Kay and Bob Ch. 03

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Wednesday morning had arrived. Things were progressing. Jean was a fantastic asset. Her heart was in her job. Kay was also happy the way things were improving. Jean had got hold of two tickets for the ballet for Friday night. , and the tickets were in high demand. They both enjoyed ballet and were looking forward to the performance. Bob had taken advantage of the free Friday night. He had sent Jill and Tracey a message which read, “Hi girls, I know that it’s only a couple of days notice but I am free on Friday night. Would you be interested in a meeting? If it’s not suitable, then please give me a time that is good for both of you. Kind regards, Bob.”

Jean had told him that both Jill and Tracey were widows, both had had older husbands. Jill had a twenty-five-year-old daughter who had a law degree but was now working within the family business. Tracey had no children. They were both very wealthy women who had invested hundreds of millions into the Asset Management company. They were both attractive, voluptuous women. Bob left his office at eleven-forty-five so that he would be home before twelve for Carol and Ruth.

At five past twelve, the doorbell rang. Carol and Ruth both looked stunning. Bob took them into the lounge and offered them some Champagne, which they accepted. Bob went to them and hugged, and tongue kissed both of them then said, “While I get the Champagne would you like to get comfortable?”

He went to the kitchen and came back with a tray with a wine cooler, a bottle of Champagne and three glasses. They both were wearing crotchless bodysuits with no panties. Both their sex slits were perfect, smooth and swollen with flawless slits. They both had beautiful bodies. Bob poured the Champagne, and they toasted each other. Bob then stripped naked. His cock was rock hard and looked massive. Carol said, “That’s impressive although a little intimidating. I am looking forward to taking him in all of my holes. When I saw how big he is my pussy got a little wet.”

Ruth said, “It’s magnificent, look at the crown of it, it is like a mushroom. I got wet too when I first saw him. Bob, I am happy that you are looking after us now. I have booked a table for Saturday at the Golf Club, but we can talk about this later.”

Bob replied, “That’s good news, I am looking forward to the dance. Girls, let’s play a little game. I would like to see you two getting aroused, if you play with each other, the first one to orgasm gets my cock first. I have some lube so use that on each other’s ass, when I fuck you I want to ass fuck you first.”

They both giggled then lay on the carpet sixty-nineing, they both knew what they were doing. Both had their legs wide open pushing their cunts into the other’s mouth. Bob was sitting on the sofa watching them as he sipped his Champagne. There was something so sexy about the way they were touching each other. They both had big clits, they were both sucking each other’s clit as if they were sucking a little cock. As they were starting to apply the lube Bob’s phone beeped, he had a message from Jill.

It read, “Hi Bob, so happy to receive your message. If you wanted a threesome with Tracey and me on Friday evening, then I am sorry to tell you that it can’t happen as Tracey and my daughter Dot is going to the Russian Ballet. That’s the bad news; the good news is that I am available on Friday evening. What time would suit you to come round? I would prefer an evening in. I have checked the weather, and the forecast is good for Friday evening. I could do some potato salad and put a couple of steaks on the barbecue. Would you like that? I’m sure that there will be plenty more opportunities for a threesome with Tracey. Let me know what you would like so that I can prepare? Love Jill.”

Carol and Ruth were now starting to finger each other’s ass. Bob wrote, “That sounds wonderful Jill, I can be with you around six-thirty, how is that for you? Kay and Jean are going to the Russian casino siteleri Ballet on Friday evening too. I will tell them to keep an eye open for Tracey and Dot. I believe that all the performances are sold out. Looking forward to Friday evening, love Bob.”

As he pressed the ‘Send’ button Ruth had an orgasm; Carol had been fisting her ass when she had it. Bob put his smartphone away, and Ruth came over to the sofa and went down on his hard cock. She was taking the full length in her mouth. Ruth was good; her tongue was everywhere. Carol was helping her; she was alternating with his balls but always had one in her mouth. Bob was fingering their hot cunts, both their clits were big. As he slid his fingers inside them, they both gripped his fingers tightly. He checked Ruth’s ass and easily slipped three fingers inside her.

He then bent Ruth over the sofa from the side. She spread her legs and pushed her ass towards Bob; she was balancing herself on the arm of the couch. Bob went behind her and centred his bulbous tip on the middle of her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, his full length disappeared inside her ass doggy style. Ruth moaned then said, “That’s fucking amazing, fuck me deep and hard. It feels so good.”

