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I had spent the entire day in the house doing absolutely nothing. It was amazing. I had finally dragged myself out of my extraordinarily comfortable bed and taken a shower, putting on my favorite sweatpants and a junky long sleeve shirt just as it had turned dark outside. As I was brushing out my hair I heard my phone chirp, alerting me that I had received a text message. I ignored it and continued combing leave-in conditioner through my curls with my fingers.

I heard it chirp again and let out a sigh. I should have put the thing on silent. I really didn’t feel like doing anything or communicating with anyone, but I knew my curiosity would get the best of me, eventually. I rinsed off my hands and made my way to the kitchen, trying to decide between hot tea or hot chocolate when I heard my phone chirp again. “Oh, for fuck’s sake,” I mumbled as I made my way to the bedroom where my phone was charging.

I didn’t recognize the number, but I had just gotten a new phone and hadn’t moved all of my contacts over as of yet. I opened the message box and read the three messages that had come through:

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

Three texts of the same message could mean one of two things. One, someone utterly annoying got ahold of my number, which wasn’t likely, or it was Josh. Josh’s phone was ancient, and tended to send the same message a number of times. I tapped the button that brought up my keyboard and responded.

“Hermit time.”

I unplugged my phone and buried myself under my comforter, hearing my phone chirp just as I remembered to turn the ringer volume down.

“Lame. Come out to the Farm.”

I rolled my eyes and responded.


The “farm” Josh was speaking of wasn’t a farm at all, it was just what he called it. His parent’s had left him a huge lot of land, most of it wooded. The area he called the Farm was a clearing near the house. It was a great spot for fire pits and lots of people, and while the fire pit was enticing, the people most definitely were not. The phone vibrated since I had turned the volume all the way down.

“Not a social gathering. Meteor shower tonight. Bring a blanket.”

He knew my weakness. While I loved meteor showers I never kept track of them, but Josh did. I laid there for a moment, thinking it over while my phone vibrated again.

“Not a social gathering. Meteor shower tonight. Bring a blanket.”

I sighed in defeat and hefted myself out of bed. I went into the kitchen and set some water to boil while I got my thick wool blanket out of the hall closet and set it on the couch. I went into the room and removed my sweatpants to put some underwear on, feeling odd about going out without any. I put on socks and shoes, and then went back to the kitchen to use the boiling water to fill my large thermos with hot chocolate. I added a considerable amount of whiskey, and took a sip to taste test. Perfect.

I grabbed my supplies and started out the door when I thought of something. I went to my desk and grabbed my old phone and it’s cord, and while doing so realized I had forgotten my new one. I went into the room and grabbed it, turning the screen on to see I had three more text messages. I made my way to the door while reading them, one a repeat of his last message and two new ones.

“A blanket and your hot chocolate =)”

“You’re already making it, aren’t you? Atta girl.”

I smiled to myself and went out the door. It took about forty-five minutes to make it out to the Farm, it being a little bit out in the country; perfect for meteor showers since there was no light pollution out there. I pulled into Josh’s driveway, grabbed all of my supplies and made my way out to the field where I could see his old beat up truck sitting right in the middle. I could see his face illuminated as I got closer, his face looking intent on his phone. When he heard me he looked up and smiled.

I held up the thermos and his smile got bigger. He reached behind him and pulled out two metal camping mugs and set them down beside him as I set the thermos down, the folded blanket beside it. I held up my old phone, the cord and wall charger attached, and he looked at me puzzled. “It’s time,” I said as I handed it to him, and he chuckled a little as he took it from me.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he said, holding down the power button and whistling through his teeth as the screen illuminated, accompanied by the start-up jingle. “Any games on it?”

“Nah,” I said as unfolded the blanket and put it on the tailgate and hopped up, reaching for the thermos and pouring hot chocolate into the mugs.

“When does the show start?” I asked, picking up a mug and sipping the hot chocolate, which was still very warm. I chuckled as Josh looked at his watch, even though he had a phone with the time on it right in front of his face.

“Peak time is in about half an hour. I’ve seen a few already.”

