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I was nothing more than just your average run of the mill geek in college, but I was always the nice guy and not bad looking as I have been told. There was this girl. We were friends and we attended a local college so we didn’t have to spend money on apartments by living at home. She was a cheerleader; normally the kind of girl that a person like me would never be around. She was the most beautiful one on the squad and yet she wasn’t the typical cheerleader because she never went out with the biggest jocks. I guess I should get to describing her. Her name was Sabrina and she had long brown hair and stood around 5′ 7″. Her breasts were just the right size and in the perfect shape. She worked out at the gym sometimes so her stomach was flat and very tone.

We were about half way into the last semester of our senior year when she came up and asked me to come over. That was nothing new; I had been over to her house before. This was different because she had made it seem important that I bring pajamas. I asked her later about the urgency, but she wouldn’t tell me and would only tell me that she would really like it if I just did as she asked. I could never say no to that pretty face. Especially with all of the hormone driven thoughts flying through my head.

Later that night I did as she asked and showed up at her house, I had left the pajamas in my car, not knowing what it mattered having them. I went up and knocked at the door. After a few minutes the door opened. I was expecting one of her parents to answer the door, but it was her sister that opened the door. Her name was Angel and she was 18, a couple years younger than Sabrina. Angel was 5′ 6″ and had shoulder length blonde hair, ataköy escort other than that she was just like her sister. She was wearing a silk slip that she probably wore to bed.

“I thought she told you to bring pj’s,” Angel said giving me a peculiar smirk.

“Um, yeah, they’re in my car,” I spilled out. I quickly ran to the car and got the pajamas.

I walked in the door and Angel told to change into the pajamas. I went into the bathroom and changed into my pajamas. My pajamas were nothing more than a big shirt and shorts. When I came out I walked into the living room and sat on their expensive leather couch. I had never sat in so much comfort. Their parents never let me sit on it because they argued that “they didn’t know where I had been and didn’t want me ruining the leather,” apparently they loved that couch more than I could understand. After a few minutes of relaxing on the couch Angel came and sat next to me, I was sitting in the middle of the couch. Soon after that Sabrina finally came out. She was stunning. She was standing in front of me in nothing but a tight, short t-shirt and a pair of high cut panties covered with a floral design printed on them.

“So what do you think?” she said putting her hands on her hips and giving me a sexy wink.

“My God your sexy,” I blurted out. Long ago she had just accepted the behavior of the average horny male, and I think she even enjoyed it.

“What about me?” Angel said as she leaned over and kissed me a few times on the neck and cheek.

“Come now sister,” Sabrina said, “let me have my fun.” And having said that she pulled out a deck of cards. Angel got up and sat avcılar escort in the middle of the room. Sabrina had joined her and instructed me to do the same. Now we were sitting in a circle around a deck of cards.

“Now what the deal is,” she said staring into my eyes, “is that we each draw a card, and then whoever has the highest card is in command. Whoever gets the lowest card gets to be the slave, and the person who gets the middle card just gets to enjoy the night without obligation to anyone.” She cut the deck in a very specific way. I drew the first card. I didn’t look to see what card I got. The sisters drew in turn. All at once we showed our cards. I had gotten the highest card, but the sisters seem really surprised that Angel had gotten the lowest card. It was explained to me later that the deck was stacked, but Sabrina goofed.

“I guess I’m stuck as the slave,” Angel said. Sabrina had disappeared for a minute. When she had returned, she had a collar with her. She sat behind her sister and put the collar around her sister’s neck. There was a chain on the collar, which she put into my hands.

“She is yours to command,” Sabrina said.

“Ok then,” I said with a grin. “French kiss your sister Angel.”

Angel and Sabrina looked at each other and hesitated for a second, but Angel moved in closer to her sister. Her hands lightly held her sister on her neck and pressed her lips against Sabrina’s. Angel’s tongue started to probe her sister’s mouth. Their eyes were closed and they seemed to be enjoying the kiss despite the initial reluctance. I started to get excited at these sisters. After a few minutes of passionate beylikdüzü escort kissing, they separated. Angel came and sat at my feet, awaiting my next command. My cock was tingling at the possibilities.

“Angel, I want you to undress,” I commanded. She stood up facing me and slipped the straps of her slip fall off her shoulders and she was now standing naked in front of me. She returned to her position at my feet. Sabrina came and sat beside me on the leather couch and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She lifted her arms and pulled her shirt over her head tossing it.

“Angel, suck Sabrina’s tits,” I commanded. Angel crawled up to her sister and engulfed her sister’s superb tits in her mouth. Massaging one in her mouth and the other with her hand. Sabrina was in ecstasy. Angel was a master of sucking tits. Sabrina looked over to me with pure lust in her eyes. Her hands reached over to my pants and unzipped them. Her hands wrapped around my dick and started pump. Sabrina was close to orgasm; her face was flush and she was breathing hard. She was now pumping my cock with a furious force. Suddenly she stopped giving me a hand job and bent over and started sucking me instead. Angel was having a hard time keeping her mouth on Sabrina’s tits.

“Angel, help your sister,” I commanded feeling ecstasy. Angel stopped sucking her sister’s tit and turned to my cock. Now I had both sisters sucking my rod with a determination that had never been seen. They both looked really turned on to be sharing a cock. It wasn’t long before I blew my load all over the two of them.

I just couldn’t believe what had happened. I had the hottest women in school suck me and I got to blow my load all over them. They just sat there in front of me with their faces and tits glistening with my cum.

“So how long do I get to keep my slave,” I asked not wanting this to end.

“She is at your command whenever you see her,” Sabrina said. In such disbelief of the whole situation I laid my head back and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32