Debbie Ch. 04

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I headed back for my last semester of my senior year determined to honor my commitment to Debbie to leave her alone to improve her marriage but also knowing that at some time in the future she would want me again.

I graduated college in 1980 with unemployment in double digits and was unable to find a job in my field. My parents were not willing to send me to grad school so I ended up taking an entry position with an Insurance Agency being run by Bill and his wife Sue. I had never pictured myself selling insurance but in that job market beggars could not be choosers.

It turned out that I was pretty good at it and within one year was making enough that I could purchase a starter home near my hometown. I was invited to rejoin the softball team that Rick and Gary were on and I accepted with the agreement that the 6:00 early games would be difficult for me to get to with my work schedule.

Of course, the first game was a 6:00 game and I had to work late so I showed up around 6:30 in the third inning. I ran right by the bleachers that Debbie and Mandy were sitting with the rest of the wives. I said hi to them as a group and I was greeted with enthusiastic hellos and welcome backs.

After the game everybody was very friendly and I had a normal conversation with Debbie and a couple of the other wives that Debbie said were attracted to me. I was not attracted to them but by spending more time with them I was hoping to throw off any suspicion (Paranoia must have set in) that Rick and Gary might have had.

Several weeks went by with absolutely no flirting between Debbie and I. I kept my promise and after some initial nervousness on her part she was friendly in a just a friend way. Maybe I was wrong about getting back with her.

It was now midsummer and I decided that I had done enough work on my fixer upper to hold a housewarming party. I invited the softball team, people from work and some high school friends. I also invited my friend Lisa who would go on to become a model and was drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately for all males Lisa plays for the other team. She would be my date to distract husbands’ and make me look like a better catch for the women there. Plus, she liked to party.

The Saturday of the party arrived and I was very busy getting everything set up. Throughout the day people were coming and going and I was giving many tours and was getting lots of advice on what I should be doing to fix up the place. I also noticed that Lisa was in demand as usual.

Well after the party started Rick and Debbie showed up with some of the other players and a few wives. After showing them around a couple of the wives commented on how it was decorated as a typical bachelor’s place and could use a woman’s touch to help me find the “Right person.”

Hearing that, Rick stepped up and said “Deb is very good at decorating. She could give you some tips.”

“That would be great I said. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say.”

Rick called Debbie over and told her that he was going golfing the next morning and had volunteered her to give me decorating ideas. I stepped in to save her and said that it was not necessary and that I didn’t want to put her out. She seemed relieved and I offered to get her a pad if she wanted to write things down during the party.

As Debbie was wandering from room to room putting her ideas on paper, I asked Lisa to get Rick to strike up a conversation with her that Debbie would notice. Twenty minutes later I noticed the two talking. It was at that time that Debbie arrived back with two pages of ideas that she wanted to show me. I listened intently and asked several questions to show how much I appreciated her ideas. It was in the middle of one of her answers that she noticed Rick talking with Lisa.

She paused as she watched the conversation and Lisa placed a well-timed hand on Rick’s shoulder while laughing at something he said. I pretended not to see the conversation and encouraged her to keep going. When she was talking about something in the kitchen, I asked her to show me as I was having trouble picturing what she wanted to do. As we walked to the kitchen, I could see her glancing at her husband but I couldn’t tell if she was just curious or upset that he was talking with a beautiful woman.

She started going through her ideas but the only thing I was thinking about how many different places in that kitchen I could fuck her. She turned and asked what I thought about her idea. I had not heard it so I just said “Awesome. What do I need to do to begin?”

Before she could answer Lisa walked in. “Sorry to interrupt but I have to get going,” she said. I kissed her goodbye and then she turned to leave but stopped. “Your friend Rick is cute,” she gushed. “Lucky for you I was able to fend him off.”

That comment ticked Debbie off as I knew it would. She excused herself and left the room as I went to entertain other guests at the party. Within twenty minutes Rick and Deb came up to me to thank me for having them but at home with the gils izle they needed to get going. I thanked Rick for offering Deb’s decorating ideas and Debbie for her time. I told her that I would have more questions about her ideas and I would talk with her at the next game.

