Dangerous Obsession Ch. 01

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Saturday mornings had been our grocery day for years. Like a good husband I patiently navigate the shopping cart, waiting for Doris to make her selections. She always has questions for the stock boys about their schoolwork, grades and teasing them good naturedly about girl friends.

They usually humor her, treating like a favorite aunt. Although I have noticed some of them taking long leering looks her curvaceous five foot ten figure from a distance. She has gained about twenty pounds since our wedding day but in all the right places.

Those long stealthy glances always make me chuckle, pride of ownership I suppose. Most boys that age fantasize about older women and there’s nothing wrong with that Doris of course does not see it that way and I never mention it; to her they’re just nice young boys being friendly.

Whenever a new boy arrived, it never takes her long to reach beyond the nametag and ferret out all his business: what school, what grades, future plans, girl friends etc.

Everything took a different turn when a boy named Trevor was hired; a more than handsome Latino type, about five foot-six, with curly black hair and brooding dark eyes. It took a couple of Saturdays for Doris to break the ice with this extremely timid boy.

Once they became acquainted however, a strange bond developed between them and Doris began talking about him constantly. She found out through her gossip network that his parents had broken up the previous winter and simply left the city. He had been taken in temporarily by an older sister who didn’t really have the financial means to support him; therefore he worked part time in the store. He was eighteen in his last high school year for the second time due to his parent’s constant battles.

With no children of our own, me in my fifties and Doris in her mid forties; adoption had never been considered, mostly because of our careers. Now, due to downsizing we had both accepted severance packages. I had plenty of hobbies around the house but Doris was restless and now she came up with the insane idea that we should open our home to this young man. She wanted to give him a good home until he finished school and could look after himself. I told her that it was a crazy idea, he was not our responsibility.

But when Doris gets something into her head and assumes that far away trance-like look in her eyes; heaven and earth better move, or else…

She visited the sister – how she found the address was a mystery to me. To a single mother of two tiny tots in a one-bedroom apartment, my wife appeared as an angel from above. Strangely the woman did not see a problem with her kid brother going to live with total strangers.

Doris picked him up two days later and had him settled in one of our guest rooms. Trevor was polite and quiet and didn’t seem at all phased by his new situation. Among his few possessions was a computer and he asked Doris if we had an Internet connection. We had never entered the cyber age ourselves but Doris immediately sent me out to arrange for a hookup. How else, would the boy do his homework she argued?

Once connected he rarely came out of his room. Doris fussed over him at meal times, wanting to know whether he wanted this or that to eat and then gradually changed our usual diet accordingly. After twenty-five years of marriage with no one else in the house I began to feel like a fifth wheel.

Doris could think of nothing else but her dear boy Trevor. She even began to great him with a hug when he came home which seemed peculiar to me; after all he was a star border not a relative but Trevor ate it all up. Those hugs gradually became lengthy mutual squeezes; I reasoned that he was lonely for the affection of a close knit family.

Her appearance changed as well, always a neat and well dressed woman but usually wearing loose fitting clothing around the house; although she didn’t own a pair of jeans or other casual. Now I noticed a little more makeup, hair more immaculate, closer fitting shorter dresses or skirts accentuating and revealing her hourglass figure, particularly the form and cleavage of her generous bosom. If I didn’t know better she was becoming more than infatuated with the boy and perhaps innocently leading him on.

I became envious, almost resentful of him, and Doris eventually became jealous of the computer, where he was spending more and more time.

One afternoon, after she’d been snooping in his room; she rushed down to my workshop with a crumpled towel. “What is the boy doing with this” she blustered. “Look, there are hard patches all over making it sick together” I chuckled at her, shaking my head.

“He’s been playing with himself dear. He’s a teenager; it’s natural at that age. Put it in the wash and don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it! Masturbation involves sinful sexual fantasies! You know that is wicked behavior! We must talk to him about it. He shouldn’t be doing that; it’s harmful and unnatural. Do you think Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort he’s looking at those awful ladies on that web thing?”

“He’s a teen, they gets urges; it’s better than him getting some young girl in trouble.”

“Sandy I’m surprised at you. I’m going to talk to him when he gets home from school.” I shook my head again but didn’t argue with her, thinking that maybe the boy would be embarrassed enough to leave.

