Joan Takes Charge Ch. 04

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[This story is part of a series, and you likely will enjoy it more if you read the earlier chapters. However, that is not mandatory, but it does involve incest, bodily functions and spanking, as well as other fetishes. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or older.]


Joan thought about the episode with her brother Ken’s fiancée, Andrea, when she applied her rod to Andrea’s backside and then spanked her over her Spanx, during which spanking Andrea lost urinary control and peed her panties, sending the urine into the towel Joan had placed under her prior to beginning to spank her.

Andrea also gave the incident some thought and realized that she had brought a lot of the punishment on herself by not giving Joan the respect the latter felt she merited. Joan was the youngest of four but her mother had left her in charge of the house in which all four, married and unmarried, chose to live. This included the authority to discipline the occupants, siblings and their spouses, partners, or significant others, when in Joan’s view, discipline was called for.

Andrea spoke to Ken, her husband and Joan’s brother, and suggested that they might both speak with Joan about getting together to improve their relationship.

“I’m glad you came up with this, darling,” Ken responded, “because I think things will go a lot smoother if we are not on the outs with Joanie and can behave more like friends. Yes, she will be able to discipline us but that could well simmer down too if we try to play along with her.”

Joan told Ken she welcomed the get-together and was especially pleased that Andrea had initiated the idea.

“Joanie,” Ken answered, “I wouldn’t be engaged to her if I didn’t think she was really nice underneath and I hope we can bring that out.”

Joan had invited them to her very commodious bedroom, which had a sitting room in which they met. In contrast to the tall leggy Andrea, a lithe blonde, Joan might almost have been called petite, with a pleasant auburn-haired wedge cut.

“I didn’t mean to come on like a monster,” she opened, “and I hope we can get on better even though I also expect you’ll appreciate that I have some responsibilities that I accepted here. I should add that I doubt anyone else wanted them.”

“I’m sorry for being so unkind in my conduct the other day,” Andrea now conceded. “I also understand much more from Ken about how all of this began and why it continues. I promise to behave far more cooperatively from now on.”

Joan opened her arms and welcomed Andrea to them for a nice, deep hug. The two women’s breasts pressed against each other and Andrea felt warm in the arms of a woman who was several years younger.

Andrea responded by kissing Joan sweetly on the lips and Joan responded by reciprocating. Then as if by plan—which assuredly was not the case—Andrea began to unbutton Joan’s blouse as Joan did the same with Andrea’s. Each then unzipped her skirt and stood out of it, clad in bra, panties, and shoes with sivas escort hose.

They looked at Ken, who realized it was his turn to shed his shirt and slacks, which he promptly did.

Then Joan reached around Andrea’s arms and shoulders to unhook and remove her bra. Following her lead, Andrea did the same for Joan, and Joan’s young—she was only 24—breasts stood up proudly. Andrea’s were slightly larger and also firm.

Ken doffed his undershirt and proceeded to insert his thumbs in the waistband of his fiancee’s pale lime hicuts and drew the panties down her thighs and legs and off. Joan pulled her own pink thong down and placed it on the nearby chair. Ken then rapidly removed his patterned boxer shorts.

Joan led them into her bedroom, pulled down the covers and topsheet and welcomed them to the bed. Andrea climbed in and Ken followed. Finally Joan closed and locked the door and then switched off the lamp and joined them under the covers.

First, she took Andrea in her arms again and clasped her to her body tightly. Andrea responded by gently moving her hand down Joan’s front and began to rub her labia softly, starting to insinuate a finger into Joan’s opening. Joan enjoyed Andrea’s attention to her vulva and began to caress Andrea’s breasts, then moved around to sweep her finger slowly down Andrea’s rear crack and put her finger into her anal pucker.

This turned Andrea on enough that she began to kiss Joan on her mouth and then down her body to her vulva. Andrea enjoyed that Joan had not shaved her pudenda so kissed her through her hair on her labia, savoring the aroused smell emanating from Joan’s vagina.

Ken caressed both his fiancée and his sister, running his hand gently over both their boobs and letting them play with the private parts below the waist. But now Joan moved to fondle his penis until it became erect and hard and extended to its full seven inches.

Andrea moved her head to lick Joan’s split, which really turned Joan on as she began to writhe immediately.

“I’d like to have Ken inside me,” she said, and Andrea told her she was delighted to get her ready with her oral ministrations. Once she felt Joan was quite wet, Andrea moved back in the bed so Ken could lie on his back and allow Joan to get atop him as Andrea used her hands to aim Ken’s cock right at the entrance to Joan’s vagina.

Joan had had a fairly active sex life at college, so was definitely no virgin and actually quite experienced at intercourse—of all kinds. She took charge as was her wont and moved herself up and down Ken’s prong, enjoying its touching her many sensitive places inside her channel.

She felt herself coming and whispered to Ken not to cum himself inside her. She wanted him to save that for Andrea. But soon she did explode inside and Ken was barely able to hold himself back by withdrawing his cock from her quim.

“That was wonderful, Ken and Andrea,” Joan exuded in her post-orgasmic fervor. “Now I want you both to show çorum escort me how this happen when you’re a couple.”

