Held Captive

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I made a mistake ending up here. Here in this bedroom, in a flat belonging to two, young attractive women, chained to one of their beds. Handcuffed. I really shouldn’t have taken that photo of those two’s arses. I’m not a pervert. I’m just a typical young male, with a penchant for the rear end of the opposite sex. These two girls, Danielle and Amy, both had backsides that would have provided excellent wanking material, had I not been caught snapping them in the street on the way to the shop as I passed them. They’ve lived in the flat below me for a few months, and although I knew them as sort-of acquaintances, I barely spoke to them. Until today, when I found out plenty about them to tell a long story.

Danielle is fairly short, with long flowing blonde hair and a tight ghetto booty, whilst Amy, the one I’ve had my eye on more, is tall, light brown haired and curvy. She wouldn’t be described as fat but that arse! It has a great size and her legs go right into it! And the way they both wear tight clothing as well just compliments them perfectly. They are both of twenty years of age.

Earlier today, I was walking back from the shop after I’d taken those photos, when Amy called me into their flat as I walked past. She was wearing a brown tank top with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of skin tight blue jeans, uneccessarily bound to her figure by a brown leather belt. “Could you help us out? Our TV’s not working” I obliged and went in. Amy led me into the bedroom, my eye on that arse, which seemingly belongs to Danielle, where Danielle was waiting, also wearing skinny blue jeans and a stripey blue vest. Suddenly they both grabbed me and dragged me onto the bed. Obviously I struggled but they threw me onto the bed. They got me on my back. Amy pinned me down with surprising strength and held my arms up whilst Danielle pulled out a pair of handcuffs, pulled the chains around the bedpost and locked my two wrists in the cuffs. I was imprisoned by these two girls.

“We’ll teach you to take photos of us, you fucking perv!” Amy said, not angrily, but almost sinister in a playfull way, with a smirk on her face. Shit! They must have seen me with my phone out somehow.

“Come on, Dani.” Amy said, and she left the room, Danielle following her, before turning around and grinning.

“We’re off to discuss your punishment” Danielle grinned. They both left, laughing. So here I was, unsure what these sexy but sinister girls would do to me.

I lay there for half an hour until Amy and Danielle both came in the room. They closed the door behind them and stood side by side, observing me, their prisoner, smiling, before Danielle turned to Amy and asked “so who’s going first then?”

“I think I will.” Amy replied. “I can feel one coming on…” she grinned.

Then Amy strutted over, shaking her hips as she walked to the bed. She walked onto it and stood over me, looking down at me, her legs apart and mine between hers. “We’ll see how much you get turned on over my…” and then she turned around, bent over so I could see the clear shape of her arse, and slapped it with her hands twice “…big bum!” Then she thrust her arse onto my face and shuffled it round for a moment. Then suddenly…PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT! She let out a massive fart! She got off me and climbed off the bed laughing. My God, the stench! Despite it’s poisonous odour, this was quite a turn on. Punishment by backside! Perfect! I felt an erection coming on.

“My God, Amy!” laughed Danielle wafting her nose with her hand. “You sure you haven’t shat yourself?”

Amy then put her right hand down the back of her jeans and moved it around for a moment. “Hmm…no, I haven’t followed through just yet. Although I was worried my thong isn’t still intact, can’t be arsed changing my knickers right now, when I’m having fun.” Thy both laughed.

“Here, let me have a go!” demanded Danielle, and she walked over onto the bed. “This guy might still want to wank over my bum bum. I don’t want that!” Then she turned round, slapped her bum once and sat down perfectly on my face. PPPPPFFFFFRRRRRRTTTTT! Not as huge as Amy’s rip roaring fart, but Danielle still released a deadly torrent of toxic air onto my nose. The smell of shit in the air only got worse, and my boner became even larger. Danielle got off me and off the bed, and returned to Amy.

“I think I’m winning this contest!” teased Amy.

“You would, with your fat arse!”

“Quiet you, or I’ll sit on your face next!”

“Maybe we should ask him.” Suggested Danielle. “Who’s better at farting, me or Amy?” I didn’t answer.

Amy looked concentrated, then said, almost with excitement, “Well whoever’s better, he’s fucking enjoying it!” She must have seen my hard-on! “Has the little man popped up?” she laughed, walking over. “Does this make you horny, baby?”. She climbed on the bed and straddled my crotch. “Do our bum-bums make you want to do this to us?” And she started bouncing up Göztepe Escort and down, dry humping where my penis was behind my clothes. She made orgasm noises. “Oohhhhhh! Ooohhh yeah! Oh baby!” Danielle was trying not to laugh. “Yee-ha! Giddy up cowboy!” she yelled. Then she stopped, turned around and sat on my face again. PFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRTTTTTTT! Another huge fart. She moaned, almost with ecstacy. She got off the bed.

