Highway Patrol’s Lucky Night Pt. 02

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I drove in time after time as Les was moaning loudly. I felt myself starting to shoot and buried my cock balls deep and held it in place as Les hole spasmed around my fat black cock. I filled his ass till it was oozing out around my cock. I told Will to look in the nightstand to his right and hand me the small dildo and lube it up.

I withdrew my cock and quickly placed the dildo in position and shoved it in to his ass. I lay down on my bed and Will and Les lay on each side with an arm underneath each. They both started licking and kissing my neck. I ordered Les to go to the kitchen and get a beer and my phone. Les returned quickly with them. Les handed me the beer and I took a big swig, then Will and Les finished it off.

We lay there and talked. I told Les to get their phones from my truck and bring them to me. He brought them to me and I turned each on. They each had messages, I told them to respond and tell the people they had been in a dead area and they were ok in case it happened again. When they had done that I ordered them to turn them off and ordered Les to place them in my lockbox and give me the key. I answered a few messages as me and my boys lay back to rest. Will and Les were licking my armpits and nipples as they used their hands to massage my cock and balls. I grabbed a handful of Wills hair and guided him down to my balls.

He bathed one then the other sucking them into his mouth and rolling them around. Les took my cockhead in his mouth and sucked just the head running his tongue into my piss slit and sucking. I told them to swap positions with Will. Will started licking up and down my cock, starting at my balls and running all the way up to my piss slit, again and again.

I got my phone and ordered the boys to each lick a side like you lick an ice cream and let me video it. They both went to town licking and biting my cock, they were really learning to please, especially Les. I was ready to fuck Wills ass now, he had been very patient. I told Will to kneel over me, a knee on each side. I ordered Les to eat his ass and get it good ready and lube up my cock and his ass. I love watching a boy fuck his ass on my big cock. I ordered Les to place my cockhead at Wills hole and let him lower his ass onto my big cock.

I thought Will was going to pass out when my cockhead got past his ring, I could see the sweat on his forehead. I ordered Les to straddle me and lick the sweat from Wills forehead. When he assumed the position that I ordered I started playing with dildo in his ass as he cleaned Will. Les ass was almost back to normal so I removed the dildo. Wills ass opened as he lowered himself down further and further. When Will stopped to rest I’d rotate my hips moving my cock around in his ass. Will would raise up and bounce as he lowered himself taking more and more.

I pulled Wills head down to mine and kissed him deep and dropped my hands to his ass slapping and popping his ass. I pushed Will back up and let him continue his self fucking of his ass. I took Wills hips in my hands and held on as he went lower and lower. Will had one inch to go and when he reached my balls I pushed up quickly and got my cock all the way in plus some.

I rolled Will over and put my arms behind his legs and rolled his ass up for me to satisfy. I had Les set on his face and ordered Will to eat my cum from his ass while I was fucking Will. Will was thrashing about while I fucked my cock all the way in his tight ass. It was my lucky night when I happened on these two. I could feel my cum building so I pulled Les to me and let him suck my tongue and bathe my mouth with his tongue the whole time fucking Wills ass.

I filled Wills ass completely with my cock and filled him with cum. I ordered Les to get the dildo and lube it up good. When I pulled out Les placed the dildo in. I lay down and ordered the boys to lay beside me. I asked if they were hungry, they both said yes quickly. I told them we I needed to rest and we needed a bath before we went anywhere. I asked them both if they would be open to meeting a friend of mine and they said yes with some hesitation. I assured them they’d like him, kinda like a bigger version of me. I texted David, a coworker, and asked if he was game for a little adventure and sent the video I had made.

He answered quickly and said he’d call when he got off work and he was up. I held the boys and we got us a few hours rest. When we woke up we got in the shower, it was big enough for 5-6. The boys went in first and then me. I handed them each a rag and soap and they started washing me. When they got done with me they started on each other. I removed the dildo from Wills ass and let them clean it.

