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Jared and I have been best friends since birth. We grew up one house away from each other. We had all the same teachers growing up. In high school, we started on the varsity football and baseball teams. We both chose the same college to attend with the same major. Hell, we even drive the same model car.

The first time we fucked wasn’t until after high school. It was our first semester of college and we were living in an apartment together. That night, we went to a sports bar to watch the Monday night football game. We knew the owner so we were able to drink. It wasn’t enough to be hammered but enough to feel pretty tipsy and lose some inhibitions.

We stumbled up the stairs to our apartment door. I fumbled the keys into the hole and pushed the door open for Jared. He walked in and I shut the door and locked it. Once I turned around at the door, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back to it. I looked into his eyes as he brought his lips to mine.

I couldn’t explain why or how this was happening, but I knew this had been a long time coming.

Jared continued kissing me as our hands explored each other’s bodies. It was the most passionate kiss I’ve ever been a part of. He started rubbing my dick through my jeans as I grabbed and squeezed his ass.

Our sex izle kiss finally broke and I threw my shirt off. He did the same then kissed his way down to my nipples. He kissed, flicked, and nibbled all while opening my jeans and starting to pull them down.

Even though it was clear to me that Jared was in control here, I could tell that he desperately wanted my cock in his mouth. I was completely hard by the time he kissed his way down to it, but he started on my balls first.

His tongue ran over my sack before taking it into his mouth. He sucked and slurped his tongue on my balls before releasing them. Then he grabbed my shaft as he sucked the head into his mouth.

I tilted my head back in pleasure from Jared’s mouth. He ran his tongue along my shaft before taking my cock back between his lips. I placed my hand on his head as he bobbed his head a little then stood up.

He kissed me again before taking my hand and leading me to his bedroom. Once we got in there, he threw me onto the bed. He jumped on after me to start making out again.

Before long, he kissed each of my nipples then down my stomach. Jared lifted my legs and spread them to give him access to my butthole. He kissed first then started squeezing my cheeks and licking between them.

He alt yazılı porno shifted so he could jerk me off while still licking my hole. I moaned from all this pleasure and waited for the next step. He licked up my crack all the way to my balls then over my shaft before he stepped back.

Finally, I got to see him naked after I’ve been the only one without clothes on for awhile.

He wasn’t completely hard yet, so when he straddled my face I knew I had to get him there. I brought my head up to take his dick into my mouth. At that, Jared grabbed the back of my head and held me there. Then he began thrusting forward so that he was fucking my mouth. He took it easy on me since he knew it was clearly my first dick I’ve had in my mouth.

I still gagged a little but that’s to be expected, and with gagging comes slobber. His dick was nicely wet and hard now. He moved back to my butt where he gave me a few more licks before positioning his cock at my entrance.

Before he penetrated, he rubbed the head of his dick against my hole and up and down my crack. With my knees to my chest and our eyes locked on each other’s, Jared slowly entered me.

I winced in pain until he was fully in me. He stayed there and brought his head down to altyazılı sex izle kiss me. My tongue met his as we made out yet again. Our lips separated and he rested his head on my chest. Before I could say something, he moved up and gave me a hickey. I was now his.

Then he raised up and moved his cock. Just barely pulling out before pushing back in. He slowly increased his pace; he could see the pleasure on my face and hear my moaning. He felt so good.

Before long, Jared was thrusting in and out of my ass, his balls slapping against me. My eyes were closed, mouth open, and cock as hard as it’s ever been. He grabbed my cock and told me he wants to cum at the same time.

I said I was close as he pumped into my ass even harder. I could feel myself about to cum as his dick throbbed. That set me over the edge. Jared jerked my cock, releasing my cum onto my stomach and chest at the same time as he came inside me.

He squeezed the last few drops from my dick as he spewed the last drops in my butt. I felt amazing, but he wasn’t done yet. He pulled out of my ass and kept my legs in the air. I felt his tongue on my hole as he licked it clean and made it free of cum.

Once he was finished, he licked my cum off my stomach and chest before coming up to give me a sloppy, cum filled kiss. Then he straddled my chest and I cleaned his dick off. He softened completely in my mouth.

He got off of me and laid down next to me. I wrapped my arms and legs and him as we spooned and fell asleep. By far, the best drunk sex I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32