Hard Workout

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Ch 1 — The Gym

Struck with a libido level that would put a teenager to shame; Helen tossed aside the copy of Fifty Shades she was reading. While not too keen on the idea of bondage, she was captivated by the submissive elements of the story. In fact, she was so captivated that a change in underwear had become a necessity.

Not the sort of thing that a woman of her standing in the community back home should be susceptible to. But then, she wasn’t at home, was she? Helen gripped her mons through her panties, like a man scratching his nuts, and cast a baleful glance at the book.

It was one of the things she liked about her job; that she could leave her uptight peers at home, fly to the other side of the country and let her hair down with complete anonymity. Plus she then had the added pleasure of sharing her tales of lust and depravity with Kelly.

Still, fingers were not what she needed right now. Perhaps later, around midnight, she would get Bob out for a run and do another chapter. But for now, she decided, a healthy workout in the hotel gym was what she needed most. No books, no toys, no fingers, just honest sweat, she told herself.

The scent of her sex was strong as she pulled off her panties and Helen contemplated a shower before going to the gym but decided that was just a waste of water as she would be all hot and sweaty again soon anyway. Besides, no one else would know.

She blamed Kelly for her current state of mind and body though; because it was Kelly that had given her the damn book in the first place — complete with crusty pages! She smirked at the thought even as she pulled slick spandex over her own naked stickiness.

From her room near the top floor, it was a quick ride up to the gym. However, to her dismay, a note on the door said, “electronic key system not working, please obtain a hard key from the concierge desk“.

Muttering a string of unladylike curses, Helen stomped back to the elevator and rode it down to the lobby of the Embassy Suites Hotel. Stepping from the elevator, a final profanity escaped her lips when she noticed the bar was still packed with people and even overflowing into the lobby area. Damn, looks like I missed a good one, she lamented.

On a normal night, this is where she would have been; chatting with a man in uniform or a fellow traveler. But today had been the designated team-building day, which she always skipped. It wasn’t team-building; it was golf for the guys and bonding drinks at a strip club afterward.

And while Helen was always up for a visit to a strip club and all that that entailed, golf just frustrated her to tears; so, she had passed and opted for a movie followed by dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The movie had been okay, but the food had been divine and she had lingered over a glass of red wine and second helpings.

The end result of that, however, was that she missed the start of happy hour and any chance at first dibs on the loose men or soldiers that always showed up for the half-price booze. So, instead, she skipped the lobby by entering through a side door and went straight up to her room for a quiet night and a bit of reading.

Surveying the scene now though, Helen spotted a couple of hot blonde twins, surrounded by empty glasses, hitting on their waiter. Poor man, she thought wistfully as she stood next to a couple of broad-shouldered hunks speaking to the concierge. The thought, Mmm, nice popped into her head, and acting on impulse, she arched her back before asking over the top of them for a gym key.

The concierge looked up, checked out her tits, and placed a key on his counter without as much as a word. Helen didn’t know if she should be piqued or pleased, but after a moment’s consideration, and the key within her reach, she opted for pleased.

Suppressing a giggle, she muttered her thanks and purposefully brushed her right arm and breast against the closest guy as she reached past him for the key. He also threw her tits a glance and she was immensely pleased to see him then elbow his buddy as she turned away. She was a sucker for well-dressed men.

Helen threw a glance at the blonde twins, and sure enough, they had her fixed with a predatory glare that said: ‘back off bitch, we’re hunting here tonight!’ This was a game she knew oh so well, and she played it to the hilt by flicking her long red hair over her shoulder as she sashayed off, nipples awake and pointing the way.

She could feel the heat of the men’s eyes burning into her ass and eating up her figure as she headed for the elevator. Eat your hearts out, girls, spandex wins hands down. Score one for me, she said to herself as the doors opened and she reluctantly headed back up to the gym for another try at the door.

Located on the top floor of the hotel, the gym had a general use three-lane lap-pool, two crappy old pushbike things, and a small area for weights training. But beyond almanbahis adres the pool, there was a second door that led to an executive-only spa area that Helen’s key-card should open – if the electronic lock was working.