I was shocked that night when she very delicately told him about it after we ate. He wasn’t embarrassed at all but strangely, almost pleased she brought it up.

“It’s impossible for me not to do it ma’am … Mrs. Cooper. I get these feelings and it drives me crazy. If I don’t … I get terrible head aches.” He spoke in a pained voice looking, for all the world like a sick puppy. That was a new twist on that old headache standard that I’d never heard before.

“Oh you poor boy,” Doris reached across the table taking his hand in both of hers, her fingers gently padding his hand and stroking his wrist. “Oh Trevor my dear boy what can we do to help?” He just shook his head, shrugging his shoulders and looked back at her with an actual tear running down his cheek.

“It’s impossible for me not to do it Doris.” That startled me, up until now it had been Mrs. Cooper or ma’am. “Oh Doris, the head aches they’re terrible.”

“But Trevor there must be some way to make you well; we’ll do anything to help you. Won’t we Sandy? I nodded, feigning sympathy, knowing full well as a man that there was no cure for his problem that we could help him with

“Well Doris … well there is something but … but no, that’s impossible!”

“Oh Trevor, dear boy, nothing is impossible; isn’t that so Sandy?” I nodded again thinking that maybe he would ask us to pay for a whore. That would get Doris going, with her religious hang-ups.

“OK, but I know you’ll be angry with me.”

“Oh Trevor dear I could never feel that way about you.” He looked straight at her with those big dreamy eyes. Then he lowered his head hunching his shoulders. “Trevor dear please tell me, you can tell Doris anything, you know that.” He looked up at her again and then spoke in a halting pitiful voice.

“Maybe … you could have … sex with me. You know, show … me how.” My mouth fell open. Never in a million year did I expect to hear that but never in an even longer span of time did I think my puritanical wife would say what she did.

“Oh Trevor my dear boy, I’ll do anything for you but are you sure; after all I’m not a desirable and slender young woman anymore.”

“Oh but you’re beautiful and shapely … with nice big … I mean… “he stared intensely at her breasts and then turned his head. “I … I think about you when I … when I, you know?” I was in shock. My straight-laced wife, who had never let me get beyond the missionary position or had to my knowledge never experienced an orgasm, was agreeing to commit adultery and with a boy at that. Well, he was eighteen but … I sat at the end of the table, staring at both of them in turn while she continued to caress his hand.

I got up and yelled at both of them, “Over my dead body! You’re not going to have sex with my wife! Get out of my house” He jumped up, looking scared out of his wits and ran up to his room.

Doris stared at me with eyes that could kill. “You scared that dear boy; how could you!” She was screaming on top of her lungs. “Shame on you, now go up there and apologize to him, right now!” I’d never heard my wife scream before; her personality had suddenly been transformed, in a ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde’ scenario

“Doris have you lost you mind. We’re married, how many times have you told me that marriage is sacred and adultery is a grave sin?”

“Yes it is adultery Sandy, but this boy needs my help. I wouldn’t be doing it behind you back, so I’m not cheating. That makes it all right I’m sure of that. Now, we’re both going up there and you will apologize to that dear boy.” She rose and marched to the stairs. She stopped at five or six steps and turned gesturing with her hands, her eyes burning fire and brimstone. “Come on! The boy is suffering, probably crying and it’s your fault!” I got up feeling and walking like a zombie following her, up the stairs to his door. She knocked on it. “Can we come in Trevor please? Sandy wants to apologize.”

“No, go away! I’m going to kill myself!” First the headache ruse I thought and now suicide; this boy is cunningly clever.

“See, what you done to the boy. Now get in there and say sorry!” She opened the door slightly and peered in. He was on the bed curled up in the fetal position crying. Doris looked at me hard. “Now we’re going in and you will apologize you hear!”

I pinched myself to make sure that I was awake. This was more than unbelievable; it was surreal, this couldn’t be happening. My wife an intelligent woman, university graduate, former manager of a large branch Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort bank, was being bamboozled by a horny teen. She opened the door fully and sat down on the edge of the bed stroking his curly hair. I couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to. My whole being was frozen in disbelief as I watched her comforting him.

