Daddy’s Little Girl

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Big Tits

Street lights lit the dark damp pavement of the quiet suburban street. Breathing heavily with anger, 18 year old Katie, creeped up to her house. She reached into her pocket to pull out her keys at the front door. Neighborhood dogs were barking, she knew she had to hurry inside. She slowly unlocked the front door, hoping to not wake her father and stepmother… 2 am was not the time to explain why she had left her mother’s house.

As she quietly top toed up the stairs to her room, she heard faint moaning. Jealousy surged though her body and she knew she’d have to get past it. No matter how tiny her clothes or how she pressed against him when they hugged, her daddy would never cross that line. She had seen him watching her and had hoped he give in, but nothing. Now he was fucking that whore. “I need to find a way to tell him what she’s been doing.” She thought.

She crept to her room silently and set her things on her dresser, she went into the bathroom and removed her clothes. Katie was shorter than most girls, five foot even, she was slim, fit, a slight hour glass figure. D cup breasts and a baby smooth pussy. She reached in the shower and turned on the water.

She climbed under the steaming hot water, trying desperately to wash away the evening. She grabbed her vibrator knowing it was the only way she could, her thoughts drifting to her father and his lean body. Moaning loudly she came.

She was drying off when she heard her door open,

“Katie?” Her dad asked poking his head around the door.

“Daddy!” She Muğla Escort said forgetting about the towel and running into his arms.

“Baby, I think you should put some clothes on.” His erection already bulging against her stomach.

Before she could stop her self her hand was grazing over his crotch giving the bulge a light squeeze. She was in shock how hard he was against her palm. Instantly she felt her body heat up with arousal…

“Katie! What are you doing?” He pushed her gently away but his eyes traveled down her naked body. “You can can’t touch me like that, Katie. You are my daughter.”

Grabbing his hand and pressing it against her full breast, she looked at him and said “please Daddy. Just this once, I need you to comfort me.”

He tried to pull his hand away but she held it firmly as she moved it down her body… Then she kneeled down in front of him and started to remove his pajama pants. His rock hard cock spring out almost hitting her in the face. She giggled quietly before kissing the tip gently. “Katie. Baby, we can’t do this. It’s not right. Your stepmother might wake up. “Jake said trying to pull his pants back up…

“Daddy! Sit down! On my bed. Now.” She whispered sternly.

Jake stumbled back onto her bed. Fumbling trying to pull his pants up and will his erection to subside. He couldn’t believe his sweet little girl was doing this. “She’s not really a little girl anymore.” He thought as his eyes traveled over her body. Her firm perky breasts moved with each breath Muğla Escort Bayan she took her hips just slightly larger then her mother’s, her ass big and plump. Katie licked her lips as she knelt down in front of her daddy. She’d been dreaming of sucking Daddy’s cock since the first time she walked in on him in the shower…

She wrapped her hands firmly around the shaft stroking upwards and licking the tip…”Tell me you want me Daddy…” She said before taking Daddy’s cock into her mouth. She gagged a little, as she’d never sucked such a huge cock, but kept going until he was balls deep in her mouth. She felt him quiver as she started moving slowly up and down.

“Baby girl we shouldn’t do this…” Jake moaned as his daughter gave him the best blow job he’d ever experienced. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and arched into her mouth… She swallowed every inch of her daddy’s cock and as he came in her pretty little mouth he knew he was done for.

Wiping the sides of her mouth, she looked up and quietly asked “Daddy, are you ok?” Jake grabbed her hand and pulled her close. Kissing her soft full lips, he looked at her with a twinkle in his eye and whispered against her lips…

“Your turn.”

Throwing her up onto the bed, he moved between her legs. “Are you a virgin, Katie girl?” He asked, looking up from her tight hole.

She blushed, “Yes, Daddy. I’ve been hoping you would pop my cherry. I’ve sucked a few dicks but saved that for you.” Licking his lips, he buried his face Escort Muğla into her folds. Smelling her sweet scent and tasting her juices. No woman he had ever had, had tasted so sweet. He knew she was his now and he would make her feel so good. Licking her gently at first, until she moaned and arched into his face. Then he inserted a finger into his daughter’s virgin hole and licked hungrily at her clit. He felt her body start to twitch moments before her juices exploded into his waiting mouth. Darting his tongue into her pussy desperately wanting to taste every drop.

“Please Daddy, I need to inside me. I need to feel you.” Katie begged pulling his head up to her face and kissing him passionately. Tasting her juices on his tounge only made her want him more.

Jake pulled back and looked at his sweet daughter, “Are you sure you want Daddy to take your virginity?” Without saying a word her hand guided the head of his, once again, hard as a rock cock into the opening running the tip against her clit.

“Please fuck me Daddy…” She whispered in his ear as she arched herself onto him. He slowly entered her tight hole, he immediately thought he would come from the tightness but held off. Slowly he started pumping into her… Her moans making him move faster and hard. “Yes Daddy. Fuck me harder.” She screamed. He kissed her hard to keep her quiet as they both exploded together… He collapsed on top of her.

He laid there a second before rolling over and pulling her close to him. Knowing he couldn’t stay long he held her tightly.

“Thank you Daddy. That was amazing.” Katie whispered as she drifted to sleep. He knew he should tell her they couldn’t do that again, but he knew he would. He couldn’t resist her any longer. How was he going to explain this to his wife???

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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