Escorts in Panties Pt. 01

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So, here I am — the name is Tom and I regard myself as a fairly average sort of a bloke. However, maybe where I’m not so average (or maybe not – who knows?) is that from the moment I became sexually aware, I have been a lover of woman’s panties — the panties themselves and women wearing them. A genuine fetish for panties — but not all panties — just one type.

Fullback bikini-style cotton panties that cover nearly all of a woman’s bum are my thing. But my fetish goes deeper; I’m always searching for the “Holy Grail” of fullback cotton bikini panties, which is where the edging of the panties is in a contrasting colour and consists of delicate loops at the legs and the waist — and of course, with the prettiest of dainty bows at the front centre of the waist — again, in a contrasting colour to the main panty material.

So Yes — I’m picky to a fault – but it’s my fetish and my obsession – and that’s what does it for me!

So, it’s good old fashioned, everyday Marks & Sparks (a UK-based clothing retailer) bikini-style, fullback cotton panties that are my obsession.

Anyhow, after defining my fetish, perhaps I can recount a story where “panties” were the central theme, that evolved over a year or so, way back in the late 70s.

Back then, I had a senior management position with a large and successful construction company.

I travelled quite a lot as a trouble-shooter for the business. My job was to investigate projects that were going array and institute ways to get them back on track. One such project was in Leeds — it was a huge mess and I was tasked with sorting it out.

This necessitated weekly trips to Leeds, where I would usually stay 2 or 3 nights in a 4 star hotel close to the site; but it quickly became evident that this particular challenge was going to require me to travel there every week for many months to come and so it became financially sensible to rather rent accommodation for me, rather than fork out a small fortune each week for a hotel room.

I much preferred that set-up and my secretary quickly found a delightful 2 bed bungalow style cottage to rent, in an area verging on the countryside, about 12 miles from the construction site.

It was a nice enough place and gave me privacy and somewhere to un-wind after each day and even offered some nice views out over the fields behind.

It was from this base that I decided to do something about my complete lack of sexual activity over the last number of months, due to the ongoing deterioration of my relationship with my then wife, which was all falling apart; there was no sex and divorce loomed — I’d been plodding on but now things had to change.

I decided to explore the world of escorts, prostitutes and/or hookers; call them what you will. I didn’t have the time or inclination to try to start up relationships with women in the area, so paying for my needs seemed a perfectively sensible alternative. I was paid well and could afford it — so why not?

This however was all new to me; I’d never been with an escort before (let’s use that word from now on!), so this new pursuit of mine was definitely what they call … a work in progress.

Turning to the local newspaper (this was decades before the Internet), I would browse the Classifieds for the “Escorts” section — it was a massive section with literally hundreds of ads.; all offering basically the same thing.

I started with individuals advertising their services; they were usually along the lines of …

“Sexy Sally — I’ll do anything your heart desires — just call me on such and such land line phone number and let’s have some fun!” kind of ads. I tried responding to a couple of these ads. but they were a complete disaster.

When the women in question arrived at my place in their taxis, they were just hideous or skanky and I knew they wouldn’t be able to deliver for me what I was after. So, on those first two occasions of disappointment, I simply paid them the fee we’d agreed over the phone and sent them on their way, saying sorry, but I’d changed my mind.

I needed a Plan B and went back to the Classifieds, thinking I’d try one of the Agencies where my guess was that each establishment handled the assignments for all the women on their books and specifically, those who working that particular night.

There was about a dozen of them operating from the City and I decided to opt for the one with the biggest ad., which turned out to be a place called “Ladies of Leeds” which wasn’t very imaginative but nevertheless, I called them one evening.

I dialled their number from my cottage and I was answered after 3 short rings, with a female voice saying “Ladies of Leeds — you’re speaking to Gilda; how can we be of service? …”

Gilda’s voice was a bit strange, heavily accented — Croatian, Ukrainian — who knows – but certainly foreign — very croaky like that of a heavy smoker and definitely a mature lady, somewhere in her late 50s, would have been my guess.

