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Alison Tyler

Consider Julie. That’s what Dave was doing right then as she walked down the front path towards his door.

Julie had auburn hair (closer to red in Dave’s opinion, but she call it auburn), green eyes, creamy skin, and a very nice figure. She was intelligent and vivacious, fit and popular.

She is eighteen, with an over-protective mother. Father, too, for that matter, but her mother is ferocious.

Dave had known her for years. His daughter, Susan, dragged her home from school one day and said “this’s Julie” and from that time on she seemed to have free run of the house.

Effectively, Dave had always treated her like another daughter. Made her clean up any messes she made when at his place, watched her grow, leaned on her a little when he thought it necessary.

When she was fourteen and was developing nicely she couldn’t resist the temptation to show off her new attributes. She ‘accidently’ lost her bikini top in the kitchen, squealing and nearly covering herself with her hands. Dave showed his appreciation by spanking her and reading her the riot act. She didn’t speak to him for a month after that. (Neither did Susan.)

When she was sixteen she tried out her flirtatious style on him, much to his amusement. Flirting was OK, but she was always careful to keep her hidden attributes hidden. Not that she didn’t manage to nearly show things, but all girls seem to have those tricks.

Once she turned seventeen her flirtations were directed at boys her own age, much to Dave’s relief, because she was turning into quite a charmer.

Now, at eighteen, she was quite the young lady. Dave had no idea if she was sexually active and, quite frankly, considered it was none of his business.

The day he was observing her walking towards his front door was a Saturday in early summer. It was shaping up to be a really fine day and for once Dave hadn’t slept in, but had risen with the larks. That early rising explains why he was up and about at seven in the morning on a weekend.

It did not explain why Julie had apparently risen so early that she was out visiting people at seven in the morning. She was dressed in tights and what looked like a combination t-shirt/dress, with the top barely covering her behind, which explained the tights on what was going to be a hot day.

The front door was open as it wasn’t too hot yet and Dave liked the breeze. Julie waltzed straight in with a casual wave to him.

Dave was just making himself some coffee and he indicated Julie should sit while he poured her some.

She sat drinking it and chatting about nothing in particular.

“You’re up and about rather early this morning,” Dave observed, and immediately became suspicious when she blushed faintly and airily waved the matter aside. Dave wondered if he should pursue the matter but decided not to, she was officially an adult now.

Julie had just finished her coffee and was putting her cup in the sink when her phone rang. It was her mother, checking to see how she was and what she was doing. Dave’s suspicions got up from where he’d dropped them and kicked him sharply in the rear. Even her mother wouldn’t ring her to check on her if she’d only just left home.

“…had a quiet night, mum” she was saying. “We mainly watched TV and played music. Ah, no, Susan is still asleep and I’d rather not wake her. Mr. Wilson is up though if you’d like to talk to him.”

Without any more warning than that she passed Dave the phone. He gave her a look that promised some sort of retribution, and took it.

“Morning, Michelle,” Dave said. “Is there something you need?”

“No, no,” twittered Michelle. “I’m just checking to see how she went overnight. I always worry when she stays at a friend’s place, you know. She wasn’t a problem at all?”

“No problem,” Dave assured Bayan Escort Gaziantep her. “Why, I hardly knew she was here. And you know she always behaves at my place. She’s worried that I’ll spank her if she causes me any problems.”

The last was said with a significant look at Julie, and it probably would have ended there with the threat if Julie hadn’t smirked and deliberately twitched her bottom at him.

Dave swapped a few more inconsequential nothings with Michelle and then passed the phone back to Julie. Knowing Michelle, she would chatter away for another ten minutes while Julie adroitly soothed her nerves and said nothing.

Dave settled himself comfortably again and waited until Julie came pacing past him, soothing her mother’s worries. When she was in the right position he just took hold of her arm jerked her towards him, having her bent over his knee before she knew what was happening.

Julie gave a squeak and twisted to give Dave a look of laughing indignation. She was trying to scramble back to her feet while she assured her mother that the squeak had been caused by nearly dropping the phone.

With one hand firmly on the small of her back, Julie couldn’t get back up, and the next look held a certain amount of irritation. That irritation, Dave thought, would increase very quickly.

