Family Comes First Ch. 02

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I’m held in suspense, looking at Ainsley. I can only stare into her eyes, a deeper shade of green than usual, with piercing flecks of gold that shimmer in the candlelight around us. The silence between us stretches out, until Ainsley’s lower lip quivers.

My heart pounds slowly in my ears. My breathing is deep and controlled. Memories flood my mind in a rush of emotion, coming back one after another from the time when were kids to now. Ever since we were kids, she’s always been there for me, from the time Mike Evans tried to bully me on the playground in kindergarten to when Vicki Raetz broke up with me the summer of seventh grade, up to now with Brett and my heart left torn in a thousand pieces.

The one constant in my life has always been her. Ainsley has always been there for me, just like she is now. A tear wells in the corner of my eye and slips down my cheek. I take a deep breath and the words I want to say get stuck in my throat.

Ainsley swallows, her eyes still locked on mine. “Cole…say something. Please.”

She slides her hands into mine and grips them hard enough that her knuckles go white.

“Please,” she echoes. “Say something.”

I open my mouth, but no words come. My throat is swollen shut. I can’t find the will to say how I really say. Three words, so simple and small, and yet mean so much more. They’re everything. They’re what I need to say.

“Ainsley,” I manage. “I…” My voice faults.

Ainsley misinterprets my hesitation. She starts shaking her head, her eyes filling with tears.

“Oh, God. I’m so sorry, Coal. I…” She lets her hands fall out of mine and dips her head between her knees. The first sob feels like a dagger being driven through my heart. The second and third break me. Emotion comes over me in a rush, tears filling my eyes, my stomach twisting in knots.

“No, Ainsley. Stop.”

I lean into her and cup her face in my hands so she has to look at me. Her face is flushed and her eyes are red.

“Stop, Ainsley,” I say again. I swallow and take a deep breath. My vision is blurred by tears. “I love you, Ainsley. Always have.”

The words slip from my mouth and a weight is lifted from my shoulders. I can finally breathe again. A small smile pierces Ainsley’s remorseful gaze and I smile back.

“Did you hear me, Ans? I love you.”

She nods slowly. “I love you too, Cole.”

“You’ve always been there for me,” I find myself saying. “I don’t know what else to say but thank you Ainsley. Thank you for being so much more than a sister. It wouldn’t be-“

“Shhh.” Ainsley presses her finger to my lips and I go quiet. Her voice is low, deeper, sweeter. “If I were to ask you right now for one thing, Cole, would you do it?”

I nod. “Anything, Ans.”

“Kiss me.”

“Ainsley…are you sure?”

She nods again. “Please, Cole.”

I find my hands sliding down from her face to her lower back. Her eyes find mine and I stare into them as I lean closer, determined to get lost in them. Our lips meet and a jolt of electricity runs downs my spine, causing my back to stiffen and goose bumps to form on my arms. Time seems to stop for the briefest of moments. I wish I could live in this small infinity of time between the two of us.

When I pull back, the breath is literally stolen from my lungs.

“Holly crap.” My mind is in a fog. All I can focus is on Ainsley in front of me, smiling smugly. “That was-“

“Amazing,” Ainsley finishes.

“You have no idea.”

Ainsley laughs. “Can I ask you one more question, Cole?”


She plays with a strand of her hair in her fingers, chewing her lower lip.

“Would you be willing to do that again?”

I find myself smiling. “Ainsley, you have no idea.”

“Then do you want to, do it again, I mean?”

“Right now?”

She dips her head tentatively. I let my actions speak for me, slipping my hands around her and pulling her close. Ainsley closes her eyes and so do I. Our lips melt together. This time there is no hesitancy, there is no tension. There’s just us, being with each other. Ainsley groans into my mouth and her grip around my back tightens. I kiss her harder and my tongue slips past her lips, pressing against the backs of her teeth and the roof of her mouth.

Ainsley’s nails start to dig into my skin and I know what I’m doing is right. I don’t let up. I keep kissing her, my heart beating against hers, my chest pressed to hers. Ainsley shifts in my arms and pulls back.

Her breathing is hoarse and so is mine. There’s a glimmer in her eyes. She grips my hands and squeezes hard.

“Cole,” she gasps. “I want to go further.”

It takes a second for the fog to clear and for me to figure out what she means. My stomach rises into my chest and my heart flutters.

“Ans…No.” I shake my head. “I can’t take advantage of you like that. I won’t.”

“You don’t understand,” she says. “I want you, Cole. God, I’ve wanted you since freshman when you first started dating Brett.”

