Fulfilling a Fantasy

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I have always loved women, all types of women, all shapes and sizes, all ages. I find something sexy and interesting in just about every woman that I look at. The only problem with this is that it can be very distracting on a regular basis, especially in work. My job, at the time this story took place, was quite demanding, working in the marketing division of a pharmaceutical company.

The office was very busy and my colleagues were the more senior employees, all ambitious people of both sexes in their thirties and forties. Even though I had found several of my female colleagues attractive and somewhat sexy, and enjoyed their company socially, I always had the mental fortitude to distance myself from them in a physical capacity. Besides, many of them were also happily married and very work focused also.

I had no problem keeping this mentality intact, until one day, the executive director walked into my office and introduced me to a new member of staff. Her name was Chloe and I was told that she would be working closely with me on many of my files over the next year. I was told that Chloe would eventually take over my files as I was in line for promotion. Chloe smiled at me and said hello. I smiled back. Almost instantly as I looked at her, some sort of a spark lit up inside of me.

I found Chloe to be a very interesting looking woman. She was not the stunning super model type, but an extremely attractive woman of the “girl next door” variety. She was probably a few years my junior and in her mid thirties. She had one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen, with a very peachy complexion. She was a brunette with blue eyes, a combination which I adore. Her hair was mid length and wavy. When she smiled her face lit up and her bright blue eyes sparkled.

She was fairly short, about 5ft 3ins and reasonably petite. She was wearing a skirt so I could see that she had very shapely calves and trim ankles. The other physical trait that I could hardly avoid noticing was the fact that she had really large breasts. She was wearing a business jacket over her white blouse, and her large boobs were very evident. I tried not to stare at them, but my eyes kept wandering over to them whenever she lost eye contact with me. Chloe told me that she was really looking forward to working with me, gave me another beaming smile and then left my office.

That evening, I could not take my mind off her. I was annoyed with myself as I didn’t want to be in a situation where I would have a physical yearning for a female colleague. I told myself that it was just an initial crush and it would soon disappear with familiarity. Also, Chloe told me that she had two small children and I assumed that she was happily married. I myself had been divorced for over a year and in no hurry to be involved in a relationship.

The next day I was eager to get into the office. Reluctantly, I admitted to myself that this was because I was desperate to see Chloe once again. Just after I arrived into work, Chloe popped into my office. She was dressed a little more casually but still smart and wore a loose fitting sweater over her blouse. As time went on, it was evident to me that Chloe was very conscious of her large boobs and most times she would try to hide them or disguise them. However, this was not always possible in business attire.

Chloe suggested that we have coffee together and get to know each other better. I agreed and we walked across the road to Starbucks. Chloe chatted animatedly, telling me all about her professional life to date and even some personal things about her home life. I could not take my eyes off her as she talked. She was absolutely charming. Her eyes sparkled and her mouth was a thing of beauty to behold as she talked.

She would often brush her hair back with her hands as she talked and this would have the effect of pushing her boobs out forward. Her hands were beautiful and delicate and she used them a lot as she spoke. I answered her in snippets. I was captivated by her and let her do virtually all of the talking. At one point I asked her where she was living and she told me her location, explaining that she had only recently moved in as she and her husband had parted company. I offered my apologies to her and she smiled politely. Ashamedly, I was ecstatic about this piece of news.

The weeks went by and Chloe and I made a great working team. We worked extremely comfortably together and our temperaments and ideologies were very well suited. She was always upbeat and in a good mood, which I found surprising for a single mother raising two small kids virtually all alone. We would chat animatedly together every day about work and anything else that seemed interesting at the time.

During these conversations, we were often quite close to each other physically. Sometimes, I may be leaning over her at her desk, so closely that I could smell the beautiful scent of her hair, sometimes feeling it brush against me. I would look at the exposed back of her neck. It was beautiful çukurambar escort and I had incredible urges to kiss it. If Chloe and I laughed about something she would often touch me on the arms with her hands. I loved her doing this and tried to make her laugh as often as I could.

