First Time Twice

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Afternoon riding through changeable summer weather, blustery but generally dry, the sky turning dark grey, blue, and white in turn. Interesting riding weather, though not the cause of my pulse’s quickening, nor the reason a familiar hollow was growing in my stomach. Unlike most trips, this time the traditional bottle or two of beer before cruising to a glory hole or porn theatre was left out. Motorcycles and alcohol mix poorly, and no need to take unnecessary risks when looking for strangers to play with.

Riding brought me back to my first, recently neglected, gloryhole in less than 20 minutes, faster than driving and much more enjoyably. I rarely ride to such places, since apart from often finding visits more rewarding after a bit of smoking and drinking, dealing with the helmet and coat is a distraction.

But today, having some free time in the afternoon without a car, it was either ride or not visit at all. A simple choice, considering that this possibility had only popped up around 10am this morning, then growing rapidly into a firm goal. Finding free time to visit is a major challenge,particularly since this shop’s hours aren’t much better than a bank’s. And going at a time when others visit is a basic prerequisite for success, something where my luck alternates in stretches between hot and cold.

After parking and taking off the helmet, I slipped into the adult bookstore. No movie seemed to be playing in either of the gloryhole booths, but trying the first door, it was locked. As was the second after turning its handle lightly. Just knowing that two men were likely getting each other off increased my excitement, making my cock swell temptingly at the thought.

Waiting was the only available option, with the first couple of minutes spent looking at the movie display. Admittedly, I was also curious about what could be heard from the booths only a couple of feet away, but nothing seemed to be happening. At least nothing which could be heard – and though a touch embarrassing to admit, I did try to listen. After a bit, going into a booth seemed proper, leaving its door half closed, my jacket still on, helmet in hand. Riding is not completely without drawbacks, and doing things one handed becomes a required skill.

After a short period in the narrow darkness, one man left, a glimpse only before I moved back out of sight. This booth was well placed, since this was not my first time lingering here, waiting for a booth to become free. The glory hole booth door had been left open, as was the slider – a seemingly clear invitation, at least to my increasingly aroused thoughts. The opening was a spot of light in the dimness, with someone apparently sitting there, where even the tones of flesh and pubic hair could be imagined. By that point, the voyeur in me was truly aroused, knowing that here, a glimpse would most likely be the start, not the end.

I quickly moved, getting into the booth, closing the slider as a prelude to arranging things – the jacket on the vinyl bench seat, helmet turned bug side down in the far corner against the locked door, now unbuttoning and opening my pants, paper towels at least handy, then watching and hearing the first porn playing on the screen after sitting down.

Jacking myself off, my still flaccid but increasingly interested cock growing stiffer, I enjoyed a couple of selections, putting in more money to keep the counter running for a while. Just clicking on the first 8 or so selections of 32 had already been quite rewarding. Hearing money being fed on the other side was a good reason to re-open my slider a bit, a couple of fingers pulling it back an inch or so, creating enough space to bend and see görükle escort bayan through to the other side.

His cock was hard, being stroked with two fingers underneath its well defined head. Watching him for a bit, my breathing starting to get raggedly audible, then my focus shifted to cycle through more porn. A rewarding experience itself, as there were several more bi selections, an enjoyable trait of this shop.

As time went on, looking at his cock became harder to resist and more frequent, the welcome beginning of irresistible attraction. A process leading to ever more pleasure, making me stiffen, sitting and watching another man jerk off as I did the same. He appeared a bit heavier set, maybe younger, with a somewhat smaller, but obviously very erect, cock. He was also getting off stroking to porn. I was slowly losing control at the prospect of playing with another stranger’s cock, more than ready except for a troubling detail. Till now, he had not indicated any interest, simply sitting and stroking, his cock straight and rigid the entire time.

