Family Business Another photo shoot

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Having started her fashion e-business six years ago Alison Fraser had become moderately prosperous. She still had her figure and her sandy blonde hair and complexion gave her the impression of a much younger for her actual age of 39 years old. In fact she had the look of a woman about ten years younger. So it was always a surprise for some people, when they found out the she had two handsome twin sons, James and Thomas Fraser, who were nearly 20 years old.

All three of them worked in the family business started By Alison. She had was the head of the business and her son James Fraser was the photographer and technical manager. Thomas Fraser was stock and store manager. But as with all small business’s they all did a multitude of other jobs and tasks that helped make their own family business a success. For example all three of them would make up parcels and post order out, they would all help unload deliveries from vans and trucks and they would also make a tea or coffee for each other when they needed a break or a rest. They had a strong family bond that united them together their family bonds went much further than just the family business but also in a joint shared life to together. Alison loved her twin sons and the twins loved and adored their mother very much.

As it was a small family fashion e-business Alison had been the fashion model for the clothes that they promoted and sold. Alison was also the model for the lingerie that they sold too. In the beginning she did not have a money to employ a model so she took on the role herself, she enjoyed modelling , it made her feel special, it also made her face as a real public image for the online shop. When customers saw Alison wearing the clothes and the lingerie, the customers saw themselves wearing those clothes. All of which made the online shop a success.

“Mum! I would like a word, please.” Tommy her son said.

“I am a bit busy doing the my paperwork Tommy, but I can give five minutes of my time. What is it?” Alison asked her son.

“Since James and I are now older, more responsible and the online shop is doing well… We thought that a bit of a bonus might becoming our way this year.”

Alison listen to him and got the feeling that Tommy was going all over the place with this and so she just asked him what he wanted.

“What, exactly.. Do.. You.. Want!” She literally spelt out the words to him.


“Yes exactly Tommy? you have one minute left and counting.”

“A car. We want a car” Tommy finally told his mother.

Alison was not overly surprised by this request because the boys had been leaving car magazines around the house for the past few weeks.

“I can get you a car.” Said Alison. ” How about a nice little second hand Ford, or one of those little Japanese cars, what are they called, A Corolla.” Alison suggested.

“James and I thought something a bit more like this.” Tommy brought out a magazine to show his mother a picture of a red sports car with two seats.

Alison just laughed out loud at his suggestion.

“No way are you getting anything like that.”

“But it’s what we want.” Said Tommy.

“What you want and what you get in this life is not always the same” Alison told her son and went back to her paperwork.

“I’ll think about it.” Alison said to Tommy and then she shooed him away out of her office.

James was waiting for Tommy when he cane back from talking to their mother about buying the twins a car.

“She didn’t say no but she won’t buy us this one.” Tommy held up the picture of the sports car.

“She mentioned getting a Corolla instead.”

“What that’s totally NAF! I don’t want some old Beşiktaş Escort biddy’s shopping trolley! I want that one.” Said James pointing at the photo in the magazine.

Later that afternoon James was setting up his camera for another photo shoot for his mother to model some new clothes. There was a constant need for them to update the online shop with new stock. Since moving to the big house. James now had a large dedicated photo studio set up in what had been an old workshop and a car garage building. Next the house.

The photo shoot was for party clothes, fancy dress and costume parties. Coat racks of the costumes were ready beside the curtained changing room. Alison arrived and went took the first costume off the rack and went into the changing room. A few minutes later she reappeared dressed as sexy French Maid, in a short black dress and a white apron. Alison was also wearing black fishnet stay up stockings and red high heels.

“Wow! Sexy!” James called out to her and she turned and gave him a big smile and winked her eye at him. Tommy was ready with the photo props. There was a small table and chair and for the French maid a feather duster for Alison to hold.

James on the camera started to click away. Alison posed in several different provocative and cheeky poses and then went to change into the next costume. This was a red version of the French Maid outfit. Alison did a similar set of poses and again went to change into her next costume. This time a sexy Nun’s costume. After that there was a sexy Nurse, then a sexy School Girl, then a sexy Police Woman.

