Jack , Marci

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Jack had a really shitty day. It was Friday. Should have been a pretty smooth one too as Fridays would go. He was running late because his alarm clock failed. It was raining. On the way to work, he blew a tire and had to change it in the rain. He had called for road-side assistance, but with the weather, it would have taken almost two hours for someone to get there. He was soaked. He thought things would get better since his dry cleaner was next to the office. He could pick up a dry suit and shirt there.

When Jack arrived at the office, and hour late, he changed quickly and realized that he was 30 minutes late for a meeting. The client on the conference call was angry and belligerent, and his boss glared at him over his reading glasses. When the meeting was finally over and it was lunch time, he tried to call Marci. She had been out of town for the past couple of days, and was to be home that evening. He wanted to call her and see if they could get together for drinks. Her cell was turned off. He tried her at home, and got no answer. As a final resort, he tried her office number. No luck. He figured he would try after lunch.

Sally, the admin, was ordering out, and asked him if he wanted anything. A sandwich and a salad, he called out to her. His emails appeared to be heavy enough that stepping out of the office for a bite would be out of the question. The first two calls he made to follow up went smoothly. He was on the third one. The figures that Clark had sent, to help Jack out, had apparently been inaccurate, and Mr. Parker was irate on the other end of the phone. It looked like his afternoon wasn’t going to be any better.

4:30 already and the rain didn’t look like it was going to stop. He hadn’t had a chance to try Marci again; maybe he would have better luck. He tried her home number first, to no avail, and then the office. Went to voicemail. Last but not least, he tried her cell again. Voicemail as well. This time he left a message. ” Hey, it’s Jack. Sorry I missed you. Had a hellish day, and was wondering if you would be back in town and would like to have a few drinks tonight. Call me back on my cell, baby.” Shit! He wanted the day to end!

6:00. He was one of the last to leave the office. He felt as though he had enough control over the problems, that everyone would be comfortable to resume on Monday. He shut down his computer and headed out. Traffic was horrible. The rain had caused enough problems to make the normal Friday night gridlock a nightmare. He thought about stopping for a drink anyway, since he hadn’t heard back from Marci, but he figured with the luck he was having today, he would probably get pulled over on the way home.

He didn’t think he had ever been so glad to pull into the parking garage. He was hungry, tired, and had a raging headache. He turned his key in the lock and opened the door. As he closed the door behind him, he noticed music playing. Smooth Jazz. He took a quick glance around at the living room, and there were lit candles on the coffee table, and a fire in the fireplace. To top it off, he could smell food…delicious food from the smell of it. He walked around the corner to the kitchen and there was Marci. She turned around and noticed him. “HI SUGAR!” She exclaimed. She was wearing one of Jack’s white shirts. That, and not much else. Through the thin fabric, he could see a hint of white lace. The top few buttons were undone, so he could get a glimpse of her luscious cleavage peeking at him. Her olive skin made a glowy contrast to the crisp white shirt. Her shapely legs and feet especially. She walked over to him, and he smiled a little. Her amber eyes twinkling, she put her hands on his chest and slid them up to his neck. She got close and wrapped her arms around him. With one hand on his shoulder blade, and the other on the back of his head, she pulled him in close for a hug. Jack buried his nose in Marci’s neck and breathed in her scent. GOD he loved how she smelled. Marci had a scent all her own. The only way Jack could describe it would be Marci smelled like Marci. Clean, fresh, slightly musky, slightly sweet. A distinct smell, which only one that had experienced it could describe. maraş escort Not unlike one would describe a fresh spring rain, or cookies fresh from the oven. “MMMMMM” she moaned softly and looked into his eyes. Jack’s hand slid under the tail of the shirt to touch Marci’s creamy, plump ass. Her smooth skin met by the softness of the delicate lace of her panties, and he squeezed, gently. Her skin there, was tasty too, he knew that from experience. When Marci’s lips brushed Jack’s, softly, tenderly, it was he who moaned. Her sweet lips tasted and brushed against his, followed by the tip of her warm tongue. Jack was starting to forget about the bad day. “What’s all this anyway, baby?” He asked. “I got in late last night. I took an earlier flight because a couple of meetings were cancelled. I wanted to surprise you,” she said with a grin. “And you cooked, too?” he asked. “Yes,” she said, “Now go get changed while I finish up the lamb chops”. Wow! Lamb chops! His favorite.

A couple of minutes later, Jack came out of the bedroom wearing a t-shirt and drawstring sweatpants. The table was set beautifully, and long tapers glowed in the center. A bottle of wine was chilling as well. “Go ahead and open the wine,” Marci called from the kitchen,” I’m bringing in the plates right now.” Marci set down two plates for them on the table. Lamb chops, done just perfectly, and whipped potatoes. Steamed asparagus finished off the plate. The food smelled absolutely amazing. Jack noticed a small basket with fresh bread as well. “Pour us a glass of wine will you darling?” purred Marci.

