Katarina Ch. 03

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Hello all. In this chapter, Katarina plays some games with her friends and lovers. This chapter contains lesbian and oral sex, some public orgasms at a club, and long distance masturbatory play.

Katarina, Ch 3 – Katarina Plays Games

Katarina closed the lid of her laptop. She’d just direct messaged someone she’d met on MeWe. After a rather lengthy, somewhat flirtatious, back and forth, chat with him, he’d suggested some sex play. Since Kat lived in Barcelona, and the gent with the rather obvious screen name of Big14, lived in California, and neither one of them planned any trips soon, sex play seemed out of the question.

Kat hoped he was referring to the size of his cock and not his age, and even if it was his cock, was probably anything but Big14; more likely Medium7, but a guy could dream couldn’t he. What Big14 suggested was he buy Katarina a sex toy he was familiar with and send it to her, and he would buy the companion toy for himself. They could control each other’s toys with their phones, thereby engaging in what she considered mutual long distance masturbation. It was something different and could be fun. She told him to make the purchases, send the toy for her and they’d set up some time to play. That was the message she’d just sent. If he was serious, she should get something from him in a couple weeks.

She took off her clothes before going out to the pool where her sometime girlfriend, Marianna, was sunning herself naked.

“Hey there, you adulterous bitch, how’s the water?”

Marianna was dozing on a queen bed sized float in the water, tanning her delectable derrière. She cracked open an eyelid and stared at the long legged brunette standing like a goddess at the edge of the pool.

“The water’s fine, you bisexual harlot. Why don’t you get in and check it yourself?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Kat said, cannonballing her friend and splashing water all over her.

One might think from the derogatory remarks they casually threw at one another, that they didn’t get along. In actuality, they got along great.

They’d first met when Marianna had slept with Roberto, Kat’s friend, Lucinda’s, husband, and Katarina had helped get some measure of revenge by tying Marianna down to her bed just before Lucinda came into the room in a murderous rage. As it turned out, Roberto hadn’t been quite the cheating bastard he’d seemed to be, and Marianna not quite the wicked swine she seemed to be. They had fucked once when Marianna practically threw herself at him, sucking his cock, then begging to be fucked. But she regretted doing so and possibly ruining his marriage.

With Marianna tied, helpless, to the bed, she’d explained to Lucinda what she’d done and took all the responsibility for Roberto’s slip. Kat suggested Lucinda get even with Roberto by fucking the same person herself, plus a good solid spanking to the perpetrator. Lucinda whacked Marianna’s cute little ass fifty times and then fucked her hard with a strap-on for as long as Roberto had fucked her. By the time they’d both cum several times, tempers had cooled.

When Roberto gave essentially the same story, except taking more blame than he deserved, Lucinda let Roberto know she’d also fucked Marianna as revenge, but it was the last time she’d fuck a woman to get even. The next time he stepped out of line, she’d start fucking men instead. They’d all parted on relatively good terms. Roberto didn’t know that Kat and Lucinda had also slept together when she was still angry and thought he was a serial philanderer, but maybe, that would be remedied at some future point as well.

Katarina still had to give Marianna an additional 50 smacks, and she’d convinced Marianna to spend the night so her bottom could cool down from the first 50. Needless to say, a little girl on girl fun ensued, and they’d occasionally gotten together when there wasn’t a guy in the picture, and even, sometimes, when there was. Both of them enjoyed the association they had and teased each other about the way they’d met.

Katarina came up beside the float and kissed Marianna, a kiss enthusiastically returned.

“Move over, you slug, and give me some room,” Kat said.

“Only if you promise to make me cum.”

“When have I never made you cum when you were naked and lying beside me?”

“Never, and that’s just the way I want it to stay, so I’ll need a promise before you get on.”

“I promise if you lick my tasty twat in return.”

“Done.” Marianna rolled closer the other edge so Kat could get on with her.

They didn’t begin by licking. There were other lips to savor first, and breasts to fondle and nipples to suck. No point in not getting warmed up before taking the plunge.

What ensued was many long minutes of kissing and petting, perhaps an orgasm or two extracted on fingers before they got desperate to taste one another. Many more minutes of gentle, loving oral play; tongues exploring soft, feminine folds, tasting tart, tangy nectars flowing like honey from between strong, bartın escort curvy thighs.