I leaned over and showed him the code I had to unlock the screen and then sipped on my beverage while he played bahçelievler escort around with the phone. I was perfectly content with the silence, looking up to see if I could catch any pre-peak activity when realization hit me. I hadn’t deleted everything off of the phone, and there was a night two weeks ago when I had gotten roaring drunk and was trying to entice my ex to come over…

“Hey, can I see that for a second?” I asked, trying not to sound desperate or panicked.

His eyebrow arched but he didn’t look away from the screen. “Why?”

“I just want to see something,” I said, reaching my hand out. He looked at me and handed it to me very slowly. I took it from his hand and looked down at the screen to see myself in all my drunken glory, posing in the bathroom in my laciest bra and panty set. I groaned, and Josh laughed heartily. “I should have known the first thing you would go for is the pictures.”

Josh laughed harder, and I went through to delete the pictures, hoping he hadn’t seen the full frontal that was a few pictures after that. I tossed the phone back at him and he caught it against his chest, his laughter dying down as he turned the screen off and put the phone down beside him. “I’ve seen it before, Pat. Don’t get all embarrassed on me now.”

I took a few large drinks of the hot chocolate to finish my mug off, sure that if there were any light out here he would have been able to see me blushing. “I’m not embarrassed,” I said as I poured another cup for myself, Josh reaching for his untouched cup. He mmmmed as he took a drink, and I felt a little bit of pride build up in me at the sound.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, both of us looking upward and taking drinks of our hot chocolate. The heat of it, be it the temperature or the booze, was keeping me nice and toasty, and I could feel the alcohol seeping into my muscles. I was swinging my legs slightly, forgetting about the whole picture incident when Josh started to chuckle again, and I rolled my eyes, knowing he wasn’t going to let it go.

“I mean, you look great Pat. Almost exactly the same as ten years ago.”

“Ugh, let it go, Josh,” I said, shifting uncomfortably in place. He chuckled again, and I wanted to hit him. Then I thought about what he said. “Wait, what do you mean almost?”

“Well,” he started, “first of all, the closest to that I have seen you is in a bikini, and that was when we were what…fifteen?” I nodded my head in agreement. “Well, you’ve filled out.” I turned my head sharply towards him, and he lifted his hands in defense. “Not like that! Jesus, woman. I mean, you were a girl, then. You’re a woman now.”

I smiled slightly, and turned my attention back to my mug. He refilled his and reached his hand out for mine, which I handed over. He handed the refilled mug back to me, and then looked at his watch again. “Should be starting anytime.” Almost as soon as we turned our gaze back up to the sky I saw the first of many shooting stars. I thought back and remembered when Josh and I were kids, laying on a blanket and wishing on every shooting star we saw.

“Thank you for inviting me out here,” I said, still looking up at the sky. “I am sure there were many more entertaining individuals you could have invited tonight.”

I heard him scoff a little and turned to look at him. He was looking up at the sky, a small grin on his face. “What does that mean?”

“Well,” I said, turning my gaze back upward, “This is kind of a perfect atmosphere for…you know…” He turned and looked at me, the small grin still on his face. “You know…the meteor shower, alcohol, the back of a beat up truck…bow chicka wow woooooooow.” He laughed heartily then, and turned his head back up to the sky.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever had sex out here.” I watched his face to see if he was completely bullshitting, and he turned his gaze back at me. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, some pretty intense make out sessions have happened out here. Some heavy petting, and some fingering.” I laughed loudly, and he gave me a confused look.

“Fingering? I haven’t heard that term since I was a teenager!” I laughed, and he laughed with me. I took another drink from the mug and looked back up at the sky. “Shit, I don’t think I have been properly fingered since I was a teenager!” and I laughed. I noticed that he wasn’t laughing with me and turned to look at him. “What?”

“Is that true? I mean, if so, you have been skipping an entire base in all of your relationships since then.”

I laughed. “I’m not saying there hasn’t been a hand or five down there since I was seventeen. I’m just saying that it can be down there for a little bit and then things move on. I haven’t been,” I made little quotation marks with my fingers, “fingered to completion since then.” Josh looked at me completely baffled and shook his head. “What?!?” I exclaimed.

