Find Me, Please

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Find Me, Please


Gemma thought that she had misheard what he had said; that she had gotten it all wrong, but her husband, Jake, was only too serious in what he was suggesting and what she should consider doing to ease the strains in their life together.

‘In your wildest and warped dreams!’ she yelled at him, throwing the wooden spatula down onto the countertop. ‘Supper can wait!’

The kitchen of their mid-terrace house was having a makeover, along with other rooms, and there was still a lot of work outstanding. They had agreed to keep on living there and put up with the mess, somehow.

‘No, they’re your dreams…having kids,’ he retorted, unfazed by her angry response to his suggestion.

‘One would be enough! I’ve had to go through hell, and for what?

‘We both have, babe,’ Jake continued and using a favoured way of addressing her when Gemma was wound up, which she sure was now. ‘What I’m suggesting is just another way…and that Stan, my Dad, is wondering about it too came as one hell of a shock.’

‘I bet it did, the idea, or suggestion, coming from you!’ Gemma stared at him angrily.

‘Were you both drunk?’

‘No…I just joked about it with him…didn’t just say it, go screw my wife and the problem’s solved. If it’s too crazy then forget it I said. Now, calm down.’

‘Oh sure, just like that!’ she said snapping he fingers. ‘I won’t calm down after what you’ve just said and the thought behind it!’ Her anger vied with her continuing dismay with what she was hearing and what it would mean. ‘It would be dirty and so cruel…wreck your mother, if she ever got to know about it! Me agreeing to him being a donor was one thing…’

‘Mum would never know…just as before.’

‘But I bloody well would! It was embarrassing enough thinking of Stan jerking off in the bathroom and me then squirting his cum into my body with the kit the clinic gave me!’

Gemma flicked at the tumble of her brown hair with its blonde highlights. It hung loose and framed her slender, high-cheeked face. ‘I need a drink after what you’ve just told me…’

Luke offered a caress to her lips, set in anger, as he sought to detain and talk his idea through with her. ‘This way we would keep it in the family…there’s a blood tie.’

‘Oh sure! I play the whore…seduce your father, or I let him come onto me, and we fuck…see if that works. Is that it…the plan you’ve talked to Stan about? You’re effing crazy!’

She wondered on how Stan could have let things get so far.

‘We haven’t ‘talked about it’ as you put it, and you drive me crazy with what you want! It’s taking over our life and there’s no let up, none at all!’ he yelled back, glaring at her.

‘Mine more than yours…I know that only too well,’ she answered in a less confrontational tone and looking at him.

Gemma stared down at her feet, felt her lips tremble. It always came back to this and dealing with her obsession, but she’d not thought that Jake would ever go this far…nor Stan.

They both earned good money, she in a supermarket and he as a delivery driver to those customers who shopped online at the store and who lived in the store’s delivery area in this part of Coventry. They had decided to have kids and Jake seemed to have it all, only he fired blanks or misfired more times than not, he’d say. But Stan Moffat, on the other hand, had fathered three other kids and she knew that she ovulated, regular as clock work. There really was no doubting that Stan had fired all the rounds to make things happen for Betty, his wife. Just where was the woman to fit in with what her man was prepared, so Jake had told her, to do think about let alone do for them?

‘I’m getting that drink,’ she sighed and pulled open the fridge door. There was still some Prosecco left in the bottle for the two of them, although it was really her preferred drink.

In what Jake had admitted, and with Stan, there lay the temptation for her to think on it some more, wild and destructive as it was to imagine Stan finding her…tamping her for real and blasting his load into her body. It was only too mechanical to think of it in those ways, the stud brought in to service the mare. It would be done in her home when she had days off, or her shift patterns made it possible.

Stan was retired and he now worked as handyman who got his work from cards put up on noticeboards in shops about the place. He stood nigh on six foot tall and was lean and muscular for his age. His short hair was slowly greying, and his face was lined, the grey in his stubble stark against his lightly tanned skin. Her Jake had more of his mother’s looks, but the same dark hair as Stan. He had his father’s build but was not as tall and he had Stan’s captivating smile and winning laugh. His eyes were a shade darker than Stan’s grey blue. Who could guess the father of her child if she went so far as to have Stan find her?