Many orgasms later, basking in the sublime affability of quenched pleasure given and received, Marianna asked between languid kisses, “Are you going to do it?”

“Let Big14 send me a sex toy? Yes. I’m not sure about how he wants to play though. He wants to video chat while we get each other off. That seems a little much. I’m fairly certain he’d record it, and then there’s some movie of me floating around the internet, naked and climaxing. You know I don’t really care about the nudity. I supplement my income with some nude stuff, but I like to be in control of what gets put out there. Having some dude I’ve never met before and don’t know from Adam, being able to post it wherever he wants gives me chills. Plus, I still don’t know for sure how old he is. If he’s a minor, I commit a crime having video sex with him. I don’t think I’ll do the chat thing. But, I’ll think of something.

“You on the other hand; I’d do a movie of you and me doing what we just did, no sweat.”

“No can do, mi amor. I can’t do nudity on internet. My family would kill me, my company would fire me, and I’d die of embarrassment.”

“I don’t think your company would fire you. Lucinda wouldn’t let Roberto fire you.”

“Why not. I slept with her husband.”

“I think she likes you working in close proximity to Roberto, where she can keep an eye on you and also torture you both by making you work together. What about your boyfriend, Tito?”

“He’d probably stroke himself while he watched. He’s got the hots for you. I’ve caught him looking at your photos on the web. If he knew I’d seen you naked in person, and played like we do, he might die of a heart attack.”

Kat laughed, kissed her again and rolled off the float. “I’ll give you ten more minutes to relax, then you have to help me with dinner. After dinner, we can fuck some more and you can go home to your boyfriend with my cum on your face.”

“Sounds like a deal.” Marianna closed her eyes for a few more minutes of post-orgasmic repose.

* * * * *

Sixteen days later, Katarina got a package from California. She opened it up and found he’d sent something called a Lush 2 to her and it had a note inside telling her he’d purchased the Max 2 for himself. Since there was a nine hour time difference between Barcelona and California, he suggested they do the long distance thing on a weekend, otherwise, one of them would be at work or asleep when the other one wanted to do it. The fact he said work instead of school made her feel he wasn’t a minor, but on the other hand, Big14, was probably a lie, so why wouldn’t work be a lie too.

The device had a large body and a tail, looking almost like a mouse, in a shocking pink color. It was considered a g-spot vibrator, but the tali portions which stuck outside her body could be used to stimulate her clit. It turned off and on at the tail, so once it was inside, you didn’t need to remove it.

Katarina messaged him and let him know she got the package and she’d message him again to set a date and time. The device instructions seemed straightforward enough. She was pleasantly surprised to see it had a music function, which if you turned it on, the device vibrated in time to the music. That presented her with the idea of what to do with Big14. They could have a playlist of songs and play the same songs to get roughly the same vibrations rather than directly control each other’s vibrators. Since she had the device, she might also be able to play with Marianna. Take her to a dance club, or remotely control the device with her phone. She got a lot of deliciously sexy ideas to play with.

Of course, before she did anything else, Katarina had to test it out on herself, check out that it worked properly and she could use all the functions. She added a little lube to it and slid it into her pussy. By pressing the tail for three seconds, it turned on. One brief press of the tail cycled through seven different vibration patterns. She put it on the first one, then read the instructions which told her how to pair it to her phone, or even an Apple Watch. That could be fun. Every few minutes she’d put it on a new pattern and run it until she orgasmed. It had a nice rumbly motor instead of a buzzy one, which she liked, and better yet, it was practically silent inside of her. That meant it could be used in public if there was a modicum of surrounding noise. The thought of wearing it to a concert and cumming to the music was intriguing.

After checking each of the vibration patterns, Kat put on some music loud enough to carry out to the pool, turned on the music function and got on the float. Katarina was feeling no pain when she got out of the pool an hour later. Pretty damn mellow, in fact, and relaxed by all the orgasms she’d enjoyed. This toy was definitely a winner and would have to be tried with someone else fairly soon.

* * * * *

A couple days later, Katarina was bartın escort bayan having a chat with Lucinda at her house. Lucinda was about seven and a half months pregnant with Roberto’s and her first child. She felt heavy as a house and about as appealing as one.

“If it weren’t for my fingers, I’d be having no sex at all,” Lucinda complained. “Roberto refuses to have sex with me because he thinks his cock might hurt the baby.”

