Fantasy To Reality

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Big Tits

It was about four months ago when Travis’ life started to change. He was laying in bed beside his wife Adrian basking in their post sexual euphoria when she asked him, “Honey, do you have any fantasy or fantasies that you’d really like to see become a reality?”

“I don’t know baby. I guess maybe a threesome or an orgy would be cool to have really happen.” Travis replied.

“Oh come on baby. I know you are kinkier than that. Be honest with me.” Adrian chided him.

Travis thought about it for a few minutes then said, “Well I’d like to be tied to the bed and blindfolded then have someone, either a man or a woman fuck me up the ass.”

“Mmm, see I knew you were kinky.” She said with a chuckle. “Is there anything else?”

“Well, I think it would be cool to watch another guy fuck you and then have you make me eat you out after he was done. Or maybe being fucked by a group of guys or girls and not have any say in the matter. To totally be used for their pleasure. You know how I like the whole BDSM thing. I think it would be wild to be used in a public place to.” Travis told her.

“Hmm, that all sounds pretty wild to me.” Adrian replied with a touch of surprise in her voice.

“Yeah well, you asked.” Travis replied in mock irritation.

“Yeah, yeah.” She said before giving him a kiss goodnight.

Things were pretty normal for a while after that. Travis was as much in love with his wife now as he was when they first got married five years ago. He loved her beautiful five foot two inch body. At two hundred pounds he knew Adrian was overweight. He knew some people even thought she was fat, but it had never mattered to him. He loved her body from her long shoulder length brown hair, to her 40C breasts. His favorite thing though was her face. Travis had always loved thought Adrian had a beautiful face. The best part about her face was her light brown eyes that always seemed to sparkle when they looked at each other. It was one of the things that made him fall in love with her over and over again. Not to mention she was intelligent and had a killer personality.

“Adrian felt pretty much the same way about Travis. She loved his five foot nine inch body. He always had an average body that leaned towards the slim side. His light brown eyes and short light brown hair that he wore in a military style cut made him look so handsome in her opinion. Although not her first lover Travis was definitely the best lover she had ever had. He definitely knew how to use his thick eight-inch cock, not to mention his fingers and tongue. Adrian had always thought her husband was a wonder man. He was smart, handsome, had a good personality and was great in bed. What more could a woman ask for?

Adrian had known right from their very first date that Travis had quite a kinky side to him. Put simply he loved sex in all its many forms. It didn’t matter to him if it was with a man or a woman. His only limits were blood, kids, major pain, scat and anything that might cause permanent harm or scarring. Other than that he would give just about anything a try. Fortunately he also set limits on drugs, smoking and heavy drinking, but that was with everything not just sex.

It had been about a month since that night when Adrian had asked Travis about his fantasies and she had been working towards making them realities. She had searched the internet and read about BDSM and swinging. Then she found sites that sold all the different toys and supplies she would need. Then she started prowling the different chat rooms, billboards and personals sites. She needed to find some other people to help her out and wanted to do the best she could to make sure they were clean and safe.

She knew most people would consider what she was planning to be wrong or immoral. Technically she was breaking her marriage vows, but she was doing it for her husband. When they were first married they had some problems with sex. They had gotten down to having sex only once or twice every two weeks or so. Things were better now, a lot better. And she knew Travis loved her. He had to after all she put him through. There had been times in those first few years that for medical reasons they hadn’t had sex for over a month and a half, but he stood with her faithfully until things got better. Adrian had always felt a little guilty about that. She always wanted to make him happy. Seeing him happy made her happy. That was part of why she was doing this. She wanted to make him happy, make his fantasies come true.