The executive spa area was only available to gold cardholders and contained various body-building stuff and running machines. There were also steam and sauna rooms. The weight training section was well equipped and came complete with a wall-to-wall mirror and a large yoga mat exercise area. It also sported a magnificent view of the city night-lights which the treadmills were positioned to take advantage of.

Helen really hoped the door would open as she didn’t fancy peddling for half an hour on a pissy pushbike while in the public area. And she sure didn’t want to contend with any late-night drunk explorers whose only aim was to perv on her ass. She tried her key-card on the door.

On the first tap, a red LED lit up and she thought with dismay that it too might have failed, so she tried the physical key but also to no avail. However, the second tap of her card resulted in a green LED followed by a loud click as the door swung free, granting admittance to the executive haven.

With a sigh of relief, Helen let herself in and headed towards the treadmills with a plan to put in some serious miles while gazing at the city’s night lights. Intent on the view, she failed to notice that the door behind her did not latch closed. A quick glance around suggested that she was alone so Helen paused to examine her trim 5’9″ body in the wall mirror.

A woman with blue eyes on a high cheekbone face framed with long red hair stared back at her. Taking a scrunchie off her wrist, she pulled her hair into a tight ponytail and cast a critical eye over her body. She had a natural set of full-bodied 32C tits, that she was proud of as the nipples still pointed north. Down lower was a taut belly, which she worked hard at keeping and long legs that any man would like to follow home.

Happy with what she saw, Helen did a few stretching exercises and then stepped onto the nearest machine. Wanting just a good walk to dull the frustrations from the book, Helen set the machine for 3-miles with an incline of 3 percent. That should do me, she thought as she set off.

After 35 minutes the machine beeped twice to let her know the 3-miles was complete. Faster than she had intended, but that was because having thought of the book at the start she had spent the last thirty minutes or so speed walking through various fantasies. She was now worse off than when she had started. “Damn Kelly and her fucking book!” she said to the machine but smiled as she stepped off.

Well, so much for a de-frustrating walk, she mused as she eyed off the steam and sauna rooms. She hadn’t heard a sound from anyone during her walk so she figured if anyone was loitering there they were probably dead by now. But she checked them both to be sure.

Satisfied no one was in the place and disdaining the change-room, Helen stripped off her spandex gear, grabbed a clean fluffy-blue hotel towel, and stepped into the steam room. Straight away she was assaulted by a wave of hot wet air that crawled over her skin. After tossing the towel on a stone bench, she stood in the middle of the room, arms spread wide, and embraced the humidity.

Her forehead gave in first as beads of perspiration popped up across her brow. That was soon followed by a prickly sensation forming on her scalp as it too rushed to produce sweat in an attempt to cool her body. Resisting the sudden urge to scratch at her hair, she turned in a slow circle, chasing the hottest parts of the air while waiting for the rest of her body to catch up and burst into a sweat.

Maybe I can purge my dirty thoughts through my skin, she chuckled to herself. After her session on the treadmill and five minutes of sweltering in the steam room, Helen’s heart was racing and she was ready for a bit of a sit-down. Wiping an area of condensation from the glass door, Helen peeped out to be sure no one was there and made a naked dash from the steam room.

The cool air of the gym washed over her as she tossed the first towel in the hamper and grabbed a fresh one from the rack. “Time to bake my soul,” she said to the sauna door as she tugged her hair out of its ponytail and flicked it free.

On opening the door, heat again assaulted her body, but this was a much drier desert-like heat. Using the wooden ladle, Helen tossed a generous amount of water onto the sauna’s hot rocks. They hissed into life with a burst of steam.

Satisfied with that, she chose a bench on the second level directly opposite the door, spread out her towel, and sat on its edge. This way, Helen could monitor the window in the door and if the need arose she could wrap the towel around her waist with a quick flip of the wrist.

Yes, it would still leave her tits exposed, but she didn’t mind that almanbahis adresi at all. A thrill raced through her body at the thought of being caught and she subconsciously touched herself. She had always delighted in the feeling of secret public nudity and the possibility of exposure.

