Daughters – Rebecca Ch. 02

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Alexis Texas

Daughters of the American Evolution – Rebecca, Ch. 02

Stories from one front of the global war

No man saw the greatest conspiracy of all time coming…

“Hi, Rebecca, how are things?” Amy asked, answering her cell phone, after seeing on the display who was calling. She almost dropped the phone in the process, momentarily distracted.

“Hi Amy – um, fine,” Rebecca responded. “Do you think I could come over later today? There’s something I wanted to ask you about, and I’d prefer to do it in person.”

“Oh sure, but if you prefer, I could come over to you, I have to do some shopping and I could combine trips…” Amy responded.

“Oh golly, that would be wonderful. And Lauren’s been asking about you, so she’d get to see you as well. Would two-ish be okay with you?” Rebecca asked.

“That would be perfect! We’re having a celebration later tonight, a little family thing,” Amy said, her tone betraying her happiness.

“Oh? What’s the occasion?” Rebecca asked.

“Well, I can tell you that later, it’s nothing big,” Amy said. “So, two o’clock, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yes…sorry, my mind wandered. Yes, two would be perfect,” Rebecca replied, her voice a little shaky.

“By the way,” Amy asked. “Did you ever check out that place I told you about?”

“Yes…..I guess I still have some questions,” Rebecca said.

“Oh. Well, I’ll try to help you with them…but I’m not a real expert.” Amy’s voice was subdued.

“Okay, see you then,” Rebecca said.

“Bye,” Amy said.

“God, Lauren, you make it REALLY hard to concentrate,” Rebecca said to her daughter, as she hung up the phone, missing the cradle the first few times.

Lauren looked up at her mom, and grinned, her cute face wet and glistening. She adjusted her position on her knees, her hands keeping her mother’s bare thighs apart. Her long, brown hair cascaded over her mother’s legs and tickled her inner thighs.

“Sorry, mom….it’s just that I get caught up in what I’m doing.” She spread her mother’s naked thighs a little wider, and licked her lips hungrily. She couldn’t keep her eyes off her mother’s engorged pussy, the labia a deep pink, the opening between them, a deep red. Her mother’s clit was swollen and dark red, gleaming with Lauren’s saliva.

“Oh honey, you can be so anal sometimes,” Rebecca said, smiling, lightly caressing her left breast, the brown nipple large and hard under her fingers. She could feel the mix of her cum and Lauren’s saliva dripping from her pussy onto the slipcover.

“Oh mom, I’d LOVE to!” she squealed. Both women laughed.

“I’m looking forward to it….after you make me cum…again. Okay?”

Lauren turned her attention back to her mother’s red and plump pussy.

* * * *

“So, what did Rebecca say?” Karen asked her mother, as Amy clicked off the phone. Karen was seated behind Amy, her arms around her sides, cupping and caressing her mother’s full and flushed naked breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples.

“She said that she guessed that she still had some questions – but that she had checked out FIT,” Amy said, as the two sat together on the sofa, mother and daughter, both remarkably similar in appearance – a blonde, slim and youthful looking Karen at nineteen, her mother slightly pudgier, but just as attractive as a thirty nine year old MILF.

“What did THAT mean?” Karen asked.

“I don’t know – I guess I’ll find out later today when I see her.” Amy looked puzzled. “Either she went over there, in which case, she’s ‘one of us,’ or she didn’t, in which case I have to try to get her over there.”

“Can’t you just call FIT and see how it went?” Karen asked, nuzzling Amy’s neck. Amy let her head loll back, and sighed with pleasure, then resumed the conversation.

“The security levels are too high. They never give out information. That way, the only people who know whether a woman, or more commonly, a mother and her daughter or daughters, are ‘sympathetic’ to FIT’s goals, are the females in question. And they’re not about to talk – at least to the only group that stands to lose when FIT is finished – men.” She paused.

“Well, give me a kiss for good luck, okay, darling?” Amy asked her daughter.

“Just for luck?” Karen asked, a wry expression on her face. “And what was that ‘family celebration’ remark about?”

“Darling, don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten it’s our three month anniversary?” Amy gave her daughter a typical lover’s ‘you forgot?’ look.

“Oh my god, mom! I’m so sorry….you know the expression, ‘time flies when you’re getting fucked…'” Karen looked worriedly at her mother – she didn’t want the greatest love of her life, at least to date, to be mad at her!

“I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly how the expression goes,” Amy said.