Andrea now put her face right into Joan’s crotch and licked the combined outflow of Joan’s fluids and Ken’s cum from Joan’s split. Then she turned to her fiancé and began to use her tongue on his cock, bringing it almost to explosion since he had not cum inside Joan.

She had been getting wetter watching him fuck his sister and now she lay back so he could turn his attentions to her pleasure. She knew how to move her inner muscles to press on him once he was inside her very hot box. He pressed into her with the familiarity that regular sex had given them both.

She responded happily to his entry and began her pressing as he thrust in and out of her. They showed their experience in their coordination and Joan was delighted to see that they were giving her the benefit of their refined skills. Ken at last ejaculated as he felt Andrea reach her initial climax and he kept thrusting as he spurted into her and she kept having more orgasms.

As they slowed and then drew apart, Joan hugged them both and they both held her and as Ken fingered her quim, Andrea inserted her finger deeper into Joan’s anal opening.

Each felt the other’s finger through Joan’s thin membrane separating vagina from rectum.

Andrea now sensed from her finger that it had touched something deep in Joan’s rectum. Without knowing that having this happen was a major turn-on for Joan, she grinned in the low light and said softly to Joan that she suspected Joan might be ready to make a doody.

Joan kissed her and told her that this was something that excited her, when someone else had her finger in her and felt her turd.

Andrea saw that Joan had a toilet seat atop a metal stand next to her bed, so she asked Joan if Joan would like Andrea to lie under the little toilet seat she pointed to.

Joan smiled some more and said she would love it.

Andrea slipped out of the bed and lay under the seat stand so that she was staring right up at the opening in the seat. Then Joan made her way out of the bed too and squatted, sitting on the toilet seat.

Andrea now saw Joan’s hairy split and cute little anal rosette facing her directly. Joan managed to initiate a push inside her anal canal and soon Andrea saw a brown tip start to emerge from the hole above her as Joan’s anal rosette pooched out.

The turd slowly slid out. It was thick and firm and colored lightish brown. Andrea was amazed that she did not perceive much of a smell, for which she was quite grateful.

She let it go into her mouth as she elevated her face to be right under Joan’s bottom. It slid into her mouth and then fell across her face.

“Oh, you made a nice doody, Miss Joan,” Andrea giggled as if she were a little girl again.

Joan laughed in response and watched as Andrea licked the thick turd and then took her fingers and placed it on her chest between her boobs.

Joan denizli escort rose, moved the toilet seat, and used her finger as she bent next to Andrea to take the end of the turd and softly wipe it on Andrea’s breasts. Andrea responded by taking some and doing the same on Joan’s.

Ken did not feel obliged to join in this little activity and merely watched his fiancés and sister engage in this delightful nasty play.

“We really are nasty girls, aren’t we, Andrea?” Joan asked her playfully and Andrea answered with glee that she loved being so naughty.

“Do you think we need to be spanked for this?” Joan asked, affecting a serious tone, and Andrea laughed and said they definitely had been very naughty girls.

“I don’t think Ken deserves to spank us, though,” Joan posited. “We’ll spank each other in turn. I’ll do you first and then you me. But let’s slip into the bathroom here and rinse off.”

Andrea followed her lead and took a tissue to carry Joan’s excrement into the bathroom where she flipped it into the toilet and flushed.

Then they each lovingly washed each other’s breasts off and also applied some washcloths to each other’s vulvas.

Andrea then sat on an armless chair and beckoned Joan with her finger. Joan smiled and placed herself across Andrea’s naked lap. Ken enjoyed seeing the two attractive nudes in this posture but kept quiet.

Now Andrea began to spank Joan’s compact bottom, occasionally running her finger down Joan’s crack, through her legs, and into her quim. She spanked Joan’s cheeks alternately and watched as they grew rosier and then deeper red. Joan was now moaning and starting to utter little cries as the spanking continued.

Finally, Andrea moved her finger from teasing Joan’s quim and moved it back to push it softly into Joan’s puckered anal rosette. Although Joan was quite experienced sexually, she had not engaged in much anal play, much less anal intercourse. Andrea had sensed when she had done this earlier to Joan and felt her bowel movement deep inside, that Joan was turned on by anal play.

Indeed, Joan felt herself becoming aroused in a different way from Andrea’s insertion. She began to move her bottom back and forth on Andrea’s persistent finger. All of the anal nerve endings were being stimulated and Joan gave a push by teasing her clit at the same time. Soon she felt herself zoom into a fantastic orgasm and she felt herself flowing from her vadge.

Andrea withdrew her finger as she realized Joan had cum, and hugged her and lifted her to hold her in her arms. This was easier for Andrea in that Joan’s smaller body fit nicely in her grasp. Joan enjoyed being held and felt a great deal of affection for Andrea, whom she previously regarded as likely to be a continuing irritant for her.

Andrea smiled as they gradually stood apart and quietly told Joan she was ready for her spanking.

Joan decided that she would have plenty of opportunities to discipline Andrea so she just shyly smiled and told the blonde Andrea, “That’s ok. You brought me to a crescendo I’ve never felt before. We’ll let your spanking go. That’s the least I can do.”

Joan’s generosity warmed Andrea’s whole being. She was deliriously happy that Ken and she had initiated this get-together and really hoped it would make everything that much better.

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