Which was a bit puzzling, since the slider had been open, and the other man leaving the booth beforehand meant that he must be interested in many of the same things I was. In some ways, I am quite timid – only offering sex when the other person has already touched me, or is clearly responding to my fingers’ invitation – an invitation accepted most the time, but certainly not always. And yes, a couple of times, the slider has been shut from the other side, wishing no contact at all.

My interest kept growing, causing my fingers to slide the divider after another moment. Then I lost myself again in stroking my hot cock, occasionally switching channels between two mmf threesomes, both groups obviously enjoying their games. After almost cumming, my left hand again moved to the opening, sliding along the bottom in simple invitation, index and middle finger opening in a V, clear in intent without being too obvious. Though as my stroking increased in speed, any pretense of hiding my obvious desire became less important.

He stood, turned, and reached into a pocket. He pulled a plastic crinkly sounding package out, its use easily imagined. At least logically, since this was the first time in my experience that a man was putting on a condom before playing with a stranger. I heard the package tear, and in the interval it took him to put it on, I considered the fact that only once had I even wished for a condom, when a stranger whose hard cock I had been fondling put his ass against the hole. With my own turned on cock in my hand, completely ready to enjoy itself fucking a man for the first time, and only a last bit of restraint kept me from doing anything but fingering his hot ass.

In turn, I rose from the seat, then knelt on the floor, the first time I had ever done so, placing my face near the opening. The decision had been like a switch going on – from thoughts of how to get with a stranger’s cock, to getting him off with my almost virgin mouth. There remained just one aspect to overcome – the likely taste and smell of a condom, as I have known them over decades.

As his cock came through, there was no scent from the condom, which really surprised me. Another surprise was how sexy his cock looked, and how natural it was to get closer with my opened mouth. The fingers of my left hand were on his shaft, pulling the condom taut and emphasizing his sexy cock head, then moving his cock as I bent to closer, still prepared to ignore any unpleasantness from the condom itself

One without flavor or smell, something I had never really encountered. In the past, my preference altıparmak eskort had been lambskin, which always come lubricated. As were the latex ones, though the latex smell was worse than that of any lubricant. The lambskin ones have come free a couple of times during vigorous fucking, which just leads to even harder fucking, beyond restraint, pleasure merging with the certainty that cumming mindlessly is why you had a condom to start with. The same was true when latex ones burst – after breaking, there is no possibility of stopping before cumming.

Neither of the condom styles was very suitable for oral sex in my opinion, and generally, I only put a condom on after getting blown, as a prelude to fucking – the extra stiffness and natural lubrication against my cock from a woman’s mouth made condoms much easier to accept. As a married man, condom use is a dim memory in general anyways. I have never had a blow job with a condom – though the bi-friend from the lake has said she used condoms for oral sex, at least until she trusted someone.

Now, on my knees, it was a pleasant surprise to realise a condom could be essentially nothing but a thin sheath, a minimal distraction at worst, outweighed by the practicalities it resolved in my mind. My tongue was out, and began sliding along his cock head as my hand moved it. My lips soon followed, my own stroked cock feeling so good as I crossed into an area shared by all the women I have had sex with. I was finally sucking a man’s hard cock, and the experience was already becoming overwhelming.

From the first touch of my mouth on him, I was lost, free to suck his wonderful cock without any concerns, wanting nothing else. Surrendering myself to his cock was incredible, a sensation of being filled more intimately than possible with any women, my lips and tongue helpless in their desire to explore and experience, to keep him satisfied. From the start, my beginner’s clumsiness was probably apparent, though I felt that unstoppable enthusiasm more than likely made up for it.

The condom was pushed tight with my mouth and teeth against his skin, my lips on my fingers, which now slid slowly back, free space rapidly covered by my hungry mouth. My breathing became panting, my own cock rigid in unmoving hand. The shaft behind his cockhead was also mine now, the opportunity to get him off consuming me, leading me onto a glorious new path. Unlike the other first times with male to male pleasures, my first cocksucking was something I was gently carried into, a feeling of natural progression, a release of a long held temptation. Giving in had never been so satisfying, as I began to understand what it is that makes a man want to suck another man’s cock so willingly. Kneeling, hungry for the opportunity to feel him move, I started to bob my head to make him even hotter.

