Fantasy Life Ch. 01

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Lucas knew he was at the wrong apartment the moment she opened the door. He was standing in the breezeway, responding to a disturbance call, and he couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from. He thought the call had come in about apartment 2B, but looking at the sleepy, disheveled young woman in front of him, he figured that was wrong.

“Look, I’m sorry to bother you…” he started, clearing his throat awkwardly. The woman wore a short green silk robe that left a long length of pale leg bare and that was belted so loosely he could see the swells of her pale breasts. Surprisingly dark green eyes met his as sleep cleared.

“2D,” she said, her voice still rough from sleep. He felt his groin tighten at the sexy purr. She shifted and the robe slid down one shoulder, baring pale skin down almost to her nipple.

“What?” He wasn’t paying any attention to her words – his thoughts focused on how that soft skin would taste, on how it would be to hear her moan his name. He couldn’t help wondering if there was a sexy pair of panties under that robe or if she slept nude. He couldn’t help wishing he could find out.

“The party’s in 2D,” she repeated, tugging the robe together a little more as she realized what he was staring at. “Every Saturday. 2D. Mrs. Murphy always calls the cops at 10:31 precisely.” The city noise ordinance went into effect each night at 10:30pm.

“Sorry, again,” he muttered, blushing as he took a step back. She gave him a small smile and stepped back into the apartment, closing the door silently. Lucas went across to 2D to talk to the partiers.


It was late Tuesday afternoon and the sun was hot on the road. Lucas got out of the patrol car, pulling out his ticket book as he walked up to the small silver Accord he’d just pulled for speeding. He stopped at the driver’s window, hearing the purr of the electric motor as it lowered. Then he looked into a pair of familiar green eyes. His cock hardened with the memory.

“Hey,” she blushed, recognizing him. Today she wore a tight t-shirt and denim shorts, those gorgeous legs bare again.

“You were going 43mph in a 35mph zone,” he managed, his mind creating all sorts of images. Her bare breasts in his hands. Her mouth on his hard cock. Her bare ass pressed to his abs as her pussy squeezed his cock. He didn’t even have to touch her to know she’d be hot. He shook his head, struggling to keep his mind out of the gutter. This instant attraction was unusual, but not totally unwelcome.

“Oops,” she winced, “I wasn’t paying attention.” She pulled her purse into her lap and started digging through it, finally pulling out a wallet. She pulled out a license and handed it to him.

Lucas took the card blindly, clipping it at the top of his book and staring at it as he tried to focus. He copied her information onto the top page of his book. Her name was Samantha – Samantha K. Walters. He already knew where she lived. He wasn’t going to forget that apartment building any time soon. He filled in his own information while he looked at the photo. She’d cut her hair since getting the license. In the picture it was long and had gentle waves and had probably poured down her bare back like water. Now it was short and curled wildly at the ends, giving her a free-spirit look. He murder under the friday night lights izle handed the card back to her.

“Do I have to go to court for this?” she asked, tucking the card away, her eyes on her task. Then she looked up at him and those sparkling eyes met his. “Can I just admit I did it and pay the fine?”

Lucas missed half of what she said, pushing away the pictures his imagination created. “What?”

“Are you okay, officer?” she asked, looking concerned. He flushed red, realizing he’d been staring dumbly at her. “It’s awful hot out today. Are you feeling okay?” Lucas nodded firmly. Nothing was wrong that a little sex wouldn’t take care of.

“You can pay the fine by mail or at the county courthouse,” he answered, “If you want to go to court, you’re scheduled on August 10th.” He handed over the ticket.

“Tell me,” she folded the ticket and tucked it in her purse, “If I go to court, do I get to see you?” Her cheeks were pink, but she met his eyes with a spark of challenge in hers. He couldn’t believe his luck. She was flirting with him.

“Will that effect your decision?” he asked, leaning his arm on the roof of her car and getting a good look at the swell of her breasts bound in blue cotton. As he watched, he saw her nipples bead, pressing the thin fabric, and he felt his own body responding. His temperature went up at least 20 degrees and his pants were becoming tight.

“I suppose I could always wait for the twins to throw another party…” she tapped a finger to her lips, giving him a mischievous smile. Locking her eyes to his, she slowly licked the tip of her finger. His pants were tight enough to hurt and he shifted, trying to relieve the pressure.

“Or I could stop by tonight after I get off duty,” he said, “Unless, of course, it’s my professional assistance you need…” He grinned, teasing her. He hoped she’d invite him into her bed, but he was unsure enough not to offer more than a casual date. It was entirely possible this mutual attraction was all in his head, although he was praying it wasn’t.

“Well, there is this fantasy about handcuffs…” Her eyes were dark on his, her smile positively wicked and he was suddenly concerned his pants were going to do damage. He shifted uncomfortably and her eyes sparkled, wandering down and linger on the bulge in his groin.

“I get off at eleven,” he said, his voice a little hoarse with the lust burning in his veins. His cock was throbbing, his heartbeat pounding in his head as he imagined her handcuffed to a headboard, naked and entirely at his mercy. He forced himself to focus on her eyes, sure she could read his arousal.

“Eleven’s fine,” she answered, then glanced around, “I suppose it’s a little too busy and too open to play around here, anyway.” Then she looked him up and down, licking her lips.

He groaned softly. “You’re killing me, woman,” he muttered, pushing away visions of her kneeling before him on the side of the road, licking and sucking his hard dick.

“Just you wait, officer,” she teased, sliding a hand down between her legs and making him groan again. “I’ll be in my car at eleven tonight,” she murmured, her hand rubbing, “Waiting. But I’m not a patient murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle woman…” She wriggled in her seat, her breasts bouncing slightly until he thought he might lose it. He’d never known a woman who would arouse herself on the side of the road, just to torture him. He didn’t know if he’d make it to eleven with the anticipation.