“Bit of a turn on?” asked Danielle. Watch this!” And then Danielle came over, onto the bed again. She got on her elbows and knees with her limbs either side of my body, her arse facing me. Then she started shifting back and forth, her backside rhythmically smothering my face. She started rubbing it with her left hand. “Mmmmm, you like this don’t you? I can see your hard dick!” Every gyration was making me hornier. Then she rammed her ghetto booty into my face. PPPPPPPPPFFFFFFRRRRT! Bigger than the last one. She burst out laughing.

By now I was so turned on. I just wanted to release this strong sexual urge. I couldn’t jack off because my hands were bound. I was even hoping that one of them would rape me. But no. They just kept on sitting on my face, in their skin tight jeans, with their perfectly shaped arses, and farting me, using these arses as tools of punishment. The actual farting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but this sense of restriction was so painful.

Then Amy said to me. “I feel a bit sorry for you now. So I’m gonna be nice this time, and I’m gonna humiliate you as much as I’m gonna humiliate myself.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, until she turned to Danielle and said “I can feel the gas starting to go…but the drinks in my system have yet to leave me…”

Danielle instantly knew what her cryptic message meant, as she nervously laughed like a naughty schoolgirl and said “Amy! No way! You’re not gonna? Don’t tell me you’re gonna?!”

Amy just smiled and she climbed back onto the bed and straddled me. She violently thrust her crotch in my face. “Have a sip of this!” she smirked.

“Amy! Oh my god!” giggled Danielle in the background. The fabric of her jeans was pressed right against my nose. Suddenly this fabric started to dampen and dampen and…my God! She was pissing herself! She let out a little laugh as her pee seeped through her jeans and all over me. Danielle just giggled even more. “I can’t believe you Amy!”

Whatever she drank, she drank a lot of, as it was coming out by the gallon! Her crotch still pressed against my nose, the strong musky odur of piss was strong. It gradually stopped. “Aaah…that’s better. I’ve been needing that!” and she got off me. As she got off the bed I saw that her jeans were darker, stained with her piss. “See? We’re both humiliated now.” she said in an almost patronising way. “I piss myself, and I piss on you. We’re even now!” I certainly felt more damp than I did before she straddled me! “Now, I’d better clean myself. Change my trousers and my, er, underwear.” She sounded hesistant when she said ‘underwear’. I wondered why…

Then from nowhere, Danielle’s arse was pressed against my face. PPPPPPPPFFFFFFFRRRRRTTTTTT!!! “And I need a shit as you can tell” she giggled, “but I’ll be using an actual toilet, not a person. Or my knickers.” she ribbed at Amy. And they both left the room.

About ten minutes later, I heard hysterical laughter draw closer to the bedroom, until the door opened and Amy, who was now wearing a grey pair of skin tight jeans, and Danielle were back again. Danielle was carrying plastic bag with thing in which she placed on the floor. Amy had a black object in her hand. She held it out with both hands, and it turned out to be her piss sodden thong, even more black that it usually is due to the dampness. “I know you want to smell this. Smell my pissy knickers!” she laughed. And she came over and forced it under my nose, that strong stench of Amy’s piss entering my nostrils again. But every time she moved, there was a strange crinkling noise.

She removed her soiled thong and stood back next to Danielle. “OK, as you know I don’t always use the toilet when I need to”. Both girls giggled mischievously before Amy continued. “So I feel that if I can’t use the big girl’s toilet, then I don’t deserve to wear knickers like a big girl. So…”. And then she began unbuttoning her jeans, and pulled the zipper down. She whipped the skinny trousers down, and she revealed herself to be wearing a nappy! An actual nappy, like what babies wear! This girl was actually insane! And that explains the crinkling noise. She pulled the jeans from her feet and stood up tall, her nappy strapped to her hips. “Now. The reason me and Dani have so much wind,” she giggled “Is because when we were deciding your punishment, we decided it over lunch. And for lunch, we had curry. Explains our arses doesn’t it?” and she sniffed, emphasising the copious amount of farts both Amy and Danielle did. “We’re gonna be nice and un-handcuff İstanbul Escort you for a bit, because when you eat, what goes in must come out. And, well, when what comes out does come out, I’m gonna need someone to change me. You. Like now, for example.”

