Knotty Neighbor

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When the phone rang, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be Stephanie. She said she had a problem, could I please come over to help her? I asked if she was alright, thinking it was some sort of emergency. She laughed and said everything was fine, that she just needed my help with something. Puzzled, I told her I was on the way. We both lived in the same apartment complex, but in different buildings. I put my shoes on and headed for her apartment across the parking lot. It was a cool, windy day with the threat of rain hanging in the air. I arrived at Stephanie’s apartment in relatively no time and knocked on the door.

Stephanie was an attractive gal with a great figure and a matching personality. I had always envied her husband and enjoyed any chance to talk with her. She was bright and inquisitive, the kind that made conversation fun. One day over a cup of coffee at the local Starbuck’s while discussing hobbies, I told her that I wrote erotic fiction. Her eyes got really big and she acted shocked, but she asked about what type of erotic fiction, so I told her my primary interest centered on bondage sex. She blushed and told me she had always been interested in bondage, but didn’t know anyone she could either trust or who was similarly interested. My pulse raced and my cock thickened at the thought of tying her up, but I managed to keep a lid on it while we talked. She was interested in the very core of my writings, so I told her I would e-mail her some for her enjoyment and critique. As soon as she read them, she e-mailed me her reactions and praised my work. She said she was so aroused by them that she had to stop “to take care of something”. She said she wished Bob, her husband, would do the things to her that happened to the girls in my stories.

Stephanie answered the door wearing a bathrobe and motioned me in. Closing the door behind me, she pulled the robe around her tighter and blushed.

“What can I do for you?” I asked, wondering what this was all about.

She paused for a moment as if she was searching for a way to tell me something. Wordlessly, she handed me a note that she had written and waited for me to finish reading it before speaking. This is what the note said:

“It’s about time you got home! I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve always wanted to surprise you by being tied up when you got home, so I asked Bruce to tie me just for you. I’ve been so horny just thinking about it that I just couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve been imagining what it would be like for you to tease me, play with my nipples, tongue my clit, whatever, while I can’t do anything to stop you. Don’t untie me until you’ve fucked me, no matter how hard I struggle or try to tell you to stop. So please do all the things you know I like; let your devilish tongue tease and massage my throbbing swollen clit, then fuck me hard and make me cum before you untie me. I love you.”

Wordlessly, I looked at her in stunned amazement.

“Its really all your fault,” she said, “You know I’ve always been interested in doing this and your stories not only brought it all out, but they showed me you knew exactly how to do this and you’re someone I could trust.”

I swallowed hard, not really believing my senses.

“Bob will be home by 5:30. It’s a little after 4:30 now, so does that give you enough time to tie me up before he gets here? I really want to surprise him by doing this.”

Rather numbly, I nodded and then I began to gather my senses.

“First of all, where do you want me to tie you?”

“On the bed,” she answered, dropping her robe and walking off towards their bedroom.

She was wearing only a black satin bra, panty and garter outfit. Her figure was highlighted by the skimpy material and she looked fabulous.

While trying to calm myself, she sat down on the bed and put on 3-inch heels that strap around the ankles. Standing up, her legs looked sleek and muscular; the kind of look only heels can give a woman.

“Good thing I don’t have to walk around in these,” she laughed, “I’m too uncoordinated not to fall. I bought rope for you to use, it’s in the drawer here.”

Pulling open a drawer in her nightstand, she picked up several wraps of nylon-braided rope, exactly the kind I describe in my stories. Holding a ball-gag in her hand, she said she bought this from an on-line vendor.

“I’m too chicken to buy one of these in public,” she said. illegal bahis “I also have tape, the kind you used in your story about the woman who was tied up by her boyfriend while he was on lunch-break,” referring to one of my earliest works.

“OK,” I said, “if you’re sure you really want to do this, let’s get to it. How do you want me to tie you?”

“I’ve always liked the kind of tie that you described that leaves the woman open and accessible, but not able to reach for relief, if you know what I mean,” she said mischievously.

I knew exactly what she was referring to.

“Put your hands behind your back”, I instructed.

Crossing over to get to the other side of the bed, I took a few wraps of the rope and got on the bed to approach her from the rear. Looping the first wrap around her upper arms, I then criss-crossed her breasts and then cinched the rope between both arms. Taking another wrap, I wound the rope around her upper arms above her elbows and then cinched that off to the rope securing her shoulders. Then I wrapped rope around her waist and arms, cinching her arms to her body. Placing her hands so that the palms touched each other, I tied her wrists and cinched it off.

“Lie down with your legs drawn up,” I told her. She did so, and I tied each leg in a frog-tie. Without my having to tell her, she opened her mouth for the ball-gag.

“You really have read my stuff,” I exclaimed. She winked at me and smiled.

I pushed the ball-gag into her mouth and buckled tightly so that the ball was behind her front teeth. Taking several strips of tape, I layered the strips from under her jaw and from cheek to cheek, effectively silencing her.

