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It was just after 11 when arrived home, all the lights were out except for a reading lamp by the couch. Looking around the room he finds his wife asleep on the couch holding her book. He had just had the best day at work and was looking forward to sharing his excitement with her. With a slight sigh of sadness he goes to the fridge to get a beer, grabs his laptop and sits down to relax and think about how great his day was.

He was hoping to find his wife ready to celebrate, he wanted to make love to her and share with her his excitement. As he logged into his e-mail account he found a friend also logged on. He considered ignoring her and as he thought about messaging her, a box popped up. It was her. She wanted to know how his day had been. He sort of expected to hear from her, she always wanted to know if he did well or if he needed comforting. This time it was both. He replied to her letting her know that he had succeeded at work and was super excited about the future. She wrote back how proud she was of him and how she wished she could give him a great big hug to congratulate him.

When he wrote back that his wife was asleep, she suggested they meet somewhere to celebrate. Looking up at his sleeping wife he considers going out, but thinks better of it and declines the offer, even though deep down he wanted to go. He wanted someone to şişli escort touch him and show him how loved he was. When he declined her invite, she suggested that she just tell him what she would do if they were together. This intrigued him, so he agreed.

She wrote that she would have met him in the parking lot at work, surprising him at his car.

“I quickly walk up to you reaching up to wrap my arms around your neck. As my mouth reaches your ear I whisper, “You look amazing,” You smile and with your hoarse voice, you thank me. At the end of the hug I linger and gaze into your eyes and without thought I begin to kiss you.

You drop your black bag on the ground and wrap your arms around me. I feel you pull me tightly into you, my tits press up against your suit. My tongue enters your mouth deeper and as we kiss I feel your cock getting harder. Even though we are in the parking lot, we let loose. I have wanted you for more than a year and you needed to be touched and caressed.

You unlock your car and open the back door, moving everything off the seat you lay me down. Still standing outside the car, you run your hands down my legs, sliding my skirt up as you go. When you get to my hips you feel the string of my thongs and slowly pull them off. You begin to kiss my inner thigh and my pussy begins to taksim escort swell for you.

I unbutton my top and my bra grabs your attention. Your hands quickly move to my tits, you run your fingers along my blue lace bra and pull it to the sides. My tits slide out, revealing my hard nipples. You wrap your lips around my left nipple and both of your hands embrace my tits and you suck me harder. I put my hands on your shoulders and massage them, knowing how tense you get.

Grabbing your strong arms, I pull you up to me so I can kiss your neck. I run my tongue from the bottom of your neck to your jaw and I begin to nibble on your ear lobe. As I whisper “I adore you” in your ear I feel your hard cock press up against me, calling for me to take it in. Still held tightly in your suit pants I slide my hands down so I can free it. You lift your hips so I can undo your belt and pants. When I push your underwear down I feel the bare skin of your cock. It is hard and smooth. I release my legs and spread my thighs, opening my pussy for you. Tightly holding your cock, I rub you against me. My pussy is hot and wet and you can feel your tip enter me, going deeper and deeper with each passing. Every tantalizing motion makes you grow harder and want me more.

Finally, once your cock enters me, you moan with pleasure. fatih escort My hot, wet pussy swallows you and I squeeze your cock and begin to rock my hips back and forth. With my hands on your ass I push you deeper into me. You begin to bite one of my nipples sending more of my juices around you. Grinding into me, I begin to cum around you. My pulsing pussy tightens sending waves of exhilaration all around you.

Continuing to pound me, I tell you I want to suck you and taste you. You pull out and stand. No one is in the parking lot but it is so exciting to be outdoors. I sit up and insert your hard cock deep in my mouth. Rubbing your balls with my right hand and sliding up and down your shaft with my left hand I begin to work my magic.

I look up at you while I’m sucking and our eyes meet. You smile at me and begin to moan. I work you faster and faster until you explode in my mouth my tongue swirls around and around. I tighten my lips around your cock and suck all of your cum out. Slowly, I pulse on you working you until the very end.

As I swallow your warm cum I stand up and slide my bra back into place. I bend down and lift your pants up. As you fix your clothes and I button my top I tell you again congrats on a great triumph at work.

As I walk to my car, I turn and look towards you and tell you I love you.”

Realizing what he just read, he looks down at his lap and realizes he had cum during the story. He sent her one last message after reading her story, “that was a great end to a great day, thanks” She replied back, “anytime wonderful.” As he closed his computer screen he felt comforted and happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32