Gemma turned and looked Jake’s way, met his consoling look upon her. What he had spoken bahis siteleri of had affected her so deeply. How was she to live with the knowledge of what she had done, if she went through with it, even if Stan’s sperm made her dream a reality?

She pressed a hand to Luke’s chest as he sought a kiss. ‘I can’t believe we’re even talking about it…’

‘Just think it through and we’ll keep trying, okay?’ Jake murmured in reply and drawing her to him. ‘We do it often enough to still make it happen…’

‘Yeah, we do.’ Gemma clung to him, but her mind was in a whirl. ‘Your father’s a good man…and I didn’t know that he cared so much.’


‘I’m not late, am I?’ she asked brightly, looking at her watch, the gentle breeze tugging at her hair. She brushed it away on a graceful sweep of one hand.

‘No…you’re not late,’ Stan smiled, his eyes darting to take in Gemma’s charmingly youthful appearance.

She was dressed for work in her uniform issue navy-blue trousers and a thigh length jacket, along with a white blouse to be seen underneath. The uniform shaped her, took nothing away from her youthful attractiveness. A nervy tension had developed between them over recent weeks and that he put down to what was playing out in her life with Luke. His talk with her man had brought the options for her into sharper relief.

‘Good. I’ve had a few manic days recently. I was worried I’d have to call off today…’

‘I’m glad you didn’t…’ Stan watched as Gemma sought her house keys. ‘No, I was early and had time to think of what we spoke of the other day.’

‘My obsession and the answer to it, perhaps?’ she smiled wanly, finding her keys and taking a step up to the unremarkable front door of her home. It was in need of a lick of paint and Stan, she knew, would get round to attending to it at some time.

‘We all have them, some would say…obsessions, or our crazy ways, that make us who we are.’

‘True…very true,’ she smiled, glancing his way for an instant and wondering where that revelation had arisen in him.

Gemma led the way inside.

‘Come in…come in,’ she urged, watched how he put a bag down against the newel post at the foot of the stairs. She took it to contain some overalls to cover his white shirt and faded jeans. Stan’s down at heel deck shoes took nothing away from his raw, attractive looks, the soft tan on his face making the greying stubble stark against his skin. Stan was dutifully attentive to his wife, Betty, in what seemed a long, unshakeable and happy marriage, but recent times had taken them in a completely new direction.

‘Are you joining me for lunch?’ she asked, lightly, on seeing Stan stand in the doorway and glancing her way, a frown showing that something preoccupied him. It deepened the soft lines on his forehead, his manner an indication that he wanted to talk with her. ‘I can make it as simple as you want…’

‘No, lunch can keep…thanks anyway. I’d better get on…I guess.’

‘What is it?’ she asked, noting his sudden and changed mood. Gemma pulled open the fridge door and took a carton of orange juice from a shelf within. ‘Have a drink, at least?’

‘Go on,’ he smiled, and came to stand by her side. ‘Does Jake know that I’m here today?’

‘No…does Betty?’

‘No…I’m at work is all she knows.’

Gemma wondered on how she had fallen into pursuing secretive ways where it concerned Stan. She felt petite compared to his bulk, took in the strength in his large hands as he leant on the worktop for a moment. He turned so that he could look at her directly, delight in the young woman before him.

‘I’m not going to harp on, about what’s at work in me…where we have gotten to…you and I.’

‘It’s okay, I’m involved in this.’ Stan saw her nod, bite her lip for an instant, and he reached out to caress her cheek. ‘So, are we in this together, now?’

‘It looks that way…doesn’t it?’ she answered, resignation to be heard in her voice. ‘I’ve nowhere else to go with my ‘obsession’…’

‘Don’t say it like that, Gem’…I understand.’

‘I know and I can’t get away from that or what you suggested as another way out. I thought it was crazy to hear you say it…or hint at where to go with this.’

An evidently vigorous man, rugged and not handsome, was in the house with her and they would not be disturbed. She had seen that look of his eyes upon her in recent days and whatever Jake may have said, or spoken to Stan about, his

company now and with her was entirely of her devising. Words of denial had sought to tell Jake that she was not going through with the crazy plan he had apparently decided on. To have even done so was bizarre, so utterly crazy, but what other options were there when remaining childless was not one of them? The man wanted, in his ways, to be of help and Jake had been complicit in suggesting a way through and to make her dream become a reality. You couldn’t make it up, a son deciding that his father became his wife’s lover. canlı bahis siteleri She would have help and would not have to endure endless tests and delays in achieving her goal, her prevailing life’s purpose with Jake, as she presently thought of it.