“That’s bull crap,” Kat said. “There’s no way his dick is big enough to hurt the baby, is there?”

“It is a lovely cock, but no, I don’t think so.”

“Were you serious about letting Roberto fuck me after you had sex with me to balance the scales?”

“I was, but not while I’m as big as an elephant. I want to be there and I don’t want him making unflattering comparisons between me and you.”

“I understand perfectly. What I’d like to suggest is you let me tell him this Friday night while we go dancing.”

“I’m not going dancing in this condition. I’d be stuck sitting at the table, and can’t even drink alcohol.”

“Understandable. I didn’t think you’d want to dance, but I do have an idea which might make it as fun for you as it will for Roberto and I.”

“The only thing making it fun for me would be getting rid of this extra 25 pounds I’ve put on.”

“That was before I ran across this amazing new toy.” Kat dug into her purse and pulled out the Lush. She handed it to her.

“Is this what I think it is?” Lucinda asked.

“What do you think it is?” Kat smiled.

“Some kind of vibrator thing?”

“Nailed it. The amazing thing is you can put it inside yourself and put it in music mode and it will vibrate in time to the music. So while Roberto and I are dancing to the music, you’ll be cumming to the music. The battery lasts two hours and when the two hours are up, Roberto will want to fuck you sideways.”

“Why will he want to fuck me sideways?” Lucinda asked, still staring at the little pink mouse.

“Because on the first dance I have with him, I’ll tell him you had sex with me when he fucked Marianna before you knew how little he fucked her. And because you had sex with me, you were going to let him have sex with me while you watched. But, you would only do it after you had the baby and lost your baby weight and looked good in a bikini again. He’ll probably get a big hard on and won’t be able to do anything about it on the dance floor. He’ll be thinking of fucking me with you watching us all night long and by the time he gets you home, he’ll be dying to put it in your pussy.

“Not only that, but you’ll be cumming all night from the vibrator, and he’ll see you cumming from it. You’ll be horny as hell and just as eager to feel his big dick inside you as he is to put it there. What do you think about my idea?”

“I think you’re devious as hell and I love it. Let’s do it.”

“Would you like to try it now to see how you like it?”

“You’re dangerously dirty, do you know that?”

“My dirty mind is one of the reasons you love me.”

“Fine, give it to me and I’ll put it in. Do I need to put on some music?”

“Not yet,” Kat said. “Let me show you what else it can do first.”

She glanced askance at me, then grinned. “You are so wicked. Do I need lubricant?”

“I don’t know. How wet do you feel?”

“Wet enough for Roberto’s big cock.”

“No lube needed,” Katarina said.

Lucinda stepped out of her underwear and eased the Lush into her pussy. “What now?”

“Push the flat part on the tail for three seconds. It will turn on.” Kat pulled out her phone.

Lucinda did as instructed, but looked disappointed when nothing happened.

“It didn’t turn on,” she said.

“It did, but I have control of it now through an app on my phone.”

Kat started it and ran it fairly quickly through the different preset patterns, quickly giving Lucinda her first orgasm. Then she started in on the patterns she’d created herself that she’d liked enough to save and gave Lucinda a second orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, this is heavenly,” Lucinda moaned, as she came down from the second one.

“And I can control it directly,” Katarina said, manipulating the pulsing device with the controls until Lucinda exploded into a third orgasm, almost falling out of her chair.

“Stop, stop, give it a rest for a second,” Lucinda gasped.

Kat stopped the pulsing for a time, letting her friend relax.

“I have another favor to ask,” Kat said, facing her panting friend.


“I want to invite Marianna.”

“No, why should I have to put up with that husband stealing bitch.”

“A couple different reasons,” Katarina said. “I’ll want someone to go home with at the end of the night, because I can’t go home with you and Roberto and I’m going to be as horny as you are. Secondly, I liked this toy so much I bought another one so I can play with Marianna.” Kat pulled a second Lush out of her handbag. “I’m going to make sure Marianna is wearing escort bartın this one when we go out, and I’m going to put you in control of it. You can leave it off until she’s out dancing with me or Roberto, then turn it on and give her on orgasm on the dance floor, or while she’s sitting at the table having drinks, or you can put it in music mode and let it work all by itself. She won’t know what hit her. Another little measure of revenge, plus, having a second woman cumming while Roberto’s dancing with her will help keep his dick nice and hard all evening. Think of him having a raging erection for two or three hours. You won’t make it home before he wants to fuck you the first time.”