“I’ll be there,” he said, his voice still with an edge of desire. She smiled and started her car. He walked back to his patrol car, but stood beside it, watching her drive away. Hot damn…


Lucas spotted her car as he pulled into the lot. She was parked at the back, under a tree, but a streetlight cast a dim glow over the area. As he parked beside her, he could hear her engine purr. He got out — still in uniform — since he hadn’t been able to wait long enough to go home and change. He’d been hard for hours, but had resisted any type of release, anticipating satisfying his needs with her hot little body. He walked around to her window and tapped lightly. As the window whirred down, revealing the dimly lit interior, his mouth fell open and his cock strained against his pants.

She’d changed her outfit. She now wore a tight, shiny black blouse, half unbuttoned, her breasts barely covered and straining the remaining buttons, making his mouth water. She also wore some dark colored skirt, but it was bunched at her waist and her hand was between her thighs, moving up and down. As she looked up at him, her mouth made a little ‘o’ and she shuddered deliciously.

“Get out of the car,” he growled, hotter than he’d ever been before. He took a step back, looking around the lot. No one was out, most of the apartments were dark, but it was still a public place. She turned off the engine and opened the door. He knew he couldn’t resist as he had to slide a hand under her arm to steady her as she wobbled, her legs weak, and his body burned at the thought of why.

“Face the car, hands flat on the roof,” he ordered, his voice deep and hoarse, “Spread your legs.” She complied and he stepped close behind her, sliding his hands up from her belly to just under her breasts. “You do know that was illegal, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear, squeezing her breasts in his hands, feeling the heat of her through the slick material. Her breasts were full and heavy, firm in his palms, making him hungry for more.

She trembled against him, whispered, “Yes, officer.”

He slid his hands back down to her hips, rubbing his hardness against her backside. “I’m going to have to punish you,” he growled, nipping her ear. His hand slid between her thighs, finding her naked and cupping her damp curls, then burrowing his fingers into them, seeking her clit. When he found her nub, he rubbed hard and she whimpered, squirming against him. The movement of her ass against his erection was almost more than he could take. He pressed his fingers lower, finding her slick pussy and dipping his finger inside her heat. He felt her quiver around him, her juices dripping down into his hand.

“Please, officer…” Her voice was breathless, pleading with him. She sounded young, innocent, my dad the bounty hunter izle desperate. He felt his cock harden even more as she rocked her hips, grinding against his hand and he groaned in her ear.

“Don’t move your hands,” he whispered, “And be very quiet.” She nodded frantically. His head came up, eyes searching the area as his free hand undid his belt, yanked open his slacks and freed his straining cock. He was completely engorged, long, thick and rigid as he pumped himself once, his precum coating his head. He shifted forward, dipping his hips, and rubbed his tip, pressing between her swollen folds. He slid along her wet slit until he could fit his head against her hole, coating himself in her juices, teasing himself as much as her.

Lucas pinched her clit tightly, hearing her gasp, and thrust up into her at the same moment, filling her with one brutal stroke. She arched against him, her body enveloping him fully in her wet heat, gripping him tightly as she shuddered, biting her lip to silence the cry of pleasure. His hands shifted and grasped her waist tightly.

“Damn, you’re so fucking tight, so fucking hot,” he groaned, sliding back and thrusting deep, ramming his cock into her again and again, pinning her body between his and the car. He tugged open her blouse and filled his hands with her bare breasts, stroking, squeezing as he fucked her hard. She moaned and panted, writhing on his dick as he thrust into her faster and faster. Both of them were oblivious to their surroundings, caught in the pleasure of mating.

“I’m cumming…oh, God, oh, officer, please,” she sobbed finally, her body tensing, contracting around him. He sped up his strokes, hammering her, urging her over the edge. She grabbed for the car, all but vibrating with his rhythm, gasping as the hot friction pushed her to climax. He groaned, plunging deep into her as she clamped tight around him, her body arching.

“Give it to me, baby,” he growled, pumping himself against her, wedging his cock deeper into her tight sex. Her body shuddered and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly as she suddenly began to shake, her knees buckling as orgasm swept over her.

“Yes…” she breathed, trembling, enveloping him in a rush of hot, wet cum. Her pussy squeezed and released his cock, stroking him hard, taking him right to his edge.

“Damn…you fucking hot bitch,” he groaned, swelling even more inside her. Seconds later his cock pulsed, erupting, ejaculating his thick semen into her core. She shuddered again and melted against him, quivering and whimpering as he pumped against her, emptying himself into her. Lucas shifted her gently, supporting her as he slipped his cock free, cradling her against his body as he turned her to face him and she burrowed her face into his shoulder. Vibrating with his own release, he felt weak as he slowly straightened her skirt.

“Are you okay, baby?” he murmured, gently drawing her away and drawing her blouse closed, buttoning it as he watched her face. She was a bit pale, but she nodded and smiled at him.

“Wow.” Her voice was shaky, but her eyes were clear and sparkling.

“Yeah, wow.” He chucked, tucking his spent penis back into his pants. He didn’t know if he’d ever had such wild sex, such a huge orgasm. “Let’s get you in the house…” He slipped his arm through hers then reached into the car to pull out the keys. “I think we earned some pizza. I’ll order delivery.”

“It’s okay,” she smiled as she leaned into him and they walked across the parking lot. “I made some dinner.”

Man, hot sex and a home cooked meal? Who knew a disturbing the peace call could turn out so well? “I guess I owe you,” he grinned, “Two fantasies in one night.”

“Did you bring your handcuffs?” she asked with a wicked grin of her own and he groaned.

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