One time she had sat at the back of a church with her top pulled down and her breasts revealed for the duration of the service. Her then-boyfriend had been aghast but had remained at her side; the sex afterward had been fucking amazing.

“What are the chances of anyone seeing me at this time of night,” Helen asked the empty sauna? “None!” she replied to her own question as she cupped her breasts and thumbed the nipples. Both nubs sprang to life and hardened under her touch. “Just me and the girls.”

Closing her eyes, Helen drew her hands down across her flat stomach, over her thin-trimmed mound of silky soft hair, and on to each inner thigh. A familiar tightening in her loins made her muscles tense and snap her legs closed to trap both her hands. She squirmed on her towel and a smile broke her lips.

Her body wanted to trap something between her legs, that was for sure. Arching her back to jut out her ample tits, she felt the tickle of sweat beads as they broke out all over her body. That story had gotten to her more than she thought and giving in to the fantasies of her mind she pushed her legs apart.

She saw herself exposed to a couple of strangers, the hunks from the concierge desk, and she saw them drooling and stroking themselves while they gaped at her. It was a decadent thought and she felt her pussy twitch in anticipation. Both sported fat dicks, but one had shaved off his pubic hair and his cock was a real weapon. Her imagination drooled.

Helen almost drooled too and releasing her legs, she raked fingernails over the insides of her thighs. This then sent tingling sensations straight to her pussy which did drool. She continued drawing the lines of fire until two fingers of one hand slipped between her lips and scratched her itch in no uncertain manner.

At the same time, two beads of perspiration converged into one at the top of her cleavage and plunged through in a tickling passage that worked its way down to her belly button, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake. With her eyes still shut tight, she wiped the bead away with juice-soaked fingers and then brought her hand to her face.

She imagined the shaved guy wanting to touch her and taking a step closer to inhale her scent. A scent she had been working on all evening from book to sauna to fingers. After all, she did like to smell the part when she was about to get fucked. A right proper slut, I am, she said to herself and took a quick smell of her fingers to confirm it.

Grinning like a schoolgirl, Helen returned one hand to her twat and used the other to further tweak her already rock-hard nipples. She plunged her fingers deep inside, finger fucking herself as only a woman can do. Her body responded with a slight convulsion and she urged her knees further apart so as to give her two imaginary friends a better view of the action.

With a soft moan, Helen opened her eyes for a nervous glance at the room before setting to work on her impending orgasm. She had never done it in a sauna before and had to admit the setting was perfect. A hot sweaty room for hot sweaty deeds and as her hands slithered all over her body she wondered why she had never thought of it before.

Her pussy was aching with need, her clit throbbing and her juices running like a tap. In short, after only five minutes in the sauna, she was a mess. And she was loving every second of it too. Her fingers flew from point to point to clit and back until she settled on a hip-bucking rhythm with one hand on her breast and the other snuggled deep inside her hot wet center.

She paused to take a long sniff of her fingers and to taste them too as she imagined the shaved guy doing just that. It was almost enough to tip her over the edge, but not quite. Helen returned her fingers to duty and rubbed her clitoris with renewed vigor. A louder moan escaped her lips as her other hand joined the first and entered her.

In moments she was knuckle-deep in an attempt to simulate the enormous cock of the imagined stranger. He was stretching her to a delightful level and her mind flicked to an image from the book of herself with hands tied behind her back and this massive cock fucking the shit out of her.

Helen trembled at the thought but this was her tipping point and as her juices flowed freely around her hand she pinched her clit hard between thumb and finger. She increased the tempo of her finger-fuck while imagining the ramming cock plunging in deeper and harder with each grunt from its owner.

As she approached her orgasm, Helen muttered to herself the words that she knew shaved-guy wanted to hear. And, truth be told, imagining his big fat cock almanbahis adresi in her right now, she wanted to hear them too.

“Fuck me” she whispered. And hearing that small sound in the room she followed it with a resounding declaration of “FUCK ME!” as her orgasm exploded over fingers and hand. Helen threw back her head, and with her fingers deeply entrenched in her hot steamy pussy, she rode her after orgasm sensations into the ground. God, I’m dirty tonight, she thought. What the hell was going on?