Ashamedly, I would often look at her hugely prominent bust when she was not noticing. It was evident that she had a magnificent pair of tits to go along with that adorable face of hers. I had an unbearable craving to see those tits uncovered and exposed in the flesh and then to greedily take them into my hands and mouth and do as I wished with them. I fantasized about this constantly. Knowing that this was probably never going to happen almost drove me insane. Sometimes when we were close her tits would brush against me accidentally and I could feel an erection growing in my pants.

I sensed that there was a definite chemistry between us, but neither one of us seemed able or willing to explore the possibility of whether this attraction was actually real or just hopefully imagined. For me, the possibility of me making a complete and utter fool of myself in front of a woman that I adored prevented me from going any further. Although the “relationship” was obviously unfulfilled from my perspective, I was still happy for the time that we spent together in our wonderful working relationship and I did not want to jeopardize it.

One day, after Chloe had been in the office for about six months, the executive director called us both into his office. He told me that I would be flying out of town later in the week to the west coast to make a presentation to an important client. He then suggested that I take Chloe with me to show her the ropes and to have her network with our clientele. I nodded and said that I thought that it was an excellent idea. When we left his office, Chloe turned to me and get me a magnificent heart melting smile.

My heart was almost bouncing out of my suite, I was so excited about this trip, even though I had no hidden expectations about anything and in my mind I knew it would probably be a perfectly normal business trip. But at the same time, the thought of Chloe and I being together 24/7 in a far off city was still incredibly exciting to me. I would be able to have breakfast and dinner with her each day. The thought of that alone had me aching for our departure.

It was soon departure day. We were leaving on a Sunday afternoon, the day before our first presentation. We would make three in all. I met Chloe at the airport. She looked fabulous and was positively glowing. She was dressed very casually for the flight, wearing a T shirt and shorts and flip flops. I noticed that she had small but exquisitely shaped feet with beautifully manicured toes. I adored every single inch of this woman.

We sat next to each other on the plane, Chloe in the window seat. I had my lap top open on my tray table and we discussed some aspects of the work ahead of us. Chloe would often reach over me to point at something on the laptop screen with her elegant hands and I could feel her giant left tit pushing into my upper arm. This happened all the way through the flight as the seats were so close together. I could barely concentrate on the work or what she was telling me.

Chloe either didn’t seem to notice what she was doing or disguised it very well if she did. Every time I looked her in the eyes she gave me a big beaming smile and my heart melted instantly. I was falling head over heels for this woman and I decided there and then that if the opportunity arose during the trip to pursue something more in this “relationship” then I would seize it with both hands, even though I was extremely nervous at the prospect of it happening.

When we arrived at our destination a taxi was waiting to take us to the hotel. We checked in and the concierge told us that our two rooms were next to each other on the same floor. He said that the two rooms did in fact constitute a business suite and that we had a key for the dividing door between the two rooms. Chloe and I agreed that this was convenient for our prep briefings before the meetings.

We both entered into our respective rooms. The room was adequate but not overly big. I unlocked the dividing door and told Chloe to come and see me when she was ready. I installed my laptop on a table in the middle of the room and then unpacked my things. Chloe entered my room with a smile. She looked as beautiful and radiant as ever, but in her casual attire she seemed to be more accessible.

I told her that I had already booked dinner at a chic French restaurant close too the hotel for 8pm, but first I wanted to go to the gym for an hour to work out. Chloe was fine with this and told me that she had some errands to do and phone calls to make. We agreed to meet back in my room at 6pm to briefly review the presentation once more on my lap top before dinner. Chloe nodded and went on her way.

I took my demetevler escort fitness seriously. I had run competitively and played soccer at a high level. I was in great physical shape for my age and my muscles were highly toned and defined. I stripped naked in front of my mirror and prepared to put on my gym clothes. I stopped and pondered my naked body. I wondered what Chloe would think of it. My leg muscles, especially my thighs, were highly developed because of the soccer. I looked between my thighs. I have a long, thick cock which hangs six inches when flaccid, terminating in a very large plum like head.