“Everything OK?” I asked. She nodded and then proceeded to test her bonds.

The whole process took only about 25 minutes and there were still a half hour before Bob would arrive. Stephanie squirmed and twisted against the ropes holding her luscious body. My pulse was racing and my cock was straining against my pants like a divining rod that found water. It was literally all I could do to resist taking her right there and then. She was absolutely breathtaking. It was intoxicating to watch her explore her bonds, every luscious inch of her fabulous body highlighted by the whiteness that held her secure. It was obvious that she was aroused and trying to put out the fire between her legs. I wanted to help her so badly but I thought to do so would be to violate a trust, so I shifted my pants to reduce the strain of my hardness as it tried to poke through and sighed.

When the clock said 4:25, I told her I was leaving and would place the note where Bob would find it easily enough. Stephanie nodded and continued to struggle in horny bliss. The damp spot on the thin material covering her slit was darkly wet, obvious and inviting. I was sorely tempted to perform a “temperature and moisture check”, but I managed to resist. I didn’t dare contemplate a “taste test.” Checking her bonds once more for safety and tightness, I left quickly before my resolve melted.

While I was crossing the parking lot on the way home, Bob’s car pulled in to its usual parking spot. Some guys are just so lucky. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, I guess.

***Alternate Ending***

When the clock said 4:25, I told her I was leaving and would place the note where Bob would find it easily enough. Stephanie nodded and continued to struggle in horny bliss. The damp spot on the thin material covering her slit was darkly wet, obvious and inviting. I was sorely tempted to perform a “temperature and moisture check”, but I managed to resist. I didn’t dare contemplate a “taste test.” Checking her bonds once more for safety and tightness, I started towards the door before I lost all my self-discipline. I’m just not programmed to walk away from a girl who I’ve tied and gagged on a bed.

Just as I reached for the door, the phone rang. I paused, wondering if I might have to untie Stephanie in case of some sort of urgent call. The phone rang three more times and then the answering machine was activated. After the generic greeting, Bob’s voice came on.

“Honey, something unexpected has come up at the account in Alabama, so I’ll have to fly out there and I won’t be home until tomorrow. Sorry about this, but sometimes these things happen. If I spoiled any dinner plans you may have had, I apologize. Why not give Bruce a call illegal bahis siteleri and see if he’s had dinner? I’ll call you as soon as I can. I love you. ‘Bye.”

I stood there, frozen as I contemplated this latest development. The very thought of having to untie Stephanie without so much as a taste of her wetness off my fingers was almost too much to bear, but it was her idea to surprise Bob, not me. I walked back to the bedroom. Stephanie was lying still, waiting. She had heard the message. I stood beside the bed and looked down at one of the most incredibly beautiful sights any man could behold, my bulging hard-on boldly making its own statement. At this point, it didn’t really seem to matter anymore.

I removed the tape covering the lower half of her face and unbuckled the ball-gag. Licking her lips, she looked at me with a raised eyebrow and smiled.

“So much for best-laid plans, huh?” I asked. “Bob would have been turned inside-out for this. Roll over so I can untie you.”

“Why?” she asked, “I’ve gone too far to stop now and I’m not ready to yet.”

“Well, I can’t just leave you tied, it’s not safe and besides…how would anybody know when you’re ready to be released?”

“Who said anything about you leaving? Bruce, I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now, ever since I read your first story, and I want to experience the whole thing. Can you understand that? I’m too turned on to just stop and I want you to finish what I, we, started. Can you do that for me? Please?”

“Well, what about Bob?”

“You let me worry about Bob. Right now, my clit is literally knocking for attention and I can’t reach it. I thought you liked the way I looked, tied like this. Don’t you want to rescue a damsel in deep distress?” She looked at me with pleading eyes, pouting at the same time.

A man can be just so disciplined, until a woman like Stephanie does something like this. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My hand slipped between her legs and felt the warm wetness that was soaking through her panties. My other hand cupped a breast, its nipple making a definite presence beneath the thin fabric of her bra. Stephanie closed her eyes and moaned her hips undulating uncontrollably.

Unzipping my pants, my cock sprang freely, throbbing hard and hot. My pants fell to the floor, followed by my shirt. I stood there, naked, just looking at her, my divining rod urging forward. I rolled Stephanie onto her back, her legs falling wide open naturally because of the frog-tie. I slid one hand underneath her panties and felt the hot wetness of her smooth-shaven pussy, its clit raging in its hardness. My fingers rubbed her clit, moving on deeply into her vagina, alternating back and forth. Standing against the edge of the bed, I lowered my cock towards her mouth, her lips parted eagerly to accept it. Stephanie was one of the few women I had ever encountered who could deep-throat a hard dick all the way without gagging. Her tongue felt great as it massaged my shaft while my hand was stroking her clit. I could tell by the increasing rhythm of her hips that she was heading for a climax pretty quick, so I varied the pressure on her clit and moved my hand to dip my fingers inside to throw her off course. She groaned again in frustration, my cock serving as an effective gag, preventing any protest.