He was soon pounding her with a relentless rhythm, and he was going deep. Six minutes later Ruth had her first vaginal orgasm from the stimulation of her G-spot with the crown of his cock. She was shaking with it. He continued to pound her, and five minutes later she had her second vaginal orgasm, but this one was stronger. He then pulled out and slid his cock into her hungry cunt doggy style. Soon he was grinding into her. She was gripping his cock at the base and the head of each thrust. He was rubbing her clit as he rode her. Her massive tits were wobbling everywhere.

He kept going for the next thirty minutes then Ruth had a massive orgasm, she was shaking and trembling. Bob pulled out, and she turned around and kissed him passionately with affection. She said, “That was the best fuck of my life, without a doubt. You are amazing. God knows how many orgasms that I had, but the last one was incredible.”

Carol topped up their glasses; they chatted for the next thirty minutes. Carol was very attentive towards Bob. She was squeezing his balls gently and running her fingers up and down his still hard glistening cock. Ruth said, “On Saturday night who wants to come to the Golf Club Dance?”

Carol said, “Peter can’t come, I will give him his sedative at six-thirty, so he will sleep until nine on Sunday morning. I will bring the Baby Listening system; it works on the WiFi system at the Golf Club. I can leave a nightlight on then I can see his bed on my smartphone. If he stirs or awakens, then I get an alarm. I am looking forward to it.”

Bob replied, “I will be there, and I am sure Kay and Jean will be there, so we now have four.”

Ruth responded, “So that will be a table for six. Carol, you, Kay and Jean must dance Percy off his feet. I want him exhausted when he gets home. Then he gets his sedative. How we have got to scheme to get things done, it will be worth it in the end.”

Carol and Bob started to kiss and touch. Ruth was sucking his cock which was rock hard again. Bob was feeling Carol’s cunt and ass. He quickly slipped three fingers inside her ass. Carol was ready for him. Ruth’s phone rang, it was Percy. He said, “Where are you? I’m sitting here alone. When will you be home?”

She replied, “I’m sitting having a coffee with Carol. I spoke with Kay, and she wants to take her son Bob to the Golf Club Dance on Saturday night. I would love to go too. Are you up for it? I’m sure if we went we would have a great time. It’s up to you, would you like to go?”

He replied, “That’s a good idea. We can walk there, so there’s no problem with driving. It’s years since we were there. Yes, I would love to go. When will you be home?”

She answered, “That’s great. It will be slot oyna good for you to get a little exercise. I think Carol wants to come too as she never gets out in the evening. The coffee has just been served, I will be home in thirty minutes. We have Hungarian Goulash for dinner tonight.”

He replied, “I love that. Okay, I will see you in thirty minutes.”

Ruth ended the call then said, “Thank fuck that he is going. He only thinks of himself. We will all have a super night on Saturday. I had better go now, but I will keep in touch.”

She then dressed, then kissed them both and left. Carol said, “I know what Ruth is going through and it’s not pleasant. He is at the stage where he wants to know everything. He will soon start to get more and more forgetful. That creates different problems. Not to worry, I now want you to fuck me the same way as you fucked Ruth. Ass fuck me first, and I also want it hard and deep.”

He took his time, but an hour and a half later he owned Carol. He had given her three vaginal orgasms, and everyone was stronger than the last. Then he fucked her pussy; she had a massive orgasm within seconds of Bob exploding inside her. Carol was an excellent ride, she knew what she was doing, and her heart was in it. Bob was happy with Carol and Ruth. They were both excellent lovers, and they loved to give pleasure. He topped up their glasses. Carol said, “That was excellent, it’s a long time since I have felt sexually satisfied, that’s how I feel at the moment. Have you been with Jill and Tracey yet?”

He replied, “I’m happy that I have satisfied you. It will get better as we get to know each other. I am seeing Jill on Friday, it was supposed to be a threesome with Tracey, but Tracey and Jill’s daughter Dot are going to the Russian Ballet.”

Carol smiled, “I have heard that Dot had a fall out with her boyfriend who I have met a couple of times and I didn’t like him. Tracey will be having some fun on Friday night. Dot is a beautiful young woman. She looks so much like Jill. When Dot was at University, Peter and Jill bought her a beautiful apartment two minutes walk from the University. From what I hear she has moved back in with Jill. Jill is not happy about this as she didn’t want Dot to see how much Peter has deteriorated.”

“Tracey amazes me, first she has the mother now she will have the daughter then both at the same time. It’s a funny world we live in. Bob, you know that I have a pharmaceutical company, we produce a generic form of Viagra which we believe is better. I will give you some packets of it as half a tablet of it thirty minutes before you have sex and it will keep that beauty of your’s hard for three hours. Time has flown, it’s ten to six. Thank you for a lively and interesting afternoon. I hope that we can meet again soon.”

