Keyboard Warrior – Wrapped Up

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Keyboard Warrior — Wrapped up

Copyright Oggbashan December 2020

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

This is a Femdom story. If Femdom isn’t your thing, please back-click.

I was annoyed with myself. After breakfast I had turned on my computer and logged into the game I had been playing. It was set at the time of the Norman Conquest and my character was a large Saxon warrior called Hubert the Beheader who carried a long fighting axe. For weeks I had been successfully fighting Normans and had beheaded dozens. But over the last few days a new character had appeared, Edith of Caen.

She had set several traps for me which I had barely avoided until last night.

Friday evening I had entered a cave in which there was supposed to be treasure. As I went deeper into the cave I could see glittering boxes ahead of me. But between the boxes and me was a translucent curtain, like window net. It filled the cave from side to side and from the ground to the top of the cave. I raised my axe to cut through it.

My axe was lassoed and hauled backwards. I lost my grip on it and staggered forward, unbalanced by the stroke I was about to do. I fell against the curtain. Before I had time to react, that curtain wrapped itself tightly around me. Many hands wound it around me before tying it with several silk scarves, one of which went around my lower face gagging me. A last scarf blindfolded me. I was dragged out of the cave as a helpless bundle and put down on the ground.

My blindfold was removed and I found myself looking at a woman’s sandaled feet peeping out below a long blue gown. I turned my head to look upwards. I saw Edith of Caen, looking down at me with her hands on her hips.

“Well, Hubert the Beheader, or should I call you Hubert the Heedless? This time our trap worked. Shame, isn’t it? Take him away…”

The blindfold was replaced and my helpless body was picked up and carried away.

At that point I exited the game and switched off for the night. I had lost.


I knew I was annoying my parents. A month ago I had been told I had passed my finals with a First in PPE. The formal graduation ceremony would be next month. Since then I had received two job offers and turned both of them down because I saw both companies as capitalist exploiters. My politics were slightly left of centre and I didn’t like the idea of working for companies whose operations were totally against my politics. Instead, for the last month, I had spent almost all day, every day, as a keyboard warrior criticising right-wingers on Facebook and Twitter etc. when I wasn’t playing the game as Hubert.

I didn’t really need to work. My parents were seriously rich with substantial capital, investments and my father was on the boards of several City companies. They had paid all my student costs so I was debt-free. Even better than that, my grandfather had left me a trust find in his will that gave me an income of a hundred thousand pounds a year.

I knew I should work, but at what? The left wing organisations I had looked at were too far left for me, and too intensely radical. Perhaps I might end up in wildlife management or conservation but I didn’t see the need to hurry. I was living very well, thank you, in my parent’s large mansion and extensive grounds. They employed several staff — a butler, a couple of maids, a cook and a few gardeners. I didn’t have to do anything. I could just ask the staff and whatever I wanted would appear.

My real name is Andrew. I am totally unlike my avatar as Hubert the Beheader. Hubert is over six feet tall, heavy and muscular with a shock of blond hair. Andrew is five feet four inches tall and of slight build with brown hair.

After breakfast on Saturday I came up to my room and switched on my computer. I didn’t want to, but I had to know what had happened to Hubert the Beheader now he had been captured by Edith of Caen. I was wearing just a track suit. I hadn’t bothered to dress properly. Why should I? My parents had gone away last night for a long weekend to visit my uncle and aunt and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday evening. The only people around were the staff.

I started the game. I was wearing VR goggles. My character was standing up looking around a large room in what looked like a castle. A castle was bad news for me. Only Normans had castles. It seemed that I was tied standing to one of the pillars in a basement. Edith of Caen came into my view.

She held up a mirror so I could see all of myself. Yes, I was securely tied to a pillar with multiple scarves with one gagging me. My middle section was naked with my erection on display. I could see my axe leaning up against a wall.

“Well, Hubert, you are in an awkward situation aren’t you?” Edith said. “Captured and Bostancı Escort tied up by women. Shame, isn’t it? But you might enjoy the next few minutes. Gudrun? That’s yours.”

