Just Business

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Jack woke as the plane was landing. He’d been on this flight so many times in the last six months he knew the drill like the back of his hand. When he landed the new job with the company he never thought he’d be traveling this much. Some days he loved it and others it was a real pain in the ass.

As he walked into the hotel the young lady behind the desk greeted him with a smile. “Hello and welcome back Mr. White. I’ve got your usual room ready for you.”

She handed him the room card and motioned for the bellhop to take his bags.

“No it’s ok I only have a carry-on. I’ll get it myself this time. Thanks.” Jack grabbed his bag and headed for the elevator. When the doors opened a very attractive brunette walked off. The scent of her perfume filled the elevator as Jack stepped on, he couldn’t help but watch as she walked across the lobby. Her skirt swaying as she walked, her long legs waltzing her across the floor, she surely was a knock out he thought as the elevator doors closed.

Jack got to his room, unpacked the little he had in his overnight bag. He was only here for two days of meeting so not much to unpack. He freshened up in the bathroom before putting a fresh polo on. He hated when they booked him on an early flight to catch that days meetings. It was always so rush and hurried to get there in time. He grabbed his briefcase and was out the door.

Hours later Jack finally emerged from the conference room at the hotel. He couldn’t believe that took so long. He was starving, thirsty and tired. All he wanted was some room service, a shower and a good night sleep. Some of the guys from a few of the other companies asked him to go out to a bar. He knew if he did that he’d never get any sleep so he declined.

Jack was patiently waiting for the elevator when he noticed someone walk up beside him. He turned to see the woman from earlier, she was smiling at him. He felt slightly embarrassed as he realized he had been staring at her.

“Hello” she said to him breaking the awkward silence.

“Hello” Jack replied as the elevator doors opened. He gestured for her to go first. “Ladies first” he said as he stepped on after her.

The doors closed, she reached past him brushing his arm as she pushed the same floor button as he was on. As she pulled her arm back she hesitated before moving it. She was standing very close to him even though the elevator was empty. He turned to make conversation and she put her finger to his lips, hushing him. She stepped closer, whispering in his ear.

“Shhhhh,” she leaned in and kisses him. Jack was caught off guard and pulled back slightly. Her deep green eyes staring into his, he leaned back in his lips meeting hers. She wrapped her slender arm around his neck as their tongues danced. Jack could feel a stirring in his crotch already.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened up and an older gentleman and his wife stepped onto the elevator. Jack and the woman stepped back giving them room. She didn’t move away from him, but stood closer. Jack wasn’t sure what to think but he was going to go along with whatever was happening. He’d be stupid not to he thought. The doors opened again this time to his floor. He excused himself past the elderly couple as he stepped from the elevator; she was in step behind him.

Jack turned to walk towards his room. He looked at the woman standing before him, looking her first up then down. Her soft brown hair pulled back from her face showing her strong features. Her ruby red lips so full asking to be kissed again. The business suit snug in all the right places. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Would you like to have a drink in my room?” he asked as he gestured down the hall.

Her smile was answer enough as she started walking Antalya Escort beside him. Jack pulled the room key card from his pocket; once the door was open he motioned for her to enter. She casually walked in putting her handbag on the table by the door. Jack closed the door behind them watching her stroll through the room. His mind was going wild with thoughts.

“What would you like to drink?” he asked as he stepped to the mini bar. Before he could open it, she was pulling him towards her. Her ruby red lips pressing softly to his neck, kissing by his ear. Her arms reaching around his neck running her long nails through the back of his hair.

“Shhhhh” was all she said before she placed her soft lips to his, her tongue piercing through his lips searching. He placed his large hands on her slender waist as he explored her tongue with his. She was shorter then he was but the perfect fit nonetheless.

Jack let his hands move up and down her sides as they kissed. She pressed her sizable breasts to his chest as she shifted the rest of her body against his large frame. Her kiss was becoming more urgent, more shameless; he could tell she was getting excited. Jack slowly turned her around as he kept the kiss going, moving her back up against the wall.