She smiled, looked at Rick and said “You know what, if you are free tomorrow morning while Rick is golfing, I can answer them then.”

I looked at Rick and he assured me it was fine. “Great, I will see you then.” As they walked away, I knew that my plan was going to pay off in spades.

The next morning arrived and Deb showed up around nine am with her notepad. She was dressed down in working clothes which definitely gave me the impression that I had some work to do.

We went room to room with her telling me her ideas but I have to say that I only heard enough to join the conversation with a few well placed “Good Idea” and “nice”. The rest of the time was spent thinking about bedding her.

We came to the last room and she asked me what I thought of the plan. “Great,” I said. “Leave your notes and I will get the materials when I am free.”

She laughed. “You are free now and will have to come shopping with me. It is the least you can do after everything that I have done for you.” I wasn’t sure whether she was just talking about the decorating or what we had done in the past. Probably a little of both.

We hopped in my car and spent the next four (painful) hours shopping for what I needed. It was all business and there was no sexual talk whatsoever. We finally grabbed some lunch and headed back to my house.

We arrived and she helped me unload the car and bring everything into the house. She looked at her watch and said “It is getting late and Rick will be back soon. I should be going.”

I gave her a hug, thanked her for everything and walked her out to her car. Before she opened the door, she turned back to me and smiled. “I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you kept your promise. I thought that I would have to fend you off.”

I took a step closer to her. “It has been painful for me,” I laughingly said. “But to be fair, I am going to have to limit my promise to only one unsupervised home visit.”

For the first time that day she gave me her naughty smile. “I will definitely keep that in mind,” she said as she got into her car. I stepped back and she lowered her window. “Oh, by the way, a cold shower might help your problem,” she said as she drove off laughing.

The next several weeks went by with work and softball taking up most of my time. I still had time to work on the house and was able to get two out of the four rooms up to date with her recommendations. This brought me to our next Friday night softball game.

I arrived at the game and while we were waiting for the earlier game to end Rick asked me about my decorating. I thanked him again for letting Debbie help me and let him know I was half done. We joked around about how slow I was and he offered Debbie to come over and help me finish. I politely declined, stating that she had done enough, so I could keep my promise.

After the game, we were out in the parking lot drinking a few beers. Somehow, the conversation turned to my lack of decorating skills and how Debbie was helping me with my “bachelor palace.” I was volunteered to have the yearend party so everybody could see what I had done.

Rick had been listening while he downed multiple beers and a few shots as well. When he heard everybody was going to my house in a few weeks for the party he yelled over to Debbie in a joking manner that she should make sure that I do it right so it doesn’t look bad for her when I mess it up. She looked at me hoping for some support. I was about to give her that when Mandy (Gary’s wife who I still have to tell you the story about) chimed in with “The guys are golfing tomorrow Deb. Why don’t we go over tomorrow morning and finish the job?” Debbie looked at me and smiled while nodding yes.

“Works for me,” I said. “See you around nine. I will get coffee and donuts.”

The next morning, I ran to seven eleven and purchased donuts and coffee. I was anxious to see how the day would go with two married women that I had slept with. To my knowledge neither one knew about the other. They arrived separately just after nine and I showed them the two rooms that I had already finished. Of course, I needed to make minor adjustments to each room which got the day off to a great start. Lots of kidding and bachelor jokes.

By a little after twelve we were almost finished and I have to say I was impressed. The fixer upper was taking shape. I offered to buy them lunch before we finished to thank them for their help but Mandy let me know that she could not stay as she had some things to do to get ready for the party tonight.

Deb also declined as she wanted to finish the papering the shelves before taking off. She asked if I had a step stool to help her get ayak işleri izle up on the counter. I did not but offered to help her up. She said “Ok, as long as you behave.”

“No promises,” I countered with. “You were warned last time.” With that I picked her up and placed her on the counter so that she could paper the shelves. Of course, being a gentleman, I stood behind her holding her at the waist to make sure that she did not fall. She had obviously done this before as she expertly measured, cut and tacked down the paper making the shelves look great.

