Fembiologica Pt. 01

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The year is 2200 AD. The world has taken quite a drastic turn, all thanks to a group of female biologists who would alter the world’s history.

It began with a drug created in the middle 21st century which was purposely leaked into the water supply of the United States by this group of radical female biologists, an underground group called Fembiologica. They had discovered a compound which would affect the DNA of women, making them bigger, stronger, and smarter. They had kept it a secret, distributing it among themselves and producing it under the guise of other projects.

Around this time, they also discovered a separate compound which only affected the DNA of males, making them insatiably horny and willing to yield their desires and lives to the women entirely. The immense power of this drug was not lost on the women, and they began using it to gain key positions of power in the government and scientific communities. There was no one they could not seduce, no one who could not become corrupted with their plans. The women grew hungrier and hungrier, seeing the potential for complete world domination using these two drugs.

As time went on, the drug for the males, M64 evolved greatly, not only making the men insatiably horny but making them smaller, less intelligent, and physically weaker. The group of females obtained ownership şahinbey escort slowly of all public water reservoirs and began slowly adding both drugs to the water, so little that it would be undetectable. The female drug, F99, also advanced tremendously, leading to smarter and smarter women who were living longer, aging less quickly, and becoming quite physically imposing.

Over the next several generations, the women’s grasp on society deepened, as the effects of the drugs began to take place. Men began falling out of positions of power naturally, as their test scores and performances in work and government fell severely behind the females. Also, for the first time in history, the average female was now as tall as the average male, a remarkable feat for just a few generations of time.

The women had mastered the drugs, making them virtually undetectable in the water. The societal changes were enormous, and largely unexplainable. Though there were lots of theories, nobody could pinpoint the exact problem and therefore, a solution.

Society grew rapidly with the newfound confidence of the females, and the results were massive. Women would now ask men to marry them, and it became normal for the man to take the last name of the woman. The majority of political positions were held by women, as men became less and less competent. The media was bought out entirely by women from Fembiogica and with that, the structure of society began to change. Men became more docile and submissive by the day, as women controlled the information men received. Over generations, the men were taught that the changes that were occurring were a natural part of human evolution. History was rewritten by the women, and the schools became segregated, with women receiving the true education as well as education on how to manipulate the fragile male mind. Men were sent to schools teaching them how to properly serve and worship their female superiors by doing their bidding.

Men were rewarded for submissive behavior by sexual release, as the scientific groups of women developed sperm banks that would only accept the seed of these submissive men. The men became increasingly feeble-minded and subservient, and the ones who resisted were killed or tortured under the massive bottoms of the women.

By 2200, the women developed further biotechnology that allowed them to grow much larger than the men, standing up to 8 feet tall. They had enhanced their brainpower, as well as their natural beauty. The rear ends of the women became status symbols, with the larger reared women being more powerful. The giant buttocks of the women was the symbol of the fall of man, especially due to the new medications the men were on that made them hopelessly aroused by the rumps of these powerful Amazons.

Men were forced to live in colonies, in large series’ of buildings where they were secluded from women most of the day. The lived alone in rooms which were mostly empty aside from computers and bicycles. They would ride their cycles to generate electricity for the society of women who lived outside the housings. For the electricity they generated, they would earn points, from which they could purchase prizes the women offered them. Men would also earn points by ejaculating into tubes that would send their ejaculate to large banks Fembiologica ran. With these, there was no need to have sex with the men, as the women grew bored with the tiny men.

The system kept the women very happy, and kept the men… well, it kept the men docile and unlikely to rebel. Their days were solitary and repetitive, but saving enough points would earn them treats such as the gift of smelling the panties of one of the Owners. Save up points for months and months and you could earn some one on one time with an owner behind closed doors. The men who experienced this rarely spoke about it, but yet it was something the men all silently craved.

This is the story of Rick, or Citizen 113840, a man living under the reign of Fembiologia in the start of the 23rd century. It was by no means an easy life, but Rick made what he could out of it.

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