Jo and Tina’s COVID Date Night

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Jo and Tina’s COVID Date Night

A feel good slice of life story in strange times.


Author’s Note

If you are a regular reader of my Mistress & Charlotte stories, you may already know the characters in this one, Jo and Tina, Natasha and Charlotte’s more domesticated friends.

For a condensed version of their relationship, Jo was the campus detective who helped Charlotte with a stalker in the story, Best Laid Plans, and made a reappearance in My Boyfriend’s Back (with ‘boyfriend’ being a euphemism for Charlotte’s stalker.) Tina is her partner.

You can read those stories if you like, but they are not required for this tale. This is simply a story about two women keeping the spark alive in the reality of modern times.


Jo and Tina’s COVID Date Night


“Where you off to, hon?” I asked Ana Maria, as she scooted by me carrying her bass in its black canvas gig bag, slung over her shoulder.

“Hey Mama Bear.” Ana Maria paused long enough to give me a quick squeeze and a brush on the cheek. “I thought you’d be working.”

I shook my head as I smiled. It was sweet, the nickname she gave me. Even though I wasn’t her biological mother, she had come to view Tina and me like her parents ever since we took her in.

“I’ve got a gig on campus,” she said. “Some students and alumni organized a fundraiser concert for COVID relief.”

I must have had my concerns written on my face, because she followed up with, “It’s a live stream, and don’t worry, we’re all standing six feet apart.”

Who could ask for a better daughter? Not I.

“Be careful, hon.”


And with that, my Ana Maria was gone.

I tip-toed down the hall and stuck my head into the doorway of our home office. “Did you know Ana Maria had a gig, babe?”

Tina turned from her laptop and gave me one of her famous looks that said nothing short of, ‘and where have you been all this time?’

She wrapped her hand around the cord of the earbuds lodged in her ears. “It’s on the family calendar. You do still look at your phone, don’t you?”

I stuck my tongue out at her as rudely as I could muster and then broke into a grin. “Funny,” I said, and then reached around to scratch the back of my neck. “I was thinking maybe we could take advantage of the alone time. Maybe have a date or something.”

Tina let go of the earbud cord, held up a finger, and then began talking.

That’s when I figured out it was the mic she had been covering. “Sorry, didn’t know you had a conference call,” I whispered, and turned to leave her in peace.

Before I left, she caught my eye and mouthed the word ‘yes’ and then ‘date’ and topped it off with a big thumbs-up.

I closed the door as quietly as I could.

* * *

I flicked through the directory on my phone. Contrary to what Tina may think, I did still keep it with me. There it was, our favorite Chinese restaurant.

“Hi,” I said, “are you guys still doing delivery? … Great, I’d like to put in an order … pre-pay by credit card? Yeah, I can do that.”

I dug around in my pockets. “I’ll take the dinner for two. … Hold on, make that the family special.”

I figured Ana Maria might be hungry when she got home. Lord knows, I’d never be one to pass up leftover fried rice. “… Yep. Thirty minutes? Okay, thanks.”

I hung up.

On a whim, I searched for the number of the local florist. “Hey, you’re there,” I said. “… no, just surprised. … Special? I like the sound of that. I’ll be right over.”

The florist was running an honor system deal on a dozen roses. Pick up the pre-wrapped flowers, drop your Avcılar Escort money in the box and never set foot in the store. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

I looked at the time on my phone. If I jogged, I’d make it before the food got here.

“Tina, honey,” I popped my head in the doorway again. “I’m going out for a few minutes. Be right back.”

“Be safe.”

“Always, babe.”

* * *

It’s not as easy to jog with a dozen roses as I had envisioned. Mostly, it’s due to the pricklies and not being able to squeeze the stems too tightly without risking laceration. As a result, my phone buzzed a block from home with a text to tell me dinner was waiting on my doorstep.

I set the family dinner on the kitchen counter next to the stove, somehow thinking that would keep it warmer. Iquickly filled a vase with water and roses, and trotted down the hall for a quick shower. Passing by the office door, I saw Tina was still bathed in the eerie glow of her laptop screen.

* * *

After the quickest shower since I was in the service, I emerged, still toweling my hair to find Tina inside the bathroom sporting a lecherous grin.

“I thought I might join you, but you were too quick.”