When Karen gave her a ‘I’m sorry I’m such a dummy’ look and lifted her hands in surrender, Amy laughed. “Well, would you like to ‘help me change the bed sheets’?” she asked, already taking her daughter’s hand to lead her ankaraescortbayansitesi.com upstairs. The expression was one they’d already used countless times as their code phrase to go make love when Mike – Amy’s husband, and Karen’s father – was in the house.

Karen giggled and leaned in to kiss her mother, their lips coming together sweetly and familiarly. They embraced, their bodies warm and quickly becoming aroused, and Amy pulled her daughter to her feet, leading her toward the bigger bedroom, the one that she and Mike shared – at least, when he was home. More often when he wasn’t there, Amy slept in Karen’s bed.

As they walked up the stairs together, Amy’s cell phone rang.

“Ooh, maybe that’s Rebecca,” she said, then looked at the caller display. “Oh.”

“Hi, honey,” she said brightly, into the phone.

She listened for a short time, then responded. “Oh, gosh….I’d really love to, and I know how much you like it, but I’m just not feeling very feminine today. The toilet backed up, and there was poop all over the floor – it was really awful – and I feel my period coming on….you know…..can I have a rain check? I PROMISE I’ll make it up to you…”

She listened again, then responded.

“You’re such a sweetheart,” she said. “I love you. Bye.” She clicked off the phone.

Karen looked at her. “Not feeling feminine?” she asked.

“Just a little lie,” Amy said, rolling her eyes. “But I hope you can help me with making me feel more feminine…” She smiled at her daughter, and squeezed her hand.

“Yes, mom,” Karen replied primly, squeezing back, and the two women continued up the stairs. Karen allowed her hand to slip to her mother’s hot and randy ass as they walked. Amy giggled, and wriggled her butt under her daughter’s touch.

* * * *

Rebecca said, “Enough, enough, I surrender…I can’t take any more…I’m way too sensitive down there!” Lauren kissed the inside of her mother’s smooth thighs instead, then got to her feet, and sat next to her mother on the sofa.

Rebecca was wearing only a blouse, the buttons open, her full breasts and nipples pushing the blouse aside. Her jeans and panties were neatly folded at the end of the sofa.

Lauren’s nakedness was more of an organic thing. She had her bra and panties on, but no more, contending that she looked more sensuous, and would be a ‘lot readier’ for her mother if she didn’t over dress around the house. Rebecca didn’t disagree, actually she’d suggested the eighteen year old girl go nude inside the house all the time – at least when Sam, her father, wasn’t there. She thought her daughter’s naked body was absolutely beautiful, as well as mouth-watering.

This was the fourth day of their ‘honeymoon,’ the normal period that two women who had been ‘converted’ by FIT, or ‘Family Interactions Therapists’, went through together, and which could last for up to six months before the women settled down to a slightly less frenetic rate of lovemaking. FIT was the group that Rebecca’s friend Amy had recommended to the formerly worried mother, and which had certainly delivered on the promise to “bring mother and daughter closer together.”

“Slightly less”meaning about a twenty percent drop in daily orgasms from what each woman experienced during the honeymoon. Rebecca estimated that she and Lauren had experienced about eighty orgasms each in that time. It was a lot more than she’d had in twenty years as Sam’s wife, but she didn’t want to insult her husband any more than she had to by putting a number on his ability to satisfy her

Lauren sighed. “Mom, I think I’m addicted to your pussy – I really do.”

“I hope it’s not some kind of a desire to get back to the womb kind of thing,” Rebecca said. “I don’t think you’d fit.”

Lauren giggled. “It would sure be fun trying.” She looked thoughtful.

“So, what are you going to say to Amy? I know what I would say.”

“What’s that?” Rebecca asked.

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!….then I’d give her a big kiss on that cute mouth of hers!”

“Lauren!” Rebecca said, only a little shocked. She’d been thinking the same thing herself. Was it wrong that she might feel a sexual attraction to women other than her daughter? She’d have to think about that.

“What?” Lauren said, only mock offended. “I LOVE you, I want to LIVE with you, and FUCK you every night and every day – it doesn’t mean I couldn’t have some appetizers at other times, does it? It’s not like we only have one orgasm per day inside us.” She giggled. “More like a couple of dozen….but I’d love to see if we could improve on that!”

“Speaking of orgasms, I think my clit’s recovered now. Would you like me to take off that pretty bra and panties of yours?” Lauren took her mother’s nearly naked body in her arms, and kissed her, their lips warm and enthusiastic, activated by the touch of a woman very special to each.

