La Playa

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As he stepped from the cabana and sunk his bare toes into the soft, cool sand he felt an invigorating sense of refreshment and ease. He’d needed this vacation… out of the country, away from work and family… completely alone. Alone… that concept rang through his head as he stared down the row of a dozen or so similar cabins comfortably spaced along the beachfront. Other than the few staffers manning the kitchen and maintaining the grounds, he only shared this out of the way oasis with one other guest, who he’d heard arrive by cab late last night, well after he had already retired. Not surprising though – after all, it was the off-season.

No one else seemed to share his “early to rise” habit, and his were the first footprints left in the sand as he walked along the shore, ushering out the tide as it slowly withdrew. The bottle of tanning oil in his shorts pocket thumped against his muscular thigh with every other step, echoing his steady cadence as he put more and more distance between himself and the tiny “resort,” stopping only to bend down and collect the occasional odd-looking shell. Half an hour later, he could no longer see any trace of the cabin as he glanced behind him, and the morning sun had just peeked over the top of the hills looking down over the beach, warming his tan skin.

He turned towards the sea and looked out at the sunlight spilling across the swells and crests of the ever-present waves, deeply breathing in the fresh Pacific air. It was then that he realized there was absolutely no trace of civilization… he’d not passed one single building, road, sign… even the small bit of litter that had washed up along the shore back around the campgrounds was absent here. In a word… alone.

He couldn’t resist the first thought that came to his mind and a moment later he was stepping out of the shorts lying in a loose pile around his ankles. The sun bounced off his naked flesh, warming him instantly and as he turned to face towards it and the lush hills over which it rose, he could feel a stirring between his thighs. He’d always had a favorite comfort in the outdoors and was most comfortable when he was enjoying it au natural. It had been quite some time since he had last been able to appreciate this small fetish of his, the married life severely limiting his time alone. But this weekend was all about him, and he could think of no better way to kick it off as he searched for a nice clear patch of fresh sand on which to lie down.

The wet, firm sand was cool against his bare ass and along the back of his legs as he stretched out, leaning back on his elbows and watching the gulls diving for their first meals of the day. His shadow stretched out low before him, punctuated by an ever-rising monolith, which Sefaköy escort bayan leaned to and fro with each of his slow, steady breaths. Directing his focus from the shadow-dance to the source, he admired how very much thicker he seemed to get when he was outside in the sunshine, his arousal heightened by the fact that this was essentially a public place and the chance of being discovered, however slim it seemed to be, was greater out here than when indoors. Even if he were “caught” he didn’t much care – he knew he’d most likely never see anyone he met here ever again. Besides… this was his vacation.

With that thought, he brushed the dry sand from his palms and fished the bottle of oil from his shorts. Opening the top, he passed it back and forth under his nose, smelling the wonderful mixture of mango, coconut and other tropical oils. This scent alone had always had an aphrodisiacal effect on him, and he felt himself lurch as the scent registered throughout his body. Leaning back on an elbow to watch, he upended the bottle and slowly drizzled the viscous liquid along his arm and chest, moaning as the warm fluid kissed his skin. He watched as it trailed down his abs, pooled in his navel, then poured down his sides. He shut his eyes tightly as the stream just licked the bobbing edge of his head before he directed it down the top of one thigh, then slowly up the other. Setting the bottle aside, he lay back and skillfully massaged the oil methodically into his skin, taking time to knead out the many tight spots here and there, but more than that, prolonging that first touch that his cock so longed for.

Tilting his head forward, he watched as his member rose mast-like from the deck of his body, straining for attention. His hands dipped between his thighs, tugging and cupping at his warm, loose balls. He was surprised at how they already mildly ached, but he smiled, knowing this was a sure sign of huge impending release. Bringing his heels close to his buttocks and spreading his thighs wide, he could no longer resist and let out a loud, low moan as both hands wrapped around his base from either side and began their first of many long, slow ascents. Squeezing his fingers tightly around his engorged head, he stared fixatedly at the shiny drop of clear fluid oozing out his tip before letting go completely and laying his hands on top of his thighs as the pre-cum slowly drew a trail down his purple crown. He repeated this process for several minutes – creating a sensation of continuous exit by not applying any downward strokes. Those were always more intense, and he much enjoyed the mild build-up of these less sensitive upward strokes, grinning mischievously as several more drops of the sweet pre-cum leaked Yenibosna escort from his swollen, bulbous head. Collecting some on the web between his thumb and forefinger, he brought the freshest dollop to his mouth, wrapping his lips around the skin and tasting himself. But as the sun beamed down with greater ferocity, he knew he could not resist the temptation, that wonderful feeling only he knew how to provide himself, any longer.