We exited the shower and they dried me off and then themselves. We went back to the bedroom and I had them pick me something to wear. While they were picking my clothes I saw that David had texted. He said he was going home to change then he’d be to my house. I texted him back and Bayan Escort Gaziantep asked him to get some pizza. I told him to download this app and use the hidden key to let himself into the house through the garage.

I told the boys to follow me and we sat down in the front room to watch tv and wait on David. I had a boy under each arm when David walked in, he almost dropped the pizza. He sat the pizza down and greeted the boys. They said hi as he walked to the couch pulled up an ottoman and sat down. I introduced the boys to him. He told them he brought pizza if we wanted it. They both said they were hungry.

They got up and got themselves a piece and turned. I stopped them and asked about Masters, they continued back to David and I and fed us the slices they had gotten and the excess from our faces. David told them they were good boys and get themselves some, they did and woofed it down.

David is 6’6′, 250 lbs and 36″ waist. My coworker also totes a thick 10″ cock. I ordered Will to welcome David properly. Will got on his knees and crawled over to David and lifted his t-shirt. When he had the shirt removed he sucked Davids nips. Will took the boots by the heel and removed them one by one. I ordered Les over to David to help Will remove his jeans. Les walked over on his knees and stopped in front of David. I told David to stand, when he did the boys started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans.

When they finished I ordered them to remove his jeans, as he had to lift a foot to steady himself as the boys removed his jeans he used the tops of their heads. Next i ordered them to remove his boxer-briefs with their mouths. They each grabbed the waistband on each side and pulled them down to his ankles. He raised each foot and let the boys remove them.

I ordered the boys to me and had them remove all my clothing also. I asked the boys if they were still hungry and they both said yes. I ordered them to the dining table and had Will lay on his back and Les on top in a 69 position. I got the pizza and had each boy eat the others ass, in between we fed them slices of pizza. They ate ass for a minute then got a bite of pizza until the slice was gone. David was still in awe that they were so submissive in 8 hrs. I told David Les was the dominant one when we met but I was quickly changing that. I motioned David around to Les’s head and I moved to Will’s.

I grabbed Will’s nose pinching his nostrils closed and pulled his head up he could love my cock. David was following my example with Les. As David ‘s cock was a bit longer and fatter Les was having a bit of an issue. We would pull out and let them go back to eating each other’s ass, then grab the nose again and let them love on our cocks. When we removed our cocks next we placed 2 fingers in their mouths and let them get them good and wet. Then we used our wet fingers to probe their ass.

The next time their mouths were empty we stepped up and let them take our low hanging nuts in their mouths. David was really getting into it now telling Les what a good submissive boy he was. Will was rolling my nuts around in mouth sucking and rolling them. The boys were getting into it now, moaning and groaning, cocks hard as steel. We both pulled our nuts out and told them to suck each others cocks.

David took grabbed a handful of Les hair and helped him along in pleasuring Wills cock. Les was getting better and better taking a cock to the root. The boys were really moaning now. David was fucking Les mouth with Wills cock and I was fucking Wills mouth with Les using my thumb in Les and holding onto his nuts and using the leverage to fuck Les cock into Wills mouth. When they started humping we knew it was time and we pushed the boys cocks into each others mouths and ordered them to swallow.

David ordered them to sit up on the table. He got a beer for each and handed it to them. They both drank a few swallows and sighed. David stepped up Les and I stepped up the Will and kissed them deep letting them suck our tongues. David put Les over his shoulder and I got Will over mine and took them to the bedroom. We put both the boys into my bed and I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed. I told the boys i wanted to record them and they agreed and David crawled in between the boys. Will started at David’s toes and Les started at his head. Will started by sucking David’s toes one by one and licking his feet and ankles. Les was kissing David’s ears and neck and licking as he came to David’s adams apple and sucked it and started moving down his chest to his nipples. Will was licking and sucking his way up David’s legs and sucking behind his kneecaps continually moving up to David’s big bull nuts. Will took them one at the time suckling and licking them.