And with that she took a deep breath before screwing her face wide shut. I didn’t believe what was happening for a moment, but it was happening. She was using the nappy she was wearing! She was filling it, filling it with shit. She was filling the already putrid air with that unmistakable smell of human feces. “UNNNNNGGGG” she emited, getting this shit out of her shapely arse before that sigh that everyone does when they’ve just released a massive log.

On the other side of the bed, Danielle was freeing me from the handcuffs. “Oh my God Amy, oh my fucking God!” Danielle shouted, half amused, half horrified.

Amy stopped screwing her face up and a sudden smile appeared. “Oopsie! I did a poopsie!” she laughed. I got up. “Dani, I won’t lay on your bed in case it gets messy!”

She lay down on the floor. Danielle came round the bed and stood next to us. “In the bag” she pointed, and I grabbed the bag. In it was a pack of Pampers, nappies which I was suprised fit round her large booty, and some baby wipes. I undid the straps on her nappy, holding my nose, then pulled the nappy from under her. I turned her over, pulled out some baby wipes and wiped her shitty arse, which took longer than it should have done. Danielle was fairly quiet, observing what was going on. Then I turned Amy on her back again, pulled out a fresh nappy from the already open packet and slid it under her. I pulled the front of it over her crotch and slowly put the straps on. Then she grabbed the used nappy and shoved it in my face. “Smear my shit!” she chortled. I was trying to hold my nose from her mess but was struggling. She used the nappy well, as there was a lot of shit in it. Danielle laughed. Well this is it, I thought! This is too much to handle.

I got up, and grabbed Danielle, whilst Amy was still on the floor. She was startled. “What are you doing?!” she yelped as I rugby tackled her onto her back, on the bed.

“Get the fuck off her!” Amy shouted as she got up. I grabbed the open cuffs off the floor, pulled the chain round the bedpost and as quick as I could, bound Danielle to the bedpost, just as Amy dived onto me, the nappy crinkling erratically as she moved.

“Fucking hell, let me go!” Danielle shouted. I fell off the bed and then grabbed Amy by her waist, and carried her.

She put up a struggle. I opened the door slowly and carried Amy out of the room and down the hall, through the second door on the right, which turned out to be Amy’s bedroom. “Get off me! Fuck’s sake, get off me!” I told her to shut up, and thrust my crotch into her arse, the nappy crinkling loudly, and I carried her across the room, the floor strewn with soiled clothing, including her thongs. I pushed her onto her back, onto the bed and I pinned her down as I grabbed a black leather belt. She still kept struggling but I managed to reach it. I grabbed both her arms and then tied them in a tight knot, looping around the back of the bedpost. I got up off her and left the room, and I could tell she was trying to break free because I could hear the bed violently creaking, and her nappy crinkling along with it.

I went back into Danielle’s bedroom where she was almost patiently cuffed. “Sad bastard, let me go!” she insisted. I reached into the bag and pulled out a nappy, and then I jumped onto the bed and straddled her. I undid the button on her jeans and then the zipper, and pulled them off to reveal a red thong. I sniffed the gusset for a moment and then I literally ripped the thong off. “You’re gonna pay for that, that thong cost money!” I simply continued to smell the ripped thong, then threw it across the room. I slid the nappy under her arse, pulled up the front and strapped her up. “So you’re making me piss and shit myself? Big fucking deal!” she goaded, and I left the room, back to Amy, back to the one with that fine booty who I had masturbated over so many times.

Should I force myself onto her? After all, I was feeling very fucking horny, and she had humiliated me many times already. I didn’t stop to make my decision as I entered the room, where she was still struggling to break lose. “Fucking untie me, I’m fucking warning you!” she commanded, clearly feeling degraded. Or else what, you’re gonna sit on my face again, I goaded back. “You’ll have to let me go at some point, and when you do – ” But her sentence was cut by her yelping as I jumped onto the bed. I licked my finger and ran it up and down the gusset of her nappy, that crinkling noise ever present. She was stunned into silence, wondering what it was I was doing. I kept rubbing the nappy, and I asked her why she chose to wear one if she wanted to humiliate me and not herself. “Well, I’ve always had a fetish Anadolu Yakası Escort for wearing nappies.” she reluctantly explained, clearly backed into a corner. “Ever since my mum’s ex-boyfriend forced me into them when I was a teenager.” Her mum’s ex-boyfriend? Why? “He was hot, and one time I had this guy round and we ended up shagging. I must have been about fifteen. Anyway, my mum’s ex heard it all, and the next day he accused me of being a slut, so he dragged me into my bedroom, laid me out on the bed, tore off my trousers and my knickers and put one on me. At first I was horrified but then I thought there was something sexual about the way some guy is down there, in your personal area. It’s just so…” then she stretched out, making an orgasmic gasp.