Edith pointed at my erection. Gudrun, a tall blonde woman, came from behind her, dropped to her knees and put her hands on my erection before opening her mouth…

At that point I was aware that Mary, our new maid, had come into the room. I would have switched to another screen but while Mary was pulling back my bed to air and picking up my clothes to be washed. I knew that Mary couldn’t see the screen so I continued to watch. Gudrun was expertly arousing Hubert and I could almost feel her mouth around my real erection.

Mary has been with the family for three weeks. She had replaced Agnes, an older maid, who had retired. Mary was about my age, slightly taller than me in her bare feet and a part-time MBA student. She was working part-time for us, mainly at the weekends, because we provided free accommodation that she couldn’t have afforded on her own. I hadn’t noticed much about Mary except that her maid’s uniform was slightly different. Her black dresses were longer, calf–length, but it was her aprons that were unusual. The other maids wore short aprons. Mary had a longer apron as long as her dress’s skirt, extending further around her to almost completely cover her skirt except for a few inches at the back but her streamers were very long. They crossed behind her back, went right around her waist and back to a large bow. The length seemed excessive.

I ignored her as I contemplated the predicament Hubert was in. How could I escape? Or had I lost the game completely? I was entranced by Hubert’s arousal.

I was suddenly aware that Mary’s apron came around me before settling on my waist and being tightly tied behind my back. I reached backwards to undo it but Mary caught both wrists in the streamers, wrapping them before tying them so I was unable to move my hands. She pulled some stockings out of her skirt pocket and dropped to her knees to tie my ankles to the wheeled chair I was sitting on.

I opened my mouth to protest. Mary’s hand covered my mouth. She took my VR goggles off.

“Shush!” She hissed, “You don’t want anyone else to see, do you, Andrew?”

She reached under her skirt and took off her panties. She held them up in front of my face.

“Open wide, please?”

I shook my head.

“No? Then I’ll pinch your nose shut so you have to.”

I opened my mouth. She pushed her warm panties into her mouth, took off a stocking and tied it around my lower face so I was gagged. She took off her other stocking and pulled it down hard until my head was in the foot part. My nose was squashed.

“There you are, Andrew. You are as helplessly bound as is your game avatar Hubert. What you didn’t know is that my second name is Edith. I’m Edith of Caen as well as Mary the maid. You’ve lost to me and to Edith. What a shame you can’t free yourself in reality or in game play.”

Mary pulled the chair with me helplessly tied to it away from the computer. I watched as she exited the game and shut the computer down before turning it off at the mains switch.

Mary stood in front of me, her hands on her hips just as Edith of Caen had stood.

“You might want to ask why? It’s a shame you can’t.”

I grunted into my gag, the only noise I could make.

“Your parents recruited me, not just as a maid but for my gaming skills. It only took me a couple of days and several traps before I captured Hubert. It was even easier to capture the real Andrew. Both of you are my prisoners. But I have to resume being a maid for an hour or so. You can watch. You can’t do much else, can you?”

I couldn’t. Mary’s apron and stockings had made me completely helpless. She wheeled me into my parents’ bedroom. I had to watch as she stripped and remade their bed. She pushed me into the service lift and took us downstairs to the basement, the servants’ area, which I had never entered. She pushed me into a store room and left me there, shutting and locking the door behind her. I looked around. The room was crammed with discarded furniture except for my grandmother’s old electrically driven wheelchair. She had tremors in her hands so the wheelchair had been driven by her carer. I was surprised to see that it was plugged in, being charged. It hadn’t been used for five years since my grandmother died. But now, if charged, it could be.

I sat there, fuming at my own stupidity in allowing myself to be trapped by Edith of Caen as Hubert, and tied up, as Andrew, by Mary. I hadn’t expected to be overpowered by a woman only slightly larger than myself but I had been. Now I was helpless, her victim for whatever she might want to do, and no one would rescue me until my parents returned in four days’ time.

After what seemed longer but was probably a quarter of an hour, Mary returned carrying a bulging bag. She put it down on my grandmother’s wheelchair.

“One Ümraniye Escort the reasons I started working here,” Mary said conversationally, “is because my ex-boyfriend recommended me. He was Raymond, your cousin. Why did he recommend me? It was because of the reason why we broke up by mutual agreement. He didn’t like ending up in a helpless bundle, as you are now. I like bondage for my men. Raymond liked it at first, but every night was too much for him. I have brought some of the items I used on him and now they’re for you.”