“Do you want to go upstairs, or do it here?” Lauren asked, breathless, idly caressing her pussy as she spoke, her hand inside her cartoon-decorated bikini panties. “I’d really like us to christen every room, and we haven’t done it here yet.” The cute teenager grinned, her long brown hair hanging in waves to below her shoulders.

“Mmm, okay, baby, but I need you, NOW,” her mother growled. Lauren sat back on the sofa, as Rebecca assumed her daughter’s previous position on the floor. She knelt between her daughter’s slim, tanned legs, moving them wider apart, and bringing her face close to the girl’s pouting little pudenda, her labia swollen and hot from the excitement generated while she had licked her mother’s pussy.

Rebecca planted her lips right on the word ‘Wednesday,’ with the cute little black and white cartoon pussycat popping out of the top of the word, part of a set she’d received the year before from her aunt in California. Of course, the logo was exactly where Lauren’s little pink clitoris would be swelling and hot. The girl shivered with pleasure in anticipation of her mother’s attention, her small, pink nipples hard and reactive to any touch..

Rebecca was only a little disappointed that they were clean and fresh panties – it seems that Lauren’s mother had become quite an aficionado of her daughter’s bodily smells and emissions as part of their love play. She consoled herself with the thought that slow, lazy licking of her daughter’s quite flavorful pussy, would result in plenty of cum for her to taste and swallow, and then share with Lauren. And with any luck, Lauren would make her sweet, tight ass hole available for her mother’s long tongue, too.

Rebecca kissed Lauren’s upper thighs on either side of the panties, tickling Lauren and making her giggle. She squirmed, and slipped her hand inside her panties again while Rebecca was kissing and licking her. She could see Lauren’s finger dipping in and out of her cunt, and looked up at her daughter’s face.

Lauren’s eyes were heavy lidded, lust filling her. “You wanna taste my pussy, mommy?” she asked seductively, her voice husky. She pulled her hand out of her panties, her clear, creamy cum dripping from her index finger. She brought it to Rebecca’s face, offering her mother a taste of her sweet nectar.

Rebecca let the girl’s finger slip between her lips, and slowly sucked it, savoring the taste of her daughter’s hot pussy on her tongue. She brought her own hand between her legs, sliding her index finger up and down her own, dewy vagina, gathering up her own fragrant cream, then offered it to her daughter above her. She felt Lauren suck her finger into her teenaged mouth, moaning, and looked up at her daughter’s sweet face, their eyes locking in lust, and love.

Lauren’s hips began shaking as she came, the eroticism of the moment taking her over the edge. Rebecca pulled Lauren’s little panties down, her swollen, hot pink pussy pleading for more direct attention from Rebecca’s mouth. Rebecca could see more droplets of Lauren’s sweet nectar forming between her thick labia, and forced her face in, licking at her daughter’s fleshy cunt lips, loving the slippery texture of her pussy, the musky smell of her heated cunt, the salty-sweet taste of her cream, the heat of her sexual center, and the exciting involuntary moans emitting from Lauren’s throat, as her initial orgasm morphed into a series of smaller cums, each moan accompanying them louder than the one before.

Rebecca was wondering if she had inadvertently started Lauren on an unending series of climaxes, and worried a little, even as she envied her daughter’s ecstasy. But she consoled herself with the thought that, no one was ever likely to be better at bringing Lauren to a mind shattering climax than her own mother. She got to her feet, then sat next to her still shaking daughter, taking her in her arms.

“Ohh, mommy, that was the longest cum you ever gave me,” she whispered, as Rebecca cradled her young lover in her arms

“Sweet girl,” Rebecca murmured into her daughter’s scalp, damp with sweat, kissing her hair. The two women savored their tender time in each other’s arms, the feel of woman flesh both a stimulant and a calming influence for them both. Rebecca hummed some nameless tune as she held her daughter, much as she had when Lauren was younger, grateful that FIT had brought them together in a way that neither of them could have imagined possible, even if they lived a thousand years.

They spent the next half hour lying together like that, their partially clothed bodies in close and warm communion. But as inevitably happened to the two these days, time spent in proximity to each other, particularly naked time, sparked an itch in each of their groins, the need to express their love carnally overwhelming them, no matter where they were.

They had noticed this on their second day together, at a small café they’d gone to – to eat something – since they’d found that they preferred sex to food while at home. “At least if we’re out, we have to behave,” Rebecca had suggested to her daughter. Advice which had turned out to be only partially true.

They DID manage to make it through eating sandwiches and drinking sweet tea, stealing glances, murmuring endearments, casually touching each other’s arms, but by the time their server came by to ask if they’d like dessert, Rebecca had been forced to throw a twenty dollar bill on the table, not even waiting for their check, as they rushed back to the car.

