Let Me Tell You About My Night

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She snuggled her backside into my lap, and I draped my arm over her naked body to cup her breast and gently squeeze her nipple.

“So tell me all about it,” I said to her. She could feel from the reaction of my crotch that even the idea was making me horny (although her naked wiggling butt may have also borne some of the responsibility.)

“Well, we met for coffee, like you suggested,” she started. “It was relaxed and comfortable, although from the giggling, I think we were both a little nervous.”

“Uhuh,” I commented, starting to roll her nipple between my fingers. “So what did you think of her?”

“Well, she’s very pretty, but she wore this lemon blouse and it was very obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I think I must have blushed bright red the first time she caught me looking… did you know she has pierced nipples? The rings were not too hard to see!”

“Yes, I knew that… that’s not all she has pierced.”

“No,” she giggled. “You’re right… but I didn’t know that, you louse!” She hit me lightly on my butt, then groaned as my fingers clamped down hard on her nipple. “Get your cock in me now!” she suddenly demanded, and obediently I pushed my already hard cock up into her cunt, admiring the way her back arched and the way she gasped.

“Stop distracting me,” I growled, feeling myself deep inside her. “So what happened next?”

“We could have stayed there for hours gossiping… much of it about you… oh… but eventually I decided I wanted to do something more than just talk. So I made a trip to the bathroom, and took those balls you gave me and pushed them into my pussy. Don’t just lie there, fuck me you bastard!”

“No… I want to hear the story. You’ll just have to put up with it for now. Now keep talking.”

She groaned, and in revenge started squeezing her cunt around my cock. I bit her neck. “Um, well, I was wet and rattling when I walked back to her, and I think she heard me! I could tell from her face… and she was watching me walk towards her. I think by then, we’d both decided we wanted to play with each other. We had another coffee, and she played with my hand while we talked… my nipples were so hard!”

“Like this?” I asked, pulling hard on her nipple.

“Oh bursa escort yeah… oh god. She asked me if I would like to join her at her place for a glass of wine, so of course I said yes. We held hands as we walked to her car, it was fun seeing people look at us!”

“Yes, I can imagine how you would like that sort of attention, you minx,” I said, pushing hard into her.

“You know it babe! Well, I don’t know what happened to the glass of wine – as soon as we got to her flat, we were both kissing… she tasted so good!”

“Well, I haven’t tasted her myself, but I do generally like the taste of women.”

“mmm… she was yummy! And I couldn’t keep my hands off those nipples… I think I had her blouse completely open within five minutes. And then I just had to taste them! She had to push me away so she could pull off my top – I think she wanted to return the favour.”

I gave her breast a hard squeeze. “I’m sure!”

“It didn’t take her long to have a nipple in her mouth, and the next thing I knew she was sliding her hand up my leg, and a nice small finger over my pussy though my panties. They were getting rather wet by then I think.”

“Oh really? I can’t begin to imagine why…”

“She has quite long nails, I think they’re fake. When she slid a finger under my panties and over my clit, I could feel the nail pushing against the lips of my pussy… god, what a great feeling! Then she slid her finger down and into my pussy, and found my little friends!”

I laughed. “What did she say to that?”

“Oh, she laughed, and said that she knew I would have some of those. Apparently you suggested she try some herself. Then she pulled down her pants and her panties, and showed me hers!” She giggled with that.

“So she was wearing some as well? Cool!”

“Yeah… she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy and told me to feel. So I slid two fingers into her pussy to play with the balls… god she was wet! The balls just started falling straight out! I had to keep pushing them back in, and she had her legs spread wide, and grabbed my hand hard while I did that. I think I got her pretty close to orgasm.”

“And then?”

“Well, she closed her legs over my hand and squeezed altıparmak escort it, then pulled my hand up to her mouth and looked me in the eye while she ran her tongue over my fingers… so sexy! I had to kiss her for a while after that!”

“Yeah… now you know why that turns me on!” I had to fuck her a little at that… the whole idea was just too much. But I forced myself to stop after only a few hard strokes, and asked her to tell me more.

“Oh god babe, please don’t stop!”

“I want to hear the story… talk woman!” and I used my other hand to fend off hers from attacking me.

“Oh, okay. Well, what did we do next?” She giggled. “Well, we carried on kissing and she pushed me back into the couch, then she pushed up my skirt, pulled down my panties, then started pushing her fingers up into me and rolling the balls around inside me.”

“Ah… did you like it?”

“I think I was cumming in less that thirty seconds! God it was so good! Her tongue in my mouth and her fingers in my pussy… I loved it! Then she started scooping out each ball and pulling it out of me, one at a time. By the time she’d finished that, I had orgasmed again.”

“You were enjoying yourself then?” I asked stupidly. God I was turned on!

“No, silly, I hated every moment of it!” She managed to get a hand through my fending to slap me again. “Once the balls were all gone, then she pushed me right back and leant down to start licking me. Was pretty far gone by then… I just remember the incredibly warm and soft feeling of her tongue in me and her lips around my clit, and just cumming over and over as she licked me.”

“Oh god,” I groaned. “Yeah, I know what you are like when you do that!”

“Then she came up and kissed me again, and when I had gotten my breath back, I kissed all over her face, licking up the taste of me from her lips and chin. I think she was pretty wet herself by then… because her own balls where just falling out! So I reached down and pulled them out the rest of the way. She nearly bit my tongue off!

“I decided at that point that I needed to taste her, so I started kissing my way down to her nipples, and got to pull on her piercings there with my teeth. That was fun! görükle escort I had a hand free, so I pushed two of my fingers up into her, just running them around on the inside of her pussy. That’s when I noticed another of her piercings.”

“I thought it was on the outside of her pussy?’

“Well, it is… my thumb brushed over it, and she damn near leaped off the couch! So I had to go see what it was… she doesn’t cum as easily as me though.”

“So she told me.”

“What did you two talk about?” she asked me, turning her head to give me a penetrating look. When I didn’t answer except to smile, she carried on. “Anyway, I spent some time licking her out… playing with her piercing, it was fun to pull it with my teeth! And pushing my tongue up into her pussy she seemed to like. But it was when I pushed two fingers into her pussy, and another into her arse, while I sucked he clit that she finally came! She came so hard I thought she’s stopped breathing!”

“Sounds like she was enjoying herself then…”

“You know, you’d win an award for how well you state the obvious! We kissed and cuddled for a while after that, then I told her about the toy you’d given me to try out.”

“Ah, did she like the idea?”

“Well, she was puzzled at first, but after I played with her again and kissed her a bit and told her that I wanted to try it, she agreed to give it a go. So I grabbed my bag, pulled it out and then unwrapped it. That thing is pretty intimidating! It looked so long!

“Anyway, I went back to her and rubbed my breasts against hers, while we both grabbed one end, and pushed it into our pussies. God, what a great feeling… kissing a sexy woman while having my pussy fucked by a large dildo. It didn’t take us long before we were both gasping and pushing against each other and trying to get as much of it into our pussies as we could.

“Then we tried rubbing out pussies together, and I could feel her piercing rubbing against my clit. I think she was enjoying it as well. I grabbed her arse and pushed a finger into it with my other hand, and she bit my chin! I think you can still see a tooth mark.”

I looked, but I couldn’t see anything.

“Well, I came like that, but I don’t think she did. But we both liked it… it was a good idea. Thank you babe.” She wiggled her butt around on my cock.

“I’m glad you both liked it then!”

“Well, we didn’t do much else except cuddle and talk and kiss… and then I had to come home and tell you all about it!’

“So you did.”

“Can you fuck me now?”

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