It only took her about two weeks before she found someone who was willing to help her out and wasn’t some nasty sleazy jerk or some kind of freak you would cross the street to avoid. His name was David. They met when he replied to her personal ad. He had said it intrigued him and that he had to find out more. They emailed back and forth for about a week, and then they progressed to instant messages. David described himself as being a thirty-year-old white male six foot four inches İstanbul Escort tall. He said he weighed about two hundred pounds and had short black hair and blue eyes and that he had a thick nine-inch cock. David told her that he had a slightly muscular build but that he was by no means a body builder. He went on to tell her that he had been in the BDSM lifestyle for the last ten years. He was bisexual and a dom. David told her that he always liked being with couples the best. That way he got the best of both worlds in one shot. That was one of the reason her ad had intrigued him so much. The other was the way she described what she wanted. Of course when he contacted her she gave him more details and laid out what she had planned.

After a few days of emailing Adrian and David exchanged their G rated pictures. Adrian of course sent pictures of Travis along with hers. David was happy to see that Adrian and Travis looked the way she described them in her ad. Adrian was likewise glad to see that so far David had told the truth about how he looked also. The next day they talked some more about what Adrian wanted to happen and how she wanted it to happen, and they exchanged nude pictures. They were both once again happy with each other’s pictures and honesty.

Before long they were ready to set the plan in motion. Adrian got off work early so she could make sure things were ready, then she went back out so Travis wouldn’t suspect anything from her being home before her normal time since she always got home about a half hour before he did.

When she got home she made dinner and once they were done Adrian and Travis took a quick shower together and started to watch some TV. Adrian had planned for David to show up at their house around eight o’clock that night. She had about an hour or so to get everything including Travis ready. Around seven-thirty Adrian started putting the moves on Travis, getting him primed for what was to come. They started kissing each other, before things got to passionate Adrian said, “Hey baby why don’t you put on your harness and we’ll play around some before we go to bed.”

Not being one to ever turn down sex Travis quickly went into their bedroom and started putting on his harness. “Oh baby as soon as you have it on I want you to assume the position.” Adrian called out from the living room.

“Yes Mistress!” Travis called back from the bedroom already slipping into the submissive role he played in their kinky little sex games.

Adrian knew how much Travis liked wearing his harness. It was made out of leather and had straps that went over his shoulders, under his arms and around his waist and met at various metal rings in the center of his chest and back and two more by his navel and lower back. Then finally a strap that went from the navel ring and connected the harness to a metal cockring and one more that went from the back between his ass cheeks and also connected to his cockring. Generally he didn’t wear the G-string strap since he had to take it off for anal play anyways.

Once he had the harness on Travis took the sheets and blankets off the bed and climbed to the center of the bed and got into the doggy style position with his head down between his forearms and his legs spread wide and his ass high in the air.

“Are you ready slut?” Adrian called to him from the living room.

“Yes Mistress!” Travis shouted back.

Without saying another word Adrian went to the hall closet and pulled her bag of goodies out of its hiding place way in the back behind some of her long coats. Since they lived in Miami she almost never used them, so she was pretty sure Travis wouldn’t look there any time in the near future. Once she got the bag out Adrian walked softly into the bedroom and set it down by the foot of the bed.

The first thing she did was pull out the blindfold she had bought. It was leather with a fleece lining. “Close your eyes and lift your head” Adrian ordered.

She quickly placed the blindfold over his head securing it and making sure he couldn’t see anything. Once she was satisfied that he couldn’t see a thing she moved back towards the foot of the bed and pulled out a set of restraints. Adrian had bought a set of black leather cuffs for his writs and ankles. She quickly fastened them to his body, once she was satisfied they were secure she attached each of them to the short pieces of rope she had attached to the bed frame earlier in the day. The ropes were just long enough to keep him in place while leaving him just enough room to adjust himself for some limited comfort.

When she was done Adrian took a step back and admired her work. There he was, her husband. Strapped to the bed, helpless wearing just his harness. She grabbed the digital camera and took some quick pictures of him from different angles. She knew how much seeing them would turn Travis on later. Next she set up their Digital video camera on a tripod on the side of the room. She wanted Kadıköy Escort them to be able to watch the video of what was going to happen tonight over and over again. To make things even better she had borrowed her sister’s digital video camera so they could have multiple angles of viewing pleasure. Adrian made a quick check of the time and set the second camera on her nightstand before turning on the first video camera and going back out to the living room, David should be here any minute now.

