Cuckqueaned by Friends Ch. 06

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My day actually started out relatively normal. I mean, it wasn’t possible to be actually normal. This was my first weekday to wake up in this condo, so literally life would be a new normal regardless of everything else that happened this past weekend. So aside from the new place, my morning was relatively normal.

Megan was up before me and already in the shower, so I waited for her to finish. I know, I know, you’re probably hoping that I went in and we had another naked confrontation in the bathroom. But no, I didn’t this time. In spite of how it might seem after this weekend, my goal is not to submit my entire life to my roommates’ sexual whims. Sure, we had a ton of fun, but maybe it was just a one time thing. (Spoiler alert, it wasn’t)

I texted Christopher and scrolled through Instagram with my door open until I heard the shower turn off and the bathroom door open. I got up, went to head to the shower. I was actually startled when I turned to the door and found Megan standing there wrapped in her towel.

“Hey, Maddison. Can we talk for a second?”

Uhoh, was this about everything that happened over the weekend? Was she going to force me to eat her pussy again? Fuck, did I secretly (not so secretly) want to do that? Calm down Maddison, breathe. Just see what she has to say.

“Uh, sure. What’s up?”

She stepped into my room, standing just a few steps in front of me.

“Well, I know this weekend was a lot. I know we all kinda got carried away in the thrill of it.”

“Yeah, it was definitely a lot.”

“Right. But, I know I loved it. It was so exciting to do things I’d never actually thought I’d do before. Being dominant like that, the constant sexiness. I mean, it was exciting for you too, right?”

Fuck, me. She is 100% right, but I can’t say that aloud to her, right?? No, who knows what would happen if I admitted it…


“Oh, don’t even pretend. I wanted to hold you to what I said yesterday. The feeling of making you lick my pussy was amazing and I want to see what else we can explore together.”

“Megan, I’m straight, and I’m dating Christopher…”

“I know you’re dating him, but you can’t convince me you aren’t at least bisexual. Not after this past weekend.”

She may be right about that, but I haven’t really figured out how I felt about the lesbian things that had happened over the weekend. Ugh, maybe this is my chance to explore whether I’m actually bi? She spoke up again, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Look, I’m not trying to break you and Christopher up, you two are great together. I’m just looking to explore new kinks with you. You said Christopher is ok with us playing together.”

She was right, he had said that. But still…

“I don’t know…”

“Ok, please, just think it over today? I won’t be offended if you say no in the end, and I promise I won’t treat you any different. You’re still my best friend and I love you.”

“Ok, I can do that. Talk later?”

“Yup!” She looked cheerful as she left my room, but she still had one more move up her sleeve. As she walked out, she pulled her towel off her body, flashing her naked ass at me. My eyes were immediately drawn to her exposed tush. She’s not curvy like Britney, but still. I swear, I’ve never been attracted to the female body before this weekend, but maybe she was right and I’m more bi than I realized.

Then she caught me. She looked back at me and smirked, knowing she’d caught me checking her out in more than a normal friendly way. I immediately turned away, hoping to minimize any reaction to catching me looking at her that way, but it looked like she didn’t want to immediately confront me about it. I sprinted through getting ready for the day, and bolted out the door without seeing any of my roommates, thankfully.

I intended to think about what she said at least a little, but I almost did nothing other than think about it all day. I was distracted, struggled to focus on my work and even had a hard time paying attention during conversations throughout the day. I honestly felt turned on at the idea of diving into this submissive thing with Megan, but I was worried too. Like I said before, I’ve never really tried out kinky things, so it’s just scary to me to leave my comfort zone. Maybe this is the time to really try…

Christopher gave me input too, responding to my texts throughout the day about it. He was fully supportive of “whatever I want to do.” He did finally add his actual opinion, saying he thinks treating sex like less of a taboo topic might help me grow in confidence. Ok, to be fair, I’m not some super shy and reserved person, I’m just a normal woman. Look, we’ve all been walked on before, we’ve all just kept our opinions to ourselves when other people speak up. Maybe I do that more than others, but I’m not awful at it.

Anyway, I’ve finally made my mind up by the time I get home. I changed into some comfortable clothes, took a deep breath, and knocked on Megan’s door. I came in at her invitation, and immediately noticed she was wearing a baggy t-shirt and bahis siteleri had a giant smile on her face. I couldn’t help but smile back at my cute and sexy roommate.

“Ok, Megan, I thought about it.” I paused, assuming she would ask what my decision was, but she just patiently waited. “I want to figure out what this new…thing…is, and I trust you. Fuck, like you said, we’re best friends and I trust you’re not going to do anything thats going to hurt me.”

