Evening Commute

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It’s finally Friday. The evening subway is packed with more after work zombies than usual; not surprising given the recent temperature spike. People that usually walk or take the bus are also on the subway tonight. You stand at the back of the train still dressed in your work ‘armor’, almost conservative.

Your skirt, almost too short for the law firm, has a single diagonal flap at the back parting just a little bit more for mobility. You’ve undone a few buttons on your blouse now that it’s off work hours, revealing too much cleavage and hints of your lacey bra. You don’t care. It’s too fucking hot. So hot in fact that you didn’t bother to put on panties to cover your freshly waxed pussy.

Your mind is racing, thinking about the upcoming weekend as your eyes are almost fixated on the tracks disappearing into the dark tunnel. Your pussy getting a little damp just thinking about the love making sessions you’re going to have with your boyfriend. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole month since you’ve seen him.

The train pulls up to a station, a couple of people get off; more people get on. Everyone shuffles to make room. Everyone is packed a little tighter in the moving sardine can. I bump into you, pushing you into the back window that you’re looking out of. I mutter my apology into your ear. You turn into me slightly and mumble, “No worries”, your focus never leaving the disappearing tracks. You turn your head back so you’re square to the window. As you turn your head away, I catch the gentle scent of your hair. The pleasant scent filling my nose is intoxicating. I flatten my palm on the back window just next to your head to steady myself as the train pulls away from the station and disappearing again into the dark tunnel system.

With my palm on the window, I can’t help but stand right behind you; my hip lightly touching yours. The train makes a slight turn and you lose your balance slightly. My free hand instinctively rests on your hip to steady you. You turn to me again and curl a half smile at me. I smile back. Like you, I try to focus on the tracks disappear in the dark tunnel, but with each shake of the train, each lateral movement, I catch the gentle scent wafting towards me from your hair. I feel a rumbling in my pants as I drink in your intoxicating scent; my cock waking up as your perfume courses through my body. My heartbeat quickens and my breathing needs control. My hand, still resting on your hip, flinches slightly as I worry if you can feel my heart beats faster and harder.

The train makes a slight lateral lurch and I shuffle my feet to regain balance. My lips, so close now to your left ear; I wonder why you haven’t said anything. The rocking train moving our hips, you feel my cock slowly growing harder as it rubs against your curvy little ass. I can’t be certain if it’s because of the train, but it seems that you’re rubbing your ass back against my growing member!

Very softly, I groan into your ear. The train slows into the next station. You cock your head slightly into me, whispering teasingly, “Did you like that?” I whimper slightly in response as a couple of passengers disembark and several more pack themselves in. The train jolts slightly as it starts again, pushing me into you slightly. I exaggerate the nudge a little, pushing my now rock hard cock into you. “MMmmm….” You respond playfully. My cock twitches against you.

The let the right one in izle train disappears into the dark tunnel again, the passengers oblivious and disinterested in the sexual tension building in the back of the car. Emboldened by your responses, I wrap my arm around your waist, pulling you into me. My cock digging into the top of your ass near your hip, I thumb the waistband of your skirt, feeling your soft skin as I slide my thumb up and under your blouse. My fingers following, my palm presses firmly on your firm belly. Slowly, I slide my palm up, looking around to see if anyone has noticed. My hand cups your bra covered breast; massaging it gently. You lick your lips as I slide my forefinger and thumb underneath your bra, rolling your hard nipple between my fingers. You let out a wanton sigh, relaxing as your nipple gets pinched and rolled.

You continue rubbing your ass against my raging cock. All I can think about is ripping our clothes off right now. But I realise the need for discretion. I let go of your breast and slide my hand out of your blouse. I let my hand drop down between us; my finger tracing a line from behind your knee, grazing up the parted slit of your skirt. My finger lifts the hem of your skirt as I reach the top of the slit, pushing it up until my finger touches the bottom of your perky taut butt. I lick my lips as I realise that you’re not wearing anything underneath. I push my finger up the middle of your asscrack. I feel you shudder as my finger touches your pink little asshole. I trace my finger back down the crack, back down towards your pussy. I feel weak in my knees as I find your pussy drenched. Slowly, I slide my finger through your pussy slit; sliding it up towards your hooded clit. You bite your lower lip and stifle a whimper as my finger touches your clit; up and down, my finger slowly, collects your pussy juice, so slowly teasing your near dripping pussy.

Your hand reaches behind you, hefting my engorged cock in your hand. You run your deft fingers up and down its shaft, stroking it through the thin fabric of my trousers. You feel my cock twitch as your fingers run along the particularly sensitive cockhead, grabbing onto my shaft as it does. Holding my cock shaft in your hand, you start rubbing your ass against my cock.

You snap slightly back to reality. You have a boyfriend whom you love and are going to fuck silly this weekend. You let go of my cock. But as you do, you feel my finger slide into you. A groan you don’t catch in time escapes your throat and I plunge my finger into you, filling your pussy with my finger. Part of you wants to stop right now and be faithful to your man. The other part of you is so turned on that you’re being finger fucked on the evening commute and your pussy is quivering for this other part to win. Your heart beats faster. You don’t stop my finger from sliding in and out of your pussy, but your head keeps telling you to stop. Your body tenses up slightly as you think about stopping. Your mind swirling with visions of how hot the weekend will be with your boyfriend; visions of having a stranger’s cock plunged into you.