Ding dong, the doorbell rang. That had to be David, and he was right on time. Adrian went to the door and looked out through the peephole. Sure enough it was David. She opened the door and let him in. “Hi. You’re right on time.” Adrian said softly.

“Yep, is everything ready?” David asked in an equally soft voice.

“Sure is, he’s in the bedroom.” Adrian informed him. “I’m a little nervous about all this.” Adrian confessed.

“It’s okay. I expect you to be, but everything will be fine. If you are uncomfortable about anything that happens just tell me so and I’ll stop immediately.” David said reassuringly.

“Aright. I guess we should get naked then.” Adrian said still a little nervous. After all she hadn’t been with another man since she started dating Travis seven years ago.

Adrian and David quickly stripped out of their clothes. Adrian could feel the wetness rapidly increasing between her legs. As she looked at David’s body she could see he was already sporting a semi hard cock. “Okay, let’s get this show on the road.” David said they two of them never speaking over a whisper since he had arrived.

Travis could feel himself getting more and more turned on as Adrian first blindfolded him then bound his wrists and ankles to the bed leaving him helpless and at her mercy. He loved it. He was a little surprised when he heard her walk out of the bedroom. He was beginning to wonder what she was doing and what she had in store for him. After all she had never been much into bondage. They had very lightly played with it a few times in the past but nothing like this.

Then he heard the doorbell ring and that made him really nervous. Who could it be? Travis was getting more and more nervous. He could just make out that Adrian has let someone in and was talking to them, but they were speaking so softly he couldn’t make out whether it was a man or a woman much less what was being said. Travis couldn’t believe Adrian had let someone else in the house while she had him bound to the bed in the next room. His panic went through the roof as he heard his wife walk back into the room followed by whomever she had let in.

Adrian walked into the bedroom followed closely by David. David was very pleased at the sight that greeted him when he walked through the bedroom door. There bound to the bed was Adrian’s husband with his ass high in the air just begging to be fucked, used and abused. Adrian went to the head of the bed and climbed between Travis’ outstretched arms and positioned herself so her pussy was mere inches from his waiting face. David through lubed his cock with the tube of K-Y jelly Adrian had left on the mattress by the foot of the bed. He quickly wiped off his hands with the towel Adrian had left next to the K-Y, and then he gently climbed on the bed behind Travis’ waiting ass.

Adrian could tell her husband was very nervous and most likely a little scared about what was going on. She almost called it all off until she saw his cock hanging down between his legs. It was a dark red that was rapidly turning to a darker purple color and it was longer and harder than she had ever seen it before. Travis was obviously turned on even if he was nervous and scared. She decided to go through with her plan. David gave her one last questioning look to make sure everything was ok. She nodded her head slightly letting him know everything was ok and she was ready to start.

“Slut, I have a surprise for you. As you have probably guessed we’re not alone tonight. I’ve arranged for a friend of mine to be here with us tonight. Slut, meet Master David. You can address him as Sir.” As Adrian finished what she was saying David lined his now fully erect cock up with Travis’ ass and pushed his cock firmly against his tight hole until it gave way and let the head inside. As soon as David felt Travis’ ass open and except the head of his cock David rammed the remaining length of his cock deep into Travis’ ass until he was balls deep and his stomach rested against Travis’ upturned ass.

Travis had no idea what was going on until Adrian told him about David, and then it all came flooding back to him. That night last month when she asked him about his fantasies. She was trying to make one of his fantasies come true. He felt a wave a relief pass over him only to be replaced by a humongous surge of lust. Before he knew what was going on Travis could feel the head of David’s cock pressing against the tight nerve filled ring of muscles Ataşehir Escort that guarded the entrance to his bowels. Travis could feel the slight pleasure/pain he felt anytime anything was pushed past those muscles when he first started a session of anal play. “AHHH!” Travis cried out in pain as he arched his back in a feeble attempt to escape David’s savage thrust.

