Getaway Party

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Author’s notes :

1. English is not my native language.

2. The story is fictional. Any resemblance with real persons is unintentional and purely coincidental.

3. All the women of the story are older than 20 y.o. It is written for people older than 20 y.o. who do not feel annoyed and/or offended reading graphic erotic scenes between two consenting adult women who are relatives. If this is not your case, please stop reading farther.

4. The story takes place at a town of Finland (North Europe), during the end of the summer of 2018, before the pandemic.

“Okay girls, time to order the cab before the night club gets too crowded to get in!”, shouted Tina to her daughter and her two best friends. Tina had arranged a small getaway party this Saturday to celebrate her daughter’s new workplace abroad. She knew that her daughter didn’t want anything too big before leaving on next Monday, so she decided to invite only the two closest friends of her daughter Lisa.

Tina was a 45 years old lawyer in a successful law firm. She was the kind of woman that could easily be described as a milf. Long black hair, beautiful face with exotic Latina features, fit and toned body from shoulders to feet including a great ass and long legs. And last but definitely not least: big 38D sized boobs. As much as she loved her gym-toned body the most important thing for her was the two big cannon balls on her chest. They were the moneymakers which helped her to seduce both males and females. She was proud of them and never let an opportunity slip away without showing them if needed. At work or for fun, either way she really knew how to use them as an advantage.

“Sure mom, you can already call the taxi. But we aren’t going anywhere before taking a picture of our party gang tonight! This could be the last pic of my dearest people for a while”, answered Lisa starting to set her phone’s camera ready for the pic.

If Tina could be described as a milf, her daughter Lisa was pretty much a younger version of her mother. This stunning 25 years old lady had definitely got her good looks from the milf. She had also spent enough time at the gym to create a toned body like her mother has. The biggest difference between the two of them was Lisa’s brown hair color and just slightly smaller but perkier boobs. And just like her mother, she was really proud of her 36D pair. She neither was a stranger to using her body to get what she wanted. Starting from high school and later on work she had had her own share of sexual activities with males and females. She was following her mother’s career as a lawyer, who didn’t hesitate to use sex or sexuality as a tool to gain better position and salary.

“And obviously post it on the social media…”, sighed Tina while searching the taxi’s number from her own phone. She loved her daughter to the moon and back but didn’t always agree with her, especially when talking about social media. But that’s a different story. Anyway, the two family members got along basically pretty well. If their looks were pretty similar, so were their personality. They were both very kind women who had an extremely competitive and fierce side in them too. If they got into an argument with someone, they usually didn’t give up before the other person admitted that he/she was wrong. They used to have quite a few arguments between themselves, but it all got easier when Lisa moved to her own house.

One of their most usual subjects of arguments pertained to Lisa’s father and Tina’s ex-husband Mike. Lisa’s parents divorced at the same year when Lisa graduated from high school. They never told Lisa the real reason of their divorce, because it was kind of thing that you really can’t tell to your dearest child. It wasn’t Mike’s fault that he couldn’t keep up with Tina in the bedroom. He wasn’t bad at sex or didn’t have a small cock. Tina just wanted sex much more often, harder and longer than he or most of the men could offer. You see, she wasn’t an ordinary mature woman in bed, she was more like a sex goddess who never got enough. Year after year the thing started to distract their marriage and they made a deal to divorce after Lisa had graduated and moved from home.

So the divorce was the best option to everyone. After the divorce they all still came along just fine, they had mutual Christmas dinners etc. To Lisa they told that they just grew separate after all those decades together and wanted to continue as friends and proud parents. Lisa thought there was something more that they didn’t tell her but she accepted the arrangement. She believed that her mom had cheated her dad, but never asked them about it. The truth was Tina never actually cheated Mike. She had his permission to have her own share of fun outside of the marriage.