A man she cared for, Stan…her father-in-law…he would become her unlikely but chosen lover, a man whom she would often find gazing at her with a wondering look of his eyes. She had been unable to deny that it turned her on to think of them getting together. It had also affected her loving with Jake so that he might yet be the one to truly find her. Yet, she had clung to that hope as the alternative, thoughts of Stan taking her to bed, had continued to hold her attention.

Yes, undoubted affection and help were close at hand. There would be love in the physical act between them. It would not be a coldly purposeful and ordered arrangement favoured by a clinic. She would be at home and in the arms of a man that she knew. She would be taken by a strong, broad-shouldered man that she was undoubtedly fond of, and she would know of a man who continued to confound her and who would leave the choice to her. Stan would understand….whatever her choice might be, but she sensed that he wanted her for his pleasure and that he had sensed that his presence might wear away her resolve not to pursue moments with him.

Stan was purposeful and she shivered on feeling the lightest of touches to the front of her blouse, his breaths on her lips as their eyes held the other’s stare. It prolonged the moment when a decision would be reached, and they would concede.

‘I…I want to take you to bed….you, Gemma. The rest…what you dream of may follow.

Right now, it’s to find a way through to making your dreams become real. So…think of nothing else…but loving…and doing that with me.’

She nodded her agreement as Stan leant in to kiss her, put his arms about her waist and drew her to him. ‘Come on, you crazy man! I’ve run away from tis long enough!’

She broke out of his embrace and rushed from the room, scurried up the stairs, gasps of dismay on her lips as she knew that he followed her. There was nothing else left for her to do but to concede to the crazy plan she had been persuaded to buy into.

His hands were on her as Stan’s finger nimbly unfastened her bra even before her blouse had been eased over her body. She leant back against him, heard Stan sigh and felt his hands clamp her breasts, locked her fingers with his questing hands, and she shuddered on feeling the charge of wanton excitement from another man’s touches to her body, the slow questing slip of his hand under the rim of her work trousers and waistband of her panties before they found her trimmed bush. His caresses aroused a flush of moisture as Stan slowly broke down her last barriers of restraint. She reached back, half turning in his embrace to meet his deepening kisses, gasped for breath in her raging longing as he caressed her with nimble fingers.

‘Love me…find me…just do it!’ she gasped. ‘This is crazy, but I want you to bring it all to me! Make it happen and then we’re through!’

She met his hungering kisses once more. She soon felt utterly lost in the moment as Stan undressed before her and lingered in the trembling caresses that she offered, his penis so long and thick and arcing out of a mat of coarse hair.

‘This is about more than what you want from this…’ he kissed, cupping her face in his hands and met the fearful look in her eyes. ‘I want you…will take care of it with you. I…I don’t want you to be frightened….but to give in to what’s happening with me here.’

She heard, again, the gentle words of persuasion that she concede.

‘I know! Just fill me…fill me!’ She jumped into his arms, wrapped her legs about his waist, and clung to him as Stan carried her to the bed, the work of his fingers and undeniable strength making her feel weak with longing, the attention to her body making her wet in anticipation of what he would bring to her.

From his kisses and caresses, his soft words and seducing ways, she knew that he would find her. She chose to let her hopes and unashamed lust for him fly free. A passionate and well-endowed man wanted her, was now known to lust after her, and in that might be the answer to her prayers.


There was nothing for her to do but rise and fall on him, to ride that pole that was Stan’s prick and that was enveloped and gripped in her moist heat. He’d kissed and licked her out, fingered and tongued her pussy and she had obliged him in return. She had felt as if he wanted her mouth on him before anything else followed, the pursuit of shared, loving acts and not the purposeful taking of her body and nothing more.

Riding the man would give her control and set the pace of how rough it might become as the sight of her naked body, and what she sought of him, aroused a wilder instinct in her lover. Stan brought it all, the skill and passionate canlı bahis loving of her body, his crushing embraces keeping her pressed against him as he rose to kiss her and share in the heat of their bodies.