David had expected as much and grabbed onto Travis’ Harness and used it to pull Travis back while he rammed his cock deeper into Travis’ helpless ass. David didn’t give Travis any chance to get used to the size of his fat cock as it tore into the man’s unsuspecting ass and quickly began pumping his long hard fat cock deep in and out on Travis’ ass. Travis screamed a few more times as David continued to pound away at his ass. He could hear David grunting behind him as the man pumped his cock in and out of Travis’ ass. Soon the pain faded and the pleasure he loved to receive from anal sex replaced it causing him to start moaning with pleasure.

As Travis screamed out in pain Adrian said, “Take it you dirty slut. Take his big cock up your filthy hole.” Then to David she said, “Yeah pound his ass! Fuck him hard!” As much as she hated to see her husband in pain Adrian knew Travis liked things rough and got off on the whole pleasure/pain thing. When she heard Travis start to moan Adrian slid her body forward so her pussy was closer to his face, then she grabbed the back of his head and forced his face down into her pussy. “Eat my pussy whore! Make you better make me cum!” Adrian demanded in the strictest tone she could manage.

Like and obedient slave Travis went to work licking and sucking his mistress’ pussy. He pushed his tongue deep in her hole and swirled it around inside her exploring inner recesses. One thing he loved above all else was eating pussy. There was just something about it that really turned him on. Travis began pushing his tongue in and out of Adrian’s pussy fucking her with his tongue before moving up to her clit where he flicked his tongue over it causing Adrian to moan in pleasure. He knew just how she liked it and what got her off. She was holding his face tight against her pussy trying to get his tongue as deep inside her as she could and guiding his head and mouth so he hit all the right places.

Adrian’s head lolled back on her shoulders as she lost herself in the pleasure Travis was giving her. She could feel the trusts from David’s cock pushing Travis’ tongue deeper inside her. The fucking David was giving him was making Travis moan loudly even though they were muffled by her pussy. Those same moans were vibrating all over her clit causing Adrian to hunch her pelvis against his face in an attempt to get his tongue even deeper inside her pussy. Before she knew it Adrian was throwing her head back and screaming out as her orgasm crash into her.

David was watching the scene take place before his as he fucked Travis’ ass hard and deep. He loved fucking couples! David watched as Adrian forced her husband’s face against her pussy and ordered him to eat her out while David continued fucking his ass. David watched as Adrian’s orgasm swept threw her body. He could see her tits giggle and sway as her body thrashed out of control. The whole time she never released her hold on the back of her husband’s head keeping his face pressed tightly to her crotch. The site and sound of her cumming was too much for David and he rammed his cock deep in the ass before him, “I’m cumming, ahhhh!” David shouted as he felt his own orgasm surge from his balls up his cock to spray deep into Travis’s bowels. David shot stream after stream deep into the other man’s body.

Adrian could see Travis’ cock was now a deep purple color and twitching rapidly between his legs as David filled his ass full of cum. As David pulled his now softening cock out of Travis’ abused ass he crawled up to the head of the bed and kneeled beside Travis’ head. Adrian reached up and pulled the blindfold off of Travis’ head. He blinked his eyes a few times adjusting them to the light.

“Suck his cock clean slut.” Adrian said as David pressed his semi hard cock against her husband’s mouth.

Travis could see the scum from his ass fucking covering David’s cock, but he obediently opened his mouth for David’s slimy, shitty cock and began working his lips and tongue over it dutifully cleaning what was left of the K-Y as well as traces of his own shit off the man’s cock.

“Make sure you get his cock nice and hard so he can fuck my pussy with it bitch.” Adrian ordered her husband.

Travis was trying to do his best to make sure David’s cock was clean as well as to make it hard for Adrian. Travis could feel David’s cock beginning to grow in his mouth as his head bobbed back and forth along the hardening shaft. As his dick grew harder David put his hands on the back of Travis’ head and began thrusting his cock into the other man’s mouth. Before long David was pumping in cock in and out of Travis’ mouth face fucking the bound and helpless man. Travis gagged a few times and David thrust his cock in a little to deep, but before long her was taking the entire shaft in his mouth and down his throat until his nose was buried in David’s rough pubic hair on every inward thrust.

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