As Tina came back from calling the taxi and changing clothes, she watched the three younger ladies prepare themselves for the night club in front of a large mirror. Adding some extra make-up and brushing their hairs to look even better. Girne Escort The four of them would absolutely turn heads. Lisa’s friends Katie and Annie were also very attractive 25 years old girls. Maybe not at the same stage that Tina and Lisa, but right next to them. They both had slim and fit bodies with small and perky asses, like big peaches. Their 34C tits where big enough to create attention too, especially when wearing push-up bras like tonight. Some might have thought that they tried to match the competition there by highlighting them. Both had long hair past their shoulders, Katie with red color and Annie with blonde.

Annie had been Lisa’s best friend for almost two decades now, starting from early days in school where they were at the same class. Nowadays she was actually working as a teacher in the same school where they had met. She had seen Lisa’s wild years while studying, she had also seen how she had grown into a stunning young woman. Annie had also known Tina for a very long time. She had always liked her but the older she grew the more she paid attention to her friend’s hot mother.

Katie was a newer friend of Lisa from work. They had been working in the same law firm for couple years now. Katie was sad that Lisa was leaving the firm now, but at the same time she was happy for her friend’s new opportunity in her career.

Katie had seen how Lisa used her looks to gain better position at the corporate ranking.

One thing was mutual for both Annie and Katie. They both had a big crush to Lisa. They weren’t sure if Lisa had same kind of feelings towards them so they never made a move. They didn’t want to test their friendship which was so important to all of them. If Lisa could be seen as an alpha female, these girls were more like betas. They had known each other for a while now and clearly saw why Lisa liked them both. Actually, Katie and Annie had thought that maybe they should become friends too now Lisa was leaving abroad. This night could be an excellent opportunity to get known each other even better!

“The cab will be here in ten minutes so hurry up, if you still want to have the picture taken before we go”, said Tina when checking the time from her golden wristwatch while the three younger ladies were getting ready. They all were dressed nicely for the evening and night. Annie and Katie wore black skirts ending just before their knees and different colored tight tops showing lots of cleavage pushed in view. Black high heels finished their outfits making them to look like two very sexy minks.

“Great, we are just about ready here. Wow, look at you mom! I didn’t know you have a black dress like that. You look amazing.”, said Lisa after raising her eyes from her silver wristwatch to check her mother. She really did look amazing. Wearing a black dress which hem cut to mid-thigh. The upper part of it was offering a very luscious view, like a valley of cleavage. She was wearing a black bra just to hide those always hard nipples which used to stole attention if she wouldn’t wear. In her black high heels she looked like a true goddess.

“Oh thank you darling, that’s so sweet to say about your old mommy.”, Tina smiled and blew a kiss into air. She had worked hard to find that dress to wear tonight. She really wanted to dress into something which can match the other girls’ outfits. Tina was older yes, but that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t match the younger girls in looks. She definitely had the face and body to show, she had only to find something similar to that they would wear. Tina was not that kind of woman who would settle for second best. No, she always wants to be in the front line in the middle of attention.

“You are not that old, Ms. Jones, and definitely you don’t look old now! You make us younger girls look like wall flowers!”, praised Annie.

“I agree with Annie, you and Lisa look so similar that someone might think that you are sisters!”, Katie nodded.

“Oh you all are so polite! I just wanted to fit in the gang, you know”, laughed Tina.

Whether they were polite or not, the girls were right. Tina and Lisa looked both amazing. Lisa had very similar kind of dress and shoes to her mother, but in red color. It also highlighted her long fit legs, higher her shapely ass and make her big boobs look round and perky with the large amount of cleavage where you can see little bit of red lace bra. Katie and Annie looked sexy but these two family members were something even more. They would be in their own class tonight at the club.

As Annie and Katie continued to finalize their makeup, Tina and Lisa continued to look each other for a moment. Mom and daughter exchanged glances, each of them admiring how great the other was looking. There was admiration, they were both happy because the other looked so great. However, there was also something else, something deeper. For first time each of them thinks “I hope I look better because she is also great and tonight she may shine Kıbrıs Escort more than me!”