“YAY!!!! Fantastic! Oh, this is going to be fun!” She was up, on her feet, and hugging me before I could even register her movement. Then she broke the hug and stepped back.

“Ok, are we starting tonight or waiting until tomorrow?”

“Well, I think I’m ok with starting whenever you want to start.”

“Brilliant!” and before I could say anything else, she jumped on the bed and her shirt was pulled off to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt! Had she planned ahead for this conversation? Or did she always go commando like that? Honestly, I might be ok with both answers (see, I’m already getting more confident with myself).

“Hurry it up, my pet! I get that your big puppy eyes can’t get enough of my naked body, but get naked already!”

I quickly did as she said and stripped all my clothes off. She lay back and spread her legs, sending a clear message of what she wanted: get straight to work, no long foreplay today. I crawled on her bed and up between her legs. Based on the conversation we just had, I’m confident I’ll be here more frequently than I could’ve ever anticipated before moving in.

I laid down so I could be face-to-face with her pussy…well, I guess face-to-pussy. You know what I mean…

Apparently, I was taking too long though, because she put both hands on the back of my head and pulled me against her lips. I didn’t waste any more time and got to work. She was already soaking wet even before my tongue first touched her. My guess was she really enjoyed treating me like her pet. That was at least a bonus. She got off on this, which should make it easier and quicker to get her off while doing this.

I excitedly dove in, enjoying the way she tasted, the way her hands were in my hair pulling my head against her, the way her hips moved against my face more and more as I continued, the way she lightly moaned when I flicked her clit just right. I’m not going to try to pretend, I’m definitely into this too. Add that to the list of things I’ve learned about myself these last few days.

I eventually added my finger in the mix, slowly sinking into her pussy and curling it upwards. She clearly enjoyed everything as my assault on her clit never let up. She also never let go of my head, so I felt she didn’t want me to take my time or anything. She quickly came, screaming as her thighs clamped around my head, holding my face against her lips as her delicious cum ran out of her tunnel. I continued licking her entrance through her orgasm until she pushed me away.

I sat up and looked down at the beautiful woman. Fuck, I was falling in love with her. Maybe not in the same way I loved Christopher but I definitely loved Megan. I need to be careful with that and keep my feelings for her separate from romantic feelings. She finally recovered from her orgasm and smiled up at me.

“Fuck, you’re so good with that tongue! I know the other girls are going to want to try it out soon, but I want my pussy to be the main pussy for you. Can you promise me that, my pet?”

“Of course!” Wait, why did I say that?! Why did I agree so quickly?! And why did I sound excited?! Ugh, damnit. I know that’s actually how I feel, but it still feels weird, you know?

Anyway, she got up and dismissed me from her room, smacking my ass as I turned to leave. This was going to be my new normal. Just like going to work that day, or coming home and hanging out with the girls.

Christopher and I talked for a while that night, confirming that we loved each other and that we were both comfortable in this game we were playing. He even made me say out loud that I was ok with him continuing to play with Kayla, but I made him promise to always tell me about their sexual adventures and to not lie to me about anything they do. He agreed, and I assumed they would do more stuff over the next weekend.

Tuesday was the first full day in this new normal. Megan woke me up before my alarm went off and brought me back to her room to give her a morning orgasm. This one was less rushed than Monday’s, and she loved making me crawl on the floor to her room and over to her bed before allowing me up on the bed to bring her to climax. I left her room with a smile on my face, and walked straight down to the bathroom to get ready for work.

Christopher and I continued messaging throughout the day, maybe not as consistently as the past few weeks. Still, I didn’t think that was a worry at all. But I got the first hint of something going on when I saw a post Kayla had made on Instagram. I was laying in bed scrolling through social media when I saw the picture.

She looked canlı bahis siteleri beautiful, she always does. The blue dress, the beautiful vine covered stone walls. Her casual yet gorgeous hair. To be honest, she posts beautiful pictures every week. But the caption was what caught my eye. She said “beautiful day for a lunch date with my bf”. Was she talking about Christopher on social media now?!?! Or could she have gotten another real boyfriend these last two days. No, that didn’t feel like a thing, she would’ve said something. But did they go on a lunch date without telling me?!?! Wtf! But damnit, I hate that it was sexy to see her posting this and all the comments wanting to see who the boyfriend is. I watched as my finger moved on its own and liked the post too.

I haven’t even seen Christopher since Sunday. Did she get to see him before me this week? Had she arranged it or did he? Surely he would’ve told me about anything sexual if they had done something, right? We’d literally just talked about that last night. No, I trust that nothing really happened, yet my imagination was running wild. I knew I was going to do it, and I couldn’t stop myself. I reached over to my bedside table and pulled out Kayla’s thong from this weekend.

