Jenna Goes to Church Ch. 07

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Bishop George twitched as a brief tantalising glimpse of something forbidden was revealed to him.

But the panties…those glorious red lace panties! What had she done with them?

“Well…” he began, a little hoarsely, “you’ve obviously had quite the effect on him.”

“It’s like history repeating itself,” he added.

“What do mean by that?”

“Oh…nothing.” Bishop George muttered, sipping his tea. “You just reminded me of someone I once knew, that’s all.”

Jenna thought carefully for a moment, trying to read the bishop. So far, his self-control was admirable. Had she finally met her match with this man of the church? Behind that stern exterior, she sensed there was a man in need of some attention. She didn’t know how old Bishop George was, but at a guess he was in his sixties. He was the oldest man she had encountered so far.

Still, as the old saying goes – many a fine tune played on an old fiddle!

“What do you think of St Michael’s, then? You must know all kinds of churches.” Jenna continued, trying to think up idle conversation.

He finished his tea. “Some churches are drawn to controversy in the same manner that flies are drawn to shite. I’m pleased to say that St Michael’s has resisted that.”

“Right. I see. I’m surprised you haven’t cut yourself with that tongue of yours, Bishop George!”

He reclined slightly in the armchair. “I have drawn blood on several occasions. I speak my mind, Jenna. I can’t stand these churches who abandon their core purpose in an attempt to woo those who have no interest in ever following the teachings of God. I’m talking about those “trendy vicars” who install helter-skelters, massive art installations and the like in ancient churches and cathedrals. A church is a place of worship, not bloody Alton Towers…”

“Oh yes. You’re right,” Jenna said. “I’d better make sure I keep on your good side, then!”

Bishop George gave a slight grin. “And tell me, how would you keep on my good side, Jenna?”

“I prefer to show rather than tell!” He straightened in his chair as she walked almanbahis adresi over to him. “You seem rather tense, Bishop. I think you need to relax!” Jenna chuckled and sat in his lap. Initially shocked, Bishop George soon slid his arms around her.

“There you are. Beginning to enjoy yourself?” She said, playfully running a finger around his clerical collar.

“It’s been a long time since I enjoyed myself like this,” he murmured, planting kisses along her neck and jawline. One of his hands slid round and inside her low-cut dress. Bishop George cupped a breast, gently squeezing it, pinching the nipple. Jenna moaned at his sensual fondling. A powerful desire deep within the bishop began to stir also. The ease at which this young woman had penetrated his unforgiving exterior, stunned him. He was pleasantly surprised at how painfully hard he quickly became, and his prick ached to be freed from his clothing. Jenna’s lips met his and their kisses grew ever more hot and demanding. Her hand slid down and brushed his crotch. There was no hiding the bulge of his arousal.

“Ooh Bishop!” Jenna cooed, rubbing it. He let out a moan. She unbuttoned the lower buttons of his shirt and started on his belt. Resigned to his fate, Bishop George happily reclined in the chair.

And then Jenna got a surprise as she unzipped his trousers. “Oh my. What pretty panties.” She never imagined the bishop would be wearing women’s underwear.

Bishop George froze, as his secret was revealed. “Damn.” He’d forgotten he’d put those on. “It’s a fetish,” he prattled nervously. “I…I can’t help it. It’s a need I have.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with that, Bishop.” Jenna replied. “I love wearing silk ones too. But right now, I’m more interested in what’s inside your panties…”

She pulled them down, wrapped her fingers around his prick and gently stroked it. For an older guy, the bishop certainly had a nice-looking cock. “Mmm. How tempting!”

“It’s been quite a while since it last saw any use.”

“What a shame. Let’s change that, shall we?”

Jenna almanbahis adres moved down between Bishop George’s legs as he sat up slightly with a cushion behind his back. She took his cock in her hands and while she looked into his dark brown eyes, she began licking and sucking the thick shaft. On her knees so she could get the entire length in her mouth, one hand holding his balls gently. Soon her head was bobbing on the bishop’s prick, the shaft wet and glistening.

Bishop George was in heaven; groaning in ecstasy as this red-haired beauty worked his member. It had been too long, and he relished every second of this sweet pleasure.

“Ooh Bishop…I have to convince myself to stop licking and sucking it, and fight the impulse to have you cum in my mouth.” Jenna said, as she stopped. “I want your cum in my pussy.”

Without further hesitation, Bishop George rose from the chair and led her over to the dining table. He didn’t even bother to push the table mats aside as he heaved her up on the oak surface, lifting up her dress and pushing her backwards. His tongue ran long, hard strokes up her inner thighs. He shoved her clothing up more, exposing her mound to him. Jenna lifted a leg over his shoulder, giving him full access. He lapped her outer lips, tasting her tantalising wetness. What a pussy! It was as divine as he imagined.

She gasped and curled her fingers when he slipped a finger inside her folds. Whilst his bony fingers worked their magic, he sucked on the nub at the top of her sex. A low moan escaped Jenna’s lips. Bishop George hurriedly cast off his jacket and pushed his trousers and panties down to his ankles. He grabbed her hips, his prick finding her waiting passage. Jenna wrapped her legs around his arse and pulled him into her.

Bishop George filled her completely. His thrusts started soft and gentle, almost loving, but then his pace quickened. He kept an intense rhythm, hammering in and out of her, with the vigour of a much younger man. Jenna screamed as she climaxed, burying her face in his shoulder. Moments later almanbahis adresi he came, filling her with his pearly cum.

Jenna sat up, feeling his jizz leak from her as he slowly pulled out. Her hand fell to his deflating member, cupping him.

“Well Bishop. I expect you to give a glowing report on St Michael’s Church. And its vicar.”

“You have my word,” Bishop George gasped, getting his breath back.

“Excellent. I have another little gift for you. Jenna slid off the table and hurried into the kitchen. She returned and handed him her pair of red lace panties.

“I think they’ll look good on you, Bishop!”

Five minutes later, the front door opened and Reverend Morris came in.

“Sorry I’ve been so long Jenna. I got roped into doing a charity raffle and…oh!” He froze as he noticed Bishop George sat there. “Um. George. How are you?”

Bishop George beamed broadly and rose to his feet. “Great to see you again, Simon!” He shook hands. “Your charming partner Jenna here very kindly made me a cup of tea.”

Stunned by the bishop’s change in demeanour, Reverend Morris didn’t know what to say. “Oh? You…know about us?”

“Jenna filed me in, so to speak. I think you’ve handled things marvellously at St Michael’s. I can see for myself how happy the two of you are together. I’m pleased that you and Lucy had an amicable split. Your face tells me you weren’t expecting such a reaction?”

“Er…no, I wasn’t!” Reverend Morris replied. “I…I’m glad you’re alright with the situation.”

“Simon. We may be men of God, but we’re still human!” Bishop George said, and gazed adoringly at Jenna. “And what could be nicer than the love of a fine lass, eh?” Jenna winked back at him.

“Well! It’s time I was going. I have much to do, other vicarages to call at. A shame all churches aren’t as well-attended as yours, eh Simon? Then the C of E wouldn’t be in such a mess. Keep up the good work! Lovely to meet you, Jenna. I’ll be calling round again sometime! Cheerio!”

Reverend Morris thought he was going to faint. “Wow. Praise indeed! I wasn’t expecting that. I thought he was going to read me the riot act!”

“God works in mysterious ways,” Jenna replied, sliding her arms round him.

Bishop George got into his car, a very happy man. “I can’t wait to try these panties on!” He smiled to himself.

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