How Did He Get Here Ch. 02

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Please see part 1 for background if you haven’t read it.

Tommy sucked his first cock and felt it fill his ass in part 1. After that, he wanted more. This part takes place right after that initial experience.

The next morning Tommy was awake first, a little sore but still wanting more cock. After showering, he got dressed and went online to look for the things they needed.

He got some plushy gear wrist and ankle cuffs, a leather waist belt with “D” rings spaced around it, a bunch of adjustable straps and clips, some double ended with a swivel and some like a carabiner, a medium and a large butt plug, a large bottle of thick lube, a plastic syringe to squirt some in his ass and a fat 12 inch realistic rubber cock.

He also ordered a hand held shower and an attachment that allowed them to give themselves an enema after first using the bag. He had it all shipped overnight so they would have time to practice with the butt plugs and the dildo.

Margaret squealed when he told her what he ordered. She commented “so you like being tied up and fucked?”

He replied “Oh yes. Being restrained and taken is awesome! I had no choice except to let go and give into it and, boy do I love cock.”

She said “See, I knew you would. Aren’t you glad I found you your first cock?”

“Yes, yes, yes” was his reply.

He asked, “Did you like feeling him filling you? I was a little worried that you couldn’t get him in when I heard him fuck you. Obviously, I had nothing to worry about” he said with a grin.

She replied, “Oh, it felt so good, he was perfect, stretching me and reaching all the way inside me. And the feel of him sliding in was heaven. I could feel every vein in his hard cock and I’m wet now just thinking about how good it was. Did you like the taste of me on his cock?” she asked.

“Oh, yes and then I just got lost in the feeling of his cock filling my mouth, it was wonderful.”

“Well you are going to get lost some more next weekend,” she said.

He responded “I know; I can hardly wait. Say, do you want to go shopping for something sexy to wear?” She said “sure, let’s go this afternoon.”

They did just that and found a sexy thong, bra and teddy for her. Getting an idea, she dragged him over to where the panties were and held several up to his ass until she found what she thought would be the right size.

She told him that since he was going to be her cocksucker, he had to look nice. She picked out a lacy stretchy pair in red, which he paid for along with the others.

Now it was just a matter of going to work and waiting for the package to come. Finally, when they got home Tuesday evening it was there. They brought it up to the bedroom and excitedly opened it.

He took out the shower assembly and enema attachment, saying “It looks like everything is here.”

She had the cock out and was sucking on it to see how it fit – she could get it in her mouth but it was a stretch.

She took out the restraints next, trying one on her wrist and commenting to Tommy how soft and comfortable it was. There were lots of snaps and hooks and straps. It was going to take a little work to get them all attached to the bed.

The first thing Tommy did was install the hand shower hose, putting on the short aluminum enema tube instead of the hand shower head.

Margaret was busy playing with the straps, figuring out the best way to make them work on the bed. By the time Tommy was done with the shower, she had the bed set up so she could tie his hands at the top and feet spread at the bottom.

She could also tie him over the edge of the bed like she did with the yarn but it was so much easier with the straps to anchor to. There was also a strap with little loops spaced along it that went completely around the bed.

She grinned at Tommy and told him that “these are going to be great honey.”

He asked her “how is the cock, can you get it in? We have to try the butt plugs next.”

She said “yes I can get the cock into my mouth but it is awfully big. Let’s try the rest of the things after dinner.”

With that, they both went into the kitchen to start on dinner. They weren’t there for five minutes when the phone rang. It was Mitch, who told them that Scott was available and would be joining them on Saturday.

And that neither one of them would not cum for the rest of the week so there would be plenty for the two of them on Saturday.

This instantly got Margaret wet as she thought about watching two cocks fucking Tommy. She could hardly wait.

Tommy thought about his experience with Mitch’s wonderful cock and was just as excited as Margaret.

The rest of the week dragged by slowly as they both practiced with their butt plugs and dildos waiting impatiently for Saturday to arrive.

At last it was Saturday and time to get ready. Margaret put a tablespoon of salt into the 2 quart jar of warm boiled water that she had prepared, filled her own enema bag and hung it on the towel bar.