I slide another finger into you. My forefinger and middle finger sliding up and into your pussy. My hand placed downwards, I push them forward a little, pushing against the front of your pussy walls. You realise that leyla ile mecnun izle your hand is still resting on my cock. It’s so hard. Wanting you, waiting for you to pull it out, to slide it into your hot wet pussy. You start stroking it again. You stroke it with more intensity this time. I sense your urgency and start sliding my fingers in and out of you faster. You place your other hand on the glass door in front of you, pushing yourself back into me. You throw your head back, your head on my shoulder. I can feel your breath, hot on my ear, panting. Between my fingers thrusting in and out of your tight wet pussy, and the sexual tension building up inside you, your heart feels like it’s going to explode; and the only thing fighting your dripping pussy is doing, is pushing you over the edge. The excitement of cheating on your man with a stranger in a public place is driving you insane. Your heart races faster, my throbbing cock in your hand as you stroke it now with even more intensity. Your breathing short, panting, you let out a small whimper. Your eyes widen as you feel your pussy begin to pulsate. Your hips begin to buckle as your orgasm hits.

Your orgasm explodes. You turn your head into me and bite down on my neck trying to stay quiet. I grunt from the piercing pain of you biting down on my neck; your fingers gripping my cock like a vice as your body shakes from your orgasm. You let go of my neck and loosen your grip on my cock as your orgasm subsides. Your heart is still pounding and beads of sweat trace your forehead despite air conditioned train.

You start stroking my cock again, slowly, as though contemplating on what to do next. I slide my and back between your legs, at the apex of your legs. Your pussy is drenched. There is pussy juice dripping down your legs. Your fingers begin to move for my zipper. Finding it, you start easing the zipper down. Just as you do, the train begins to slow again. You can feel my heart pounding into your back. Your own heart skips a beat hoping that we won’t get caught. The doors of the train open. Several people get off this time, and the remaining passengers shift their now roomier accommodations as the train doors close again.

You reach into my pants and feel the long smooth shaft of my cock, cupping my balls in your fingers, playing with them a little before pulling my cock out. The train is still full, and people still lost in their own little worlds, not realising that a cock is wagging in the air at the back of the train. The train enters the dark tunnel again. You try to guide my cock between the slit of your skirt, but the slit ends too low. I lift up your skirt a little to help you out. My cock now between your legs, covered by your skirt, nestled at the bottom of your bum. You guide it between your pussy lips, tracing your pussy lips with my cock, teasing me, teasing yourself. You stroke my cock again, smearing the pussy juices my cock’s collected down its shaft.

Slowly, you ease my cockhead into your pussy. I groan through my teeth as my cockhead enters your lush pink hole. With one hand still on the window steadying myself, my other hand rests on your hip, pushing my cock deeper into your wet silken tunnel. Inching my cock in, feeling your pussy walls wrapping around my shaft. You start to push your ass back out towards me. I push at your hip, keeping the entry little women izle of my cock painfully slow. You look back at me; your eyes pleading. Your pussy sucks in the last inch of my cock, my hip against your ass. My cock buried in your pussy, filling you.

The vibrations of the train wag my cock back and forth, my cock fucking you without either of us really moving. Slowly, I slide my cock back out, an inch at a time. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly, until the tip of my cockhead is still in you. I hear you whimper, wiggling your ass at me trying to draw my cock back into you. At a snail’s pace, I ease my cock back in; just an inch before slamming my cock deep into your pussy. A squeak escapes your mouth as you clamp your hand quickly over it to cover the barely audible sound. You look around to see if anyone had heard. The passengers on the train still oblivious.

I slide my cock out again, more fluidly this time and begin a slow fucking rhythm. Sliding my cock in and out of your pink lovehole. I push you into the back window. You place your forehead on the window and push your hips back at me, grinding your hips against me as I drive my cock deeper and deeper into you. My hand on your hip, holding us steady, I start thrusting my cock faster, feeling your pussy walls around me. Your hands, both on the window now, pushing back towards me, trying to feel more of my cock in you.

My hand on the window drops around your waist, holding you still as my hips continue pushing my cock in and out of you. My other hand reaches around, rubbing your clit through the thin fabric of your skirt. I slide my hand up under your blouse again, taking the opposing breast in my hand, kneading it in my hand as my cock continues to plunge in and out of you. You grit your teeth as you try to steady your breathing. You push back towards me again, back flat against my chest, your head on my shoulder as my cock pushes deep into you, fucking your pussy harder and harder. The movement of the train vibrating my cock in you like the fat dildo you have in your bedside table.

You start working your pussy muscles around my cock. My balls twitch as I feel the added pressure around my shaft. I try to discretely increase the speed of my thrusting hips. You keep trying to push your ass back into me, grinding your ass against my hips; my fingers rubbing your clit incessantly. One of your hands fly to my head, grabbing a fistful of my hair as you near orgasm again. I plunge my cock into you again and again, I can hear your soft pants in my ear getting more and more urgent. I feel your body tense up as you let out a long groan, your pussy clenching hard around my cock, pulsating with your shuddering orgasm. My cock begins to twitch from the added pressure around my cock, my balls begin to tense and I start thrusting my hips into you with a new sense of urgency. I start to grunt, clutching on to your body as my cock stiffens. Pushing my cock in deeper, thrusting harder. I feel my balls explode and the cum exploding out of my cock into you, spurting shot after shot into your pussy. Again and again, shots of cum shoot into you as my knees buckle slightly. My body pushes you into the window. My heaving chest in your back, spent from cumming so hard.

The train is pulling into the next station. It slows down as it reaches the platform. Reluctantly, I pull my cock out of your pussy. I ease my now satiated cock back into my trousers and do my best to straighten your skirt.

“Thank you,” I whisper, before disappearing into the crowd disembarking onto the station platform. You rest your head on the slightly fogged up window, your heart still racing. You feel a slow trickle of cum running down your leg as you close your eyes, in utter disbelief to the event that just unfolded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32