Lucinda laughed. “Oh, I love the way your mind works. Fine, bring her along.”

“Get your phone out and I’ll show you how to sync it now. Then we’ll crank up some music and you can see what the music will be doing to you and Marianna. After which, you can use my phone to learn how to control the one inside you. By the time Friday rolls around, you’ll be an expert.”

Katarina showed her how to sync the second device to her phone, then they turned on the stereo and listened to a selection of music from classical to heavy metal to disco. Lucinda had another five orgasms before they were finished.

“I am looking forward to going out on Friday night,” Lucinda said, kissing her at the door as Kat left, “more than anything else I’ve done in months.”

“Me, too,” Kat said, laughing. “I think we’ll have loads of fun.”

Lucinda grinned. “More fun than anything I’ve done since getting pregnant.”

* * * * *

“Why the hell does Lucinda want me to go dancing with Roberto and her?” Marianna asked after Kat told her they were going out on Friday night.

“She can’t be angry with you forever,” Kat said. “She got her justice and she knows you’ve behaved yourself since. Not to mention, when I go dancing I get very horny and need someone to fuck afterward, so she’s kind of doing it for me.”

“Seemed like she was going to be angry with me until hell froze over, but I guess you’re right. You will want to fuck after dancing. I wish Tito licked pussy as well as you do.”

“If he did, you wouldn’t need me. That wouldn’t be any fun.”

“I suppose. I need a little pussy juice on occasion too.”

“I have a favor to ask before we go out.”

“What’s that?”

“How much do you trust me?” Katarina asked.

“The last time you asked me that question, I ended up tied to the bed while a fire breathing bitch came into the room with murder on her mind. What makes you think I’d trust you after that?”

“I agree, I wasn’t completely honest about my intentions, but except for a 100 swat spanking you deserved, for fucking a married man you shouldn’t have, the rest of it was pretty good and our friendship with benefits came out of it, so how bad was it really?”

“Pretty damn good, I guess. How much am I going to regret it this time?”

“About as much as you did the last time. You’ll get a bunch of orgasms out of it.”

“Fine, I trust you, although just saying that gives me shivers.”

“Just like the shivers you’ll get when you cum.”

“What am I doing this time?”

“I have this little toy I want you to put in your pussy before we go dancing. I can control it with a phone and make you cum while we’re out in public.”

“You want me to cum for you in public?”

“Well I can’t lick you in public. No one will know I’m making you cum. It’s discrete, quiet, and I think it would make the dancing that much better.”

“There’s got to be a catch. What is it.”

“No catch, except I’ll be wearing one too and you can make me cum. It has a music mode. You set it up and the vibration patterns will change with the music. We’ll both be experiencing the exact same thing.”

“That actually does sound like it might be fun. Sure, what the hell.”

“Here it is. Just put it in before we go out. I’ll tell you how to turn it on at the club and then it’s a whole night of fun.”

Kat handed her the Lush. “I just put it in?” Marianna asked

“Yes, the body goes inside and the tail thing will curve up and you can hold it against your clit with your underwear.”

“Is this the thing you got from Big14?”


“Have you done anything with him yet?”

“No. Saturday. I sent him a playlist and we’ll play the same music and his is supposed to mimic what mine is doing.”

“What’s his look like?”

“A cock sleeve. It has little balls inside that roll around, plus it’s supposed to use a vacuum to create a suction, and compress on his cock like pussy muscles are squeezing it. We’re nine hours apart, so he’s going to start at 10 AM his time, and I’ll be starting at 7 PM our time.”

“Can I watch?”

Katarina kissed her. “Of course you can. Then we’ll pour some wine, put a Lush inside us both, lie on the float and crank up some music to kiss by.”

“Mmm. I like the kissing part.”

“And the wine part and the cum part. Don’t forget those parts.”

“Never. Poor Tito won’t see me at all this weekend.”

“It will just make him more anxious next weekend. Tell him you’re going out dancing with your boss and his wife and tell him to think about how best to lick your cunt so you don’t have to find a girlfriend to do it for you.”

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