Alison changed and changed again and again until they had nearly they had about four or five costumes to go.

“God! Lets have a break boys.” Alison said “Put on the kettle on, I’m gasping for a cup of tea.”

She sat down on the chair on the stage and crossed her stocking legs and gave the boys a quick flash of her naked shaved vagina, as she was not wearing panties.

“Hello Gina!” Both boys called out when they caught sight of Alison crossing her legs. The boys had given their mothers vagina a sexy nick name. ‘Gina’, which they called out loud every time Alison made an accidental flash of her vagina to them when changing costumes.

‘Ha ha very funny, hurry up with my tea and biscuits too I am starving running my arse back and forth across this studio floor. ” Said Alison.

“This is a lot better than the old house, having to run up and down the stairs from your bedroom to the lounge and back.” Said James, getting the cups ready for tea. He also added a dash of brandy to his mothers tea as a little pick-me-up, to get her through the last few costume changes.

“What are the costumes I have got to model next?”

James read the list out to his mother. Fairy, Cave Woman, School Teacher, Devil and Super Woman.

“I wish I was, a super woman!” Said Alison. Then got back to work. It was not long before the photo shoot was over and done with. Alison changed for the last time and just wearing only her stockings, put on a dressing gown. As she left, her dressing gown flapped open to expose her vagina again.

“Gina!” Shouted the boys.

“Oh behave!” Alison shouted back.

That night Alison went up to her bedroom as usual and the boys followed her. She undressed and put on a set of red stockings and scarlet red suspender belt and got into position on the bed lying back with her legs parted showing off her vagina and her rounded breasts to her twin sons. James and Tommy undressed too and when naked they climbed onto the bed beside their mother and began to fondle, touch and finger her Beylikdüzü Escort body. Alison reached for both their cocks and held one in each hand as they grew in size and hardened until they were fully erect. She began to stroke them both slowly.

After a few minutes of gentle erotic foreplay, James left the bed and got his small digital camera out and began to photograph his mother and brother, as they made love together on the bed. Tommy mounted his mother and with an easy rhythm began to fuck her open moist cunt.

She sighed and moaned softly as Tommy’s cock filled her cunt and he began to ride her. James kept on taking more photos of them both fucking each other. He took the photos from various angles, some with his mother and brothers faces showing some with them hidden.

Alison was panting harder as Tommy kept thrusting his hip and his cock against his mothers cunt and clitoris.

Tommy had done this many, many times before with his mother and knew her body and how it responded to his cock fucking her. Tommy loved his mother and she loved him and her other twin son James very, very much. As a divorcee she had needed male company and sexual release. Her two sons provided that for her. She knew it was a taboo practice but her family meant everything to her. Her boys were now expert lovers and they satisfied her every erotic desire and needs she could imagine. James closed in on his mothers face as she was on the verge of an orgasm. Tommy kept a steady pace, he moved and twisted his hips against his mother and few moments later Alison’s first orgasm of the evening was washing over her.

“Argh! Argh! Oh Tommy I love you son, I love you so much.” Alison cried out as Tommy made her orgasm.

Tommy dismounted from his mother and James replaced him. Taking the camera Tommy was now going to photo his mother being fucked by his brother, James.

Although the brothers were identical twin in every physical way. They both had very different characters. James turned his mother onto her hands and knees and then parted her stocking legs and mounted her from behind, doggy style sex, and he leaned forward and grasped her breast with his hands and roughly squeezed and groped her. As he energetically and furiously fucked his mother like a bitch on heat. Alison enjoyed both her sons different sexual technique, she found that both of the boys gave her sexual fulfilment, one being rough, James. The other being gentle and considerate, Tommy.

As James furiously banged his mother with his hard cock thrusting his hips back and forth, in and out of her cunt. Tommy took over taking photos of his brother and mother fucking together.