Ch 2 — Exposed

Feeling a little sated, but also very hot and sweaty, Helen moved down to the cooler lower level and spread her towel over the bench. She may have cum, but that had not even touched the sides of her real itch. She wanted to be fucked, and right now the only candidate was imaginary.

Should have gone to the bar, she berated herself. Should have, could have, read a stupid book instead!

Flat on her back, Helen closed her eyes, drew her knees up and flopped them wide apart as she imagined the return of shaved-guy and his weapon of pleasure. Should have brought BoB down here. With fresh batteries, she giggled silently.

Her fingers skipped over smooth sweaty skin and toyed with her lips before she dropped her index finger between them. Pushing in deep, she wiggled it back and forth in a lazy motion as her eyes closed and let thoughts of sex rule her mind.

Hands touching her, exploring, probing and invading her private spaces. Her nipples pinched, twisted and abused. Big dicks, little dicks any kind of dick would do as long as the owner took control and fucked her!

And there it was, the truth of the matter and why she felt so antsy. Lying on her back, with a finger in her pussy while pondering the night’s events, it came to her at last; control.

Helen wanted someone to take control and master her. Just like in the book; a man to teach and instruct her in the art of being a good little toy. A man who would brook nothing but obedience in return. Her stomach turned a somersault, and she liked the way it felt.

But did she really want to lose herself in a sexual experience that she had no control over? To be whisked off to a level where events unfolded and she just accepted them as a requirement of her master. Her master?

A shudder ripped through her body, but Helen couldn’t tell if it was from anticipation or fear of that thought. Nevertheless, she fingered herself with a little more passion than before and started to pluck and twist at her nipples too.

How far would she go, how far could she go, she pondered as she played with herself. Breaking into a big grin, Helen raised a slick hand to her face and sucked hard on her middle finger.

One thing was for sure though, she already had a dirty mind, so the next step shouldn’t be too hard. Ball gags she could do, they had to be easier than dirty panties and she had already tried those: and cum hard during the event while being taken from behind.

She shook her shoulders while thinking of restraints. Handcuffs, pink fluffy ones or cable ties! Yes, cheap and nasty ties with her arms pinned behind her back and her tits free to be groped.

Titty slapping, a master would want to do that, without a doubt. Men always wanted to be rough with the boobs, and it couldn’t be any worse than a sound butt paddling with a slipper, which she had also already accomplished.

She squirmed at that memory, though. Of her shrieks and sobs and then final acceptance of the spanking before she had experienced some real dynamite sex. Yes, I could do spankings too, she agreed to herself as her index finger returned to its previous home.

What if he wanted to share her? Or just ordered her to fuck and suck a friend while he watched? A shiver of anticipation ran through her body at the thought of performing for a limited audience. It would be so decadent, depraved and very, very sexy. Maybe even group copulation, she was up for an orgy.

Helen slipped in two fingers while her thumb did a clitty-jig as she recalled her wild university days. Free love, indeed. We drank more than we studied and fucked more than we drank, she sighed, recalling one memorable night with Kelly, Syndy and her, plus five gung-ho college guys.

Yeah, sign me up for multiple strangers, Helen said to her oversexed mind. Kelly always said I was a bigger slut than she was. I guess this proves it!

The hot sauna air seeped into her bones and prickled her skin. She could feel her body pushing out sweat as if she were wringing a sponge. Helen’s body was indeed purging itself of the day’s tensions, if not the deviant thoughts. The only thing missing now was a good scotch and a good man – master. A Master with a couple of friends perhaps, she mused.

She let both her thoughts and hands roam and envisaged him holding her from behind. His cock hard against her bottom and words of lust and perversion in her ear as he trapped her wrists against the small of her back in a one-handed grip.

His other hand around her neck fingers holding but not squeezing, he arched her back and permitted his friends to caress her tits, pinch her nipples, stroke her fine hairs and finger her pussy.

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