Dinner was undeniably one of the best that Jack had ever eaten. He had no idea Marci was such a good cook. They had been seeing one another for a couple of months, and when they had gotten together, it was usually for dinner or take out. As they placed their forks down on the now empty plates, “Delicious! Thanks baby!” he said with a sigh. “Take the glasses into the living room while I clear this,” Marci said with her smooth gentle voice. Jack did, as Marci gathered the dinner plates and scurried them off to the kitchen. Jack heard the sink running and the plates being set in the dishwasher as he settled in the big overstuffed chair in the living room. He looked around a bit. Apparently Marci had cleaned up a bit today too.

Soft music still filtered from the stereo, and the room was glowing from the fire and the candles flickering. Marci walked in and settled on her knees, in front of Jack. Jack leaned back in the chair and gazed at her eyes. They absolutely glowed. The soft flicker of the candles and the warmth of both Marci and the fire intoxicated Jack. She placed her hands on his t shirt, and lifted it up to reveal his belly. Her long manicured fingers, raked gently through his soft hair, and she bent down to rub her soft cheek against it. She nuzzled his belly, laying soft kisses where her fingers had traced, moments before. His cock sprang to attention, and she rubbed her cheek, and then her mouth, over the hardness. Jack placed his fingers in her soft dark hair, and she raked her nails up his thighs. He could feel her hot breath through his pants, and his cock throbbed. He ached for her. He sat upright and so did Marci. She had to tilt her head slightly to meet his gaze; a gaze that told her instantly that he was still hungry, but not for food.

Jack’s fingers traced her jaw, and paused to lift and hold her chin. When his lips met hers, softly at first, and then deeper, Marci arched her back forward, to press her body against his. She was sooo warm. His lips parted hers slightly and she pressed her hot wet tongue into his mouth, coaxing it. When he slid his into hers, she sucked, ever so slightly. His fingers reached between them, to unbutton the white shirt. He did so without pulling away from the kiss. He didn’t think he could bear that. When he did finally break away, he pulled away the shirt, revealing Marci’s round creamy breasts. The soft lace lay atop the smooth mounds. Her nipples were straining against the satiny fabric of the cup. He cupped her breasts with both hands and rubbed his thumbs over the straining buds. Marci laid her head back mardin Escort and groaned/sighed. Jack kissed her throat, collarbone, and then ran his tongue down her chest, between her succulent mounds, and nipped with his teeth. Marci wrapped her long fingers in his hair; enjoying the warmth of his body, the heat of his breath, and his tongue on her tingling flesh.

Marci pulled Jack’s t shirt over his head and pushed him back on the chair. Her hands rubbed his pecs and belly. Again she turned her attention to the hard throbbing flesh under his pants. She untied the drawstring while looking directly into his eyes. She didn’t even blink. At that moment, Jack felt he knew what it was like to stare into the eyes of a lioness, and a hungry one at that. Marci pulled away at the waist of the pants, revealing his hard swollen cock, standing at attention. She purred as she rubbed her cheek against his thighs. First one, and then the other, starting at his knees, working towards his crotch. Jack dug his fingers behind his head, into the back of the chair, and slid down slightly, towards Marci. The heat of her breath and the softness of her cheek made him shiver. As she neared his crotch, she looked up at him and grinned, enjoying the look of helplessness on his face. She knew the more aroused she made him, the more he would devour her. Funny, but he was thinking the same thing. He wanted to devour her; every inch of her delicious warm flesh.

She pulled off the white shirt and tossed it aside. Jack loved the way Marci’s soft hair brushed her smooth shoulders, its soft layers framing her face perfectly. She leaned forward and kissed him again, trying to satisfy her taste for him with his lips and tongue. Her attention was prompted to sample his chest. His warm male scent filling her senses, and making her want more. She nipped playfully at his nipples, capturing them between her teeth and teasing them with her tongue. His heart pounding beneath her lips and the throbbing of both his hard cock and her own aching pussy, urged her to go further. She coaxed him gently, silently, to lift his hips so she could slide his pants off completely. She tossed them aside, next to the shirt. She settled herself between his legs and traced kisses/nips along the inside of his thighs. When she reached the part of him where his thighs met his body, she pressed her lips and nose against his flesh, and took a deep breath. He smelled so wonderful. Hot, fresh, clean, and musky. The way a woman dreams her lover would smell. Her tongue replaced her lips, as she closed her mouth on his flesh and sucked gently. Against her cheek, she could feel his balls tighten.