Lisa was thinking about what her friends just said. Her mom really looked like an older sister of her in that dress. She had always known that she had a hot mom. Not only once or twice had her friends called Tina as a milf. First she felt a little bit embarrassed but when she got used to it, she became proud of how hot her mom looked. Actually, now she remembered that Annie had said that too, and quite often. She had laughed it off earlier, but now she had a strange question in mind: “Does Annie think that mom looks hotter than me?”

Tina loved the reaction coming from the girls. It meant that she had made an absolutely right choice by picking the black dress to wear tonight. She was now just like one of the girls. Well Tina had to admit that her daughter looked extra good in that fabulous red dress. Her cute child had indeed grown into a beautiful young woman. “Well of course she did. She got the genes from me”, she thought. Tina was so happy of her daughter’s success and tonight they were going to party hard all night long.

A second or two after a too long stare down Lisa flinched back to this world: “Now it’s time for the pic! I have my phone ready and the timer is all set already. Let’s gather in front of that effect wall. I know it’s mom’s favorite place in her home and the lighting is also perfect there.”

The three women got took positions in front of the wall, Annie and Katie on sides, leaving just enough space to Tina and Lisa between them. They set their perfect pose and smiles ready as Lisa touched the timer behind her phone.

“Ready? We have 10 seconds…. starting from now”, said Lisa and rushed into her place to take a same kind of pose than the others. Camera clicked and after checking the pic quickly Lisa said: “Wow, we really look perfect!”

At the same time they heard the taxi driving in front of Tina’s house. All was set up now. It was time to go have some fun!

They ran outside after turning the lights off and double checking that they had all their stuff in their purses with them.

“Dibs!”, shouted Lisa laughing and opened the front door of the taxi for herself. Tina locked the front door of the house and jumped into the taxi after Annie to sit between the young girls in the back seat. Lisa gave the address of the nightclub to the driver and started to post the pic they took in the social media.

The ride to the nightclub was going to take about 15 minutes. They were all in a very good mood. They had eaten earlier at Tina’s and been enjoying a couple of drinks after that, so they were all kind of tipsy and excited about what the night would bring. In the club they were going to have a few drinks more, to dance and to enjoy each other’s company for the last time for a while.

The women chatted happily while Lisa managed to finish her posting to social media. With the pic she wrote a text: last party at home for a while with my mom and lovely friends! The three long legged women in the backseat where sitting tightly trying to fit into the fairly small taxi. Tina in the middle seat was having the most narrow seat and not too much space for her shapely legs. She didn’t mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with the younger girls, as long as the ride wasn’t going to take too long.

The taxi took a turn to the left and Tina felt Annie’s right knee against her own left. The mature woman’s leg gave an inch and then stopped the movement of legs. Annie felt how Tina’s leg muscles slightly tensed and admired how good it felt to touch skin to skin with her. She was very excited to finally feel the mature woman’s touch after so many years of admiring. Tina noticed Annie’s excitement, she also felt her own excitement rising. As Annie looked up from the legs to Tina’s eyes, she saw the mature woman smiling to her. There was excitement in that smile too.

Lisa and Katie were chatting about their mutual friends from work, so Annie while being in an exciting and flirty mood decided to raise the ante. While looking into Tina’s eyes the blonde pushed with her whole right leg Tina’s left leg and she started to slowly rub their legs together.

Tina was surprised from this bold move, but only in a positive way. “If this hot horny bitch wants to get flirty with me, I am more than happy to show to her that a real woman like me does not step back from this kind of challenge. I will show to her a thing or two about how real women feel like”, she thought and she started pushing back with her own leg while she kept looking at Annie with a smile.

They keep the conversation going like nothing unusual was happening in the taxi. This little action between them made Tina’s competitive juices flowing which caused the milf’s pussy to moisten with a familiar way. “I guess that it’s not only me with a moisten pussy” thought the dark-haired milf.