When she felt her back hit the wall she moaned quietly into the kiss, her hands running across his shoulders. Jack began to kiss down her neck, her scent infused in his nostrils as he kissed down her shoulder. His hands slowly moving up her sides under her silky blouse, his large hands cupping her ample breasts, he could feel her heart beating through them. Jack massaged and pinched at her already erect nipples through her satin bra. She was moaning softly as her hips were rocking against him.

Jack grabbed her hands with one hand, holding them over her head against the wall. With the other hand he slowly unbuttoned her blouse; he could feel his cock twitching in his trousers. Her breasts were overflowing the soft satin bra, he leaned in brushing his lips across her cleavage before licking between her breasts. Her skin tasted sweet as he released his grip on her arms cupping her breasts in his hands. She placed her hands on his head as she looked down at him.

Jack was hungry with desire now, he needed to taste more of her. He got down on his knees before her as his hands slowly slid up her silky legs. His large hands slid her skirt up as he kissed from thigh to thigh. She didn’t hesitate a moment before spreading her legs slightly for him. His thumbs brushed against the thin material covering her warm pussy. She exhaled softly, her hands bracing herself against the wall.

Jack was significantly larger than she was so he pulled her panties down as she stepped from them before he lifted her, placing her legs over his shoulders, holding her up against the wall. He slowly began to lick her pink lips from top to bottom his tongue flat against her. He could taste her wetness without even letting his tongue probe into her, she was very excited.

He could feel her body react to his tongue as he slowly parted her lips and flicked her swollen clit. Jack felt her legs tremble slightly as he heard her moan. He could feel his cock pulsing in his trousers, needing to be free. He lapped at her juicy pussy, while he reached around her thigh with one hand, flicking her clit with his thumb. Her reaction was exactly what Jack wanted, she moaned louder and her body tensed.

Jack slipped her legs back over his shoulders as he stood before her, unbuttoning his trousers as he kicked off his shoes. She reached over and unbuttoned the buttons on his polo shirt and lifted it over his head. She leaned in kissing his muscles chest as she dropped the shirt. Jacks cock was Antalya Escort Bayan standing at attention inside his boxers, he could feel his balls aching. He hooked his thumbs inside his boxers to take them off when she grabbed for his hands stopping him.

She slowly moved to her knees, her small fingers inside the waistline of his boxers as she began to slowly work them down. His cock so hard, got caught on the front of the boxer, she pulled them away and down as his cock came bounding out freely. Her small fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft as her she licked her lips. Jack wrapped his hand roughly in her hair as he pushed her mouth onto him. He could feel her tongue pressed against the head of his cock as her lips wrapped around him. He let out a low growl.

She slowly took more of his cock into her mouth as Jack held her by the back of the head. He wasn’t forcing his cock in her mouth just guiding her. Her small hand pumped on his shaft as she tried to fit more of him into her tiny wet mouth. She could only get about half of his massive cock in her mouth then moved down licking his balls. He could feel her slobber dripping from them when she moved back to his rock hard cock, her lips tightly wrapped around him again.

He reached down with his free hand and unhooked her bra letting it fall. As she engulfed his cock she moved letting the bra fall off her. His manly hand cupped and massaged her breast as he head bobbed up and down on his cock. She was humming softly as she sucked and licked at his cock. Jack needed more though.

He pulled her up moving her to the arm of the couch, bending her over it still keeping a grasp on her hair. His large hand on her back as he kicked her legs apart, pressing his hard cock to her wet pussy lips, teasing her. She was straining to pull her head from his hand, he held on tighter. Running his hand down her back slowly before landing a slap to her ass cheek, she jumped from the pain. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers as he pressed the head of his dick just inside her lips. She moaned and pushed back showing Jack she wanted more.

With one quick motion Jack thrust his cock all the way inside her juicy little cunt. He could feel her lips adjusting to his size as she cried out. Jack pulled back on her hair as he thrust into her again. Her eyes cut back at him as he continued to plow into her little tight pussy. She squealed in delight. Jack pulled on her hair as he put the other hand on her shoulder, bracing her for his assault.

His cock so full and hard as he pummeled into her tightness, he could feel his balls slapping at her pussy. She bucked back wildly as she began to scream with pleasure. Jack could feel her pussy tightening around his cock he knew she was going to cum so he thrust harder and faster, driving his cock deeper into her tiny confines until she cried out louder.