Will finally took both in his mouth and was slobbering all over them. Les worked his way down to David’s cock and started sucking just the head and licking out his piss slit with the tip of his tongue. Les was going down further on David’s fat black cock. He had taken only a couple inches because of the girth. Les was bobbing up and down taking more and more into his throat. Les was really getting into the cock sucking now. He was determined to take that fat black cock. David placed his hand on the back of Les’s head as encouragement and help to continue as needed. David called Will up to him and told him to straddle him and eat Les’s ass.

Will took the ordered position and started getting Les’s ass good and wet. Les was taking more and more of Davids cock and only had a few inches left. On his last move down David used the leverage and pushed Les mouth all the way down to the root and held him there, surprisingly Les didn’t struggle. David told Will to get the lube and get Les’s ass ready to fuck. Will grabbed the lube quickly as ordered and worked it into Les’s hole and gave some to Les to work on Davids cock. David told Will to exit the bed and come to me. I had Will sit on my lap so we could watch David and Les

David ordered Les to crawl up to him. David grabbed Les’s head on both sides and pulled his mouth to his and kissed him deep. David pushed Les up a little and told him he was gonna put his whole 10″ black cock in his ass all by himself starting with lining it up for entry. All Les said was “Yes sir”. Les reached between his legs and lined up Davids cock to his anus and pushed down until just the head broke the ring open. Les gasp and stopped, David ordered not to come off, he could stop but do come off. Les nodded to David.

Will was kissing my neck and face and ears and licking out my ears. He dropped to my chest and stopped at my nipples and started sucking them. Les started lowering his ass on Davids cock again. He got a few more inches in and grimaced as in pain and stopped but didn’t come off any. Les caught his breathe and continued on again taking another inch, he had about 6 inches in and was spreading that ass wide. David moved his hips a tiny bit and Les moaned loud. Will slid to his knees in front of me between my legs and started licking my cock and balls. Les started moving again on shaky legs and took another inch and stopped.

He lay down to kiss David’s chest. David pushed him up and told him there was about 2 inches left and he was going to take it all this time. Les shook him head yes and said “Yes sir”. David grabbed Les’s nipples as Les took a deep breath and prepared himself to take that black cock to the root. Les took another deep breath and sat all the way down taking the whole big fat black cock in his ass and he fell on David’s chest and yelled. David told him he knew he could take it and he was so proud of him for doing it as he rubbed, squeezed, and slapped Les ass cheeks.

Will had taken my cock head in his mouth and was working his way down enjoying my meat in his mouth and the show going on on the bed. Les was turning into a submissive cock hound. Les started to slowly move his ass on David’s cock and moaned as he moved it up until just the head was left in his ass. Les lowered himself down back on to David fat cock and David pulled him down to him and rolled him over on the bed and lay down on top of him. David raised up and grabbed each of Les’s ankles in his hands and spread his legs wide and pulled out till his cock was almost out.

Les was screaming for David to shove it back in. David did in one swift move, all the way in balls slapping. David dropped his arms to behind Les’s knees and rolled him up till his ass was in just the right position. David turned around across the bed and let Les head hang off the side. I got up and went to the side of the bed where Les head was hanging off and stepped up to his mouth. when Les saw me he automatically opened his mouth. He was turned! He had become a slave to big black cock. David pulled out and started stroking in and out of Les’s ass as I fucked his mouth with each plunge by David. I snapped my fingers to Will and had him come over and kneel over Les and suck his cock. David and double fucked Les till we both came, David in his ass and me in his mouth. He had jizz running out of both holes even after trying to swallow it all.

David lay beside Les and I on the other side. David was telling Les and Will what awesome boys they were as he stroked there skin. David’s phone went off so went to answer it. He came back and said he had to make quick run but he’d be back. When he left the room i asked the boys if one wanted to go with him. Will quickly volunteered. When David came back he said he was going to be right back, I told him Will wanted to go and Will just smiled. I ask David if he downloaded the app and said he had. I asked David if he needed clothes and he said no, his truck has super dark window tint. I got out a prize for Will and greased up and shoved 2 remote control vibrating eggs in his ass. David and Will left and left Les and I alone. Les and I went to the shower and got cleaned up and cleaned out.