I shrugged. “Didn’t want the food to get cold.”

Tina pulled the towel from my hands, wrapped it around my shoulders, and pulled me in tight for a kiss. After a brief battle of tongues, she held me at arms length, looking me up and down, and said, “I’m debating on if I should let you get dressed.”

We stood making goo-goo eyes at each other while Tina dragged her finger up and down my stomach, damn close to dangerous territory on a couple of the runs.

“I’ve decided you may have a robe,” she said.

“You’ve decided, huh?”

Tina pushed herself up on her toes and leaned in until her lips were perched about an inch from my ear. “Yep,” she whispered.

“It smells wonderful, by the way.” Tina pulled me toward the kitchen, her pinky linked in mine, while I still struggled with the tie on my robe. I think that was the point.

“Wow, Jo, who else is coming to dinner,” Tina said as she began unpacking and arranging the little waxed cartons.

“Leftovers for Ana Maria. Plus, I figure the restaurant could use the business.”

“Always looking out for everybody, aren’t you.” Tina turned her attention to the vase. “Thank you for the roses. Is that where you went running off to?”

I shrugged and grinned.

“It’s very sweet.” Tina had slipped her hands inside my robe. I could feel it loosening as she encircled me with her arms. I shivered, but not from cold. It had just been a while.

“And if I said I wanted you for an appetizer?” Tina knocked my robe off one shoulder and proceeded to write her name on my skin with her tongue. At least that’s what it felt like to me. She sealed it with an open mouth kiss and a shudder from me.

“I don’t want you to starve,” Tina said, and smirked at me while cinching me up again.

“I think I could manage.” But then I watched her pulling spoons from the drawer and ladling wanton soup.

She stopped to sniff the roses and handed me a warm bowl. “I want you to have all your strength.”


Tina was on the gymnastics team in her college years. I’m in pretty good shape myself, but she wasn’t kidding. Some of the things she can do. I needed my strength. I shuddered again.

* * *

Dinner was a prolonged dance of innuendo and double entendres. Eventually, it reached a head.

“I’m putting the leftovers away,” I announced, standing up.

“Don’t you want to read your fortune cookie?”

“Seriously, babe?”

She cracked one open. Beylikdüzü Escort “It says here that ‘Very soon, you will experience a glorious evening the woman of your dreams.'”

“Michelle Rodriguez is coming to visit?”

That earned me a hard smack on the shoulder.


I didn’t get much sympathy.

“And you were doing so well up to now,” Tina teased, while she slipped my robe off both shoulders and tugged at the tie.

And while my robe lay in a puddle at my feet, Tina jumped up, hands circled around my neck and thighs clamped just above my hips. She let go of my neck and leaned herself so far back, her hair was trailing out and nearly touching the floor. While I struggled to maintain my footing, Tina slipped out of her T-shirt and pulled herself back up.

“Can Michelle do that?” she asked, while unfastening her bra and letting it dangle in my peripheral vision.

“Michelle who?”

“Good answer.” Tina had her arms around my neck again and her tongue pressing at my lips, seeking entrance.

My silent reply was to step out of the circle of my robe and stumble toward the living room couch, all while Tina attacked me with her lips and tongue. When she finally came up for air, I asked if this meant no Netflix and chill.

Instead of a smack, I got teeth for that remark. Tina sunk her bite into my shoulder while her tongue swirled around painting runes to ward off any further smart-ass remarks. It was remarkably effective.

When the front of my thighs hit the arm of the couch, I threw Tina down to land with her shoulders in the cushions. Holding her ankles in my grip, I proceeded to tug at the cuffs of her jeans while she popped the button and took care of the zipper.

I gazed at the gorgeous woman staring up at me wearing only a pair of white cotton panties and a grin a mile wide. Her cute little tummy was rising and falling more rapidly as I tipped forward toward her. I leaned in and traced out the line just above her waistband with the tip of my tongue.

Tina shivered.

I clamped the elastic encircling her waist between my teeth and gave a little tug. I exhaled a long, languid breath as I felt the warmth of Tina’s legs clamping around my shoulders and pulling me in closer. She arched her back and canted her hips to close the distance.

I lowered my mouth and my next exhale moistened the cotton as my lips sealed around the outline of her mound. I felt her legs tightening and took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent.

