His Command, My Obedience

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I received the envelope. Inside was just an address and what they wanted. I normally wasn’t shocked by the wants they had but this time was not like the times before. I sent him a text telling him that it would be no problem as long as he could deliver a bit more.

As soon as I got the text back saying he agreed, I got ready, carefully picking out what to wear, how I did my makeup and hair. I chose an outfit that was a dress that looked like a teacher would wear with a pair of heels and the matching black lacy panties and bra. I wore just a necklace and one ring as extra pieces. My makeup was more natural with a bright red lipstick.

I looked one last time in the mirror before I walked to my car to make the drive I had done many times before. He only lived about 15 minutes away but tonight felt like it was never ending. Could I really play out this fetish of his?

Oh well! It’s too late now to back out. There was too much at stake to turn around and text him I had changed my mind.

That’s when I saw his driveway and knew it really was too late. I parked my car and headed to the door. I knew where the key was to get in, so I put the key in the lock and turned it. He wouldn’t get here for a little longer. So I started prepping for his fantasy come true.

I walked to the kitchen and pulled out one of the frozen meals I premade for occasions like this. I warmed up the oven so the scent could start floating in the air around the house.

Next, I went upstairs to the bedroom. This wasn’t the room he slept in, it was a room we used for his play time. I set out the toys he liked using on me; rope, whip, crop, candles, and the stinger.

He never was romantic about it. This arrangement benefitted us both in many ways. I was not one who could be with only one person for very long but I had only been with him for much longer than normal because of the benefits. Tonight however would change our arrangement for better or worse.

“Honey I’m home!” I could hear him clearly. “What’s cooking? It smells delicious.”

“I’ll be right down Dear,” I said as I looked around to make sure everything was ready. He didn’t care about most details as long as he got his wishes made true. I took a deep breath and walked towards the stairs.

“How was your day?” I ask as I pull the meal out of the oven and start serving.

He comes up behind me grabbing my waist and turning me around. “It just got a whole of a lot better,” he says as he brings his lips to mine. His tongue is dancing with mine as I wrap my arms up around his shoulders holding on as if I might fall if I don’t keep him like this.

When we part, I grab up the plates and take them to the table so we can eat. Minutes feel like hours as we make idle chit chat. His hands caress my thigh with promises of what is to come but all I can think about is trying to stay calm. We finish eating and I put the plates in the sink and head up the stairs as I always do.

I can hear him following behind me. His eyes watching my ass as my hips sway back and forth. My curves have always made men stare there as I walk. Them birthing hips. My worst nightmare and men’s greatest fetish. I kneel on the ground in front of the bed. I wait for his directions.

He pets my head, “Good girl. Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yes Sir,” I say more confident than I feel. I know the answer pleases him. My anxiety is high but I want what he wants too. “Can I take off my dress or is that for you?”

He grabs the chair and pulls it closer so he can watch my every movement. I know this means I am to undress slowly for him. I wait until he has settled in to start. I always keep the remote nearby so I can play music in the background. I reach for it to hit play before I start his show.

As the music comes on, I start to stand so I can sway as I undress. The song I recognize as “Tainted Love” by Marilyn Manson. I exaggerate the movement of my hips as I reach back for the zipper. The arms of the dress slide down my shoulders revealing hints of my black lacy bra. My breasts are just a handful but this bra makes them look more succulent and fuller for people to watch. I turn, so my back is facing him this time as the dress falls to my waist. All that’s holding the dress from exposing the matching black lace panties is my hips but I won’t let that last for Gaziantep Oral Escort long. I spin to show him my front and shove my breasts in his face and shake them. I feel his hand traveling up my back very softly. It makes a trail of sparks as it gets closer to the hooks holding the bra in place.

I suddenly feel his wet lips on my lower tummy as he bites my dress to give it a tug down. He releases the dress from his mouth as his hand unhooked the bra. The bra drops to my elbows hanging by a thread as the dress finds its way to the ground. He growls at me right before he nips my belly. I let out a moan on the exhale, telling him I liked it.

He grabs my hands and walks me backwards towards the bed. Somewhere along the way the bra had been left to fall to the floor, leaving me in just those lacy panties. He pushes me onto the bed and utters only one word. “Stay.”

I don’t dare to defy him, so I wait patiently. I watch his every move. He gracefully removes his shirt in one fair swoop. He looks like a Greek God. Dark and handsome was made to describe him in as few words as one could, but would never fully do him justice. I let out another moan as he grabs for his belt. The moan acting as a plead for them to let him free of that constraint and be as bare as I was.

He walks to the dresser that contains his toys. I see him pick up the rope and candles. Before he lets his pants drop, he grabs something from his pocket. It must be the lighter for the candles. He has candles in red, purple, and black. I feel the moistness between my legs. My anxiety from earlier was fading away. Why worrying now, when that God is about to turn you inside out?