After Gaziantep Olgun Escort lubing the tip and lying on her side, she inserted the nozzle in her ass and let about half the bag run in, feeling it fill her. She held it for almost ten minutes and when she couldn’t hold it any longer, rushed to the toilet to evacuate the water.

When she was empty, she repeated the process with the rest of the solution, again feeling it fill her so full that she was worried that she couldn’t hold it. When she felt she would burst, she let it go.

Once she was finished, she put the nozzle in the sink filled with hot water and a little bleach. She then took a shower, using the hand-held attachment to fully flush her colon.

After she was done, she unscrewed the nozzle and took it out of the shower with her, dropped it in the bleach solution in the sink and dried off. After she was dry, she rinsed the enema and shower nozzles in hot water, setting them both on the counter to dry.

Next she took the plastic syringe, filled it with lube and shot it into her ass. Oooh! It was a little cold but felt good. There! She was ready. She left the bathroom and told Tommy that it was his turn.

He walked in with his two quart jar of solution, went to the counter, picked up the shower nozzle and screwed it back onto the hand-held hose. That done, he filled his enema bag and went through the same process, exiting the bathroom clean and lubed.

Margaret had but on her sexy black outfit and a light robe and told Tommy to put on his panties.

Just as Tommy was putting on his robe, the doorbell rang. “Perfect timing,” he said. She smiled and they both went to the door.

She opened the door and there stood Mitch and a tall, solidly-build black man. She said “Hi Mitch” and gave him a hug and a kiss.

Turning to Mitch’s friend she said “you must be Scott, welcome,” and gave him a hug and a kiss as well.

Motioning for them to come in, she said to Scott “this is Tommy, who has just discovered that he loves cock.” Scott grinned and shook his hand with a hand so big that Tommy’s hand looked like that of a little girl.

Saying, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. I even took a Viagra so I would stay nice and hard for you and I like the pretty red panties you have on. Are you wearing them just for me?”

Tommy turned red and said nothing.

Margaret asked “can I get you guys anything, a beer or something else?”

Mitch responded “we all know what we’re here for, let’s just go to the bedroom. We can have a beer afterwards.”

Margaret said, “I like the sound of that” and led the way to the bedroom.

When they all were in, she told Tommy to get his robe off and get on his restraints, which were laid out on the bed.

He quickly complied while she slipped out of her robe and put a pillow on the floor and said “Down,” when he was finished.

She got the clips, foam earplugs and blindfold from the nightstand, put the blindfold on him, rolled and inserted the earplugs in his ears and fastened his wrists and ankles together after putting the pillow behind his knees.

Meanwhile Mitch and Scott were undressing. Mitch was already hard And Scott although half hard, was longer and thicker than Mitch.

He slipped a stretchy silicone cock ring all the way down his cock to the base, saying “this will help to keep it nice and hard. I also brought some poppers to help Tommy take my cock.”

Her pussy convulsed and got wet just from looking at his enormous cock. She dropped to her knees and sucked in Mitch’s meat while Scott unfastened her bra and let her hang free.

Then she motioned Scott over and took hold of his cock, just getting both hands around it as she sucked in the head. After working her tongue around it she tried to get it into her throat, without any luck. It was simply too big.

She stood up, slipped her panties off and lay back on the bed, pulling Scott with her.

Mitch had walked over and was feeding his cock to Tommy who was hungrily swallowing all of it. He was leaning forward to get more of it in his throat as Mitch held his head and fucked his face. He was in heaven.

Margaret had her legs spread and Scott was rubbing his massive meat up and down her wet pussy. It didn’t take long before she was begging him to put it in.

He slowly and gently slid it into her and she instantly started to cum in a series of cascading orgasms, each stronger than the one before.

He had just bottomed out in her when she asked him to please stop. She wanted to see the two of them fuck Tommy first.

Hearing that, Mitch pulled out and Scott did the same. Margaret moaned because he felt soo good in her. She could feel every vein in his steel hard cock.

Scott and Margaret got off the bed and Margaret unsnapped the clips holding Tommy’s ankles and wrists and said “how do you want him boys?”

After a brief discussion, they felt it would be better if Tommy was on his hands and knees on the bed, restrained of course.

She told him to take his pretty panties off, remove his earplugs and get on the bed while she got straps from the bottom corners of the bed, snapped them to his ankles and tightened them.