Unfortunately, they had parked in the front of the restaurant, by the entrance, in full public view, so Rebecca struggled to get the car in gear, and maneuvered it to the deserted rear of the restaurant, seat belt chimes ringing a merry tune, while Lauren hung on her mother’s neck, her lips kissing her mother’s warm and smooth throat, her hand jammed between Rebecca’s warm thighs.

From there, Rebecca had swiftly pushed her jeans down to the floor, her wet panties joining them, and Lauren had jammed her face sideways into her mom’s lap, her tongue flicking her mother’s swollen clit, while she fucked in and out of Rebecca’s pussy with two very lucky fingers. Rebecca moaned, her head thrown back into the headrest, her hands up inside her blouse, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Lauren was sucking on Rebecca’s clit, which brought her mother over the precipice of pleasure, thrusting her hips upward. Lauren had to duck her head so as not to hit the steering wheel, but managed to keep her mouth on her mother’s hot pink pearl, and her fingers between Rebecca’s labia. Thrusting her hips up allowed Lauren to stick her tongue next to her fingers, licking up some of her mom’s sweet feminine sauce.

Lauren cooed happily – she had become very fond of the taste of her mother’s pussy. Rebecca slumped back in her seat, and ran her fingers over her daughters silky hair.

“Oh, it’s your turn now, sweetie,” she whispered, as Lauren brought her smiling, cum-covered mouth up to her mother’s to kiss. The two women joined their lips in a lusty kiss, tongues dancing in each other’s mouth, sharing the taste of Rebecca’s cum. Rebecca felt the touch of Lauren’s welcome hands on her breasts, the girl’s touch already practiced, pleasure running through Rebecca from her daughter’s soft and sweet caresses.

“Oooh, nice – but I want you now, baby,” Rebecca insisted.

“You wanna lick my pussy, mommy? It’s nice and wet for you. Or would you like my hot ass hole, instead? It’s nice and tight, and ready for your long tongue….but I’m really sorry, it’s kind of…nasty.” Lauren had such an innocent look on her face as she said some of the lewdest things Rebecca had ever heard.

“Unnh, how about both?” Rebecca begged. “But you might have to contort yourself over there…” Lauren looked around herself.

“I’ll try, mom.” She shrugged off her own jeans and panties, getting her bottom half naked within seconds. Then she knelt on her seat, facing the window, and slowly raised her ass up, while lowering her head down by the door handle. Lauren’s beautiful, naked ass raised up before Rebecca’s hungry eyes, her butt cheeks parting, her small brown hole opening moistly. Then the wide vertical split created by her labia, and the dark red pussy between, came into view, a pink, ripe juicy peach for her mother’s eating pleasure.

Rebcca uttered an unintelligible, delighted cry, and leapt on her daughter’s perfect ass. Her tongue speared into Lauren’s ass hole, which was, as advertised, tight and hot, and having the delicious fragrance that had early on made her mother a female ass lover. Rebecca licked deep inside the teenaged girl’s ass, thrusting in rapidly, then withdrawing slowly, like a tiny, wet cock, fucking in and out of the young woman’s anus.

While Rebecca’s tongue was delighting Lauren’s ready and willing ass, her fingers were caressing Lauren’s eager, wet labia, and slipping inside her fleshy pink hole. The sweet double fucking by her mother was exciting the already inflamed young lesbian, sighing and moaning in her uncomfortable position – though she didn’t mind THAT at all. She pushed her left leg out, and up. Rebecca saw that, and helped her manage to get her leg up on the steering wheel, making her pussy far more open, but pressing her ass cheeks a little closer together.

Rebecca shrugged, and switched her mouth to her daughter’s cunt, and devoted her fingers to playing with Lauren’s rear hole, by lying on her back under the girl, her own feet up against the driver’s side door. Lauren cooperated by lowering her pussy onto her mother’s face.

That was a far better position for Rebecca, insofar as she could more easily, and deeply lick the hot, slick pink slit, as well as have all the girl’s sweet cream drip directly into her mouth. She brought her left hand to her own clit, stroking it furiously, while she lapped at Lauren’s cunt, and fucked her ass hole with two fingers.

Both women climaxed frenetically, wailing and crying as they endured long minutes of ecstasy, their bodies alternately paralyzed with pleasure, then waving arms and legs wildly. Finally, though, they calmed down, the tremors of sexual excitement ceasing to flow through their limp, female bodies.

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