He kept shaking his head, and then looked back up the sky. “I love it,” he said, simply, downing the rest of what was in his mug and reaching for the thermos bahçeşehir escort again. “Maybe it’s the innocence of it. You got a girl, fully clothed, pressing up against you, and you give her the most intimate thing you can without having sex. You’ve rocked her world, your hand in her most intimate of places, and you haven’t even seen her naked. It’s kind of amazing.”

My mouth was wide open as I was listening to him talk, and I had to admit that I was picturing exactly what he was saying and it made my heart beat a little faster. He saw something on my face, because he put the thermos back down and leaned towards me slightly, bringing his hand up between us as he spoke. “Everything you have been touching has had the barrier of cloth, but then when you slide your hand under her pants you feel hot flesh. The contact of that alone is electric. And then you slide your hand lower, and lower, and there is that hot, soft wetness, letting you know everything you have been doing is right.”

My breathing was coming a little harder, and I cleared my throat and turned away. I could hear him smiling, even though he wasn’t laughing. The truck moved beneath me and I looked up to see Josh shimmying himself across the bed to finally sit and lean back against the cab. I shimmied across myself, making sure to grab the blanket along the way. I sat next to him and spread the blanket across the both of us, trying not to act like I was slightly uncomfortable being so close to him after his declaration.

We sat in silence a bit longer, our heads turned up towards the sky. Time passed, and I felt my normal comfortableness with Josh. I leaned into him and he moved his arm up and around my shoulders, my head leaning back against him at an angle and his cheek resting on top of my head. The closeness provided warmth for the both of us, and I felt my eyelids get heavy.

Before I knew it I was waking up from a vivid dream. My body had turned more towards Josh and my hand was on his chest. I pulled away abruptly and saw Josh jerk, my sudden movement startling him. I rubbed my face and looked up to the sky, seeing a few stragglers shoot across and looked back at Josh. “How long was I out?”

“About an hour,” he said, adjusting himself into a more comfortable position. “Get back over here; I’m cold,” and he put his arm back up, invitingly. It was cold being away from him and I snuggled back into place, curling up against him. The human contact felt good, and soon he had his cheek resting against the top of my head. “You were making noises in your sleep, you know.”

“Was I?” I asked, and he made a mmm hmm noise that I felt more than heard. And then the flashes of my dream came to me and I stiffened a little. Josh’s declaration had taken root, and my dream came back to me in flashes of hands under my clothes, soft moans, and delightful pressure between my legs.

“They were…quite nice,” he said, and the arm around my shoulders moved and his hand was rubbing my back. I couldn’t speak; my embarrassment had me frozen like a deer in headlights. His cheek was slowly moving forward across my head, and I knew that he was going to try and kiss me. So much was running through my head, but all that was coming through was his detailed description earlier, and I felt a knot of curious lust building in my stomach. I found my voice.

“I was dreaming about what you said,” I admitted, slowly moving my head from the nook of his arm. I looked up into his eyes, and while the arm that was around me pulled me closer to him, his other hand came up to slide up under my ear and into my hair. My head tilted back slightly as his hand tightened in my hair and my lips parted. He pulled my face closer to him.

“Curious?” he asked, his gaze moving back and forth between my eyes and lips, and I nodded my head. That was all it took and his lips made contact, his tongue sliding warm and smooth against mine. I moaned deeply into his mouth and his kiss came a little more forcefully. His hand left my hair to slide down the side of my neck, over my collarbone and to my breast. He found my nipple through my layers and lightly pinched it, making me jerk a little against him.

He mmmed into my mouth and then broke away, leaving me breathing hard as he leaned back against the cab. “Sit here,” he said, motioning to the space between his legs. I looked at the space and then back at him and smiled, and he smiled back. I moved into the spot, making sure my ass lingered and moved a little against the front of him, feeling that he was pretty excited about everything that was happening. Once I was in position I leaned forward and pulled the blanket back over us.

I leaned back into him and laid my head back against his right shoulder. I looked up to the sky and saw a star shoot across it right as his lips found my neck, placing small kisses as he worked his way down. I smiled at the soft sensation, and when his mouth found the curve where neck turns to shoulder, he scraped his teeth across it lightly, making me suck in a quiet gasp. I turned my face to bakırköy escort kiss him as he wrapped one arm around my waist and the other came up to cup the side of my face. My mouth was still open from my gasp and his tongue slid in slowly, making me groan and slide my left hand onto the back of his head and press it closer to me.

