Sexual Sixpack

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The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that this work, taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interest only, and is utterly without redeeming social value. And that’s what makes it fun.



So. Last night you got gang banged. Damn! It was your choice, no one slipped you any drugs, you weren’t drunk. Well, you were kind of drunk on all that stiff college boy cock, but you knew what you were doing when you went to the frat house with them. You did things you’re ashamed of now, in the light of morning. The image in your mind of taking on five guys at once, two in your mouth, one in each hand, and one up your ass; well, you just shy away from thinking about that one. But at the time, you were loving it. You begged for more. All that hard cock, all that cum. It was intoxicating, you couldn’t get enough. You were a slut. You ARE a slut. Face it.

It wouldn’t be so shocking if you were a girl. Most people would understand that a girl sowing her wild oats can get a little out of control. She’s still respectable if she DEMANDS respect. A girl can just say, “So what. I like men, I like sex. I’m normal,” and get away with it. But what will YOU say? You can’t say, “Well, it was just a one-time thing,” because you already did it, what, a dozen times. You can’t say “I was drunk,” because you weren’t. You can’t say “I’m not really like that,” because everyone could see that you most definitely ARE like that. Your cock was as hard as IRON last night. Getting fucked like a girl on all fours, giving men serial blow jobs with their cum streaming down your legs, and you were as hard as IRON. You came how many times? Four? God, you were excited! As horny as you’ve ever been in your life. All those big, well-built guys just craved your body. They couldn’t get enough of you. They were lining up to shove their dripping cocks into you. And you loved it! You fucking LOVED It. So, you’re a fag, too. A slut AND a fag.

It was just supposed to be a prank. Get dressed ‘en femme’ and date some random guy as a joke. Your friends put you up to it, but you really didn’t need much convincing, did you? You’ve secretly dressed like a girl for years. You like it and you’re good at it. You can easily pass for a girl in public. It’s very exciting to wear silky pantyhose and high heels and frilly skirts. You like makeup and having your cock and balls pulled up tight inside lacey panties. But you never considered yourself seriously gay. You like girls. It was just sexy fun, and it made jacking off fantastic. But now this. How many guys fucked you? Eight…nine? You can’t remember. You thought you were just a cross dresser. But what kind of cross dresser gets fucked like a girl by nine different men in one night? And LIKES it? A sissy boy, that’s who. So you’re a sissy boy, too. You’re a sissy boy, a slut, and a fag.

Some of your friends were there last night. Everybody will know soon enough. No respectable woman will ever date you now. Unless you want to be celibate, you’ll be getting fucked up the ass by men for the rest of your life. You should just go buy some fake tits and start taking hormones. Hmmm… would that be so bad? Really? Would it?

2.Jack or Jill

“Who’s there!! Jack? Jack? Is that you? What the hell, turn on a light, man. Wowza! That’s a different look for you, isn’t it? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. I’m nervous, you caught me off guard a little… well no, off guard a lot. Damn, Jack! This is a real shock! When did you start… well, acting like this? That long? I never suspected. Is this just some kind of an experiment, or is it a cross dresser kind of thing? Transitioning… yeah… hormones, yeah I know about those… holy shit, Jack, that’s heavy stuff. Changing your sex, it’s… well I never thought about it much, but it’s pretty radical, isn’t it, dude? We’ve worked together for years, why are you telling me this now? Well, thanks, I consider you a friend too. I appreciate that you feel that way. Of course you can trust Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort me! Jack, I won’t tell anyone. No one. Not even Joanie. Believe me.”

“Okay, sure, if you want me to. ‘Jaclyn’ it is from now on. Yes, I like it. Jaclyn, pretty. Sure, I promise – I’ll give you my honest opinion. Turn that other light on, let me get a better look at you. Stand up. Twirl around. Is that perfume? Nice. High heels too? Okay, walk over to the door and back. Not bad! Well, you look… different. No, not BAD different, GOOD different. Really. You have great legs and a nice ass… sexy. Damn, I didn’t mean to insult you or anything. It’s just that this is all new to me, and I don’t know how to… respond. I don’t know what you expect here. It’s kind of freaking me out a little!”

“Do you want a drink? Cool. I could really use a drink. There’s some bourbon in my suitcase. Get those glasses from the bathroom, please. Here, is no ice okay? Damn, I needed that. So. This is why you wanted to get just one room. It wasn’t about saving money on travel expenses, at all. You planned this. You brought clothes and makeup from home. Well, I’m flattered that you wanted my opinion first. It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of effort into this, and boy did it work. You’re… transformed. Yeah, sure I meant what I said. I do think you’re sexy. Well, thanks Jaclyn, I try to take care of myself. I didn’t know you felt that way about me, I thought we were just co-workers. Yeah, sure, I can handle a different kind of relationship between us. You’re still you, regardless. Okay, sure, ask me anything.”