She dressed then she left, but they kissed for a long time before she left. Bob checked his messages; he had one from Tracey and one from Jill. Tracey’s read, “Thanks Bob for the lovely invitation but unfortunately I am taking Dot, Jill’s daughter, to the Russian Ballet. We are both so excited about it. Dot has gone through a difficult four months since she split up with her boyfriend. To be honest, I am happy that she has as I found him a complete asshole. Kay told that you have a table at the Golf Club Dance, that could be interesting as Jill, Dot and I would love to go, and that would be good for Dot.”

“I am sorry that I’m missing our threesome, but you will have a wonderful time with Jill. Let’s keep in touch and do let me know about the dance. Love Tracey.”

He replied, “I am sure that you will enjoy the Ballet, Kay and Jean are also going, they are both looking forward to it. We have a table on Saturday night already booked. Carol and Ruth are coming too. Peter will also be there. Would you like me to ask Ruth to book another three seats? Jill must be so happy that you are spending time with Dot. That’s good of you. Let’s keep canlı casino siteleri in touch, and hopefully, we can spend time together on Saturday night. Love Bob.”

Jill’s message read, “Bob, I am so looking forward to Friday evening. I am thinking about you all the time, is that bad? You haven’t told me about the steaks and potato salad? I got a surprise this afternoon; I had taken some clothes to the Dry Cleaning for Dot and myself. Dot is back staying with me after her breakup. I put her laundry back in her room. She hadn’t made her bed, so I did it for her and under her duvet, I found a massive dildo and two impressive vibratory. I left them under the duvet and didn’t make the bed.”

“That was a real surprise for me. I was very horny in my teens; I lost my virginity to a girlfriend when I was seventeen. So she is just doing what I was doing at her age. I checked her bedside cabinet and found a massive strap-on, it was the same size as the one Jean uses. I was thinking about asking Tracey if she knows what she is doing as Tracey has spent a lot of time with her since she broke up. I even thought that Tracey might be having sex with Dot. I wouldn’t worry if they were as I know that Tracey would look after her. What do you think that I should do? Love Jill.”

He replied, “The steaks and potato salad are wonderful. I am looking forward to Friday too. Kay, Jean, Carol, Ruth, Ruth’s husband Peter and I are going to the Golf Club Dance on Saturday night. I told Tracey about it, and she said that it would be good for Dot, you and Tracey to go. Are you interested? I wouldn’t worry about Dot. At her age, a break up in a relationship is a big thing, but she will come out of it stronger.”

“Don’t worry about the vibrators and dildo; she won’t get pregnant from them. Talk to Tracey about it and see what she says. The strap on is a bit of a worry. It may be that she has a girlfriend or perhaps her boyfriend liked to be ass fucked. She must be free to live her life as she feels fit. Don’t worry about it. I am happy that you are thinking about me. Love Bob.”

He had a reply from Tracey, it read, “I have spoken with Dot, and she would love to go to the dance. I have messaged Ruth, and she will book three more places. I messaged Jill, telling her too but haven’t had a reply. I also messaged Kay and told her we were going to the Italian restaurant for supper after the ballet and Kay and Jean will join us. I am pleased about this as for the last three months Dot, and I have been having sex together. She is wonderful in bed just like her mother. I don’t know how to tell Jill. I feel as though I have betrayed her, but in reality, I was only helping Dot when she was depressed.”

“I think that the dance on Saturday will be an excellent time for Dot to let everyone know that she enjoys sex too. When you see Jill on Friday then could you quietly suggest to her that Dot is in her mid-twenties and enjoys sex. If you can think of any other way of letting Jill know sensitively, then please let me know. Dot is so like Jill. They both love oral, giving and receiving. They enjoy it in every hole. I am sure that Jill would love to have sex with Dot. How can we make it happen? Love Tracey.”

He had a reply from Jill, it read, “The dance sounds great, and I am very interested. It would be splendid if we all went and maybe had a party after. You are right about Dot; she must live her own life. The first time that I have the opportunity when I am face to face with Tracey, then I will ask her what she knows about Dot. I am going to spend more time with Dot, after supper, she goes to her room, and I go to mine. She is like me and spends a lot on lingerie. She is like me; we are both DD cups. I wonder if her nipples are as sensitive as mine. I can orgasm when they are played with and sucked. I am giving all my secrets away to you Bob. I enjoy having my cunt licked. I am looking forward to Friday night. Love Jill.”

He then replied to Tracey; it read, “You are doing the right thing. Spend time with Kay and Jean on Friday night. I think that everything will fall into place after that. The dance on Saturday will be good. Keep in touch. Thinking about you, Love Bob.”

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