First Time at 7/11

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I had just closed and locked the doors to the convenience store where I worked. It was midnight and Jason and I wanted to take off, but we knew that we had to fill the radiator, the radiator was erst a large walkin type with 8 full-size doors.

Jason and I went to the cooler and began opening the boxes of beer and put the bottles in the doors when he said how much he could use a beer. Laughing, I suggested that he open a beer, and take a sip. He asked me if I wanted one as well and I said no, but I would be to share with him.

He took a few swallows and handed me and I did the same. We started talking about a guy who arrive earlier to buy condoms and we joked about the fact that at least someone to see some action tonight.

Jason said: “The only way my dick is getting some loving tonight when my hand is in the mood, if you know what I mean”

I laughed and told him I knew exactly what he was me, I would jerk off tonight and knew its meaning.

It was then that Jason suggested that we jerk off to a porn magazine from the store rack and bring it back into the radiator. “If you were strange wank in the same room as me”

Jason had no idea (or at least that’s what I thought) that I was not only gay, but very attracted to him. Jason looked a lot like the actor who plays Jack on Dawson’s Creek. Dark hair, about 5’11 “, and with eyes that will make any man weak in the knees. Wanted Although I was nervous jerk off in front of him was the chance to see his cock something I could not miss.

Jason has the cooler and came up with a Playboy. Each of us have opened a beer and Jason and I stood side by side. Jason unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Then he pulled the zipper down and opened the doors to his white boxer briefs were Fındıkzade Escort before the eyes. He slid his hands over her hips and dropped the jeans on the floor. At this point I could clearly see a bulge growing on him and then he pulled his underwear down to his ankles.

At that time he said: “Are you going to jerk off or just watch me?” At this point I realized that I stared at him the whole time, and he knew it. “No, no, my dick needs some loving, too.” I opened my pants and pulled them and my underwear to my ankles. We both just stood there for a moment, obviously erections on both of us. We were standing so close that my left hip was touching his right thigh, and I could feel his body heat. It was incredible.

Jason then opened the magazine and held it open so that we both could see the pictures. As we were looking at each other cock instead of the magazine. “I have an idea. This is a really cool feeling, especially because it is cold in the database.” Then he moved closer to the magazine so that it is up against our two cocks. He moved closer to me so that both of our cocks were covered by the open magazine. He put his hand on the outside of the magazine and told me to do the same. We started rubbing the magazine up and down on our cocks in unison. It felt great.

In its place I wanted to kiss Jason, but I still was not sure if he is gay or not. This was my first “gay” experience and I would not read too much into it. After all, for all I knew, straight guys had that too.

I decided to find out. I said to him: “Young man, I do not know what I’m doing wrong, but you are certainly having a better time than me.”

Jason said: “It’s all in motion Shall I show you how to do it right.?”

“Sure,” was all I Fındıkzade Escort Bayan could say.

Jason then turned to me and put the magazine so that it was only on my cock. He began to gently rub up and down. The feeling was fantastic and I lay back against the boxes as far as I could, so that prolonged by stomach so it was easier for Jason to work.

Jason continued to rub, but also a hand on my chest and said, “Is not that great?”

All I could do was moan. I kept my eyes closed, taking in every sensation. Jason then took me by surprise, as his hand was on my chest, the game began with my nipples.

He also began shifting his hand on the magazine, so it kept going Lowe and deeper until I could feel his fingertips bag from the edge of the magazine and start to brush up against my balls. I moaned again. This must be the signal that Jason was because he then dropped the magazine and began my cock stroked by hand have been waiting for. My cock was covered at this point in the pre-cum, but that only seemed to excite him more. He continued to jerk me off and I told him I was about to come, as he pressed the head of my cock so hard that the sperm could not escape. My body began clashing with each attempt, my cock, made my burden spit.

Since the thrust stops, Jason started slowly stroking again. He also answered down and kissed me. I felt his tongue searching for me. It was incredible. He kissed me passionately for what seemed and eternity, all the while also stroking my cock.

Then he went on his knees and licked my balls. He took every completely in the mouth as he sucked on candy. Then he worked his tongue over the waves, and then swallows the head. He sucked on my cock with everything he had and I had all Escort Fındıkzade I could do not to explode in your mouth. I grabbed his head with both hands and began to pull it in and out to my cock.

Finally I shot my load into her mouth. He took some and then took off with his hand and pulled me until my cock was empty. He stood up and kissed me again. The taste of my own cum in her mouth was incredible. I could have kissed him all night. Besides, he had something else in mind.

He ran his fingers along my cock to scoop up all the cum that he could get. He rubbed it on his own tail. He told me to turn around and bend over. I did as I was commanded.

First he kissed her from behind and then he worked his way up to my ass. He gently spread my cheeks and licked my asshole. It sent a shiver down my back. Then he took a finger in cum soaked and started to push it into my ass. He told me to just try to relax my mussels and enjoy what was to come.

He slid another finger on the inside he was massaging my ass! Who knew it could be so good. Then a third finger went inside That one hurt, but in the way that you notice it, but do not want to stop it. After the ass he explored me with his fingers, then he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass on his cock. He positioned his rod into my asshole and gently guided it in. He slowly walked further and further in. He then began pushing stomach and pull my hips to him. Consistent He had great coordination.

I was also in hell and heaven. It was incredible. Then he began to stroke my cock at the same time as I was damned. He kissed her neck and then my ear. His breath was hot on my skin.

After what seemed an eternity, he pulled out. He told me to turn around as he jerks his cock and more from me. Then he shot his load on my chest, followed by me doing the same to his. We then hugged and kissed passionately for several minutes.

I fell in love with Jason that night and we were lovers for two years. Today we are still friends. Some time I’ll tell you how Jason introduced me to his college roommate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32