“Move back and arms up,” he commanded. I obeyed. My reward for obeying was him taking that rope and trying me to the headboard. Seconds passed as I see him light the first candle. My entire body feels like every bit is being shocked as my anticipation increases. He kneels on the bed above me, letting that first bit of wax drip onto my belly where he nipped me earlier. A small reminder of what he had already done to me.

He leans down to bite me some more as the next drip hits my skin. First its hot, then becomes like it is part of me right as I feel his teeth bite me. I moan my pleasure. The intensity of this encounter will only increase as we go. He continues the drip and bites until I think I can’t take it anymore. Before I know it that first candle has burnt out and the wax is covering my stomach. He inches down to start his assault on my inner thighs.

I can feel his marks on my thighs and stomach aching for him to continue until I can’t think of a single thought. I feel his weight leave the bed. I know without a doubt he is ready for another one of his toys. When I hear a drawer open, I am a bit confused. He walks towards me with his hands behind his back so I can’t see what he has in his hands.

He brings a blindfold out and places it over my eyes and I enter into darkness. I can only hear and smell him now. I think he walked back to the toys but am not sure.

That was when I could feel his presence near me. It was like my body was pleading for him to come to me and touch me everywhere. I hear the air crack as something impacts with my body. The pain sears for a moment then turns to a reverberating sting that adds to my moistness. I feel his hands on my body as he flips me to be on my stomach.

The air cracks again as his toy impacts my ass. I want to reach to run my hand over the area he whipped but the rope reminds me that I am bound to this position. He swings his toy to crash into my ass in rhythm to the music in the background. After his toy has beaten my ass until it seems like every inch has been marked, I feel wax caress the impacted areas.

It feels soothing after the damage has been inflicted. My senses heighten the experience. This God gives me pleasure and pain all at once.

He starts nibbling on my back heading up to my ear. He whispers in my ear, “Ready for a baby in you?”

My anxiety from early comes back but this time I can feel excitement too. I nod my head to respond.

“Are you ready for a baby in you?” This time he sounds impatient. “I need a yes to continue slut.”

I swallow my fear and open my mouth, “Yes Sir.”

I feel him go between my legs and lift my hips up so my ass is up like I’m in downward dog pose. My arms rub against the rope telling me I am his for the taking. It all makes me soaking wet like Niagara Falls. He smacks my ass making the wax crack and my pussy vibrate to the thuds he is making. His cock runs against my pussy lips that are begging him to take me like the dirty slut I am. I gasped out moan after moan as he spanks my wax covered ass.

Then he glides his cock in my pussy like it belonged there all along. He spanks me again with his cock inside me making my pussy grasp his cock like it is trying to wrangle his cock until every last drop will be inside me.

My excitement has elevated to a point I can feel my wetness dripping down onto the bed and floating along the sheet to my knees and he hasn’t even gotten one thrust against me.

“Does the slut like this big cock in her? Trying to impregnate the slut? Does this make her wet?” He asks as one hand slides around front to flick on my clit. All I can get out is a long moan of pleasure.

He answers my moan by thrusting good and hard into my pussy. I feel his hand on my hip gripping it until it bruises my skin as he thrust harder and harder into me.

I’m so wet now I am feeling it crawl along the bed to rub against my nipples. My nipples hardened peaks feel the wetness against them making me even more aroused. I feel his cum eject into my pussy. His sperm swimming up my canal to give me his bastard child. He holds my cunt as close to his cock as he expels his sperm in me.

I cry out my own orgasm as he finishes. His cock must be covered in my slutty juices that have mixed with his little swimmers. His grip loosens on my hip. I feel him pull away.

“Wait here slut!” He shouts as its sounds like he is leaving the room. I don’t know how long I waited there with his cum dripping from my pussy. But at last I hear the approaching footsteps.

“What is going on?” I hear a female ask. I know he has brought this female to lick me clean so he can start over.

“Strip you cunt!” He shouts at her. I just lie still my hips up in the air and my legs spread wide. I can’t wait to feel him shove her face between my legs and demand her to lick me clean. I hear the door open and feet stumbling in.

“Slut, tell her what happens if she disobeys,” he summons me to tell her.

“If you don’t do it, he will do it of make me do it instead,” I inform her.

“Which will it be cunt? You, her, or me?” I hear the buttons fly from what I believe is her blouse. Next I hear fabric ripping to shreds. “Do I need to finish the job or are you going to comply?”

I hear someone scrambling around. Then I feel her face in my used cunt. I moan and wiggle my hips making her face in a better position to lick me. I hear the air crack but I don’t feel the impact. I know he has whipped her and that makes me get wet again.

“Cunt eat the slut’s pussy! NOW!” I know she has figured he means business as she laps up all the juices between my legs. I’m so turned on by it I starting squirting on her. She tries to pull back but i can feel him pushing her face deeper in my shopping wet pussy. She moves her mouth against me as i feel more rope. It feels like he has tied her in that position making it so neither of us can really move.