He kissed me long and deep; the kind of kisses that pull at everything in your body. I hadn’t been kissed at this length for a long time, and I was reveling in the sweetness of it, though it promised so much more. The hand that was cupping my face had moved into my hair. He removed it to cup my breast, the arm around my waist moving up to cup the other. I moved my hand from the back of his head to cover his hand, my other covering his other. We broke the kiss so that we could both look down and his hands started to squeeze, the wool blanket having fallen and pooled around our thighs.

I leaned my head back against him and closed my eyes as he set the motion of our hands. Josh buried his face into my neck, nibbling and kissing, coming up and placing light kisses on my earlobe, his breath hot and heavy in my ear. I moved against him and let out little whimpers as my nipples pushed up through my layers of clothing, making them easy for him to find and roll between his fingers. My hands moved to his thighs, rubbing them at first and then kneading them as my arousal intensified. As his right hand left my breast and started to move it’s way down I bent my knees and placed my feet on the outer side of his legs. He moved his legs apart further making me open up even more, the slight strain on my muscles feeling absolutely lovely.

As his hand found my waistband I turned my head to him and was met with more of those long and deep kisses. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers made their way under my panties. The back of his hand strained against them as his whole hand went under, and instead of sliding his fingers down my slit, he instead let his palm rest on my mound and took one finger to my opening. Josh let his finger circle around, testing my wetness. I broke away from this kiss to sigh and he let out a groan against my cheek as his finger kept circling.

My hips moved against him by reflex and I soon felt two fingers moving where there was once only one. He was pressing harder and I could feel everything start to grow even more aroused. The movement of his fingers had his palm moving against me and my hips started to rotate to match. His fingers curled, letting just a digit inside of me, and then he retreated, dragging his fingers slowly up my slit, making me dig my fingers into his thighs and jerk almost violently against him.

I felt him smile against my cheek as he pinched my nipple a little harder and then slid his fingers back down, my wetness making the motion almost effortless on his part. I arched and let out a small yelp, everything feeling far too good to be quiet any longer. He slid all the way down, dipping his digits again and then moving back up. He moved his hand to my other breast so that his arm was holding me against him as he moved down again, slowing as he went over my clit and I was jerking against him again.

This time his fingers went a little deeper, and I thought I would die if he didn’t shove them deep inside me. But I didn’t die as his fingers moved up and started to move in circles on my clit. I let out a long moan and placed my hand on top of his, feeling him move through my sweatpants and underwear. I pushed up with my hips and down with my hand and was grinding his hand between the two. He growled against my hair and I lowered my hips, letting loose the pressure I was putting on his hand. He slid his fingers down and inside of me, curling them upwards and then sliding back out.

Josh moved back to my clit and started rubbing it vigorously. I had moved my hands from his thighs to the bed of the truck and my ass was completely off of it. What had been slowly building in me since that first kiss was now about to explode. My legs started to shake, and as soon as the first wave started to come over me, he slid his fingers into me hard. I called out and collapsed, my thighs squeezed together as I rocked against him, my pussy squeezing his fingers.

I was breathing like I had just finished running a marathon, and I let out a small, shuddering cry as Josh pulled his fingers from me. He was breathing hard too and while I was laying still, recovering, I felt him shift behind me. I smiled to myself and gathered all of my strength to move. I leaned forward and onto my forearms, popping my ass into the air as I brought my knees to rest between his still sprawled legs. The blanket was conveniently a jumbled mess in front of me, so I laid my face upon it as I reached back with both hands and slowly slid my sweatpants and underwear down and over my plump ass.

It was still for a moment, and then I heard the frantic unbuckling of a belt and the truck shifted and squeaked as Josh moved behind me. I felt both hands on my ass and squeezed and then slid them up and over and onto my hips. One hand left my hip as he held himself and placed his head at my opening, making my body tingle in anticipation. He pushed into me slowly, and when he was all the way in I felt a warmth crawl up my spine and spread over me. I let out a satisfied groan and pushed up onto my hands and looked over my shoulder back at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32