La Discrète

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French is a most beautiful language. The movie had its memorable moments (cold feet!) and as the focus was on having an affair, I was undoubtedly getting damp. Unfortunately the auditorium was rather well lit (even throughout the movie) and my lover was busy with messages.

We had supper at Newton Circus… fried oyster omelette yum yum yum!!! Not as if we needed any aphrodisiac between us but it’s just a favourite food ya? As usual, we had our lengthy discussions and time flew by.

My lover is a huge football fan and tonight he was preoccupied with this match he just had to catch. I didn’t have much time and I knew it. I didn’t even want to try distracting him with a bj while the match was going on. I even packed a book!

We checked into this hotel for its cable services more than anything else and as soon as the door closed, I went for his jeans.

I had to stop for a while to help him remove the safety pin keeping my top from popping over and exposing my breasts to the general public. But thereafter I busied myself with stripping him and giving him a mind blowing blow job.

I’m always trying to improve on my rating.

Somehow, Urfa Escort he had enough presence of mind to retrieve his camera and started taking some photographs. The batteries were low so the camera spent the rest of the night being recharged.

Slurp slurp lick suck kiss rub… it’s amazing what one can do with lips and tongue! Prick worship is what I’m good at. Helps that I really enjoy it too *grin*

He didn’t let me go on for too long and soon had me stark naked and on the bed. On my back with my legs in the air then with my legs outside his then my legs straight in between his… lots of acrobatics. Well, most certainly worth the effort I put in pleasuring him hehehehehe.

A short break and then I was on all fours but not long after I just slumped my shoulders on the bed and clutch at the sheets! Breathe breathe breathe. When you’re orgasming that often and hard, it’s easy to pass out when you forget.

The grand finale was when he fucked my ass. You think you reached HIGH? Well, you’re wrong babe, you get HIGHER. Breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe. Good thing I don’t have a heart problem. I tell you, gals who refuse Urfa Escort Bayan to try anal have no idea what they are missing. Feeling his hard prick move in and out of my ass, first not moving, then slowly, then building up to a steady thrusting and then regular pounding is bloody incredible. Absolutely mind-blowing… what the French call the mini death 😉

Barely on earth to catch his cum spraying but something I wouldn’t miss no matter how out in space I am… did I already say it’s incredulously sweet? *licks her lips*

We fell asleep.

I woke up hungry. Went under the sheets for some supper but he was tired and pushed me away *major pout*

Eventually, I fell asleep too. Somehow, self pleasure is no pleasure when you have your lover next to you.

(We caught some of the match, but missed the final scores as we were both exhausted.)

I woke up first and took my shower. I decided to go make that non-supper into an early breakfast and had my pleasure in sucking him into full hardness. Took the chance to ride him, too… I don’t get to do that often enough! It feels good just to have your lover’s cock in Escort Urfa you. No movements, just being filled. Mmmmm.

He took over soon enough and gave me yet another pounding. I am so spoilt… I don’t do much if at all and get sent into orbit *big grin*

So when we took a break, I went back to cock worshipping. He asked me to rim his ass… now that could be an alternative title: First time I ass rimmed. He was pleased that I had something “virgin” to give to him.

But I digress.

I rimmed. Really, you think there’s so much to it? There isn’t. I went back to read up on it and hmm, ok. There’s only so much you can do with your lips and tongue. And fingers, I suppose. But this was a RIM not a probe.

So I rimmed. It was easy because he was clean, and also busy distracting me with his fingers on my clit and pussy. There’s something to be said for concentration, but when you’re orgasming, you do whatever you’re doing with way more gusto.

Had yet more yummy cum. Great breakfast stuff.

He took his shower. I’m still not sure if he was annoyed or pleased that I was so into sucking cock.

By this time, he was seriously late for work. We dressed and left in a hurry. I had to take a cab home since work and home were in two opposite directions. First time I didn’t get to alight from that funky car at home.

Reading this through, it looks like Swing night is going to be rather tame…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32