“Now Trevor you stop crying, everything is going to be alright. Doris will look after all your needs and Sandy will say he’s sorry for being so rude to my sweet boy. There now, you can stop crying, sit up and let Doris put her arms around you. ” He sat up, swinging his feet down on the floor and she drew his face into her neck with one arm while patting his cheek and stroking his hair. She kissed his forehead and then lifted his chin with her fingers giving him an adoring look. “Give Doris a nice kiss now Trevor that comes first doesn’t it.” He nodded and they kissed gingerly but warmly. “There that’s better isn’t it dear?” He nodded again and then looked my way with a fearful expression.

“But Doris … your husband; he’s very angry with me.” She drew his face into her neck again and stared at me accusingly, her lips moving. I was beginning to think that the boy was an alien from another planet. Nothing on earth would have made my wife act like this. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Her yes flashed thunder and lightning, while her lips, which had never before let out an expletive, swore at me silently.

I heard my self, say that I was sorry and his tearful face turned my way. You mean that sir, I … You let me do … it with, your … your wife?” My head nodded; again I was positive now that he was an alien, somehow controlling our minds.

“There that’s better Sandy; I knew you would come to your senses. Now go downstairs and I will look after Trevor’s needs.” I turned to go as he whispered something in her ear. “You are so right dear Trevor, he should stay and watch. You tell him why yourself dear Trevor.”

“Sir I … I don’t think it would be fair to have sex with your wife behind your back. Please stay?” Doris pointed sternly at a chair by the computer and then proceeded to undress the boy. I sat down like a robot and watched her undressing him completely. His cock was hard as a rock and it began to throb when Doris undressed herself, exposing her rubenesque body. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened with excitement as he drank in her amble curves. She embraced him drawing his face into her cleavage…

“Oh Trevor,” she said and then let him go looking down at her thighs. “What happened?”

“I’m sorry Doris, I did it already.” She looked at me.

“Well Sandy, make yourself useful get a towel, it’s all down my legs!” I got up and rushed to the bathroom not believing what I was doing. I was now a towel boy for my wife’s boy toy. They were kissing passionately, when I returned and I just stood there like the proverbial pillar of salt. He was fondling her heavy hangers and Doris just looked at me nodding at her thighs as she turned her lower body away from Trevor. In other words I had to clean Trevor’s cum of her body. I got on my knees and wiped the gobs off her thighs and feet and then returned to my seat.

“Now Trevor the first thing you have to learn is that a woman must be prepared for sex, or penetration can be very painful. You don’t want to hurt Doris; do you Trevor?”

He shook his head. She took his hand placing it in her vagina. “There you must finger it gently until it becomes moist. That’s good just finger everything, oh that feels good Trevor oh you’re so gentle.” She kissed him again as he explored her bush. “There that’s it Trevor my dear you found the spot. Gently now work you finger in there. Good oooh, good Trevor. I think I’m ready now” He began to shake. “Don’t be afraid Trevor Doris will be gentle and guide you.” I shook my head mentally; he wasn’t afraid just aroused and excited knowing where his cock was going.

Doris got down on the bed spreading her thick thighs invitingly and reached for her stripling. He got on top of her and she held his penis to her vagina. He pushed it in, groaning with pleasure and shot his second load almost immediately. “There Trevor dear wasn’t that better? You feel better now? Maybe tomorrow we can do it again.”

He squeezed her tight and then lifted one of her breasts so he could suck on the nipple near her neck. She rubbed his curly hair encouraging him to continue. She had never understood my fascination with her mammary glands and had many times told me to stop that nonsense. “Oh Doris,” he panted. I need more or I’ll get a headache. Please let me do it some more now? Can I, please?”

“Of course Trevor as much as you need. Doris is here to help you with your problem.” She kissed his forehead and he continued to suck her nipple while bouncing his ass. In about a minute he came again and then he rested for a minute or two asking her to please do it some more. About twenty minutes later Kurtköy İranlı Escort he came for the fifth time and then rolled of her completely drained.

Doris waved me over with the towel and spread her thighs while stroking and kissing her boy toy. I stood there with the towel and she looked at me as if I was a dummy. “Well wipe my vagina can’t you see I’m busy with Trevor.” I did as she asked while she continued to fuss over him, kissing him and running her fingers through his hair. I stood up when finished and walked back to my chair.