“Argh! Argh! Oh God Almighty!” Alison exclaimed!.

As her son James kept up a steady and relentless banging of his mothers cunt. She was loving the way both her sons fucked in two very different ways. Alison turned her head sideways and could see herself and James coupled together in the big mirror in her bedroom. God She looked amazing and James looked amazing too, with his control over her. She saw herself as both mother and lover.

Tommy always thought it was so extraordinary that he and his brother were so physically identical, that even they could not distinguish each other, in mirrored reflection or in photographs. Only in the difference that they fucked their mother could they identify each other.

For example James always like fuck with their mother doggy style, hard and fast. Whereas he, Tommy, preferred to fuck his mother on her back, face to face, with a steady loving rhythm.

Once James was happy with giving his mother Beyoğlu Escort a good hard fucking he dismounted from her and let her rest of a while before he and his brother would start fucking her again. Alison rolled over onto her side and smiled. She was really enjoying these nightly sex sessions with the boys. They really knew how to please their mother.

“Would you like a glass of wine mother?” Tommy asked her, holding a glass of white wine for her to take. The cool wine helped refresh her and catch her breath after being fucked by Tommy and James one after the other.

The next sex session was different from the first, both boys would fuck their mother together at the same time. Tommy sat back on the bed and Alison sat backward against him and carefully Tommy eased his cock against her sphincter of her arse and they coupled in anal sex together. It took a minute or two before Alison was comfortable and Tommy had managed to invade her arse with his cock. Then James came forward and inserted his cock into his mothers vagina and up her moist open cunt. Both boys would then build up a slow easy rhythm to fuck her in both holes at the same time. Alison was feeling both their cocks, one up her arse and the other up her cunt, stretching her to her very limit of her ability to fuck with them this way.

Alison was being sodomized and fucked by her twin sons in a triple family sex sandwich, with her as the filling between her two sons cocks. Alison felt magnificent being fucked this way. Because very few women would ever experience sex in exactly this way. She also imagined that this might be the closest to being raped she might ever experience. That feeling of being out of control with a man or men forcing themselves on her.

“Boys I love you! I love you both my beautiful boys!” She said gasping for breath between word.

The boys kept going with their double fucking of their mothers cunt and arse. They were close to cumming and each was wondering who would spunk off first.

It was James who spurted his sperm into his mothers cunt first of all. Tommy was only moments behind and then he too spurted his sperm up his mothers arse. She got a double fuck and a double filling of seed from both of them. Alison felt energized by their cum filling her up and the mixed feelings and sensations of both their cocks jerking inside her was an amazing experience. One that could not be easily described to another women, but had to be experienced in person. The boys cocks went limp and slipped from her body. James stepped aside and Alison could stand upright as Tommy slipped from her arse. Creamy cum dripped from both her holes, from her cunt and her arse at the same time

Alison rolled onto the bed on her back and prepared herself for the next sexual experience of the evening. Both James and Tommy took up position either side of Alison’s head and then offered their limp stick cum covered cocks, for her to lick and suck clean and to get them both aroused and erect for even more sex play with their mother. Alison greedily licked the boys cocks for them. Sucking on James’s cock and then switching to suck Tommy’s cock. Both boys looked down and grinned at their mother who looked up at them with smiling sexy eyes. They played with her body too, teasing her breasts and nipples, fingering her sticky pussy lips and touching and caressing her body all over.

‘Are you going to fuck your sexy mother again boys?” She asked them both.

They smiled back at her, enjoying the fact that she had a dirty mouth and it was full of their dirty cum covered cocks.

“We certainly are!’ They told her and both of them began to stiffen and get hard again for more sex with her.

“I really need a good fucking tonight boys so come on and give your sexy mother all the cock she can handle. Fuck me any way you want. I want you both to take me!” She said with a wide smile on her face and a wicked look in her eyes.

“Ravish me boys! Ravish your mother and make her cum all night long!” Alison teased them.

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