Marci wrapped her hand around Jack’s throbbing cock and squeezed gently. She ran her thumb up the underside, stopping at the tip to swirl slightly. He throbbed under her touch, her own thighs tingling. Her thumb rubbed the cleft, slippery from the dew-like drop that gathered there. Jack spread his legs a little wider. Marci slid her hand a little lower and cupped his balls. Her palm held the warm pouch captive while her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. Her head dipped a little lower and her tongue found its favorite spot; his perineum. That hot tasty spot under his balls was her favorite spot to taste him. The strong pulsing she felt under her lips was reaction enough. Her tongue traced a line from almost to his ass, up towards his balls, the flat of her hot tongue swirling, teasing. When she reached his balls, she ran her tongue along the seam, and sucked each one, in turn, ever so gently. The groan that erupted from Jack’s chest fueled Marci’s desire all the more. Her hot tongue traced the underside of his hot shaft, lips gently tasting, teasing. Once she reached the tip, the underside of her tongue flicking the cleft, quickly and strongly. She swirled around the tip with her tongue a few times, and then wrapped her lips around it. She closed her hands, both of them, around his balls and the base of his cock, holding it a steady captive for her ravenous mouth. She slid her mouth down his shaft, tightly, slowly. When she took him in, as far as she could, she paused for a moment, and mersin escort then slid back to the tip. She continued with this rhythm, while gripping him tightly, up…down…. each time, a little faster. He was in so much pleasure; he could barely keep from crying out. He sucked in his breath with every down stroke; groaning and sighing with every up one.

Jack didn’t want to cum. Not yet. He wanted to have Marci. He wanted to own her, make her his, and his alone. He forced himself to stop her, and lifted her chin. He looked into her eyes and smiled, “let’s take this to the bedroom,” he said softly. He took her hand and led her to his room. When they got inside the door, Jack stopped Marci and turned her to face him. He pressed her against the wall, and she wrapped her leg around his waist, thrusting her hips toward his still hard cock. His fingers traced the crack of her ass; her hot throbbing flesh all but searing them. When his middle finger pressed against her hot lips and paused, he could feel her heat, throbbing against it. That, and her panties were soaked. Jack lifted her and carried her to the bed. He shoved her onto her back, and she fell into the softness of the bed. Jack ran his hands over Marci’s smooth thighs. He lifted her right leg, to rest on his shoulder. His hand gently massaging her ankle, kissing her, ankle to calve, just as she had done to him. He licked the back of her knee, and a whimper escaped her. He loved it when she whimpered.

The time was gone for any slow teasing, or for any gentleness. Marci wouldn’t have had it any other way. Jack yanked her panties off her hips and down her legs. His hands sliding down to her thighs, and pressed them apart. Marci’s fingers dug into the comforter, her head thrown back, chest heaving with each rapid breath she took. Jack dipped his head down between her thighs. He nudged her mound lightly with his nose. His fingers gripped her upper, inner thigh, and he thrust his tongue between her lips. His tongue found his hot, wet target. Her salty, sweet wetness like honey. He buried his masterful tongue into the softness and began to stroke her hot little bud. Faster and faster, harder and harder, he could feel her body twitching with each stroke; under his fingers. Marci was full out moaning now. She was very close. His tongue was unrelentless to her swollen lips and bud, and she reached the peak and started to soar.

Marci’s head was thrown back and her back began to arch. Her body became rigid, and for a second, Jack almost thought she would lift off the bed. She growled deep in her throat and cried out to him. “OHHH GOOODDD JAACKKKKK.”

When her spasms started to subside, Jack slowed down. Breathlessly, Marci sat up slightly and reached for Jack’s pulsing cock. “Fuck me Jack, make me your bitch….” She growled at him hungrily. Jack grabbed her leg and pulled, to force her onto all fours. He spread her legs wide and knelt between them. Marci lifted her ass like an animal in heat. Jack held his cock, and rubbed it along the crack of her soaked ass, teasing her hot little asshole. “PLEASSSSSEE fuck me baby………please make me take all your loadddddd,” she taunted. Jack pressed the head of his cock against her throbbing tight pussy, just at the opening. Marci pressed back, in order to take him inside her. Jack grabbed her hips, and pressed forward. Marci cried out again, as his long, thick cock penetrated her, deeply. Jack started to thrust. Slowly and smoothly at first, then a little faster. The more he thrust, the more Marci pressed back to meet his hips. Soon the fast and hard rhythm set in; like a strong powerful piston; reaction to reaction. Marci was crying out again…this time coaxing Jack. ” Give it to me Jack, make me take it all….. make me be a good little bitch…” God! Her pussy was SOOOO tight. Sucking and pulsing wetness. Just like her hot tongue was a short time ago. Jack could feel it rising up his legs; his loins…he was going to cum. “OHH JESUSS YES!!!!!!” was all he could get out before the spasms took him. Marci kept pounding onto his pulsing, cumming cock, until his body started to go limp.

He rested his body gently on Marci’s back, as they both lay panting. He kissed the back of her neck, and she purred. They both lay silently for a few moments, listening to the rain pelt the windows. Perhaps it hadn’t been such a bad day after all; Jack thought to himself….It was turning out to be a great night….

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