“That looks perfect,” she said as she looked down to see me staring at her beautiful ass. Clearing her throat to get my attention, “Well?”

Not taking my eyes off of her ass I answered “I agree, perfect. And the shelves look great too!”

She tapped the top of my head a little too hard. “Pervert. Help me down.”

I turned her slightly and she wrapped her arms around my neck for me to lift her down. I lifted her off the counter and swung her so her butt was back on the counter where I set her down with her arms still around my neck. She spread her legs to allow me to get closer to her. “How am I going to thank you for doing this for me?” Our lips met and soon our tongues were dancing.

We came up for air. “I don’t have much time so however you want to thank me you need to do it quickly,” she said in a very husky voice.

I quickly lifted her off of the counter and helped her remove my pants followed by hers. I put a condom on and then put her back onto the counter, placed her legs over my shoulders and proceeded to stick my face between her legs and started licking and sucking for all I was worth while simultaneously attacking her breasts with my left hand.

I could tell how much she loved it by how much she was squirming how she clamped her legs around my head. As I alternated attacking her married pussy with my tongue and fingers, I listened to Debbie moaning, gasping “Oh shit, that is so fucking good. Rick never does this to me. Don’t stop. Don’t stop! I am cumming!!!

As she started to come down from her orgasmic high, I lifted her off of the counter, carried her over to the refrigerator and impaled her on my rock-hard cock. Knowing how much she liked to be fucked standing up I backed her into the frig and started fucking her for all I was worth. It was not long before she came again followed shortly by me. As I was deflating, she kept using her legs to pull me back in to her, milking every last ounce of energy that I had. “That was fucking amazing,” she said before kissing me and running off to use the shower as she was late for wherever she was going.

Our affair lasted almost three years with it being very hot and heavy during golf season. I have three main stories to tell about those three years. Pretty much every Saturday Debbie would stop by for either a “Quickie”, all morning or all afternoon or when the stars aligned a complete day of non-stop fucking. It was after one of these all-day sessions that the first story begins.

One — Risky Party Sex — Debbie toweled off after the shower and asked me if I was going to Gary and Mandy’s party that night. I responded that I had to help my Dad with some chores and if I wasn’t too tired after everything that she had done to me I would show up later.

I showed up around nine and most of the men were totally blasted after golfing, hitting the nineteenth hole and then a few hours at the keg. They were hanging around the fire telling stories and solving the world’s problems while the ladies were on the deck. I was harassed about being a lightweight so I grabbed a beer and went off to say hi to the women. I shook hands with everyone, gave Mandy a quick hug to thank her for having the party, and noticed that Debbie was not there.

Guessing she was inside I asked Mandy if I could use her bathroom and wandered off. The bathroom was at the end of the hall and as I got to the door Debbie walked out. “Hi'” she said. “I am glad you showed up. Rick is so drunk that I am not getting anything else tonight which is just as well as you wore me out today.”

She looked around and there was nobody there so she kissed me which was all I needed to rise up. I usually wore gym shorts to summer parties to make my equipment much more accessible with no awkward moment pulling up my pants if somebody walks in unexpectantly. Debbie reached in and gave me a quick squeeze. “Down boy, there are people here. Maybe, there will be a better opportunity later.”

Over the next hour the men became far more mellow and the women rowdier as the alcohol flowed freely. I hung out with the men while keeping an eye on Debbie (And Mandy as well). Finally, I heard Debbie ask if anybody else wanted a beer and headed to the keg which was up by the tree about fifty feet away. I asked the guys if anybody wanted a beer but they were too drunk to acknowledge so I walked over to the keg where Debbie was.

Debbie looked up at me and said aynen aynen izle “I am so horny for you. I need you to fuck me soon. Go over behind that large tree like you are going to pee. I will bring the beers back and sneak back.” I went behind the tree and found a nice grassy patch that was blocked from view of the party by the large tree. About five minutes later I saw Debbie sneaking around from behind the house to join me.