Dave pushed Julie’s dress or top or whatever you call it up to her waist and then proceeded to pull down her tights and panties. Not all the way down. Just to mid-thigh, but that left Julie with a bare bottom pointing towards the sky.

Dave now casually rubbed Julie’s pretty little tush while he listened to her explain to her mother that the second squeak was also caused by her nearly dropping the phone.

“I’m trying to cook breakfast while I talk, mum, and I’m sort of juggling things here,” she said, squirming under Dave’s misbehaving hand. “Why don’t I call you back later?”

It still took her a couple of minutes to hang up on her mother, which time Dave put to good use, massaging her bottom.

As soon as she hung up it was on.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. “Let me up at once.”

Spank. And quite hard, too.

Julie squealed. “Don’t. What’d I do? You can’t spank me. I’m eighteen, dammit.”

Spank. “Don’t swear. It’s not nice.”

“Well stop spanking me. What’ll Susan say if she comes down?”

Ah. That explained why she was protesting so quietly. She didn’t want to wake up Susan.

“Don’t worry about Susan,” Dave told her. “She’s at her grandparents for the weekend, or at least I hope she is. I haven’t rung to check on her. And just what were you up to last night when you were supposed to be here with Susan?”


“Will you quit it? It was just an all-night party, but there were boys going. Mum would never have let me go to if she’d known.”


“That’s between you and your mother,” Dave pointed out. “You’re old enough to make up your own mind. Tell her to butt out of your private life.”


“I don’t have a private life,” Julie said bitterly. “My mother has to know everything.”


“And what do you think she’ll say when she finds out that Susan was away this weekend and you sent the night alone with me? She’ll assume we slept in the same bed you know.”


“Stop it, please. And she won’t know. If she did find out I’d assure her we didn’t sleep together.”

Dave let his hand rest on her bottom for a while. It had a nice flush to it now. That would teach her to wiggle it at him in that disrespectful manner.

“You’d lie to her about our sleeping together?” Dave asked Julie, managing to sound slightly shocked.

“What do you mean, lie?” she protested. “We haven’t.”

“But we’re going to,” Dave pointed out. He let his hand drift between her legs and cup her mound. He gently squeezed it and added, “As soon as this spanking is officially finished I’m going to take you down to my bedroom and finish undressing you. Then I’m going to pay some very serious attention to your lovely body.

Now let me know if you want the spanking to continue or if you’d rather adjourn to the bedroom. Take your time deciding. I don’t mind.”

Julie said nothing. Dave wasn’t sure if she was trying to come up with an argument as to why neither option was preferable or if she was seriously considering which one to choose.

While he waited he continued to stroke her soft flesh, and now he was starting to explore inside her. Julie was breathing hard as his fingers caressed her, but she still didn’t make a choice. Neither did she try to bring her legs together to prevent Dave touching her.

Probing softly, Dave found to his surprise that she was still a virgin. He then moved on, and Julie gasped in shock when he brushed against her clitoris. Her hips pushed up towards him at that point and she was slowly writhing against him.

Dave moved his hand back to rest on her bottom, and he could just hear the little moan of disappointment she gave. He wasn’t going to compel her to make a choice. He set Julie back on her feet and rose to stand beside her. If she grabbed at her panties and tights and pulled them up, that would be the end of it. He wasn’t going to force her.

She didn’t. She just stood there, top rucked up around her waist, tights and panties at half-mast and everything in between on display with no attempt to hide it. Dave put my hand on her bottom and guided her towards his bedroom, and she came along.

Reaching his bedroom, Dave turned Julie to face him. Going down on one knee he finished peeling off her tights and panties, Julie lifting her feet to assist him with no prompting. Standing again, it was the work of a moment to lift her top off over her head. Dave then tugged lightly at the front of her bra.

“Take it off,” he said softly, and watched as Julie blushed faintly and reached behind her to unhook it.

The bra slipped down and Julie tossed it aside, standing erect, shoulders braced, chest out (and a lovely chest it was) and head held high.

As soon as Dave had pulled Julie across his knee he had known that this was where it would finish. It was something that had been developing between them for the past couple of years. It wasn’t a sudden onset of horniness by an older man for a nubile young woman. Dave genuinely cared for Julie and believed that she cared for him. What was happening now was something they had to do.