“Jaclyn… I don’t know what to say… that’s a big step for me. My only gay experience was way back in my college days. Oh, no. Don’t cry, Jaclyn. Please. Look, I didn’t realize that you already considered yourself a woman. I’m sorry. I understand now, you’re right, it wouldn’t be gay. Look, if it means that much to you, I’ll do it. Yes, I’ll do it, I want to. Because I’m your friend, and if this is your first time, then I know you won’t get hurt. Here, have another drink.”

3.Letter to Home

Hello SIS,

I wanted to say hi and send you a recent pic. Yep, that’s me, your little brother Gene! There have been some big changes since we’ve last seen each other, huh? Chrissy, I’m so HAPPY!! I truly love everything about being female. It’s the REAL me. It’s taken a lot of pain, hard work, and sacrifice to get here, but it’s SO worth it. I am at peace with myself, finally, and I have ZERO regrets. Please tell Mom I’m very happy here, I’ve told her but I’m not sure she believes me. You can show her this picture, I’m proud of it.

Don’t I look HOT? I make a much better girl than I ever did a boy. I love my long hair and my petite shape. I feel so sexy all the time. I take some hormones to help me become more feminine, and I have the loveliest breasts now. Can you believe it? My body is curvier and I’m beginning to actually THINK like a girl. I LOVE the new me! And the casino pays for everything; I have an expense account for clothes and whatever else I need. I had to sign an exclusive contract for five years, but I only work four days a week, the rest of the time is mine. It’s so beautiful here. I’ve met some nice people, and we go skiing and sailing and camping and see the shows together.

The owners here at the casino really want what’s best for me. I just couldn’t ignore their advice, and they were right. Being a guy was okay, but being a sissy boy is SO much better. (In case you don’t know, a sissy boy is a girl in almost every way except she still has her boy thingy.) I entertain some extremely rich and powerful guests here, Chrissy. You would know them but I can’t say who they are. They’re all considerate and very generous. Of course, I have to hold up my end of the arrangement, I’m sure you know what I mean. But I’m more than okay with it. I’m not being abused or disrespected in any way, the staff here are kind, they love me and protect me. So don’t worry. I’m a salaried Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort employee, now, I even have stock options. DAMN, Sister!

One more thing. Making love as a girl is just so AWESOME! Why didn’t you tell me, Sis? I adore being submissive to these important men, and I’m totally hooked on receptive sex. Just thinking about my next assignment makes my boy thingy drip in a very un-ladylike way. What a way to make a living, huh?

With all my Love and Loads and Loads of Hugs and Kisses, XXXOOO

Your (new) Sister,


4.You’re a Girl

You work very hard to get your makeup just right. You spend a fortune on clothes and shoes. You’ve let you hair grow long, you color it, and it looks great. You take a panel of female hormones every day, and they really seem to be working. You can see the changes in your body. You’re softer and rounder. You’ve had some facial surgery, and would like to get a little more. You especially want a boob job. You want to feel some bounce up front, the drugs just aren’t making your breasts big enough. And the boys really like big boobs, don’t they? You practice your girl voice and your mannerisms all the time and you’re getting good at it now. It doesn’t take all of your attention to get it right anymore. You’re believably pretty, and you feel that you can finally pass in public. It’s been a long time coming, after a lot of time in the gym, a lot of pain from surgery, and a lot of expensive drugs.

But you just can’t see yourself having the ‘final’ surgery. You don’t really want a vagina. You like your cock. It’s small, but it still gets hard and it’s very sensitive and it gives you a lot of pleasure. And your balls feel just fine, too, smooth and shaved between your legs, held up tight against your body inside your pink silk panties. They don’t make you feel any less of a woman by being there. That sounds crazy, huh? But the fact is that just pulling on those frilly socks and red pumps earlier got you so hard and excited that you spurted your cum at the slightest touch. Can a vagina do that? No.

So you feel that you’re fine just as you are. Why can’t you have a cock and still be a girl? Who makes those rules, anyway? Your body is very attractive, and having some balls doesn’t change that, does it? Besides, you have a perfectly lovely, warm and inviting cock-sized channel around back. You’ve practiced with dildos in your bum, you can take a big one all the way in and it feels pretty good too. If a man needs penetration, you know you can take his cock deep inside your body and make him very happy. And you’re pretty sure you could cum while he enjoys fucking you, too. Especially if he gushed out his hot sperm into your ass while helpless in your arms. You’ve thought about that a lot.