They thought that they could hide it, but they were Magosa Escort wrong. Even while Katie was telling a juicy gossip about a famous actor she didn’t miss what was going on next to her. She didn’t make a number on it, but she clearly saw what was going on at the left side of her.

That made her feel a strange feeling. At the same time she was feeling jealous and aroused. There had been too long time from the last time she had had some sexual action so at once there was three horny women in the backseat. Two in a footsie game and one discreetly observing it. “I am not going to leave the club without any action tonight” Katie promised to herself.

Annie and Tina were so focused to their legs rubbing that they didn’t pay attention at anything else. Annie just loved to rub legs with Tina, to get flirty with Tina was one of her dreams for years. This and maybe something more than a footsie game with the black haired milf. Maybe the night would lead into something more after some dancing and drinking. She was so horny that she slightly caressed with her right hand Tina’s left leg.

Tina felt the caress of Annie’s hand on her leg. She responded pushing her leg a little bit further into Annie’s side. “I will have a lot of fun tonight” she thought. “I’m the queen of this group. I will be open to anything that might happen tonight, although this blondie may not be able to keep it up with me.” Tina turned her face to look forward and suddenly found Lisa staring at them from the front seat. Then she realized that while she was playing footsie games with Annie, she had missed the last thing they were talking about.

“Right mommy?”, asked Lisa with a questioning look. She had seen what was going on behind her and didn’t quite know how to react. She felt jealous about what was going on with Annie and her mother. The young lawyer would love to change places with Annie to get into close contact with her mom. The reaction came naturally without thinking : Lisa straightened herself which made her big breasts bulge in her red dress.

Tina had absolutely no idea what she was asking about, but decided to try to clear the situation by answering quickly: “That’s right my dear.” The black-haired milf saw her daughter’s big breasts in her view which felt like some kind of a weird challenge. She had been challenged by other women and she had also challenged other women that way, many times before. This kind of challenge shouldn’t been made between a mother and her daughter. Before Tina to realize her instinctive response, she pulled back her shoulders to make her own big breasts to spill in her black dress.

Lisa noticed Tina’s reaction. She smiled to her mother and turned around to look forward to the road. “Here we are!”, announced the taxi driver, totally unaware of anything that had happened in the back seat. The women woke from their thoughts and looked out through the window. They saw the nightclubs bright lights shining. 15 minutes had never went by so quickly.

The three younger girls jumped out of the cap while Tina paid to the driver. There was a short line before getting in the club but they were there early enough before it was too full. While walking to the line and waiting for their turn to get in it was easy to sense some tension in the air between all of them. Like there was some kind of sexually charged battery waiting to explode. Everyone was adjusting her clothes and hair while queuing to look as sexy as possible. Nervously they checked the time from their watches, but after 5 minutes waiting and chatting they entered into the club.

The nightclub was a pretty new one, where no one of them had ever visited before. The bar counters and tables were on every side of the spacious room, which had an absolutely huge dance floor on the middle. It was definitely a great place to dance with friends. It was actually Tina’s idea to come here. She had heard lots of great things about it from some of her friends at the law firm she worked. The customers of the club were mainly men and women in their 30’s and 40’s but there were some younger and some older people too. Tina had heard that it wasn’t uncommon to see couples of the same gender to have fun there.

The four women left their purses to the cloakroom after the entry and headed inside. Tina had earlier insisted that she would buy all the drinks to the group, so the black-haired milf was wearing a broad black belt with a small pocket to have her credit card with her all the time. This was also a way to make sure that no one of them would be using their phones during the night.

It was one of the busiest nights of the year to the nightclub. Many people were going to end their summer vacation this weekend, so they wanted to have fun for the last time before to start running their familiar work and family routines. The club wasn’t full of people just yet but it was wise decision of the four women to come early enough to make sure that they could easily fit in. The female customers were wearing mostly dresses or skirts and tops so they fitted there just perfectly. The three girls were among the youngest and the prettiest women of the club that night, so they were surely going to get a lot of attention. Tina, on the other hand, might had been the best-looking mature lady of the club.

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