Mary produced a wide nylon webbing belt from the bag. She struggled to fit around my waist because I was so tightly tied by her apron. It had fur lined cuffs attached at the sides.

“This will be more comfortable for you,” Mary said, “But you should cooperate otherwise I might hurt you, forcing your arms to move. I’m stronger than you and if I have to, I will tie you tighter before moving each arm but it won’t hurt if you cooperate. OK?”

Reluctantly I nodded. The apron was cutting into my wrists.

It took Mary only a few minutes to cuff my hands to the side of the belt. There was no way I could reach the buckle in front. She dropped to her knees and put more fur-lined cuffs around my ankles with a short chain between them. Finally she untied her apron and removed it.

“OK, Andrew, you can stand up now.” Mary said.

I needed her help because my legs were so stiff.

“Need the toilet?”

I nodded. Until she asked I hadn’t been aware that I did. Mary supported me as I hobbled across the basement corridor to a staff toilet. Mary pulled my track suit trousers down and held my penis as I pissed. She shook it and dried it with some toilet paper before flushing and washing her hands.

“Back we go…”

I shuffled back into the store room. Mary pushed me to sit on my grandmother’s wheelchair. She fed a strap through the cuffs on my wrists and fastened it behind the chair. She attacked two more straps before fixing my ankles to the foot rests.

“I think you’ve been eating my panties for long enough, Andrew,” Mary said. “This will be more comfortable and more effective.”

She held up a large soft ball gag before my face. Less than a minute later the panties and stockings had gone, replaced by the ball gag tightly strapped to my head. She put her panties and stockings in the bag and hung it on the handle of the wheelchair.

“And now you are privileged,” Mary said. “You’re going to wear my expensive designer silk scarves.”

She folded one into a triangle which she tied around my face, covering my ball-gagged mouth and my nose. I was breathing Mary’s perfume. She covered my head with the other one, wrapping it over before tying it with a tight knot behind my neck. My head was fully shrouded in her scarves. She pulled the sides of the one around my head forwards so that only my scarf covered nose and my eyes were visible, I couldn’t see sideways, blinkered by her scarf.

“Lean forward,” Mary ordered.

She flung something blue over my head and pulled it behind my back. It was a nylon coverall which my grandmother had worn when outside in the rain. Mary strapped it around my legs before producing a mirror. My scarf covered head was the only part of me visible. The rest, including my bonds, were hidden under the coverall. Mary put the mirror down, moved behind me and lifted the coverall’s hood. She pulled it over my head and forward. It fell before my eyes but there was also a face covering that fixed to the hood with press studs. After Mary had added the face covering and pulled the hood forward, all I could see was my nylon covered body. None of Mary’s scarves were visible.

“You could be anyone now, Andrew. Male, female? No one can tell. You are just a blue sheathed bundle. And no one can see that you are helplessly restrained. Shame, isn’t it?”

She looked at her watch and swore under her breath.

“Shit!” She whispered. “I had the basement to myself until twelve noon. It’s nearly that and the other servants might come down here. We’re moving — now.”

She unplugged the wheelchair and operated the controls. She pushed it to its speed limit as we went back to the lift. I could just see her fingers as she pressed the button for the attics where the servants’ bedrooms are. The lift doors closed and we moved upwards. At the top she operated the wheelchair to leave the lift. The doors shut and the lift started downwards immediately.

“Phew!” Mary said, “Made it with seconds to spare. OK, Andrew, you’re now going to my place. No one will see you there. Would you like some coffee?”

It seemed an odd question to ask someone she had bound and concealed but I nodded cautiously.

Mary opened a door and pushed me through it. She pushed the hood back so I could see. I was surprised. I had never been in the attics. I knew that before 1914 there had been about forty women servants up here, but now? There would be four or five at most. Mary had a large bedsitting Kartal Escort room with a bathroom and separate kitchen. She left me in the middle of the room while she made coffee.

She came back with two mugs which she put down on a table.