Next she brought a strap up and over the bed, fastening it in place across the bed. She used the clips to fasten Tommy’s wrists to the loops in the straps, and tightened the ankle straps a little, which effectively kept him in place, only allowing him to rock back and forth.

Margaret got the lube and stroked Scott’s beautiful cock with it, getting him nice and slippery. She then had him move behind Tommy and guided Scott’s cock to Tommy’s ass.

Motioning for Mitch to feed his cock to Tommy, she nodded her head to Scott who handed Mitch the little green bottle and told Mitch to crack it open and hold it up under Tommy’s nose.

Mitch told Tommy to take a couple of deep breaths of the amyl and then Scott started pushing.

Tommy got light-headed from the poppers and started to object to the monster cock invading his tight ass but very little sound came out around Mitch’s hard cock.

Scott slowly and gently worked just the head in past the first ring and stayed there, allowing Tommy to adjust to the size of the log that was entering him.

Mitch was busy fucking Tommy’s throat, holding his head and pulling him onto his cock. Every few strokes, he would pull out so Tommy could get a full breath and another hit of the poppers.

Scott started to push in and out, very gently and just a little bit at a time, telling Mitch to give him more amyl.

When he felt Tommy relax a little, he started to lengthen his stroke, going a little bit deeper each time until he was up against Tommy’s second anal ring.

Again, he just held himself there, allowing Tommy to get used to his size as Mitch gave him another hit of the amyl.

Tommy remembered what Mitch had said about pushing out as he was moving into his ass. Tommy tried pushing out and Scott’s cock just slipped past the ring.

Scott began to move gently, pulling out a little and pushing in a little further each time, while Mitch gave him another hit.

Tommy began to respond and started to move back into Scott’s cock and tried to suck it in when Scott pulled back.

Before long Scott was taking long strokes, moving almost completely out of Tommy’s now hungry ass and plunging his 13 inches in harder and harder each time.

This was more than Margaret could stand. Watching Tommy get fucked at both ends put her into a sexual overload.

She asked Mitch to come over and fuck her. He complied, leaving Tommy’s hot mouth to slide off the bed.

She lay on the pillow that was on the floor and pulled Mitch to her. She was so wet that he slipped in effortlessly. Burying his cock completely into her hot pussy only to have her raise her hips and thrust back to get him in as far as she could.

He began to move in and out of her and she started to take deep gasping breaths and moan louder and louder as she came up.

Within a dozen strokes she started to cum and cum, again rolling from one climax to the next as she went higher and higher.

Her contractions made it very difficult for Mitch to keep from cumming. Margaret’s pussy was clamping on his cock and trying to pull it in with every convulsion.

With each successive orgasm, her pussy clamped him tighter and tighter until he exploded, collapsing on top of her.

Scott had finally loosened Tommy’s ass enough to bury his entire cock with each hard stroke.

Tommy was moving forward and back as far as the restraints would allow, trying to bury that horse cock in his ass as deep as he could.

Margaret slipped onto the bed in front of Tommy and pulled his mouth to her now leaking pussy. Tommy dropped to his forearms, which opened up his ass even more, and went to work immediately, trying to get out every drop of Mitch’s sweet cum.

This brought her to another orgasm, causing Mitch’s thick cum to gush out with each contraction.

Finally she said “stop.” Her clit was so sensitive that Tommy couldn’t even touch it with the tip of his tongue. She just lay there in a post-orgasmic high.

Mitch, in the meantime, had recovered and was getting hard again. He helped a relaxed Margaret off the bed and into the chair so she could watch Tommy being taken.

Once she was comfortable, he climbed back onto the bed and fed Tommy his cock. It wasn’t long before he and Scott got into a rhythm, alternating thrusts into Tommy’s holes at each end.

This changed to thrusting into him at the same time, driving into him in unison, each one forcing Tommy onto the other’s cock.

Tommy was completely lost in the pleasure of being taken. His whole world was the two cocks filling him and feeding his hunger.

And just think, a week ago he had his first “real” cock. There was no turning back now, he was hooked.

Scott, who prided himself on being able to hold back from cumming was finally giving into Tommy’s hungry ass, pulling, pushing and clenching on his cock as he fucked him.

He began to thrust harder and faster, holding Tommy’s hips and pulling Tommy hard onto his cock as he buried his dick deep into Tommy’s ass.

