Girl’s Night Out Ch. 07

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Meg, Walt, Brenda and Pete were all still at the Naughty Bunny bar while Mark and Carol were at his house. They all decided to leave the bar, Meg and Walt going to her apartment, Brenda and Pete going to his house. Meg and Walt decided to go to the beach the next day, since Walt knew of a private section of beach outside of town. They packed their swimsuits, a picnic lunch, sun screen and other stuff, along with a blanket to sit on, and towels. Walt put all that stuff except the picnic basket in the back seat of Meg’s car that night, then they went to bed in her apartment after she made snacks and drinks while they watched a movie and made love on the couch.

The next morning, Walt woke Meg with a tender kiss and gentle caresses over her breasts and thighs, then he made love to her slowly before they showered, dressed and he made breakfast for them both. She took the picnic basket from the pantry, took the salad and sandwiches from the fridge along with a six-pack of soda, putting them all in the basket with the chips, plates and silverware, then handed the basket to Walt. She grabbed their cell phones and her purse and keys, locked the apartment door behind them and they left, getting into the car and letting Walt drive them to the secluded beach where they would spend the day.

Twenty minutes later, Walt turned off the main road onto a shady dirt road. He drove about a mile or so, then turned onto the beach clearing, parking the car beneath the shady trees. They sat there for a while, just admiring the scenery and holding hands. Meg turned to Walt and said, “This is beautiful, Walt. I’m glad we came here today. It’s such a wonderful place and I can’t wait to get my swimsuit on and get in that cool water.”

He looked at her and smiled, then said, “Nothing is as beautiful star trek strange new worlds izle as you, my dear Meg. Thank you for coming here with me today. Shall we get out and find a good spot to set up the picnic?” She nodded and they got out of the car. He took the basket and she grabbed the tote bag with their suits and towels and the blanket in it.

He playfully slapped her bottom as she bent over to spread the blanket once they found a good location for it, and she tossed a handful of sand at him, saying, “You naughty boy! You’re gonna get in trouble if you keep that up!”

He laughed as he jumped back to avoid the sand she tossed at him and said, “Ohhh! Is that a promise, my little mermaid?” She gave him a saucy smile and grabbed her swimsuit from the bag, then went behind the bushes to change. A few minutes later, Meg emerged from the bushes clad in her tiny black bikini suit. Her waist-length straight black hair cascaded down her back and some came over her shoulders to drape seductively over her full breasts, which were barely covered with the tiny fabric of her swimsuit top. Walt gulped and blinked his eyes, as he’d never before seen her wear this particular suit when they went swimming. Usually, she wore a red one-piece suit.

She smiled at him and said, “I bought this suit yesterday because I knew you wanted to bring me here today. I overheard you tell the others about it a couple days ago.”

He smiled and said, “Excellent choice, darling. You look incredible in that suit, and I can’t wait to peel it from you and make love to you here on the warm sand after we go swimming.” She bent at the blanket and pulled his swim shorts from the totebag, tossed them to him, then ran into the star wars andor izle water, laughing as the cool waves struck her heated flesh.

Walt quickly changed into his shorts, without going behind the bushes like she did, then plunged into the water after Meg. He dove under the water and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him. She felt his hardened arousal against her butt and she moaned softly, even though he could barely hear it over the splash of the water around them. His hands slid up her stomach and gently cupped her breasts as he dipped his head and licked her neck before kissing it gently. His teeth tugged on the strings holding her suit top on, and seconds later, it fell down to hang over her slender belly. He turned her to face him and pulled her close against him, her breasts with their hard nipples pressing against his bare chest. She felt his erection pulsing against her tummy and she wiggled a little bit, causing a low growl to come from him as the blood rushed to his throbbing shaft.

Suddenly he lifted her from the water and carried her to the waiting blanket, laying her down carefully. He quickly untied the rest of her swimsuit, letting it fall to the blanket. He looked her up and down and smiled with appreciation. “Babe, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Your long legs, your slender tummy, those teasing breasts and nipples! Mmm Mmm Mmm! I love every single inch of that luscious body of yours, baby, and I can’t wait much longer to make love to you here and now!” With that, he rapidly removed his swim shorts, his ten inch erection jutting straight out at her from its nest of black hair as he knelt on the blanket beside her. His hand slid slowly over star wars visions izle her cheek, traced her lips with his thumb before he kissed her tenderly, his tongue dancing with hers.

His hand slid down the slender column of her neck to her chest, caressing her full lush breasts and the delicious pebbles topping them, before moving down her stomach to the triangle of black silky curls hiding her heated flesh. His fingers slid slowly between her thighs, tenderly caressing her intimately and feeling her wetness coat his fingers. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them, groaning as he tasted her juices, that tangy sweet honey that only she could make. He quickly moved between her thighs and dipped his head, his tongue licking her wetness with several long slow strokes. She put her feet on his shoulder as his tongue worked its magic on her most intimate area. She gasped loudly as his tongue and teeth found her swollen clit, taking it into his mouth and sucking hungrily, causing her to flood his mouth with her love juices.

He moved up to position himself against her entrance, then with one thrust, he was buried deep inside her wetness. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, and she could taste her juices on his lips and tongue. The flavor drove her wild, and she arched her back and raised her hips to meet each of his fevered thrusts as he drove her to new heights of ecstacy. Fireworks exploded in her as her orgasm hit hard, her sheath contracting tightly around his shaft as it milked him, coaxing his release to come. Seconds later, it did as he released himself deep inside her with a wild, animal-like roar of pleasure as he yelled her name. He withdrew from her and laid beside her on the blanket. She snuggled close to him and they laid there quietly to get their breathing back to normal. Half an hour later, they pulled their swimsuits back on and ate the picnic lunch that they had brought. Meg looked at Walt and said gently, her voice full of love, “Thank you dear, for such a wonderful day. I will always want this to be our “special place” forever.”

Walt smiled and lifted her hand to place a kiss on her palm and said, “It will be, baby. It will be.”

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