“Oh Sandy, wipe my penis; it’s kind of wet.” I stopped in my tracks; it was Sandy now, not sir. I stared at him in disbelief, well why not I had agreed for him to screw my wife. He brought one hand to his forehead and moaned.

“Sandy! Clean the boy that’s the least you can do. You’re giving him a headache.” Touching a penis other than my own was the last thing in the world on my list of things to do but I did it rather that have Doris scream at me. You can go now dear, I want to have a few minute alone with Trevor.” I went downstairs, walking in a trance, still carrying the towel, trying to make sense of an unbelievable situation. I rarely did the dishes unless Doris was busy but this time I did them, forgetting about the dishwasher without even knowing what I was doing. After finishing I sat down and turned on the TV until Doris came down.

“He’s asleep now,” she said sweetly. “Oh I know what you’re going to say Sandy. I have committed adultery but I know heaven will forgive me. Sometimes sins can be forgiven if there is a higher purpose and I am saving Trevor from a life time of self abuse.” She smiled at me and picked up her knitting.

“What about us now Doris we haven’t done any thing for a couple of weeks now.”

“Oh, is that all you can think about Sandy; Trevor needs me right now. Maybe in a week or so after he is cured we can think about that again.” I didn’t say any more, she had become totally irrational. The more sex that boy got the more he’d want. I got up and headed down to my workshop, trying to find peace of mind with my carvings.

“Sandy,” it was Doris on the intercom. I looked at the clock I’d been here for more then two hours. “Come up here right now.” She sounded upset, maybe the boy was leaving. That would be wishful thinking on my part, why should he leave a woman who was that easy. “I want you in Trevor’s bedroom, hurry.” They were both naked when I arrived.

“What took you long Sandy, the boy is getting a headache?”

“The little bastard” I thought. “He screwing my wife and I’ve been put on hold.” They got on the bed and this time he came three times. I did my thing with the towel and then turned to leave.

“Oh Sandy, I just want to thank you for being so understanding about your wife helping me out.” I turned and stared as he hugged and relished my wife…

“Well, Trevor I wouldn’t mind getting a little myself.” I turned to leave again.

“Sandy, how can you say that to the boy; he’s the one with the problem?”

“Oh no Doris,” he said. “That is unfair to Sandy; I know how bad I want it so I know how he must feel. I want you to do it with your husband right now.”

“Oh Trevor you don’t mean that. I must spend all my time curing you of those headaches. My husband can wait.” Trevor held his head and moaned pitifully. “What is it dear should we do it again?”

“No, no Doris I feel so bad for Sandy you must do it with him right now.”

“Very well my dear, we’ll go to our bedroom.” She kissed him and got up.

“No Doris I can’t stand being without you. You must do it here but I want you to kiss me while he does it.”

“But Trevor how? He’ll be on top of me.”

“No he won’t, you stand on the floor and bend over me.” She actually followed his suggestion or by the tone of his voice, his order. I wasn’t long getting my pants down and ramming her doggie style, while they necked.

I had never been allowed to mount her this way before and it was like a completely different vagina. Her ass was churning as if she enjoyed it. Her excitement was obviously for him but I was getting the benefit. I held out as long as I could but finally succumbed to the inevitable and blew my load groaning with satisfaction. I pulled out and got up finding the towel to wipe my cock. He was already penetrating her in another position she had never experienced, with her on top. “Oh but Trevor,” she said. I’m too heavy for you this way.”

“Shut up and fuck, woman. I’ll tell you if I don’t like it.” I stared at him in disbelief and waited for her reply.

“Sorry Trevor dear, I’m really sorry.” He pulled her head down kissing her.

“Alright then woman, I forgive you but move your ass faster.” He looked my way; “you can go now Sandy. I’ll call if you’re needed.” I got up and headed for the door. “What do you say Sandy?” I looked back at him totally confused and Doris mouthed a silent thank you to me.

“Oh thank you Trevor,” he nodded at me with a satisfied expression before puckering up his lips for Doris’s, while closing his eyes and digging his fingers into her fleshy hips.

I went to the bathroom feeling oddly satisfied, thinking that maybe Trevor would get me more sex and certainly more variety than I ever had before.

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