“No, Ans,” I say again. “I won’t. Not manisa escort unless you want to.”

Her hands fall to the hem of her top. “I think you know what I want, Cole.” She grins. “The only question is do you want it too?”

I open my mouth to answer, but my mind goes blank as Ainsley starts to pull her tank top up and over her shoulders. She throws the pink top off the bed and smirks.

“So, what do you think?”

I can only stare. She’s wearing a lime green bra, still damp from the rain, struggling to hold her cleavage in.

I swallow. “Ans…”

She frowns at the hesitancy in my voice and sighs. “You’re making this hard than it has to be, Cole. I know you want me.”

I make eye contact with her. “Stop, Ainsley. I can’t-“

Words escape me as she hooks her fingers around her jeans.

“You wouldn’t,” I say finally.

Her eyes glint mischievously. “But I would. Wouldn’t you, big brother?” The seductive tone in her voice makes my heart flutter.

She starts to tug. Little by little, her jeans slide lower until her green thong is fully visible. She drops her jeans to the side and wets her lips.

“So what do have to say now, big brother?”

I draw a shaky breath. My restraint is wavering. I’m growing hard in places I shouldn’t.

“Ainsley, don’t do this,” I croak.

“Oh, but I will. And the thing is, I know you want it just as much as I do. Its written all over your face and…other places.” She laughs, leaning forward into me and hooking her arms around my shoulders. She presses her breasts into me and kisses me on the cheek. I groan on instinct.

“Now, big brother,” she whispers in my ear. “Are you ready to stop fighting? I know you want this. I know you want to feel me. I want it too. So what do you say, Cole?” She giggles again. “Do you want to fuck me?”

The last of my will power crumbles. I don’t think, I only do, grabbing Ainsley, and smashing my lips against hers. She moans into my mouth and her tongue slips past mine, its long and agile, twisting around mine, and making my pulse quicken.

Her hands trail lower to my waist and she slips one into my boxers. Her eyes go large kissing me and she swallows.

“Oh my God, Cole.” Her hands curl around my dick and squeeze, making me shudder.

She grins. “That is definitely grade A, big brother. Do you mind if I take a closer look?”

Her tone is lower, seductive. She bats her eyelashes and I nod, dipping my head quickly. Ainsley undoes my belt and unzips my jeans. In one swift motion she tugs them down with my boxers until my erection springs loose.

“Fuck.” Ainsley stares at my dick and shakes her head. “I always figured you had something down below, but this…” She takes my penis in her hand. “This is bigger than most of my toys.”

“Toys?” I don’t know what else to say. “You have toys?”

“Yes, plural. As in multiple. Don’t tell me you thought I was still that innocent little girl from our childhood?” She waits for my answer. I don’t give one. “I should have figured you thought I was still an innocent kid. But don’t worry…I’ll show you what your little sister can do. Just sit back and enjoy the view.”

When her tongue touches the tip of my penis, its like an explosion in my chest from how hard my heart beats as a surge of adrenaline pumps through my veins. Ainsley just pulls away and laughs.

“You’re awfully sensitive aren’t you?” She’s winks at me.

I nod slowly.

“Then you’re going to enjoy this.” Ainsley takes my head in her mouth. Her lips seal around my shaft and then I feel her tongue, curling around my penis, running up and down with the slow motion of her head. Its like the nerves in my dick have been put on overload. My mind feels like its melting through the rest of my body at how good it is.

Ainsley doesn’t stop. She only quickens her pace, her head bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm. Her eyes catch mine and there’s a mischievous glint in them. Then she goes down, and I mean all the way down as far as she can take my shaft. Guttural choking sounds escape her mouth as she deep throats me.

“Fuck, Ainsley!” My fingers curl and dig into the edges of the mattress. My body goes rigid, my elbows and knees locking.

All at once, Ainsley lifts up. My penis comes free of her mouth with an audible pop. She leaves me breathing hard, struggling to come free of the fog clouding my thoughts.

“So how was that?” she smirks. There’s a sliver of drivel on the fringe of her lip. In one swift motion, her tongue wipes it away one long swipe. I can only stare at her tongue, my mouth slightly agate. Its so long and so agile and so strong.

“Cole?” My eyes snap back up to her. She has an assumed smile. “What are you thinking about?”

“Things,” I manage.

“Really? Things?” The way she says it makes exhale a shaky breath.

I nod. “Yeah, things.”

“Really?” Her hand snakes across my thigh. “Because all I can think is how big and hard your dick is.”