I escort fatih never got to meet Gilda face-to-face but over the next year or more, she was to become my conduit to sexual satisfaction and we became sort of “over the phone” friends. Over the months to come, she would come to call me “Mr Tom” and our conversations would go something along the line of …

“Ah Mr Tom, so nice to hear from you, good to have you back in Leeds — let me see which of the girls has the panties you like on tonight.” And then I would then hear her turning to however many ladies were currently in the establishment and working that night and saying to them “Who of you has the panties Mr Tom likes with them? …”

So, I was to become a regular client that the women of “Ladies of Leeds” came to know, whilst also being fully aware of what my requirements were, in terms of the underwear I wanted that evening’s companion to be wearing.

Anyhow, this was to come in the future; for now, this was the first time Gilda and I had spoken and in answer to her “How can we be of service?” I came straight to the point.

“I’m looking for a nice looking lady who’s wearing fullback, bikini-style cotton panties — ideally white; and with a dress or a skirt, who can come and spend some time with me this evening — I’m in Bramhope.”

Gilda said something along the lines of “I see; give me a moment and I’ll see what we can come up with for you …”. There was then a muffled sound, as she no doubt cupped her hand over the phone and spoke to her ladies in attendance that evening. I waited a good couple of minutes and then she came back to me with “Can I have your name, please?” and I said “Sure — I’m Tom.”

“Well Mr Tom, I’m afraid none of the lovely ladies here this evening is dressed as you request but Serena, whom I’m sure will be to your liking, lives out your way and she can drop by her place on the way to you and pick up the items you mentioned and then come through to you. She could be there in about an hour.”

I responded that that would be just fine; I asked her the fee and she advised me what their hourly rate was and I accepted. I gave Gilda my address and the conversation was politely ended — now to wait the hour!

I had work to do in the interim however. In my mind, I had worked out a kind of script or screenplay as to how I wanted my interaction with whoever was on their way to me, to go.

Looking upskirt at whoever’s panties, was high on the agenda and I agonised as I shuffled the 2 couches in my lounge around to be close enough to get a good view, with good lighting; yet whilst not being too close, so as to be intimidating and overly … in their space.

I was finally sorted and satisfied that everything in my cottage was in order for what I had in mind. I opened a bottle off white wine and poured a glass for myself, which I savoured as I sat on the couch and waited.

About 50 minutes later, I heard a car pull up outside and shortly thereafter, there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door to be greeted by a not unattractive, tall lady in her late 30s I guessed; smartly dressed and she smiled and said “Are you Tom? …”

“That’s me!” I said and she responded “I’m Serena. Nice to meet you. Can I come in? …”

I saw the car she had arrived in pull away, as I closed the front door behind us and gestured for Serena to make her way into the lounge.

She turned to me straight away and said directly “Perhaps we could get the business side of things over and done with first, so we can both relax?”

Although this was entirely new to me, I understood that she was obviously asking for her payment up front, so I reached into the back pocket of my jeans, where I had already placed the agreed amount in folded notes; took them out and handed them to her.

“Thank you.” she simply said; placed the cash in her coat pocket and proceeded into my lounge and as she did, she took off her coat as she walked, folding it neatly over the armrest of the couch I indicated was where I’d like her to take a seat.

She was quite attractive but not what I would call pretty. A pleasant enough face with mousey blonde hair that was slightly curly and hung down to just above her shoulders. She had on a floral blouse and a tight, red, stretch-material skirt that ended a few inches above her knees. She was wearing tan coloured tights and black open toe, mid heel shoes. Not bad at all for my first foray into the world of paid for sex! …

I was still standing opposite her as she sat down and asked her if she’d like a glass of wine. She replied matter-of-factly that normally she wouldn’t but since, as she put it … “This is my last ‘Gig’ for the evening, so yeah, why not! — thank you.”

I went to the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine from the opened bottle in the fridge and returned and put the glass in front of her and placed the bottle next to my own glass on the low coffee table, which was set between the two matching couches in the güngören escort lounge.

I sat on the other couch directly opposite her and picked up my glass of wine. “Cheers!” I said and took a sip – she did the same, placing her glass back down on the table.