My fingers were at the bottom of his shaft, guiding his cock as my mouth moved on it. They had a certain teasing and buffering function to allow me to get used to something so unfamiliar. On the one hand, everything I was doing seemed natural, but on the other, I realized just how much there was to learn, and how unable I would be to stop myself from enjoying that learning. The new experience of cocksucking was now part of me, as game playing and half steps were swept away at the same place a man had first sucked me off.

As I moved ever closer to the wall to take more of his cock, the video selector began to get in the way, forcing some minor contortions on my part, until my mouth was again positioned to take as much of his cock as possible. His hand had replaced mine on his hard length, providing another nilüfer escort variation to our shared game, as now, he started to pump his cock into my willing mouth. After a bit, his hand moved out of the way, and he was beginning to press against the wall, a welcome sign of how thoroughly he must be enjoying himself, as I had always been helpless in another man’s touch or mouth by that point.

It was unbelievable how slutty cock sucking was making me feel – and how much I wanted to keep doing it. This had always been one of the more obvious truths about this boundary, happily skipped through as I started to suck him with more increasing intensity. I began to pull him tighter against the wall with my cheeks against his shaft as the suction increased. I wanted him deeper, even as his cock filled my mouth, lips on its rigid shaft. My cock was in my hand, at times competing with what I was doing to his sexy cock. But every such episode led to an even tighter focus on pleasuring him, until even my jutting cock was a minor distraction to the pleasures my mouth was discovering.

After too short a time, he withdrew, and I couldn’t help myself from leaving my mouth at the opening, wanting nothing but his cock to return to the depths of my mouth, filling it again, as deeply as possible. He returned to the opening slowly, and as soon as the tip reached my lips, I opened them greedily, knowing that he desired me as much as I did him.

Following just a moment of resuming my greedy sucking, the counter warning buzzer went off, a very minor distraction as my cocksucking continued. I wasn’t in any condition to feed more money into it, and here, no one had ever cared if a booth was closed without a movie playing. Though my mouth’s action was much more vigorous, desperate to keep him fucking my mouth, he soon withdrew for the second time. Which again had me stay at the opening, moaning that this was the first time with a man, and how sexy it was, and how much I wanted to keep sucking his hot cock, to make him cum.

Eyes closed, lips open, for the third time, his cock came into my begging mouth, leading me into paradise again, as now, I tried to take him as far as possible, letting him go ever deeper, my tongue moving its length against his shaft, side to side. This was completely enthralling, shutting out everything but a burning need to suck him off. Details were fragmenting into pure sexual lust, and honestly, I’m not even sure at what point he came, though it seems fairly certain he did. Among the reasons being a time where the feeling of his condom shrouded cock grew hot and liquid, and the sound of the condom when he pulled it off.

As he withdrew, I remained close to frantic in wanting his delicious cock in my mouth, and only slowly did it become clear that our game had ended, as the sexual haze surrounding me cleared. A truly glorious sluttiness had me now basking in deep satisfaction, coupled with amazement at how unstoppable cocksucking became at first contact, after deciding not to resist temptation any longer. And surprise at how purely sexual it was, not intimate in the way that kissing can be. Not to mention easy, once a condom was used – it was less messy than most of my other experiences, except for getting sucked off myself.

I stayed in the booth on my knees as he quickly left, only then getting up. He probably didn’t believe what I had said, which was fine. Glory holes are truly about faceless sex, and in its way, simplicity carries costs too. He may also have been embarrassed – not everyone is honest with themselves, and a glory hole is an easy place to leave things behind closed doors after enjoying another orgasmic release. Which was just another reason for my determined approach to getting him too turned on to stop me from making him cum.

Over the next few minutes, no one else came into the shop. And on reflection, I didn’t have any condom of that sort anyways, a fact which I plan to change as quickly as practical.

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