Kat , Stan Visit the Black Rose

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This all began about two weeks ago. Kat mentioned, while we were snuggling after one of our delicious sessions, that her friend, and ex-lover, David had found an on-premise swing club in Bullhead City, AZ which is about 35 miles away from Kingman, AZ (as opposed to 100 for those in Las Vegas); he’d told her that there was information about it on the Internet. Later, once we’d recovered enough to turn on our computers, we each went online and found the site.

Kat was intimidated by the fact that the notice said that it was “by invitation only”. I suspected that this was only a mechanism for the owners to be able to screen out the people they didn’t think would fit in. They didn’t mention a cover charge but I had the feeling that there would be some kind of “donation” involved. So, since Kat was obviously interested in going, and I was damned sure I wanted to, we settled on a date when we’d both have enough extra cash to handle whatever contingencies might arise. Also, because of my job, it had to be a Saturday. June 5th became the big night.

Since I’ve done this a number of times in the last 19 years I don’t think I was really aware of what Kat was going through, this being her first time. In fact I know I wasn’t. For me there was a sense of anticipation, an eagerness, but I had a pretty good idea what to expect. We talked about it a few times and I knew she had fantasies coming up but only now, now that we’ve been through the experience together, do I have some understanding of how different it was for her.

The info page online said that the club opened at 9 pm and continued until 3 am so we agreed that we’d head out around 8 pm and have supper in Bullhead City before going to the club. I got home from work about 3 pm, did some chores, checked my computer for messages, chatted with Kat a bit, and then tried to take a nap with limited success. About 6:30 I got up to take a shower. Kat arrived about 7:45 wearing a blouse and skirt for the first time since I’ve known her; I thought she looked good and said so. She said something like, “Oh yeah, right.” She’d printed out a map and found an RSVP number for the club and then told me she’d brought along her cell phone.

As we started out Kat said something about wearing a g-string under her skirt. And then we discussed her friend David’s offer to videotape the two of us together. She wants to do it. I’m open to the idea but the one time he and I met he was distant so I feel the need for him and me to get to know one another better before making a decision. Amazing how things can go so quickly from purely online interactions to all sorts of real life possibilities.

Kat had recommended a restaurant called “The Black bursa eskort Bear” so we went there. She and I, on the two occasions we’ve eaten out, have had the curious habit of ordering the same or very similar things. This time we each ordered a salad that included a little bit of everything. Hers included little bits of everything that were somewhat different than mine but the general idea was the same. And they both were humongous. Which I could handle but she couldn’t.

When we got back out to her truck she realized that there was a wet spot on her skirt. Mmmmmm. I think the lady doth like the idea of swing clubs. She had to have a cigarette to calm her nerves.

When she got back into the truck I pretty much forced her to call the club. My reasoning was that it was more likely we’d get in if she talked to them than if I did. Something else that she and I share is a distaste for making phone calls. But she did great. We did learn, however, that they didn’t let people in until 10. So we had some time to kill.

Bang! We drove around to get the lay of the land, so to speak. Got lost. Back tracked. Found the place. Drove past it into the hills. Found a place where we could park, kiss, and I could finger her pussy through her thong. She said my kiss tasted like salami so she gave me some flavored gum. We drove back down the hills and I suggested we go to an adult bookstore since we had some more time to murder.

The nearest adult bookstore was several miles away. Mostly we talked about her previous sexual relationships on the way, as I recall. We went into the store and wandered around looking at all kinds of salacious images and dildos and vibrators and smut. Briefly we contemplated the possibilities of a “sex swing” until we saw the price. As we left two women were coming in. “Oh, that scared me,” one of them said as Kat pushed open the door just as the woman reached for it. Little did she know where Kat and I were going.

We managed to get back to the club and find a parking place in a sandy spot that Kat was sure she’d never get out of. She took my hand as we walked to the door. I got some sense of her nervousness.

We walked through the door into a little foyer. There was a thick glass window like they have at those all night gas stations. No one was there. And then there was a long streak of a woman in a bathing suit thing that left very little to the imagination. But MY imagination doesn’t need much. She said that the “donation” was $40.00. Told us to read the rules (which we’d both read online and Kat told her so). And then pressed the button to buzz us in.

In the phone conversation she’d established that Kat was a newcomer (though bursa escort bayan I knew that Kat had come many many many times before) and I was an old hand. Little did she know where my “old hand” had been. She gave us a key to a locker where we could put our things. We began by sticking some of our valuables into it’s maw. Another couple, Melissa and Tom, were doing the same so we said hello.