His cock well coated with her juices, Jack continued to plough into her over and over again. Releasing her hair, his hands gripping her hips while his cock gets devoured by her sloppy pussy, he can hear the squishing sounds as he pounds into her. She braces herself against the couch her breasts rubbing harshly against it as her body takes his thrusts again and again.

She cries out as Jack growls, feeling his balls tighten his cock pulsing deep inside her. Jack thrusts harder and faster as she pushes back into him causing his cock to go that much deeper. His grip tightens as his fingertips dig into her soft flesh. Her moans getting louder sending him over the edge as his momentum increases he pulls his cock from her tight pussy and begins to stroke it until he erupts spurting his hot sticky cum onto her firm ass. His grunts and growls echoing in the quiet room as his Escort Antalya body shudders and jerks intensely. She laid there across the couch exhausted her body almost limp.

Jack looks at the mess he made on her little ass and grins. He could feel his cock twitch slightly even though his size has gone down a little. He grabs her by the arm pushing her down to her knees in front of him. She looks up at him knowing instantly what he wants and she gives it to him. She quickly wraps her tiny lips around his semi hard cock, sucking and blowing. He clutches her hair in his hand as he holds her head on his cock, pushing it into her mouth hearing her gag slightly. She looks up at him, her eyes almost watering and he pulls his now harder cock from her mouth.

“You like that cock don’t you?” he asks as he puts it back to her lips. She just nods yes as she opens her mouth eagerly. She thrusts it into her open mouth hearing her choke on it again. He grins. She continues to suck his dick making him harder and harder. He is surprised at how quickly he got hard again. He pulls her up by her hair as he scoops her into his muscled arms, taking her to the couch. He puts her down, kneeling between her legs, he buries his face in her wet cunt. Flicking her clit with his tongue as he slips two fingers into her, she instantly moans. He fingers her a little faster as his tongue teases her clit. She reaches for his head, holding it as she grinds into his face. He pulls his fingers from her pussy and rubs the juices against her tight little asshole. She bites her bottom lip as she looks down at him.

Jack licks at her pussy letting the juices flow down to her asshole while he presses slighting on her rosebud with his index finger. He can feel her body tighten as if saying no, he looks up at her seeing the look in her eyes. He moves his fingers back to her pussy leaving her ass alone, at least for now. He pushes three fingers into her damp pussy working them in and out slowly. He moves up her body his lips finding her hard nipple, he slips it between his teeth biting gently. His fingers moving quicker inside of her as his other hand massages the other breast. Her body tenses beneath him, her pussy tightens around his fingers and he quickens the pace. Her chest rising and falling rapidly meeting her heavy breathing and moaning. She reaches back over the couch gripping it tightly as she shrieks loudly.

Jack flicks her nipple with his tongue while his other hand pinches the other nipple. Below he finger fucks her forcefully feeling her pussy tighten around his fingers before feeling the warm sensation gushing over them.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” she chants over and over as she cums hard on his fingers, her body taut and shaking. He growls and continues to finger her harder and faster, ramming into her. She cries out louder, almost screaming as she brings her hands down between her legs holding onto his arm, her nails digging into his skin. He is unfazed by this and continues to drive into her. She tenses up one more time before she screams.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she wails as her head shakes back and forth. He takes his fingers from her pussy just in time to see her squirt, her body trembling. He looks up into her eyes, her hair sticking to her cheeks from the sweat; he moves her hair as he kisses her lips softly.

He pulls her up and onto him in the chair behind him, holding her tightly letting her body calm down. She looks up at him smiling, her face so beautiful with flushed cheeks, he kisses her forehead.

Some time passes and she gets up without a word, gathering her clothes and going to the bathroom. She emerges fully dressed and cleaned up. Jack watches her walk over to him before she leans down kissing his lips. She whispers, “Thank you” and heads for the door.

Jack watches as the door closes and she disappears as quickly as she arrived. He smiles at what just happened knowing nobody would ever believe him if he told them. So it was going to be his little secret and of course hers too. Whoever she was.

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