Les dried me off and we retired to the bedroom again. I had Les straddle me with his face at my cock and balls. I ordered Les to get started on my cock and he better a good job. He started licking and nibbling on my cock and tracing the veins with his tongue. I reached over and got the butt plug, lubed it up and shoved it in, it went in much easier. I reached over to my phone and hit the button and it started vibrating and Les took my whole cock in his mouth all the way to the root. I put the vibrator program on auto and let it run.

Les was moaning with his mouth full of my black cock. The contrast between his white skin and my black skin was fantastic. I told him it was my lucky night when they decided to come by me and they had the flat. He removed my cock from his mouth and said “Thank you sir”. My phone went notification off and I see a video chat from David.

David was holding his phone so Les and me could see Will deep throating his black cock. I let Les see how good Will was doing and Les really went to town on mine. Up and down Les went, pulling off and licking the precum from my slit, then licking his lips and running his tongue around the head and working his way down again and playing with my big nuts at the same time. Les had really turned into a black cock addict, he just couldn’t get enough. He was all the way down and using his throat muscles to milk the head of my cock. I reached to Les ass and rotated the butt plug and he moved his ass in pleasure.

I removed the plug and set it to the side. I pulled Les up to me to kiss him and let the head of my cock lay against his hole and he moaned when he felt my cock at the hole. Les moved down on my cock and slowly moved all the way down until he had taken it all. I rotated my hips so my cock would hit everywhere in Les’s ass. Les was starting to moan loudly now. I put 3 fingers in his mouth to silence him. As he started getting into the rhythm I started fucking my big black cock into his hole and he continued sucking my fingers.

I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed some suction cups for his nipples. I placed one then the other and then thumped each one. Les moaned in ecstasy. I grabbed Les and rolled him over and pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. I pulled his legs back until his ass was in the perfect position to pile drive that ass. I held his legs back as I pounded in and out of the ass, rotating my hips on the deep stroke so Les would feel my big back cock everywhere in his ass making a memory never to be forgotten. I could feel my cum building and I went balls deep and stopped, filling his ass with my cum.

When I finished filling his ass I lay down on Les and let him kiss all over my face and neck. I reached around behind Les and picked him up and moved further back up in the bed and we lay down facing each other. Les lay facing me and reached around and was playing with my ass with big black cock still buried deep. He told me he loved me and I was right, it was their lucky night when our paths crossed last night.

I slowly pulled my cock from Les ass and placed the butt plug in, then thump the suction cups on his nipples. Les was still moaning. About this time David and Will walked into the room. David told me Les and Will were a good find. David also told me he was going to have to clean out my truck bed, he and Will had a little fun there, I guess that’s why they came in naked. I called Will around to the edge of the bed and told him to turn, I reached out to Will and removed the eggs. David said they’d been in the whole time except when he was fucking Wills ass.

I told Will to lay with his head to the foot of the bed and Les to service his cock and balls with his ass to the end of the bed. David stepped to the end of the bed with his nuts handing over Wills mouth. David reached down and moved the plug around in Les ass and pulled it out and shoved it in while Les was sucking Wills cock.

When David removed the plug it popped loudly. David stepped forward placing just the head of his cock in Les’s ass. I knelt on the bed and instructed Les to roll Wills hips forward and line my cock up to his ass after getting my cock wet for Will. Les jumped to follow the orders, he was learning very very well. Les took my cock and placed the head at Wills pucker and said you are in position sir. I pushed forward, and Wills ass opened for me. I stopped and ordered the boys to work their holes on their master’s cocks. As they worked their holes David and I both moved until we were balls deep in the boy’s holes.

Will still had David’s nuts his mouth as he fucked Les deep and long. I ordered Les to use his chin and pull Wills balls and cock up and to spit in Wills crack and let it run down. When Les was done I ordered him to take Wills dick and balls in his mouth. David and I really started fucking the boys asses faster and harder feeling our cum building until we shot loads that filled the boys asses and started coming out around cocks. We slowly pulled our cocks from the boys asses and got another butt plug and plugged both their holes.

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