Her fingers close around the base kütahya escort of my penis and squeeze. I can feel the blood rushing up the shaft to the head. She leans in and trails a series of butterfly kisses to the top.

“You know I could get used to this,” she continues. Her hands starts moving in a slow, but gradual motion. “A big, hard penis, the boy I love who turns out loves me, in the same house. Fuck, we could do it every night. And to only think, this whole time you were next door to me with this monster all to yourself.”

I don’t know what to say. My mouth is dry and my throat has swollen shut. I can only look on at Ainsley. My eyes dart from her hand on my penis to her breasts. Her lime green bra is straining to keep them in.

Ainsley catches me staring and smiles. “Do you want to say them?”

I nod.

“No, say it.” She pumps my dick a little harder. “I want to hear you say it, Cole.”

I swallow hard and take a nervous breathe. “I want to see your boobs, Ainsley.”

She smirks. “If you say so, big brother.” Her hands trail to the back of her bra. The whole time her eyes never leave mine. I fret a nervous glance to wall and exhale deeply. Part of me still says this is wrong. Part of still tells me I shouldn’t be doing this.

“Look at me, Cole.” My head snaps back to Ainsley. “And I mean really look at me,” she says softly. Her eyes are large and honest. “I want you to see me, Cole. All of me. Do you understand?”

I dip my hand in a small nod. Ainsley smiles again. “Good. And they’re 34DD, just in case you’re wondering.”

Her bra comes undone and her boobs jut out. Both of them are evenly balanced on her chest, almost gravity defying in the way they bounce when she laughs.

“So I take it you like them?”

“Yeah. I do.” My voice is hoarse.

She leans in a little further. Her aureolas are a vibrant pink and her skin is a light tan. Its all so perfect. Fuck.

“You can touch them too, Cole. They won’t bite. I promise.”

I look to Ainsley who nods and start to move forward. Her breasts are so big they’re overflowing in my palms. They’re soft, yet firm at the same time and so warm. My fingers find her nipples. I rub them against the pads of my thumb and index fingers. Ainsley shivers against my touch and her breathing quickens.

“Fuck, Cole.” Her gaze is full of lust, locked onto mine. “Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you right now?”

Just hearing her say it, its like setting off the linchpin of a bomb that’s about to go off inside me. I want her so bad. Without a word, I pull Ainsley close, my arms sliding down to her hips. Her lips salty and sweet against mine. I slip my tongue past hers and press against the backs of her teeth, exploring her mouth.

Ainsley gasps against me and her grip around me tightens. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it right. Then her eyes catch mine and the corners crinkle as her tongue slips in my mouth. Its so incredibly long. She has no problem wrapping her tongue around mine, and pressing against the roof of my mouth.

Goose bumps form on my skin. Ainsley pulls away slowly, appraising me with a warmth I’ve never seen from her before.

“Are you ready?” she asks quietly.

I nod slowly.

Ainsley stands. She makes sure I’m watching as her hands drop to the edges of her thong. Its lacey with the part against her camel toe sopping wet.

“You got me excited, Tiger,” she laughs. “I hope you can live up to the hype.”

“Fuck, Ainsley.” The words slip from my mouth one after another. I sigh in exasperation. “You have no idea how hot you are.”

“Really? Because we haven’t even gotten to the amazingly ground breaking best in the world ever sex we’re supposed to have.”

She grins when she sees me shudder in lust and tugs on the fringe of her thong. It slips down slowly, past her hips, below her pubic bone, until she they go beyond her knees and fall at her feet. She steps out of them and steps closer to me. We’re only inches apart. The intensity Ainsley is looking at me with makes my heart skip a beat.

She tilts her head to the side and kisses me slowly, passionately before slipping her hand into mine.

“Come on, Cole,” she says quietly.

I rise as I follow her out of room and down the hall, to of all places mom and dad’s room. I can’t help but look down at Ainsley’s ass as we walk. Its just like the rest of her, heart shaped, defined, and perfect.

Ainsley looks back at me and smiles mischievously. “They’ll will be plenty of time to do exactly what you’re thinking of. But first, I’m going to fuck you, Cole.”

She gives my arm a tug and I stumble forward. My penis brushes against her thigh. Ainsley quivers on reaction.

“That’s it,” she says, looking at me. “I’m done waiting. I want you now.”

She shoves me forward against the bed. The springs creak, catching my fall. Ainsley stands atop of me, smiling down. She crawls onto the bed slowly. Her breasts sway hypnotically back and forth. I look from them to her. There’s malatya escort a fire behind her eyes and a determination that shows as she crawls on top of me. She splays her fingers over mine and leans her weight on her elbows. Her body is just inches above mine.

