Daddy Falls For Katie

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I had always been aware of my daughter’s beauty and gorgeous body, but never had I imagined I would experience it myself. My wife and I became separated many years back when Katie was about 8. She had started drugging up and sleeping with other men. My wife’s new lifestyle choice left her no chance to raise a daughter and I received full custody of my young Katie.

Katie was a girl whose looks were envied by others. Brilliant big hazel eyes, soft lips, smooth complexion, tan skin, hair the color of ebony. She was just beautiful. Teenage boys would often come over to our house but I being the overprotective father never left her alone with them. I couldn’t stand the idea of anyone’s hands on the body of my precious daughter. However, I did not have to worry much because she was not interested in them anyway, and often referred to them as “immature punks.”

One day when Katie was 17 she finally found a guy whom she really grew to like. She was at the age where dating is expected so I did not interfere with her choice to see a guy. I still felt that most young guys were jerks and I feared my daughter might get hurt. I didn’t think her boyfriend Mike had much interest in her because he never called and didn’t go out with her much. On Katie’s 18th birthday Mike had promised to take her out someplace special. She waited by the phone half the day and he never called, and didn’t answer her calls. My heart broke at the sight of my daughter’s sad eyes. I offered to take her out to a restaurant. She replied, “Dad, he’s going to call, I guess he was called in to work this morning.” Well, as I expected, Mike never called. The next day Mike calls and apologizes, saying that he had to leave with his family to see his sick grandmother.

I found Katie on her bed crying one night and I immediately altyazılı porno kneeled beside her and asked her what had happened. “That stupid asshole! Tiffany saw him with another girl at the movies! He cheated on me, he’s my first boyfriend and he does this to me! I can’t take this, when will I finally find a guy who will actually loves me?” I embraced my sobbing daughter and stayed there for a few minutes, not saying anything. “And you know what else?” Adds Katie, “He told me he did this because I did not have sex with him, he said I didn’t really love him because I did not give him my virginity. Well I’m glad I didn’t!”

I was so angry at the fact that some tramp broke my daughter’s innocent heart. “Don’t worry sweetie, if you were not ready I’m glad you did not let him force you into having sex. You will find the right person some day and they will not wrong you, it takes time and you are still young.” Katie cries some more on my shoulder, I lift her face and wipe her tears. “Go to bed angel tomorrow you have school, just try not to think about this, he didn’t deserve you.” I kissed my daughter’s forehead and headed towards the door.

“Daddy?” said Katie.

“Yes sweetie?” I said

“Thank you, and I love you.” Said Katie.

“I love you too.” I said.

I walked across the hallway to my room, not believing that some stupid guy was trying to get my daughter into bed. Poor Katie, I know how much she must be hurting. I laid in bed trying to fall asleep, but it was so difficult.

“Dad, are you awake?” Whispers Katie.

“Yes sweetheart, what’s wrong?

“I can’t sleep.”

“Neither can I,” I reply

“Want some company?” Asks Katie

“Sure,” I say

Katie curls up next to me and I put my arm around her. Her body is so warm türkçe altyazılı porno and feel I her curves against me. She has such a great body I thought to myself. Her mother hadn’t even had this great of a body. My daughter’s breast were quite bigger than most of her friends. Her body was lean since she ran track for her school. Her butt was so tight and looked great in the jeans she wore. I started to feel my dick grow. I can’t believe I have become aroused by thinking of my daughter. I really hope she doesn’t notice this. I start to pull away but Katie snuggles closer. I’m going to get in trouble. My dick is fully erect by now. My body yearns for her. I haven’t been with a woman in years I realized, no wonder. Still this is so wrong. To astonishment Katie is actually pressed against my dick. I wonder if this is on purpose? My innocent Katie, pressing her body against my hardened penis?

“Baby? Are you awake?” I ask.

“Very.” She says. “And I see you are too.”

Embarrassed I start to turn away. This seems too unreal. “No daddy, come back. I like how you feel,” says Katie. “Katie this is wrong. I’m a man, and with a beautiful girl such as yourself here I get turned on, I can’t help it even if you are my own flesh and blood. I’m so sorry. Maybe you should go back to your room,” I tell her. “Dad, but what if I feel the same way for you, I love you so much and I know you love me” With that, Katie hugs me, pressing her breasts against my chest. “Katie, are you sure?” I ask. “Yes, daddy, make me yours, I want to give myself to you, I want us to make love.” She says. She kisses me softly the lips.

She starts to remove her shirt, and even though I feel so guilty, I cannot help this. My dick was throbbing; I desired to be inside my baby. I started to move my hand to her pussy hd altyazılı porno and moved my fingers over her clit. A light moan escapes her lips. With my other hand I am touching her now uncovered breasts. Her nipples are hard. “Baby, can I suck on your tits?” I asked. “Yes daddy, I am yours. You can do whatever you desire to me.” She says. I put my mouth over her nipples and lick softly. I can tell now that she’s really excited. She starts stroking my dick, it grows even harder. She is now removing my pants and reveals my dick. She continues to stroke it, but now lowers her body and starts sucking on my dick. “Wow baby, you do it so good.” I say.

She continues sucking moving her head up and down. Intense waves of pleasure wash over me. She stops and says, “Daddy, go in me.” I lay her down under me, and start to remove her pants and panties. I position myself and my dick is in the opening of her vagina. Before I begin I ask her, “Are you sure, this might hurt.” She nods and I give her one deep passionate kiss. I struggle getting my dick inside her tight hole. She moans softly and caresses me. I continue until I’m finally inside, her face winces a little with pain but then she smiles and begin to thrust.

“Oh daddy you feel so good, I love you so much!!! She cries.

Our naked bodies move together and she is sweating lightly. We continue making love for the next few minutes, kissing often. However, her tightness was going to make me cum really fast. I say “Baby I’m about to cum.” She says, “Cum inside me, I want to bare your child.” I knew of the risks but the moment was so intense that I came inside of her. We laid in bed cuddled after having sex. It was so great, I was in love with my daughter. The idea seemed crazy, but the feeling was so strong.

Katie and I are now crazy about each other. We make love often and she sleeps in my bed every night. My daughter is now my woman. She is pregnant with my baby and tests revealed it’s a normal baby boy. I love Katie so much and this feels too right to be wrong.

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