Dave settled Julie onto the bed and then quickly stripped, feeling Julie’s eyes on him as he did so. He settled onto the bed next to her and kissed her. Julie met him eagerly, returning his kisses enthusiastically, even if not particularly practised. She gasped slightly when a hand settled on her breast, but that was all.

Dave continued to kiss Julie while his hand drifted over her breasts, cupping them, teasing them, rubbing her nipples, rolling her nipples around with his thumb as they tightened. It wasn’t long before his lips followed his hands, drifting down to settle on a pink tipped breast, teasing her nipple with his teeth.

His hands free to again wander, Dave directed them down along Julie’s young body, finally closing once more upon her mound. Once again he started that delicious trespass, fingers sliding inside to tease and tantalise.

Julie twisted and writhed under his delicate touch, wanting more and pushing herself against him. It was almost by accident that her hand brushed against Dave’s erection, but Julie wasted no time claiming her prize.

Dave almost groaned when he felt Julie’s hand close delicately around him. Feather like fingertips stroked up and down his cock, sending delicious sensations through it. His cock hardened even more, screaming at Dave to attend to its wants. Dave felt like swearing when fingernails suddenly scratched across the head off his erection.

Dave raised himself slightly, looking down at Julie. Her face was flushed with excitement, anticipation plain upon it. She was ready for him and she wanted him and she didn’t want to wait any longer.

Reaching down with one foot, Dave hooked it around Julie’s ankle, drawing her legs further apart. Rolling between her thighs he knelt there, pausing for a moment to lift her knees. Then he leaned towards her.

Julie watched, finding herself holding her breath while she had this strange urge to gasp. Her head was lifted slightly, looking down at where Dave was moving closer to her. Her lips had flowered and opened, ready to receive Dave’s homage.

Soon she could both see and feel Dave’s erection pressing into her. In no time it was pushing against her hymen, and Julie knew the moment had finally arrived. She could feel the pressure increasing. Suddenly something gave, and it hurt. Julie squealed indignantly, feeling the excitement draining away.

“It’s OK, sweetness,” Dave murmured. “It only hurts for a moment. You’ll find it gets better now.”

Julie was breathing hard, feeling Dave advancing into her, slowly stretching her as he pushed along her passage. She bit her lip, letting it happen, slowly feeling the excitement starting to gather again. By the time Dave was fully in her, her eagerness was back to the point where it had been when he started.

There was a difference about knowing something in theory and having to actually do it, Julie found. She waited, trusting Dave to lead the way. She was vividly aware that he was inside her. The longer he was there, the more aware she became. Her world seemed to be narrowing to a cock inside her and what it was going to do to her.

Dave started moving, drawing slowly back and returning equally slowly, letting Julie have plenty of time to adjust to what was happening. Julie found herself breathing hard, examining the feelings that were coming from her pussy, exciting feelings, being brought into being by Dave’s cock massaging her.

After a while she found herself pushing up to meet Dave when he drilled into her. The first time, Dave seemed to hesitate for a moment. She heard him say something in a pleased voice. She wasn’t sure what, but she knew she was doing the right thing. After that she pushed against him even more eagerly as he took her.

Dave took Julie in an unhurried manner, enjoying the feel of her under him, appreciating the way she was responding and moving with him. Watching Julie he could see her drifting away into a world of feeling, just moving under him and letting the feelings steal over her. Time to make a statement, Dave decided.

Julie could feel the subtle change in rhythm as Dave started coming in harder and faster. Her body relished the change, pressing up to meet him with an invigorated energy, matching the faster rate and daring him to do even more.

Dave was happy to oblige. He thrust into Julie, driving hard into her and feeling her responding with a youthful vigour, eager to take what he was offering.

Dave kept a careful eye on Julie. He was already fighting back his own climax, and he really needed Julie to reach hers. Grinning to himself he slid a hand down between their bodies. A gentle movement, a finger sliding between her lips, a swift caress of Julie’s clitoris and she screamed.

Dave relaxed and let his own climax go as Julie shuddered with the force of her release, her body clamping around him and holding him while she shook, little mewing sounds coming from her throat.

They lay together in a pleasant aftermath, both of them wondering where they went from here. All they could do was take it as it happened, seeing where it led.

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