I stroked my cock absent mindedly as my mind drifted to Chloe’s magnificent tits. I quickly snapped out of this transient moment of fantasy and threw on my gym gear and made my way down to the gymnasium. The gym was large and clean and I spent most of my time on the treadmill and elliptical machine. After an hour of an exhausting workout I headed back up to my room for a shower.

The shower felt wonderful and I took plenty of time in there to wind down, oblivious of the time. I walked out of the shower feeling revitalized and relaxed. As I walked over to the towel rack, something caught my eye. I had left the bathroom door open and outside of it was the large full length mirror. In the mirror I could see a reflection. It was Chloe, sat at the table with my lap top and she was facing the mirror. A thought occurred to me. If I can see Chloe full frontal, then she can definitely see me. This excited me tremendously.

I was standing naked in the bathroom, dripping wet, but effectively in full view of Chloe via the mirror. I decided to milk the situation. I grabbed a towel and slowly began to dry myself. I didn’t look at the mirror at all, pretending that I hadn’t seen her, but hoped that Chloe was paying attention. I very slowly started to dry my back, giving Chloe an easily viewed full frontal of my naked body. I deliberately took my own sweet time drying myself.

When I started to dry my lower back, I deliberately rotated my hips back and forth. This had the effect of swinging my long cock pendulously from side to side. I could feel my big purple cock head slapping against my thighs alternately as my long cock flapped back and forth. I continued this action for a couple of minutes and the thought that Chloe was looking on excited me incredibly. I raised the towel to my head to dry my hair, which allowed me to peek at the mirror without being noticed. Sure enough, Chloe was sat there staring directly at my reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were really wide open and were glued to the mirror and her mouth was hanging partially open.

Now that I knew I had a captivated audience I took my own sweet time to finish drying myself, giving Chloe a naked full frontal during the entire time and making my long thick cock sway back and forth whenever I could. After several long minutes of delightful, unashamed exhibitionism, I wrapped my towel around myself and walked into the main room, my head down and not looking into the mirror.

As I entered the room I pretended to notice Chloe for the first time and I jovially said hi to her. Chloe looked up at me and said hi and then said that she hoped that I didn’t mind that she had entered my room, but it had gone past 6pm and she thought that she would review the presentation on my lap top as she waited for me. Her face was bright pink as she spoke to me. I told her I didn’t mind at all and that I would quickly throw on some clothes and join her. Chloe and I sat at the laptop for about 30 minutes chatting animatedly. Chloe had quickly recovered her composure, if indeed she had ever lost it.

It was soon time to get dressed for dinner. The French restaurant was quite formal and we decided to dress accordingly. Chloe told me that she had brought an evening gown with her just in case and she would wear it this evening. I wore a business suite. Chloe walked into my room before we left for the restaurant. The sight of her in her evening gown floored me completely. She looked stunning. She wore a long black dress which was extremely low cut, exposing a significant amount of her incredible pale skinned boobs.

Her hair was tied up behind her head, exposing her wonderfully sexy neck. I had never seen so much of her flesh, especially this copious amount of alabaster like tit flesh which was on display. I could now gauge exactly how big her amazing tits were, and they were much bigger than I had expected them to be. I smiled at Chloe and this seemed to put her at ease and she smiled back at me. We left the hotel and headed for the restaurant.

We had a wonderful meal and chatted constantly together. I felt wonderfully ease in her company, and staring across the dinner table at her radiant beauty filled me with absolute joy the entire time. We drank way too much wine, having two bottles of Volnay with the meal. We left arm in arm, somewhat tipsy and giggling inanely.

When we arrived dikmen escort back at our rooms, I invited Chloe in for a night cap, “one for the road” before turning in for the night. She was complicit and walked into the room giggling and smiling. I poured us each a glass of wine and suggested a toast, to our wonderful professional relationship. Chloe was about to raise her glass and then stopped, looking quite sad and then said to me, “is that all this is to you, a professional relationship?”