This had the effect of bringing Scott up as this was no longer an “easy” fuck but had evolved into a hard one, quickly bringing both of them to a climax.

Scott’s movements began to get jerky and then, with a loud groan, he thrust into Tommy as hard and as deep as he could, filling his ass with his cum, enjoying feeling Tommy clench and release, milking every drop of cum out of him.

Scott’s driving Tommy hard onto Mitch’s cock was enough to trigger his climax, unloading his sweet cum into Tommy’s throat while holding his head hard onto his cock.

Relaxing after a moment, Mitch pulled out until just the head of his cock was in Tommy’s mouth.

Tommy went to work, sucking and licking the underside to get every bit of cum that Mitch had, all while squeezing Scott’s cock with his ass as he sucked Mitch.

Margaret, watching all this, had worked the large butt plug into her ass and was lightly stroking her extended clit as she moved back and forth on the plug, stretching her ass.

When the boys pulled out of Tommy, she got up and started unsnapping him. As soon as he was free, she helped him off the bed and onto the chair, which had a towel spread on it.

She then removed the wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on herself while Tommy removed the earplugs.

She stood up and asked the boys if they’d like a soda or a beer. All three of them said they’d like a coke please.

Scott told Tommy that he had an amazing ass. It was the tightest and hungriest he had ever fucked. The squeezing and sucking on his cock was as if it was a hungry animal trying to get all of it.

Tommy grinned and said “that’s exactly what it is!”

Margaret walked back in and handed each of the boys a coke. When she came close to Scott, he reached up and lightly touched her nipple. She moaned and melted into his touch.

She separated herself from Scott’s wonderful hand, walked over to the dresser and picked up a towel. Coming back to him, she knelt down and gently wiped the excess lube off his cock.

Once he was wiped down, she went to the bathroom and got a warm, wet washcloth, which she used to wash Scott’s cock, which was coming back to life from all the attention. Of course looking at her beautiful breasts hanging there in front of him didn’t hurt.

Drying his cock off, she stuffed the head into her mouth and started sucking. He grew harder and larger until he was just too big for her mouth.

To show his appreciation, Scott was rolling and gently twisting her nipples, causing her to moan as he pulled on them.

Scott looked over at Mitch and asked him if he was ready. Mitch replied “hell yes.” And they both helped Margaret stand up.

Scott went over and lay on his back on the bed as Margaret slipped the plug out of her ass. Mitch asked if we should tie her and Scott answered “definitely.”

With that, Margaret got on the bed and slipped down onto Scott’s wonderful cock. It filled her like nothing had before. God it was good!

Once she was impaled on Scott, Mitch fastened the wrist and ankle restraints to the straps so she was in the same position as Tommy was earlier.

Scott asked for a little lube which he used on Margaret’s clit and nipples, causing her to moan and get even wetter than she was. Mitch got on the bed and, after lubing his cock, held it against her already open ass.

As Scott began to work on her clit and a nipples, Mitch slowly pressed his cock into her. She relaxed as best as she could and tried to let him in. Scott cracked open the little bottle and held it under her nose.

Taking several deep breaths, she said “Oooh, I feel floaty. It’s nice” as she relaxed further, letting more of Mitch’s cock in.

Tommy got onto the bed next to them and, while tugging on her nipple, told her to push out as his cock went in and to squeeze and suck him in as he pulled out.

She smiled and said, “It feels so good!” As she tried pushing, Mitch slipped in past the outer ring and easily moved to the inner one.

Instead of pushing in, he pulled out and back in several times to get her used to his cock.

She pushed and pulled as she was told which made it easier for her to accommodate him as Scott gave her some more amyl.

Then he gradually increased the pressure as he felt her inner ring, pushing a little further with each thrust. Then suddenly he was in.

She went “oooh” and said “It feels huge! It feels like it is all the way to my stomach.”

She began to move on Scott’s cock and Mitch alternated his thrusts so when she was going down on Scott’s cock, he was pulling back.

Within a minute she started to cum, clenching both their cocks as she spasmed.

Seeing this, Tommy knelt next to her, held her head and fucked her face with his hard cock.

This was enough to get her rolling from one orgasm to another, gasping louder and louder as she did so.

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