Interlacing his fingers together such that they lay against the opposite palm, he created a tunnel around his throbbing cock, which like the rest of his body, was now glistening in the bright sunlight. Closing the heels of his palms together against the top of his shaft, he began a steady, rhythmic thrusting of his hips. Crying out aloud, his voice drifted out across the deserted beach and ocean, as the feeling he’d denied himself began proliferating throughout his loins. He was now completely in his element, all his attention focused on the incredible orgasm brewing up from deep inside of him. The faint crackle of the leaves and underbrush behind him never even registered as he thrust his ass against the cool sand, pulling his thick cock from the slippery sleeve of his hands. His moans were getting louder and louder now as the intensity increased, his hips driving up and down wildly. Only the sound of the surf crashing in on itself entered his consciousness, though he clearly saw it as he watched the oily escapade unfold before him. The sound of his balls slapping against his ass and thighs slowly diminished as they tightened, preparing to launch their seed, and as they did, he knew he’d already crossed the point of inevitability.

Two incredible and shocking things happened in the next instant. As he watched himself masturbate and felt himself slipping into that surreal and other-worldly state of orgasm, he realized there was a shadow along his body that wasn’t there before. His heart stopped for a moment, and he glanced back over his shoulder. That’s when he saw her… so beautiful and yet so unexpected he momentarily froze. But as his eyes adjusted to the sunlight (into which he was now staring) he instantly knew that no longer being alone wasn’t such a bad thing.

She was absolutely radiant, the sun spilling out behind her tone and slender frame. She wore a brightly colored floral print bikini top and a white gauze sarong tied around her waist, billowing in the slight breeze. She was kneeling on one knee, perched on the heel of her foot, while her other leg was extended completely, stretched out towards him. As his eyes traveled her long, tan leg, he noticed the matching thong wrapped around her ankle. It was only at that moment that he realized she was doing Escort Halkalı much more than just watching.

She seemed either not to have noticed or not to have cared that he’d discovered her, for her fingers were pulsing wildly against her sex, her half-opened eyes dark and smoky in their lust. Her full lips were wet and parted and now he could hear her panting over her clenched teeth. As he gazed into her deep eyes, he felt his own hands returning to their former rhythm and could scarcely believe what he was doing. His eyes left her lust-worn face and drifted down her tiny frame to focus on her own self-ministrations. Her fingers glistened as wetly as his own, though from a completely different essence, which the same breeze playing with the loose ends of her beach dress now wafted toward him, her scent intoxicating.

Another low moan escaped his lips before he could check it and this seemed to signal her to do the same. She cried out as her orgasm overtook her and her fingers kept pressing… circling… gyrating. She screamed out as he noticed the heel of her outstretched leg carving a smooth arc in the sand as her intense orgasm drew her thighs uncontrollably closer. Her other hand clenched a pert breast and he could tell she was pinching her nipple between her ring and middle fingers. The ground beneath her seemed to quake as she leaned further and further forward… curling in on herself in the throes of her come. Come? Yes, that’s right… so engrossed in the scene before him, he’d not only forgotten about what he was doing, but he seemed to have completely missed the locomotive event as it rumbled through him. Gobs of pearly white liquid were scattered across his torso, pooling in the indentations of his abs… streaming thickly down the sides of his oily pecs. His hands were still pumping, and as his attention returned to himself and the wonderful sight of his fresh, self-induced come, his second orgasm caught up to him and thundered through him, releasing another wave of fluid from his thick, veiny cock. He screamed out as he felt his tender balls clench tight and, like her, he curled in on himself as the spasms overtook him.

Spent and, for the moment, completely satisfied, he opened his eyes to see her settling alongside him, tracing her finger through the many puddles along his chest, occasionally bringing the tip of her finger to her lips, rubbing his seed along their pouty surface. She brought them, freshly coated and dripping, to his own and pressed them tightly against his, kissing him deep and long. When she pulled back and looked into his eyes, her smile echoed the message of her voice…. “I’m so happy to find out that I’m not alone here after all… when I arrived last night, I thought it was just me and the three natives!”

His own smile carried the same message without words, so he spoke the only thing that made any sense right then… “Bath?”

She laughed, and together they stood and walked out into the Pacific, her remaining clothing shed in a line pointing towards a bright and pleasurable future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32