‘So strong, Stan…you’re so strong!’ she gasped as she straddled him and gazed down into his wondering eyes. She bent to kiss him and swept her breasts over his chest, loved the feel of his chest hair on her nipples. She guided his trembling, thick and rigid prick, still slicked from her mouthing of him, into her body. Slowly, the domed glistening head penetrated deep into her.

‘Just for you…’ Stan called out as he pulled her down onto him. He felt Gemma’s knees in his armpits as she made it easier for him to be in her. ‘Take all of me…don’t be scared…take your time but do it for me!’

She nodded before easing away and tamped on him, pinched Stan’s chest and rode him in rhythmic sinuous movements of her hips, the sinuous caress of his prick so deep inside her body, her shaven crack rubbed by the tangle of hair at the base of his shaft. She gushed, felt uncommonly wet from her arousal that Stan’s lustful ways had brought to her.

‘How…how you fill me!’ she groaned, leaning forward in a daze of sudden, overwhelming pleasure and kissing him. She felt his hands grip her breasts and pull them to his mouth, the strength of his hold on them excruciatingly pleasurable and devastating her control. ‘How…how can this be right?’

His kisses silenced her before she finally tore her mouth away, Stan’s tone probing and flickering in her mouth as it had done when he had claimed her in prolonged acts of foreplay that he wanted but delayed what she had wanted from him and defying what she had expected of an only too purposeful rut.

‘Yes, I’m deep inside you and…I want you to pull and squeeze on me…make this good…for both of us. Now go on…really move…we fuck…hard and quick!’

His strong hands held her hips as she forgot how full she felt, how deep he now was in her body and felt glad that his mouth, tongue and fingers had opened her to these claims. She felt close to him, emotionally bound and wondered how that could possibly be. She wanted him to fill her and to keep on doing that for as long as it was necessary.

Bizarrely, it suddenly felt so right as she met Stan’s wondering stare upon her as she moved and saw his encouraging smile. She rode him and took her time to find pleasure and to bestow that on him. She rocked her hips. Her movements arousing his gasps of effort as she tugged on him; as she rose and fell, felt him pull her body down on him, the searing pain as his actions stretched her and caressed parts so deep in her body that Jake never quite managed to do.

She was lustfully sharing in the act, leant on his chest and gripped his skin as she took him, or he rose to plug her in searing wrenching thrusts.

It had been Stan’s purpose all along to have her forget why they were fucking and to enjoy it for all its wanton strangeness. Her hand gripped his wrist as he fingered her clit. She guided another man in his taking of her. She closed her eyes as he did that and clamped her other hand on her breasts, one then the other; bent forward once more to meet his hungering, snorted kisses to them, the tug of his lips to her aching, hard, nipples.

‘Love them…don’t mark them!’ she gasped, shivering with pleasure from what he did, the fierce clamp on them as he sucked on her nipples, slicked her skin with his circling tongue before reclaiming them.

Stan couldn’t stop. He took her breasts in his hands; began kissing and sucking upon them one by one, something that she had wanted him to do since he had seen her naked before him and before they had tumbled onto the marital bed. The image of Jake with her, then Stan tamping her so deep, vied for ascendancy. As long as she kept her eyes closed she could blot out the image of Stan taking her in his wanton ways and that she now craved to know of and prolong, his purposeful ways only too clear, that of wanting to impregnate her and to enjoy the act, the excuse for it harder to find as his wife, Betty, was destructively ignorant of this. They were both betraying her trust, but to get him to really find her, as Jake had suggested might be the only way out, was the only thing that now mattered.

‘Move…lie back!’ Stan commanded and she complied and fell off him, her legs splayed and her slit open to his gaze and touch. She felt empty for only a moment before Stan slammed into her empty body and pushing her knees out wide and up to her shoulders before his movements resumed and they shared in quickening breaths of effort and pleasure.

‘Stan! Oh Stan…Stan!’ she yelled as he plumbed her, as crashed against her body and claimed her; went so deep that in wild pleasure she closed her eyes, ripped her mouth from his kisses and shivered in pain and in response to the ferocity of his hands clamping on her breasts, succumbed to the raging pleasure that he brought so deep in her body in their shared rush to fulfilment.

‘No, don’t close them…keep your eyes open! We share, lovely Gemma! We share in what will follow!’ he commanded, Stan’s ways with her now hypnotic and powerful.

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