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He gained consciousness. His eyes were covered by a black cloth or something, and he was tied up by the hands and feet vertically against a wall. The room he was in was chilly, and he felt it more than he would have if he was clothed. He realized all he was wearing was some string around his waist with a cloth tied to it. Something like a loin cloth.

Whoever had kidnapped him had wanted to play with him. It was the only thing that made sense, since he was pretty much naked. He pulled on his restraints with his great strength. Yet all he could accomplish was to show off his ripped physique. Biceps bulged, pecs quivered, and abs rippled, yet nothing happen. Then he realized that there was another restraint on his shoulders, but it was looser and made of strong fabric, not metal. Probably to keep him from leaning forward.

Then he heard a door open and close briefly after. His breathing quickened.


He heard a female, presumably, walking towards him.


She got closer.


Then it stopped. A second after he felt the light breeze of her movement. He düzce escort heard a little chuckle, almost like a girly giggle, and felt a long fingernail draw a circle around his stiff, right nipple. He blushed and got goosebumps. His breathing was ragged, shallow, and quick. The tension just kept building. The lady kept rubbing his nip, then the other one with her other hands’ fingernail, then she just went along and started rubbing her hands all over his masculine physique; his six pack his round pectorals, and vascular arms. He softly groaned at the appreciation, and his cock rose to the occasion. The apple sized head swelled handsomely until it turned a deep, sexual red. His shaft pushed the loincloth aside, showing his glorious 14 inch length to the woman.

He heard delighted coos, and felt a surge of pride run through him as this chick admired him. After she had enough of his lightly haired pecs, abs, and softball sized biceps, she wrapped her hands around his colossal beast of a penis. It was thick enough that not even her long manicured fingers reached all the way around. She began to slowly stroke the cock, making the handsome man moan edirne escort and the throbbing dick tremble. Her hands were wonderfully soft, yet strong, and it felt like she had plenty of experience with males. She kept stroking and his dick kept throbbing in response. Soon enough his dick was completely coated in its own slime and the man was constantly moaning and praising the woman for the awesome handjob she was giving him. Her hands were awesome on his cock, they knew exactly where and when to squeeze and where to just caress to get the best effect. The handjob felt better than some chicks’ pussies he had picked up in bars.

“Boys are so easy. As long as you get your dick played with you don’t care what situation you’re in. Girls always complain when I take them in here, but boys just go ahead and thank me for pleasuring them. Wonderful.” The lady’s voice was like silk, smooth and sexy, and it turned the man on like crazy. He had begun sweating and his muscles twitched in their constraint and got pumped, adding to the woman’s arousal towards the sexy hunk she had kidnapped.

The studs dick began to swell even more as it became clear elazığ escort to both that it was time for the big event. The lady kneeled in front of the shaking monster and tightened her grip and doubled her speed up and down the red hot beef steak. The man gave a particularly loud groan and thrust his hips forward as far as he could, as his thick load began the long trip up the vein webbed shaft and out the wide cum cavern. The woman planted her big lips around the large crown of the big cock as it came.

The first shot filled her mouth completely, forcing her to swallow quickly before the next shot. She barely made it, and the second shot was just as voluminous. She kept swallowing and swallowing until after the seventh shot when it was just a slow trickle of thick semen, which was still more than most men produce in three orgasms.

The babe sucked on the cock head alone, drawing the remnants from inside the long pipe. The man was very thankful for this, which he expressed with a groan and a little extra squirt of cum. The woman realized she had a major success in her hands, literally, when she took this stud.

“Wow, good boy.” She said I’m a very admiring tone.

“I think I made it clear I’m no boy, lady.” The man replied between pants.

She smiled and held his big, plump nuts with one hand and still hard monster cock with another.

“I stand corrected.”

Then she took one of his orange sized balls in her mouth, getting him ready for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32