Finally Touched

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I don’t write much, but I’m grateful for those who have read my stories. They’re all true, which is why I’m so excited to finally be able to write this story about how I touched another cock. Finally. It was a guy I met at a bar while I was at a conference a few months ago.

I hadn’t been drinking very much, so my tolerance was pretty low. I met up with some former co-workers at the conference. Industry trade show kind of thing. We grabbed some drinks, that bar closed, we wandered to another. The next thing I know, it’s after 1 am and I’m buying yet another round.

“Six of the Corpse Reviver

…or whatever that says,” I said, pointing to the Specials posted behind the bar.

I looked up and took a deep breath. It felt good to let go. This wasn’t a vacation, but I was the only one from work here, so there was no reason to keep my guard up. A man at the end of the bar raised a glass to me and nodded. I nodded back and smiled a drunken smile.

“One more for that guy,” I said to the bartender.

The bartender looked over, the guy smiled and shrugged. The bartender shrugged back.

“To liberty!” I yelled. “To feeling free!” I raised my glass, then carefully lined my lips up against the rim and sipped as quickly as I could, spilling some down my chin.

The man laughed. His eyes twinkled. I grinned as I turned away, carrying the glasses back toward my friends outside.

I lost track of time. Maybe it was 2:30. I had to pee, badly. I stumbled into the bar again, weaving through the back hallway toward the bathroom. The place looked deserted. It was a Wednesday night, after all. I stood in front of the urinal with my pants down around my knees and I let it rip. My cock felt soft in my hand. Smooth and silky. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room and jerk off.

Lately I had been jerking off into condoms, then using the cum as lube. Sometimes I would drink it. Sometimes it would leak out all over my balls. I would rub it in, lick my hand, smear it on my face.

I loved the musk and the bitterness. I would hold the cum in my mouth while I came again, cumming bursa escort so hard I would thrash backward against the bed, or chair, or wherever I was at the time.

The bathroom door slammed closed, causing me to snap out of my daze. I had been standing in front of the urinal, holding my cock.

It was the smiling man from the end of the bar.

“Feeling free. You weren’t kidding,” he said.

I smiled, staring directly back into his eyes without realizing it. My hand was still on my cock.

“Let me help you with that.” He reached down and wrapped his fingers around my wrist, pulling my hand away from my dick. It stood at half-mast, bobbing slightly.

“OK, gotta put this back or we’re going to get into some serious trouble.” He leaned down to pull up my pants.

I was so fucking drunk. The room was spinning in slow motion, but everything looked so clear.

I put my hands on the top of his head. His hair was soft.

He paused, then pulled my pants up the rest of the way and fastened them.

“Just hold your horses, cowboy. You don’t want to do that here.”

I chuckled, remembering how I fantasized about riding a horse while naked.

“Where are you staying? I’ll walk you back.”

“Hy. Hi, there. Hyatt… there,” I said, pointing toward one of the bathroom walls.

“Hi, there,” he replied, smiling again. “You’re not getting into trouble tonight. I’ll take care of you.”

My friends were gone by the time we exited the bathroom. Assholes. My new friend led me to the door and into the cold night air. The hotel was just a block away, thankfully.

I produced my hotel key card and the paper sleeve that had my room number written on it. My new friend led me by the hand into the elevator. I turned toward him and smiled, staring into his eyes again. He smiled back.

“You’re going to be ok, I promise.”

“I love you.”

He laughed.

He walked me down the hall, unlocked the door to my room, and led me inside. I stumbled half a step behind him, one hand in his, the other pressed against his back.

I altıparmak escort felt his thin frame beneath his shirt. Muscular but lean. Lithe.

He turned abruptly, faster than I could react. I fell into him and our bodies collided.

We kissed. It was involuntary but not unwanted.

No words.

I lifted his shirt up over his head, running my hands down his chest toward the top of his jeans.

He stood perfectly still.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down, dropping to my knees as I tugged, taking his jeans and underwear down with me.

His cock was soft. I immediately took it into my mouth and held it there, savoring it. I felt his heartbeat on my tongue.

It was the first cock I had ever tasted. The first cock besides my own that I’d ever touched. Hell, I had barely touched it.

My hands rested on his thighs while my mouth gently began pulling at his penis, now growing harder and harder. The head was smooth and the ripples and wrinkles of his flesh tickled my lips.

My cock was bursting inside my underwear. I wanted to be completely naked with this man, completely free.

In a flurry, I stood up and tore off my clothes. He responded with equal energy. In seconds, we were both naked on top of the bed.

We stroked each others cocks and kissed. His hand wandered to my ass cheek and he grabbed me, hard, pulling at my ass. I nodded and flipped over.

“Fuck me, oh god, just fuck me. I want you to cum inside of me, please…”

He spit into his hand and rubbed it into his cock, now sticky from the dried saliva left behind from my spontaneous blowjob.

“Just fuck me. Just fuck me. I don’t care. Just fuck me.”

I bent myself over and presented my ass to him, feeling my hole gape slightly, welcoming him in.

The head of his cock teased my crack as he lined himself up to enter. I felt the soft head against my asshole, pressing and pulling. Then the stiffness, then the stretch. I pushed outward, as if to meet him halfway. He pulled at my hips and applied more and more force.

“Yes, görükle escort yes, yes, yes, unnnnnhhhhh…” I moaned.

It was going in dry. I felt every millimeter of his cock, tearing at me. I wanted so badly to clamp down on him and trap him inside of me, but I resisted, allowing him to go as deeply as he could.

It was like every dildo, every toy, every thing I had ever inserted into my asshole, but it was alive and it was attached to an insanely hot man who was determined to fuck me and if I was lucky, he would cum inside of me.

Precum dripped from me, my face buried in the sheets. He did it. He was in. I felt his public hair against my skin.

In and out, slowly, gently, even lovingly, you could say. I felt everything.

I felt it when his cock pulsated. I squeezed back, tightening my hole around him.

I felt when he slipped out, his own precum lubing me up, then his cock reentering me where I embraced him like a long lost friend.

I felt his body tighten and thrust even deeper. It was happening, he was cumming. Squirting into me. Pumping hot jizz into my hole. I wanted it all, but I wanted more. I wish I could have tasted it, felt him explode into my mouth. I would have tried to swallow it all, but there would’ve been too much. It would have dripped down my chin the way that drink did earlier at the bar. He would’ve smiled at me, then licked it off of me.

He collapsed, then fell off to the side. My heart was pounding. I felt a drip of cum leak from my asshole. He must have seen it, because he slid his hand up the back of my leg and caught some of it on his fingertip.

I grabbed his hand and pulled it to my mouth, sucking the cum as if I was dying of thirst.

I pushed his hand down to my cock. Our fingers intertwined with my cock in between, stroking slowly as we fell asleep, staring into each others eyes.

The rest of the story would have to wait until morning, except he was gone by the time I woke up. I don’t even know his name.

If it weren’t for the cum in my ass, I might have thought I imagined the whole thing.

I miss his dick. I want to suck it so badly.

I hope you came to this story. I want to make you cum, too. I wish I could taste your cum, swallow your cock. Imagine yourself at the bar with us, walk back to the hotel, then join us. There is never enough to go around, but we’ll find a way. We’ll take care of each other.

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