-horny moans reverberating in his ear. He was running his hands slowly through my long, dark hair, nuzzling my neck, stroking my breasts, and cooing loving, reassuring words to me.

His loving words and his sweet movements were relaxing me, I was fully in his hands, trusting him completely now to do whatever he wanted to me.

I was now TRULY relaxed, and I trusted him to do anything he wanted. And what he wanted was to slide his finger into me, and to soothingly massage my G-spot. From soothing me, his strokes slowly stoked türkçe bahis my fire, until I went from calm and relaxed to breathing heavily. He was touching me in JUST the right place. My slow build-up was telling me that I would soon reach that level where I wouldn’t be able to stop my orgasms even if I wanted to!

Then his tongue slid up onto my G-spot in place of his finger. I was relaxed enough to close my eyes, slip into the moment, and I let him take full control of my body and my pleasures.

He always eats me out with such RELISH, such GUSTO–a true connoisseur of cunnilingus. Unlike so many previous lovers, he is truly enjoying experiencing MY pleasure, not just passing time until he can have me pleasuring HIM. Last night, his route in getting me to ecstasy took new, unexpected turns, and I don’t know when I last felt THIS excited!

Even five years into our relationship, his boundless creativity, imagination, and energy, his sincere interest in MY pleasure, lets me constantly experience new sensations, new pleasures that we’ve never quite shared in the same way before. He never does me quite the same way twice, and sex with him is NEVER routine.

Because his fingers and tongue were focusing on my G-spot, I knew I could trust him to bring me to one of those special, intense, ejaculating orgasms that only he can bring out of me.

My pussy began loudly smacking and squishing, and I felt orgasm building from both my G-spot and my clit at the same time. I oozed a nearly-clear, thin pre-come, much like that of a man. “Don’t hold ANYTHING back,” he whispered reassuringly, giving me the green light to come intensely, over and over. The güvenilir bahis siteleri combination of his words and his touch pushed me over the edge of no return. My come practically FLEW out of my pussy, all over his fingers, my thighs, and the bedsheet. My spurts were thicker than my pre-come, but not as thick or creamy as a man’s come.

“That was INTENSE!” I declared, and just my own words were enough to set me off AGAIN as I came forcefully yet AGAIN. I spurted just about a FLOOD of thin G-spot juices all over the sheets. I think I had about six orgasms in quick succession. You know how they say animals can sense the pre-tremors before an earthquake? I was like that, a pre-come pre-shock, an explosive quake of an orgasm, and then several after-shocks nearly as strong as the original quake.

Oddly enough, after he fingered me and ate me to a string of uncontrollable orgasms, I went to sleep contentedly, even though neither my mouth nor my pussy got to experience his lovely eight-inch hard-on this time.

You just gotta LOVE a man whose greatest happiness is satisfying my pussy, sharing my enjoyment, a man who does not require immediate repayment in kind. At least for this one evening, just his tongue in and on my pussy provided all the magic and enjoyment that either of us needed to fall peacefully, blissfully asleep in each other’s arms. We were both content now to save for some other night, the powerful magic of his long, strong, loving cock rubbing up against my lustful G-spot.

When you have a true soul-mate, you can FOCUS on just one activity, in this case his eating me out all night long, his words and his touch slowly, patiently coaxing out of me those lovely, SUPER-intense orgasms that only the G-spot can produce. And you are secure, safe, and comfortable in the knowledge that there will be plenty of other nights for you and your soulmate to simply fuck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32