“Gagged as you are, Andrew, you can’t drink. I’m going to remove the ball gag but there is no use yelling for help. Up here no one would hear you.”

I could understand that. There was a barely used second floor below us above the floor on which the family lived. But there would be no one on the family floor and all the other servants would now be in the basement.

Mary took off the coverall’s face covering and pushed the hood back. She removed the scarves and then unbuckled the ball gag. I moistened my lips before Mary brought a warm cup of coffee to my mouth. It took about a quarter of an hour before I had finished that coffee.

“I’m going to leave you for a while, Andrew,” Mary said. “But you are in no position to go anywhere else are you? If you promise not to call out, I’ll leave the ball gag out. Promise?”

“Yes, Mary, but why?”

“Why am I leaving the ball gag out? Because there are only the servants in the house, a long way away, and even so they know what I was going to do to you — not the details but the general idea. You have made yourself unpopular with them for being a spoiled brat. But if you meant why have I bound you? Your mother asked me too. She’s annoyed with you too and while she’s away she’s given me a free hand to do whatever I want to you, as I did to your cousin Raymond. I’ll be back later with our lunches. Until then, just sit around and think what an arsehole you have been to the servants.”

“Where are you going, now, Mary?” I asked.

“Back to your room,” Mary said as she was winding a scarf back over my mouth before hooding me again with the other scarf. She stood back and looked at me before adjusting a scarf so I was blinkered again.

“Why? I’m going to turn your computer on and log in to all your social media accounts before cancelling them all. Even poor imprisoned Hubert is going to cease to exist. That is a shame. My avatar Edith was enjoying having him as her prisoner and sex toy for all her women. How? You shouldn’t leave all your passwords in a book in your desk drawer. They’ll all be gone and you won’t be able to get back on line until Tuesday evening at the earliest. After then? If you are at your computer you might never know when Mary’s apron will wrap around you and make you helpless. You’ll have to watch your back all the time…”

She stood back and took her apron off. She waved it in front of my face.

“But now, before I go, you are going to have a sample of your fate this afternoon.”

I didn’t understand what Mary meant. My eyes opened wide as she unbuttoned the bodice of her maid’s dress to show a blue satin bra. She moved forward, put her hand behind my head, and pulled herself so my face sank deep into her cleavage. One hand moved behind her back to unclasp her bra which she then pushed upward. I sank further into the cleft between her naked breasts. When she refastened her bra and pulled it down my scarf shrouded nose was covered. I could just breathe through my mouth until she heaved the bra’s lower band behind my neck. Now I couldn’t breathe at all with my scarf sheathed mouth and nose squashed into soft flesh.

Mary heaved her bodice together and fastened the upper buttons. Not only was I being suffocated by her breasts and held immobile by her bra, I was now plunged into darkness inside her bodice. Mary relented after about fifteen seconds and released my head from its soft and perfumed confinement. I panted for breath through Mary’s silk scarves.

“My apron has other uses, Andrew,” Mary said.

What other uses? I soon found out. Mary covered my head with it before wrapping the long streamers around it several times, forcing the scarf and apron into my mouth. She finished by tying it so no matter how much I shook my head I couldn’t displace it. I was gagged again, nearly as effectively as when I had a mouth full of Mary’s panties or the ball gag. Mary’s hand stroked my scarf and apron hooded head.

“Enjoy yourself, Andrew, victim of my apron. See you soon.”

I heard her footsteps and the closing door. I struggled futilely for a few minutes before relaxing, knowing that I was too securely bound.

It seemed an interminable wait before I heard the door open and Mary return. She took off the apron, pulled up a chair and sat in front of me.

“Hubert, keyboard warrior, has been erased, after being worn out by too much sex. Andrew, social justice warrior, is now toast. All your social accounts, with all your alts including unused ones, have had all posts deleted for the last six months. Your bio details now read ‘short-arsed wimp’ on every one. You can’t access any of them because I have changed all the passwords, and unlike you, I haven’t written them down. They are only in my head where they will stay. All you have left is your personal email account that you used at university and for job applications. Everything else has gone forever. Your mother asked me to do that. Of course, given time, you could restart, but if you spend too long on line you might meet my apron again…”

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