I laid down in the grass with my member coming out of my shorts and standing very erect with condom already on. Debbie had removed her panties and straddled me, lowering herself onto me. Knowing we didn’t have a lot of time she started riding me. Maybe it was all the sex that we had today but neither one of us was close to cumming when I saw a shadow at the keg. I motioned quiet to Debbie while we could hear the unmistakable sound of beer pouring out of a tap.

I don’t think that she cared at this time because she started slowly to resume her fucking motion. Having sex with someone we knew twenty feet away was incredibly erotic and as I saw that person stumble away, we reached almost simultaneous orgasm. A quick sensual kiss and Debbie was off sneaking around the house back the way she came and I filled my beer and rejoined the men who I don’t think even knew that I was gone. I never did find out who the person was.

Two — Breaking the Rules — We only had two rules during our affair. I was never to call her and she was never to show up at my house unannounced as I might be entertaining someone. It was late in the season and we had a 6:00 game that was going to be for first place. I had begged my boss Bill to let me off early so I could get there on time. He finally agreed although I think it was my persuasion skills on his wife Sue that eventually got me out early.

I arrived home and was hurriedly changing when I heard the doorbell. I walked out in my shorts with no shirt on and was surprised to see Debbie standing there in a yellow sundress looking hot as hell. “Come on in. Is everything alright?’

She looked at me and just seemed stressed. “I had a bad day at work. My boss yelled at me for no reason and all I wanted when I got home was for Rick to fuck me to relieve the stress. He said Women make weak legs and that he had to get warmed up for the BIG game. He then laughed and told me how much he would relieve my stress later,” and then walked out the door.

“So here I am,” she said. “It looks like you are rushing off to the game as well. Men. UGH!!!”

Debbie looked so goddamn sexy that it would be crime against humanity to leave her in that state. I forgot all about the game for first place. “You know Deb, there are many ways to warm up. For instance, there is getting to first base.” I kissed her long and slow. “Then I am off to second.” I pulled the straps of her sundress down and gave both of her breasts a little kiss as she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me closer.

I reached under her dress and inserted two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. “I have arrived at third, and it seems like it has been raining. Now that I am almost fully warmed up I think I am ready to head for home,” I said as I scooped her up and carried her to my bedroom.

I quickly grabbed a condom form the nightstand and shortly after entered her with firm strokes. “I have safely reached home plate,” I yelled out as I pummeled her pussy. We were in such a sexual sync that we were usually hitting orgasms around the same time and tonight was no exception. As I laid on top of her filling up my condom, I joked about hitting a home run.

She laughed and then got serious. “Thank you. You were there for me. I want you to hit a grand slam. I am on the pill so I want you to fuck me again, fill my pussy up so I am leaking as I go the game to see my husband,” she said as she started stroked my member. With that kind of incentive, it did not take me long to get hard so I flipped her over and entered her from behind.

I kept pumping into her, taking turns slapping each ass cheek until I finally gave her what she wanted. Her pussy filled with my cum. “Let me clean that up for you before you go to the game,” she said eagerly taking my softened member into her mouth. “A nice blend of my pussy juices and your cum. What a delicious taste. Now get dressed and go and win the game.”

I obviously arrived late and had to sit out until the third inning. Right before I was going out to the field, I saw Debbie walking up to the bleachers with a very sexy walk and smile. I was not the only one who noticed as several of the guys commented to Rick on what a hot wife he had.

It turned out that Rick was right. Women do make weak legs and with the distraction of Debbie being there I played terrible. I went 0-3 and had an error. Easily my worst game of the year and we lost. As the last inning started, I noticed Debbie leaving. At least I would know better for the playoff’s redemption.

The game ended and we adjourned to the parking lot for a couple of beers. I expected Rick to run off as he knew that Debbie had left. Instead he started seeing who wanted to go bar hopping after. Several of the guys agreed to go and I declined as I had a big day ahead of me the next day. I apologized for costing them the game as I took some good-natured heat and headed off for home.

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