Another crack sounds. She screams into my pussy. She tries wiggling out only to make the rope tighten her closer to me. I feel my blindfold lifted from my eyes.

“What should I do to her slut?” He asks me. I think for a minute as she continues lapping my pussy while he starts grabbing my tit and pinching my nipple. I am so distracted from pleasure I almost forgot the question.

“Whip and wax?” I say hesitantly. I hear his laugh.

“Distracted?” He asked as he pinches my nipple harder. “Maybe I should have her tied to the headboard and have you punish her for the disobedience.”

I never had done that before. But if that’s what he wished, I would do it no questions asked. “Whatever would please you Sir.”

He says, “Good slut.”

He moves down and I feel her being untied from me. He releases my ropes at my wrist and points for me to stand next to the bed. I do as he requested. I watch him tie her arms like mine were bound and then he tied her legs to the foot of the bed. He comes towards me with the whip, crop, and candle. “Dealers choice.”

I reached for the candle and crop. I take one gulp before I hold the crop raised above her ass. He lights the candle as I swing the crop to impact upon her ass. I see the gleam in his eye. He is enjoying watching me beat her ass.

I bring the candle over her ass and let the wax fall onto her ass turning her ass cheeks purple like the candle. As it hits, I get excited. Her ass is covered in bruises and wax.

“Sit between her legs and lean back,” he instructs. I leaned my back against her ass as he comes between my legs. His hard cock ready for fucking me once again. He moves my hands to grab her tits and tells me to play with them.

I squeeze and pinch her nipples as he slides his cock inside me. “We better try again to make sure we get you knocked up you fucking slut.” His words make me drenched as I open my legs further to wrap my legs around his waist.

“Yes Sir. Fuck me again. Make me have your bastard Sir. PLEASE!” I beg. “Please fuck me and knock me up.”

“You are the biggest slut I know,” he proclaims as he slams his hard cock in my pussy. With every thrust, I feel her ass against my back. My hand manhandle her tits as I hold on as he thrusts into me harder. He pounds my pussy making me cum all over him and push the other girl into the soaking wet bed.

“Such a dirty slut! And look at that cunt under the slut! Rubbing her body into the sluts cum that’s all over the bed. Going to smell just like the slut you cunt,” he says as he grabs my ass to thrust harder into me. I hear her moan making me moan and start cumming even more.

I feel him pulsing inside me. He grabs my tit in his mouth as he cums. Biting my nipple making me cry out in pleasure and soak his cock in my cum.

“Straddle her back,” he tells me as he pulls out.

I climb up sitting with my legs on both sides of her, cum flowing out of my pussy and covering her back with him and I mixed together. He had moved up toward the top of the bed. I felt her raise slightly. I hear suckling sounds. I look over my shoulder to see her sucking his cock that was covered in my juices. I feel his hand reach around me and grab ahold of my tits. He pinches my nipples until I cum all over her back.

“Slut come here,” he commands me. I stand up and move near him. He pulls me on the bed on my knees. He spreads my legs and fingers my pussy. “Still want more you dirty slut? I will give you more but you have to cum on her. The cunts hair needs cleaned and I think you juice is the best way to do it. Right Slut?”

“Yes Sir,” I say as I obey and move so my pussy is above her head where she is still sucking his cock. He fingers my pussy. It feels like he must have all his fingers inside me. He licks my clit like it is a melting popsicle that needs eaten before it leaks everywhere. I feel my pussy getting ready to cum. I gush all over the back of her head. I barely finish when I feel his hands pulling me down onto his cock. I can feel her head behind my ass as I ride his cock.

“Ride that cock you slut!” He exclaims. I continue cumming all over. Riding his cock like there is no tomorrow. His hands hold my hips helping thrust my wet pussy onto his cock. He has my tits on his mouth while I grind my pussy into him. I cum once again as he shoots his cum up in me.

He has me sit on his lap for awhile just content suckling on my tits. “This slut feels better than you cunt,” he says between lapping at my tits. I feel a tongue on my neck. I realize the cunt untied herself to join in pleasuring me. Her hand is rubbing my clit, his mouth licking my nipples in between pinching and biting my tits.

He has me lay on my back and has the cunt clean me up as he goes to another room and returns holding an envelope. The envelope tells me our session has come to an end. I hear him turn on the shower preparing it for me.

“Slut! Shower time!” He calls. The cunt lifts her head up and I go to the shower. I clean myself up and come out of the shower. All he left was my bra and panties to drive home wearing. I put them on grab my envelope and walk downstairs. I grab my purse and pull out my keys. I open the door and walk to my car and drive home knowing anyone could see me in my lacy bra and panties.

I pull into my house’s driveway and get out of the car. I head to my front door, envelope in hand. I sit on my porch swing and opened my envelope that’s full of cash and a note that says, “Same time next week until you get pregnant SLUT!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32