We then sauntered, oh so casually, from the locker area, through a room that had leather restraints dangling from the walls, to the “bar”. Since we knew that this was a byob establishment, and we hadn’t brought a bottle, we ordered plain sodas.

There were two or three other couples at the bar. Fully dressed. The woman behind the bar had a frilly thing on that made it clear she was wearing undies and little else. Mmmm. And a black guy who introduced himself as Donald and opened his towel… much to Melissa and Kat’s interest. I wasn’t properly introduced.

Kat and I talked with Melissa and Tom for a bit. And then Kat went out on the patio to smoke. I followed her out and we peeped into the hot tub area to discover a woman sucking a guy’s cock. At some point not long after that she and I went back into the locker room area to exchange our clothes for towels. Kat chastised me for “making” her wear a skirt. And then was complaining because the towels they provided didn’t go all the way around her. I, myself, love every inch there is of her.

We went back out to the hot tub. There was a single guy lounging in it and the cocksucking couple was gone. We sat for awhile, chatting, and then, suddenly, Kat was tearing off her towel and jumping into the hot tub with this naked guy. Whose name was Adam.

Okay. At the time I really didn’t have any idea what all this meant. I know. I know. She carped about how small the towel was. She’d been smoking, which should have told me something. But I really didn’t understand what a big step this was for her. But, goddamn it, the woman jumped right in and started doing a strong breaststroke. And I was loving every moment. So what if I have to look back and go, “duh!”

And then, when Kat got tired of hot chlorinated water, and had climbed out to join me, we started kissing. And kissing led to passion. And passion led to me needing to taste her cunt. Adam, at least, was nice enough to ask permission to watch. I’m not sure if Kat came but I know she enjoyed herself. And didn’t seem to have any big problems with someone watching.

We went back to the bar after this. The woman in the skimpy bathing suit thing, came over to determine whether or not we had any fucking notion what in the hell was going görükle escort on. She went through a spiel that the poor woman must have to go through umpteen times a weekend. Kat and I both had heard it all before.

We were all loose and juicy by this time. Towels were falling. The woman behind the bar had pulled down the top of her lacy sexy thing to reveal her naked breasts. Kat and I moved into the “orgy room” and joined two other couples. One was Tom and Melissa. And the other was Dawn and her boyfriend (never got his name). Later another couple came in.

The three original couples were completely naked. Dawn and her boyfriend were lying on their sides with Dawn in front. I noticed, if Kat didn’t, that Dawn was totally bare “down there”. Tom and Melissa were closest to us. I began finger fucking Kat. Melissa started sucking Tom’s hard cock. Dawn climbed on top of her boyfriend. Melissa began riding Tom. I was fucking Kat sideways. You have to understand that this all happened in brief parts and glimpses. The other couple came in but they seemed to be engrossed in the porno video that was on. I did see that his fingers were between her legs though they both kept their towels on.

Kat and I both retain a treasury of images of people giving each other pleasure. As well as the moans. The cries. The sighs. It’s hard to explain what this kind of scene means when you’re in the thick of it. All I can say is that it was warm and friendly and VERY stimulating.

The only problem was that they didn’t have adequate cooling so things got hotter than just hot. Kat and I finally decided to find cooler climes. And soon after that we decided to head for my place. Not sure how much cooler that was.

We said our goodbyes and headed out. Got to my place around 3 am. The best part of these situations, as far as I’m concerned, is getting home with someone who has enjoyed it as much as you did and reliving the whole hot scene as you fuck and suck and talk. Or is it talk and fuck and suck? Or fuck and talk and suck? I never can get it right. Whatever.

We both fell asleep around 4…. I’m guessing. Who gives a shit anyway. All I remember is that I woke up and started touching Kat’s sweet soft skin. And then we started kissing. And, after quite a bit of that, we started fucking. All I know is that I really love being with this woman. A little kissing and we’re both totally aroused. We laugh about it but it’s like touching a hot stove… you know goddamn well it’s hot. When it was time for her to go she managed to struggle out of my embrace, put on her bra and g-string, blouse and skirt, and push her way to the door (through a confusing maze of kisses).

I’ve chatted with Kat several times since Sunday morning and I know that her delight with our experience at the Black Rose is undimmed. And our time together undiminished. We’re both looking forward to visiting the Black Rose again.

Please note that all names, except for ours, have been changed..

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