Before bringing her back up to near climax again, I withdrew my cock and replaced the ball-gag. I buckled it tightly behind her head, pulling the ball deeply between and behind her teeth. Within a few minutes, she was taped just as securely as before and now it was time to get down to serious business.

Her panties had catches on each side at the hip. I undid the catches, pulling the fabric away from her and lowered my head between her legs. She smelled like sweet honey and tasted even better. My tongue slowly travelled up one side and down the other of her pussy, it smoothness offering itself so willingly. Darting my tongue deep inside, I drank her wetness, savoring the softness. She groaned again, raising her hips to meet me. Slowly, deliberately I tongued her pussy lips, pausing to oh-so-lightly flick her clit. Her hips bucked in response as I began to massage her little clit-bud with my tongue. Sucking and nibbling gently, I could tell Stephanie was approaching climax again, so I pulled away to let the crescendo subside. Stephanie whined and pleaded behind her gag, canlı bahis siteleri but there was a reason I prefer an effective gag on a woman…it adds to the sense of helplessness when faced with the burning need to climax while tied.

I moved my body up between her legs, the top of my thighs just pressing against her pussy at just the right spot while I unfastened the catch between her firm breasts. Her bra fell off to the side of each breast, her nipples diamond-hard and quite sensitive. Making sure my thighs were pushing against her crotch, I pinched and rubbed her nipples, cupping her breasts in both hands. Her body arched in response, trying to push harder against me. While I massaged her breasts, her hips were grinding into my thighs while my cock lay against her abdomen.

I returned to tonguing her clit, watching as she climbed the steep slope of orgasm once again. This time I didn’t stop, my tongue wrapping itself around her clit, massaging it deeply from behind it. Her hips bucked and arched strongly as the waves of orgasm washed over her. With just enough light pressure, I found I could help her climax repeatedly until she laid limply, her pussy lips having lost their ability to hold their shape.

Rising up, I licked her juices from around my lips and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly I slid it in all the way, waited and then withdrew just as slowly. I began to fuck her deeply, with gradual strokes that got faster and faster. Stephanie began to half-heatedly fight, trying to get away from the undulating invasion of her pussy, but we both knew it was just part of the scenario of being tied and fucked. Like most women, Stephanie had a deep-seated desire to be “taken” by someone who she trusted to take her safely. I began to thrust harder and harder as she began to raise her hips to push against me. I came hard, shaking my entire body as Stephanie pushed against me, trying to get as much of me inside her as possible.

After pausing for a few minutes to regain my bearings, I slowly withdrew my slickened cock and leaned down to gently tongue her clit while I cleaned up my cum as it spilled out of her with a Kleenex. If there was going to be any cuddling, I figure it would be smart to minimize the cold wet spot. Not that it made any real difference; her pussy had literally dripped onto the bed.

When I finished, I checked her hands and feet for any sign of circulation problems; there were none.

“Ready for release?” I asked. To my surprise, she shook her head. I knew what she was waiting for. Taking her by the ankles, I rolled her over onto her stomach. Her legs naturally opened wide because of the way they were tied. Her pussy and butt was totally accessible, which is why I like a frog-tie.

I ran my fingers up into her pussy lips, making them slippery with her own juices before I slowly slid my middle finger into her anus, micro-inch at a time. There was a bottle of personal lubricant on the bedside table. I dropped a few drops onto my middle finger, thereby allowing it to slide all the way in easily. Gradually I moved my finger around to the point where I could slip two fingers inside her ass. Stephanie raised her butt up to meet my fingers while I massaged her clit with my other hand. Pretty soon I was massaging her clit hard while sliding three fingers in and out of her ass. She started to breathe heavily in anticipation of climaxing again. This time I wanted to allow her to climax since it was about time to retie her into a different position.

Almost without missing a beat, I managed to withdraw my fingers in her anus and slide my newly-hardened dick all the way in. Reaching around to rub her clit with one hand while holding onto her hip with the other, I began to fuck her in the ass while she made the climb to climax. It didn’t take long for either of us. I felt her vaginal convulsions in the walls of her anus, bringing me to climax too.

I rested on top of her, my cock still inside as I watched her lay limply, her eyes half-lidded. After withdrawing, I untied her hands and peeled the tape off so I could unbuckle the ball-gag. She lay there basking in the afterglow while I untied her legs and removed the ropes from around her shoulders and lower arms.

We just lay there together, not saying anything. I put my arm over her and drew her close. She fell asleep nestled in the crook of my arm, so I pulled the covers over both of us and watched her breathe as she slept. I was already thinking about the next position to tie her in, if she was game for it after her nap. Some guys are just so lucky. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do a favor for Stephanie again.

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