“Are you ready, Cole?” she asks quietly.

I nod. “I love you, Ans. I just want you to know, before we do this.”

Ainsley smiles. It makes the corners of her eyes crinkle as she does. My heart fills with warmth for the girl atop of me. She’s more than just my sister. She’s my twin sister. I share over 99.98 % of my DNA with her. On a genetic level, she’s nearly identical to me. There’s something beautiful in possessing a closeness like that, a bond that I can’t quite explain, but leaves me breathless and smiling just thinking about it.

Ainsley takes a deep breath and starts to lower herself down onto me. She never looks away from me as she does. I feel her pussy against the tip of penis slowly give away and more of me sink into her as her chest rises and she slinks down.

Her eyes grow large and she takes a ragged breath. “God, Cole, you’re so freaking big and thick. Fuck.”

I shift under her and my penis pistons up as a result, slapping her pussy. It so freaking warm and so much better than what I would have imagined it to be.

Ainsley gasps and grabs the bed sheets. “Oh my God. Cole…if you keep doing that much longer I’m going to-”

I don’t let her finish. My hands find her hips and I grab on tight, lunging upward until the base of penis rams into her pubic bone.

“Fuck!” Ainsley spits out the word, falling on top of me. My grip only gets tighter. I pick up my thrusts. My heart is hammering in my and my mind is becoming foggy again, taken over in a fit of lust. Ainsley is just too damn sexy. That linchpin in me finally comes undone and I lose it. My movements become manic, desperate.

Ainsley just holding on, her arms around my chest, head in the crook of my neck. Her breasts are pressed up against me, her nipples hard and grinding against my skin.

“Cole…” She’s gasping for breath. “You have to stop. I’m about to-“

Then I feel it. Her walls tighten around me. The head of my penis rams into her cervix.

“I’m cumming!” The words slip from her mouth between shudders. She’s so tight. Something deep inside of me is building. I can feel it, my own orgasm. I grit my teeth hard and try to feign it off. I don’t want to be done yet, not this early.

After a few seconds, Ainsley comes down from her high. Her pupils are dilated and she has a lazy smile.

“Hey, you,” she says to me. She’s jelly in my arms.

I smile back at her. “Hey.”

“Cole, that was amazing. Fuck. I don’t think I’ve come that hard ever.”

“Was it worth all the waiting?”

She nods. “Definitely. And the best part yet, its only the beginning. That’s only my first one.”

“Wait.” In the clouded state of my mind it takes a second to process what she’s saying. “So you mean that you can-“

“Keep going,” she says. “As long as that monster of yours can stay hard.”

“But I thought that most girls couldn’t do that.”

“Well I can, Cole.” She laughs. “I don’t know what I love more. That giant dick of yours or you. If you only you had two of them.”

I flash back to looking at her ass in the hallway and how amazing it looked. Its only like Ainsley can read my thoughts as she laughs.

“And I do have a dildo for that,” she says. “But right now I don’t care about my toys. I want you to keep fucking me, Cole. You’re way better than any vibrator. Except maybe my hitachi.”

I laugh at the last part and kiss her. “Whatever, Ans.”

I pick up where I left off, building a gradual rhythm. Ainsley holds onto me and lets me do most of the work. I trade glances with the clock on the nightstand and look at it was the minutes pass. Soon, Ainsley is mush in my arms again. Her nails into my back and make me wince. I keep going anyway. She tightens around me and starts to bring me to my peak when she explodes before I have the chance to.

“Fuck! Jesus,” she sighs. She goes limp against my chest breathing hard.

“Okay,” she mumbles. “Maybe I can’t take so many as I thought. Not with what you do to me anyway. I’m on the verge of consciousness here.”

“What?” I laugh. “I thought you could just keep going.”

“Usually I can. My record with my hitachi is fifteen. But fuck…they’re nothing like what I just had. I’m surprised the windows have yet to break from my screaming.”

“Well do you think you can handle one more?”

She nods. “Third times the charm. But that’s it or else I really pass out riding your mammoth of a dick. And this time, I want you to enjoy the view while I do the work.”

Ainsley leans back. Her chest juts out and its almost like her boobs get larger than they already are. They start to bounce with her movement, slow at first, our joined bodies creaking against the springs until I start thrusting back and the pace picks up. I watch Ainsley and she watches me. I can only stare at her. She’s covered in sweat and breathing hard like I am. My heart feels like its about to burst among other places.

I can feel my orgasm impending, like I’m standing on the edge of a giant cliff and I’m about to jump off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32