She then went on to explain, “He actually threatened to rape me if I didn’t wear nappies when he made me. Of course, because I was so sexually aroused by the nappies at this point, I didn’t bother changing back into normal knickers. But then, I kind of wanted him to force himself onto me, so one time, I sneakily put my knickers back on and let myself get caught. He ended up dragging me into the garage, tying me up and he stuck his penis in me. I had to pretend that I was scared, but I just wanted sex with him and didn’t want my mum to find out I had come onto him.” Wow, this is one fucked up girl! No wonder she’s so…weird. “When he let me wear knickers again, I started wearing thongs, started sleeping around a lot more. I would get sex off different guys three, maybe four times a week. I fucking love sex, and especially fetishes.”

Then Amy’s mood darkened. “He tied me up…just like you have. I know you want to rape me.” I didn’t know what to say. “Don’t even lie.” She looked down towards her crotch. “You want to stick that massive boner in there, don’t you? You want to punish me. Punish me!” I was really resisting the urge. But then, she said something that made me break all restraint. She said, half seductive, half desperate, “It’s about time you got your revenge on me. After all, I can’t imagine what you must have been through, laid out there on that bed, nowhere to run as my big fat arse is firmly pressed against your face. Oh, how I get aroused and how wet my tight little thong in my tight trousers gets whenever the nose of someone has their nose right up my buttocks!”

That was it! I tore her nappy off and threw it across the room. She looked startled. I undid my trousers and pulled them down to reveal a hugely erect penis. Then without hesitation I rammed it into her pussy. In and out, back and forth, mercilessly pounding at that wet clit. I started grunting at her about how she’s humiliated me, and how I’m enjoying this revenge. How she has to face my dick now. She moaned in delight, not even bothering to go along with this farce of me pretending to rape her, she was enjoying it. In and out. Back and forth. Violently thrusting into her pussy. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. “Oh fuck! Fuck yes!” she squealed in delight. Harder. Faster. Harder. HARDER. HARDER…I felt the climax come. I quickly grabbed the nappy that she still hadn’t used, pulled out and as I came I used the inside as a sort of tissue to ejaculate into. Then I slid it under her. She looked bemused and reluctant, but didn’t put up much resistance. I strapped the nappy back on and patted the gusset. Then I undid the belt, freeing her. She stood up. She was now walking round with my cum in her nappy. “Wow, that was…” Her speech trailed off in amazement. I asked her if she liked it. “Fuck yeah!” Then I remembered about Danielle. I told Amy to wait.

I went back into Danielle’s room and she was laid on the bed, seemingly given up on trying to escape, the nappy still bound to her. I told her she was going to be freed, as I had decided she was a big girl. I went into her draw and, wading through the amount of thongs in there, came across a pair of white bikini briefs she clearly hadn’t worn in a while. I told her she could now wear big girl pants, but not thongs. So I took the nappy off, threw it across the room and slid the bikini briefs on her. She just rolled her eyes. Then I grabbed her discarded blue jeans, slid them up her legs and did up the button and zipper. Lastly, I pulled the key for the handcuffs from her jeans pocket and freed her. “Ah, I hate wearing these knickers.” she moaned. “I don’t feel sexy in them.” I pointed out the VPL she now had and found it sexy, and slapped her arse. “Ooh, you cheeky fucker!” she teased.

Amy came in, the nappy crinkling. “Just come for my jeans.” and she picked them up, pulled them on and did them up. “What a day it’s been, eh, Dani?” she asked.

Danielle just laughed. “Nice curry, wasn’t it?” the blonde girl joked.

Then Amy turned to me and said “one last punishment for me.” Then she bent over. “Give this a spank.” So I slapped her arse and she squealed in delight.

What a strange turn of events. But now I have a great fuck buddy in Amy. It’s constant sex, and we adhere to each other’s fetishes. It’s great. She still likes to sit on my face and fart, and sometimes wear nappies, but there’s no bondage involved this time! No doubt I’ll have a couple more stories about her to tell you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32