Looking straight at me, she then said “So, what did you have in mind? …”

I replied straight back — “OK but first, what are your rules?”

“Simple! No kissing; no anal. No rough stuff; and condoms always for fucking or sucking — otherwise, I’m all yours.” — was her response. That was obviously not the first time she had uttered that statement.

“OK” I said and taking a deep breath, I continued “Here’s what I’d like from you. I’d like to sit opposite you for a while and look up your skirt at your panties. I’d like to see and play with your boobs. I want to play with your pussy through your panties and go down on you. And at the end, I’d just like to masturbate, while I watch you play with yourself. No fucking or sucking — how would that be for you? …”

Her eyes gave away that this was not what was usually expected of her and that my straight forwardness was perhaps a bit unsettling for her but after just a second’s hesitation, she simply said “OK.”

She then explained that since I had booked her for a single hour, maybe we should get started and concluded with “So, how do you want me? …”

I didn’t really know what she meant and said “I’m sorry? …” to which she replied “Well — shoes: on our off? Tights; on or off? It’s up to you? …”

I simply said “Oh — OK – shoes and tights both off, please.”

“Do you want to watch or should I go somewhere and come back to you?”

I said “There’s a bathroom over there” and pointed. She stood up; took another sip of her wine and walked away with a casual “Won’t be long.”

True to her word, less than 90 seconds later, she was back. She placed her folded tights on top of her coat on the armrest and placed her shoes neatly together, to the side of the couch and then took her place opposite me.

She leaned back into the couch and using both hands, pulled her skirt up her thighs by at least 6 inches and then lifted both her feet up onto the couch directly in front of her. I could immediately see the white panties she was wearing, trapped between her legs and in a slow, gentle but fabulously sensual move, she parted her knees to about a 45 degree angle either side, revealing the most glorious view of her white bikini style panties with white edging, covering her pussy and flowing deliciously back over her bum.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Perfect.” I said.

“You’re in charge — just tell me what you want me to do? …”

“Just stay like that for the moment, please.” I responded.

I gazed at her panties under her skirt for a good couple of minutes. This was the only sexual episode I had had in months and I wanted to immerse myself in it.

“Wider please.” I requested.

Using both hands, she reached for her skirt either side of her and pulled it upwards, until her entire skirt was pretty much around her waist.

She then placed her full weight on her feet on the couch; she raised her backside a few inches off the couch and putting her hands on her knees, she slowly pushed her legs as far apart as they would seemingly go, whilst keeping her gaze directly on me, all with a very faint smile on her lips, as if she were asking … “You like what you see? …” almost telepathically.

I was mesmerised, taking in her glorious, now fully exposed panties and the pussy they hid. I was tempted to take out my cock and start wanking but that wasn’t part of my plan — not yet anyway!

Serena still had that faint smile and simply said “Wanna see from the back? …” — “Oh yeah!” was my almost instantaneous reply.

She closed her legs and placed her bum back on the couch; put her feet onto the floor, stood up straight and immediately turned around, so her back was to me. Her red skirt was still rolled up and around her waist, so all of her white cotton panties, covering that delicious bum, were staring me in the face.

She then took half a pace to the side with her one leg and lowered herself, folding forward with her arms extended, until the palms of her hands were taking her weight on the couch cushions. Her white pantied bum was now pointing directly at me and from that position, she took an additional half a pace with each of her feet, out to either side, so she was stretched out in a wonderful upside down “Y” pose and it was from this pose; with her white panty gusset stretched out and tantalisingly covering her pussy, that I first noticed that there was the faintest trace of wetness seeping through the material of her panties — perhaps she was getting something out of this too?

I can imagine that most of her “Gigs” were far less demanding or complex than this. Likely consisting of: In the front door having exchanged pleasantries and cash; into the bedroom; clothes off — condom on — spread bağcılar escort the legs, the guy enters her and pumps up and down until his climax is achieved and he then rolls off, such that the session was now over and Serena could make her way onto the next.