Well, you’re ready. You’re thinking clearly and you know what you want. Go out there and find a man. There’s one out there who will accept you for who you are. A man you can keep contented and sexually satisfied. Go make a life for yourself. You’re beautiful, inside and out, and don’t let anyone tell you different. You’re a girl.

5.The Corporate Life

I have an awesome life. I’m young, healthy, beautiful, and rich. I own a gorgeous, paid-for beachfront mansion on a semi-tropical island surrounded by scenic beauty. I employ a maid, a chef, and an ex-marine bodyguard who is also an enthusiastic sex partner when I get horny. I shop at the most expensive boutiques and wear only designer clothes. I see the best shows from the opera boxes. I fly first class anywhere I want to go and stay at five star luxury hotels. How did I do this? I’ll tell you but you won’t believe me. I became a transsexual.

I planned it from the beginning. I dropped out of my ridiculous, useless college, got a job, and saved my money. I invested five thousand in breast enhancements, started making adult films, and my transformation became self-financing. I worked my way up in the transsexual escort community, Kurtköy Vip Escort always satisfying my lovers in any way they desired, always trying to meet and date the right men to climb higher on the social scale and build my reputation. It took six years of drugs, private tutors, plastic surgery, pain, and a lot of hard work in the gym to become the girl I am today. But it has paid off millions of times over. Look, the world is full of wealthy men with insatiable desires for glamorous T-girls. There aren’t enough of us to fill the positions. The work is very, very lucrative. How much? Well, I finally met an extremely wealthy and important CEO who fell in love with me. Now I have a six-figure job with his company and an irrevocable trust fund for 10 million dollars.

My job is to keep myself in good shape and always be available to him and his girlfriends and gayfriends for sexy fun. This is no burden on me as I love sex and that it is what I would be doing anyway. My employer is not jealous. I can have as many lovers of any race or sex that I desire, as long as I tell him what I’m doing in case he wants to participate. He’s quite handsome, considerate, respectful, and a good lover. Actually, he adores me. He always brings me presents and calls me every day, no matter how busy he is. We fly to exotic places all over the world and have amazing, mind-blowing sex together. Because I can easily pass in public as a woman, when he needs me I become his sophisticated secretary for functions in government, and his beautiful escort when out in society. There’s just one requirement that he insists on. I can never complete my sex change procedure. He loves my big, hard cock just as it is. Which is fine with me, because so do I.

6.Face the Facts

You like being pretty. You like your elfin features. You like feeling feminine, you always have. You wear your hair long now, and that new chestnut color is perfect. Putting on makeup has become second nature, but it’s still fun and that fuck-me red lip gloss is fabulous. Your ‘en femme’ mannerisms are really coming easier to you now. Wearing lingerie and stockings has always excited your male persona to rigid orgasm, but there’s no denying your feminine side is becoming more and more dominant by the day. Your cock doesn’t demand to cum as often, and taking a dildo up your derrière is now your preferred form of sexual gratification.

Your ‘hobby’ has become really serious, hasn’t it? It was the feminizing hormones that pushed you over the edge. They’re really powerful. Your skin is getting softer and smoother and less hair grows there now. You face is…what? Hard to say, but your face is different, and better. You’re not certain, but your cock may be getting smaller, too. It’s probably going to have to come off, sooner or later. Your new breasts are beautiful, high and firm. You love them. There are so many girlie things you can do with your breasts. And you really have no idea yet of the power they give you over the actions of men.

You have needs, sexually, but they’re changing now. You’re still an anal virgin, but you just can’t stop thinking about cock. You’ve become a crotch watcher. You study the internet porn sites. Cock is monopolizing your thoughts. You want to touch it, caress it, feel it warm and pulsing in your mouth, take it into your body and make it spurt cum there. That’s natural, and you don’t worry yourself about it. It’s partly the drugs, and partly your own desire to become a woman. You’ll get your opportunity to experience the cock and you’ll do well.

Face the facts – YOU are the girl of your dreams. It’s okay. Being a girl is great. Girls love being girls, and you will too. It’s okay to be a little afraid, it’s a big change. Besides, guys like ‘afraid’. You’re already comfortable with being more submissive in social situations. You must enhance that skill and learn to be receptive, not only to a man’s sexual penetration, but also his control. Either accept, or pretend to accept, his dominance in all things, as well as his sperm, and you will become the girl that all men secretly desire.

Now. Enough preparation. The time has come, as they say, to close your eyes and leap. You must learn by doing, it’s the only way. Go out there and find a boy to make love with. There’s one looking for a girl just like you. Really.

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