“A little help?” I said, and Tina was there in a flash, with her hands dragging her underpants off of her hips. My heart was thudding like a teenager in the backseat of her parents’ car on prom night. The heat of my breath bounced from Tina’s flushed folds and fogged the skin of my cheeks.

I extended my tongue, pushing it into a stiff point, and started with a long slow journey. My route included parting her swollen lips and ended with me writing my initials on her clit. By the time I was done, Tina had nearly knocked me teeth out of my head and then slid onto the floor. I smacked my lips, letting her know I enjoyed her taste, and dismounted the arm of the couch to find her again.

I ran my tongue over the inside of her thigh while she shuddered, gripping her hips and trying to get her butt back on the couch. She wasn’t much help and mostly just squirmed and did this cute little hitching breath thing as I moved my tongue higher.

“It’s been too long,” I mumbled, as I paused to take in her glistening sex. “Entirely… too long.”

Tina moaned her agreement.

I began swirling my tongue, taking a long and circuitous route over the skin of Tina’s inner Bahçeşehir Escort thigh. I felt a hand in my hair, urging me on, while she bucked her hips, nearly sliding off the couch again. I figured I had teased long enough.

I pressed my tongue deep between her folds, pulling forth as much of her nectar as I could, while at the same time moving my right hand off her hip to part her with my index finger. She seemed happy with this new arrangement, and I grinned while she panted underneath me.

Words like, “Mmm, yes,” and “Oh, right there,” filtered down from above me, serving to spur me on. I spent a good long time listening to words like that. It was when her dialog became more course and I felt the weight of her thighs on my shoulders that I knew she was close.

“Goddamnit, Jo. Unggh!” Tina’s hips jerked underneath me.

I looked up and grinned. “Yes, dear?”


“Yes, dear.”

I sent my tongue darting, and my fingers pressing, as Tina tried to convey her needs through an ever louder series of grunts and moans.

“Yes, dear,” I repeated and smirked. Then I got down to work. Tina’s hot and tangy taste let me know that she liked the direction we were going, even if her command of the English language had failed her.

Tina arched her back, in a way that only a former gymnast can, driving her pelvis into my face and clamping down with her thighs. And for a moment, with my face covered in her flesh, all I could hear was the pounding of my own pulse and the muted cries of the woman underneath me.

I redoubled my efforts and she began to come apart.

Her fingers in my hair, her thighs sticking to my cheeks, and the stink of sex in the air, it all served to spur me on, as the woman I loved finally found her faculties enough to form one word. And that word was my name.

Tina arched, and spasmed, and screamed my name, while I scooped up her gorgeous ass in both hands and brought her closer to the peak.

“Arrunnnggh,” was her animal cry.

And then she was spent. I teased her with my tongue on her thigh, but she just shook and pulled away. I grinned. I had teased her long enough before sending her over the cliff that she was drained completely.

Tina tugged at my arm, coaxing me up to lie with her. “Thank you,” she whispered, with perhaps the silliest, cheese-eating grin plastered over her face. “Let me do you now.”

“In a little while, babe. Is that okay? You look like… well…” I snickered. “You look a little bit like you’re going to die.”

That got me another smack on the shoulder, the second one of the evening, but with much less effort behind it than the first.

“Is Ana Maria’s benefit concert on the university cable channel?” Tina asked, as she pressed her warmth into me, there on our living room couch.

“I think so.”

Tina reached for the remote. “You mind if we watch?”

“As long as you’re not planning to get dressed.”

Tina twisted her head around to face me. “Never.”

I got a nice peck on the lips.

Reaching behind me, I pulled the quilted throw over us and snuggled up to spoon the wonderful woman lying in front of me.

“You comfortable?” she asked.


On the screen, the band was giving it their all. In the lower right corner was the amount of money they had raised so far from call-in donations—an impressive sum.

After showing the whole band for a while, the camera operator panned around for tight shots on each of the musicians as they soloed. When it was Ana Maria’s turn to be featured, Tina found my hand and laced her fingers in with mine.

“She really is a great kid, isn’t she?” Tina said.

“Couldn’t ask for a better daughter.” I pulled our linked hands to my mouth and planted a kiss on the back of Tina’s. “Though it is nice to have her leave the house once in a while.”


The End



Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments.

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