Not this time! …

Although I could have stared at that beautiful, round, white pantied bum for hours on end, I felt the urge to see more of her and I instructed “That’s so beautiful – but please won’t you sit down for me again.”

She drew her feet together and turned round to face me and sat. This time, she sat down with her knees tightly together, like she was attending an interview — albeit with her skirt still around her waist!

With a wry smile from me, which she immediately returned; as if indicating the desire to part the Red Sea, I used my hands to direct Serena to once again open her legs, until her panties were clearly visible and at that point, I said softly “Please take off your blouse.”

Keeping her legs open, she reached up with both hands and began unbuttoning her blouse from the top downwards; until they were all unbuttoned and then she worked her way around her waist, pulling her blouse out from the confines of her skirt, until it was completely free.

She then undid the buttons at the cuffs of her sleeves and in a graceful movement, took off her blouse and folded into neatly and placed it on top of her tights, on the couch armrest.

She sat back again and I was greeted by the vision of her good-sized breasts held in place by a very everyday kind of a plain material, beige coloured bra — no lace or pattern whatsoever — but a seriously pleasant sight, nevertheless.

Serena’s hand pointed to her bra and she asked “Off? …” — I nodded my response and unexpectedly, she reached to the junction of her bra between her impressive breasts and began to release the fastening. How lovely; a front fastening bra.

I’ve always loved the way the “front loader” bra (as we used to call them) reveals the wearer’s breasts when it’s unfastened and taken off; and this reveal was no disappointment. Once she’d undone the fastener, her hands held either side of the cups where they met and slowly peeled the material away from her boobs and then pulled her bra from around her back and once again, neatly folded it, placing it on top of her blouse.

Released from her bra, her boobs hung free. They weren’t saggy but pendulous to a charming degree and her nipples appeared to be half hard, partially pointing themselves directly at me — Nice! Now I really wanted to get my hands on her boobs — and everything else I’d paid for –but thus far, I was certainly getting my money’s worth.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” I said. She complied immediately and stood up waiting for directions.

“Perhaps leave your skirt here? …” I suggested and in response, she rolled her red skirt down her legs until she was able to step out of it and shaking it out, she folded it and placed it on the ever growing pile of her now-discarded clothing, on the armrest of the couch.

I indicated with my hand to the open door of my bedroom and said “After you.” knowing this would give me the opportunity to walk behind her to observe that fabulous movement of a woman’s bum when she walks, that can only be seen at its best, when the lady in question is wearing fullback panties, in my humble opinion.

I wish my bedroom had been half a mile away to observe those lovely pantied bum cheeks move up and down but sadly, it was just a handful of steps and we were there — but it was a wonderful sight!

Once in the bedroom, she turned to me and asked “How do you want me? …”

“Just lie on the bed please.” I requested and she once again complied; lying with her head on the pillows right in the middle of my queen-sized bed, with her legs together and her hands laying on her tummy and of course, now wearing nothing but her white cotton panties.

It was time for me to get a bit more “hands on”. I kicked my shoes off and removed my socks as gracefully as any man can undertake such a ridiculous movement. I then unbuttoned my shirt all the way down. I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off; followed by my boxers; the waistband of which I had to pull out over my rigid cock – and then down my legs and off.

Now I was naked, other than my unbuttoned shirt and I moved to the bed and lay next to Serena, who had been watching my every move, from the moment we had entered the bedroom.

How I would loved to have kissed her — but that was seemingly off limits, so I placed one hand on her left breast and began fondling, caressing and kneading the lovely flesh, whilst I thumbed her nipple gently and meanwhile, sucked the nipple of her right boob into my mouth, where I used my tongue to tease it to hardness. I swapped breasts to give the same treatment to each and was loving the moment, as it had been a long, long time since I had felt a woman’s breasts.

After a while, I then turned my attention to more Southerly attractions and slowly slid my hand down her tummy, until my fingertips lightly tripped over the waist band of her panties and proceeded further until, as she parted her legs, my hand cupped her pussy area and I let my fingers explore her vagina beneath, through the material of her panties.

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