This statement floored me. The wine had helped to reduce her inhibitions and she was now baring her sole to me. I was quiet for a few seconds. I put down my wine glass and took hers from her hand. I put my arms around her and I looked into her wonderful blue eyes which were slightly teary and said to her, “not at all, I think that I fell head over heels for you the very first time that I saw you, I just never had the courage to tell you”. A big smile erupted onto her gorgeous full lips and her blue eyes welled up with tears.

I wiped her eyes and then pressed my face close to hers and kissed her passionately on the lips. I think that I will remember that kiss forever. All of the nerve endings in my body seemed to have a heightened sensitivity at that moment and I have never felt so much sensual passion. I kissed her hard. I wanted her face pressed against mine as closely as possible. I wanted her entire body pressed against mine as close as possible.

We kissed passionately for several minutes and we told each other how much we had been longing for the caresses of one another. The experience was incredible, like an exorcism of some kind, casting away all of those inhibitions and replacing them with passion and lust. I walked Chloe over to the full length mirror, and stood behind her with my arms around her waist. I kissed the back of her exposed neck lovingly, something that I had longed to do ever since the first day we met. It tasted exquisite.

I looked at Chloe’s reflection in the mirror in front of me and spoke to it. I told her that I loved her and I had longed to be passionate with her. I laughed rather coyly and told her that I had fantasized about being naked with her many times. At that point she looked at me and smirked and said that she had something to tell me. She told me that she had the advantage on me as she has already seen me naked. I pretended to look shocked and surprised.

Chloe then told me the story of earlier in the evening, how she had seen me through this very same mirror, toweling my naked body in the bathroom. She giggled like a schoolgirl as she recounted the story. I asked her what her thoughts had been as she watched. She told me that she had been incredibly sexually aroused, and that the sight of my extremely long cock flapping about back and forth had really excited her. She laughed out loud when describing the motion of my cock.

She said that at first she could not believe the size of my cock and then laughed saying that it must be a trick mirror. She then shyly admitted that when she was watching it swaying to and fro, she was longing to take it into her hands, and into her mouth and into her vagina. She looked me in the eyes through the mirror, smiling softly and almost shyly.

I raised my arms up from Chloe’s waist towards her partially exposed breasts. I placed my left hand on her left breast. I the slipped my left hand inside of her dress and felt the whole of her huge left tit inside of my hand. It was enormous and pillow like. I could feel my strong fingers sinking deep into the pale white tit flesh. Chloe looked at my hand movements through the mirror.

I was curious to see what it looked like, and I tugged firmly on her giant left tit and pulled it roughly out of her dress, exposing it. I looked into the mirror to see my left hand squeezing Chloe’s exposed huge left tit. It was as white as alabaster and it had never seen the sun. She had an enormous dark pink areola the size of a small plate and a large thick dark pink nipple. Her tit was enormous.

I released it momentarily from my grip and it flopped down below her waist level. I picked it up once again in my left hand and squeezed it firmly, the tit flesh oozing between my fingers. Her tit was quite heavy but like a big soft pillow to touch and squeeze. Chloe watched me intently through the mirror as I groped her left tit. I then reached into her dress and roughly pulled out her amazing right tit and exposed it to my view.

I was now roughly squeezing both of her giant lily white tits. They were like massive balls of dough which I kneaded firmly with my hands. Chloe smiled a sexy smile as she watched me groping her tits like a schoolboy. I grabbed the shoulders of Chloe’s evening own and pulled them down over her shoulders. The black dress fell to the floor. Chloe wasn’t wearing any panties. She was standing completely naked in front of the mirror, smiling at me through the mirror.

I stared down at her shaved pussy. I was in sexual ecstasy. I wanted it, I wanted my mouth around it. I quickly began to undress, throwing off my clothes in a hurry. I got down to my underwear and Chloe told me to stop. The naked Chloe went down on her knees in front of me and slowly peeled off my underwear. My semi erect cock flopped out in front of her eyes.

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