Damnit, I wanted to know everything, and my pussy did too…

I didn’t ask Christopher about the post. Not right away. I wanted to give him the chance to tell me. He hadn’t lied to me yet, so I have to believe he will continue to be honest. So I waited.

I finally got to see him in person for the first time this week on Wednesday. For my old normal, that was pretty standard, but after all the changes and suspecting he’d already spent time with Kayla, it now felt like way too long. He had called me last night, saying we should meet up for lunch, or at least to hang out. I felt like there was some hidden undertone when we talked that he wanted something more than just to get food together.

Megan woke me up early for another morning orgasm, but this time she made me strip naked before leaving my room. I was only in the hallway for about 2 seconds, so it wasn’t the most embarrassing moment. I think it was more about control, domination, than humiliation. Sure enough, she was already wet by the time my tongue met her delicate lower lips. I’ve only done this a few times now, but I think I’m already getting better at it! I mean, Megan was doing anything but complaining, and she was also very vocal when it came to what she liked and what she didn’t like. I took it as extremely constructive feedback.

I went to work that morning completely distracted again. Instead of wondering about Megan like last time, I was thinking about what was going to happen when I met Christopher for lunch. After all the teasing and bringing Megan to orgasm 3 times already this week, I’d only brought myself to orgasm. So by now, I’m honestly desperate for a hard fucking, and I am confident Christopher is up to the challenge.

Wow was I right! I knocked on his door and was greeted by a smiling Christopher who pulled me in for a tight hug which quickly escalated to a full make out session on his couch. We were both clearly excited to see each other, and he had this certain glint in his eyes. It became even more pronounced when we finally broke our kiss a few minutes later.

“Hey, Maddison! Damn I missed you. But I have some stuff to catch you up on.”

“I knew it! Fuck, tell me now!”

“Haha of course! Come on, let’s get more comfortable.”

He stood and pulled me up from the couch. He carried me to his bedroom, throwing me on his bed once we made it in the room. I squealed playfully as he threw me. He smiled down at me and pulled his shirt off.

“Take your clothes off, I’m in the mood for some afternoon delight.”

“Yes, sir!”

I needed his dick more than I could remember ever needing it! I quickly yanked my blouse and bra off before laying on my back to pull my pants and panties off. He continued to smile down at me as he watched me move. He casually pulled his pants and boxers off. There it was, that beautiful cock. I stared at it with a hunger I hadn’t known before today. Damn, this new life was really making me hornier than I’d ever been before. I reached for it, ready to taste his manliness, but he stopped me.

“Nope, not yet, Maddison. I want to say something first.”

“Ugh, what? Come on! I’m super fucking horny today!”

“Ha that’s obvious and I’m looking forward to feeling how horny, but I want to push your arousal even further. Here’s how this is going to work, I’m going to tell you about my lunch date with Kayla and you’re going to suck my cock. Then, after I finish telling you how my other girlfriend got me off again, I’m going to throw you down on this bed and fuck you until you can’t take it anymore. Sound good, babe?”

“Fuuuuuuck, yes!!!”

He smiled at me and moved his hands out of my way. I lunged at his beautiful cock, wrapping both of my small hands around it and kissing it all over. As I ran my tongue up his entire length, Christopher started canlı bahis his story.

“Mmm, I love that mouth of yours! Ok, well, it was Monday evening after you admitted you wanted me to keep playing with Kayla. Kayla and I were texting and put together the plans for our lunch date. She knew the idea of us getting together without you knowing would drive you crazy, and clearly she was right again. I don’t know how she knows you this well, but damnit she knows how to push your buttons!”

He was, of course, right. But I was way too horny to dwell on that. I lowered my head down on his cock, feeling almost his entire length sink into my mouth and tickle the back of my throat. One day I want to be able to take the entire thing. Then I remembered how he said Kayla was better at it than I was, so I put even more effort in, hoping to prove I was better than her.

“So we met yesterday at this nice little cafe. It was pretty tame to begin with, and it really felt like a normal date. We chatted, learned more about each other and our past. She’s actually really fun to be around. Plus she’s fucking hot, so the date was great!”

My insides turned a little, hearing about them being intimate without the sexual side, but my arousal kept climbing anyway. I don’t know why them acting like an actual couple doing non-sexual stuff made me feel uneasy, but it definitely caused a reaction inside me.

“After lunch, we wandered around the area, she said she wanted to find a place for some cute pictures. I think she just wanted to spend more time with me, but I was ok with that. We eventually found our way into this little alleyway. It had some overgrown vines and looked pretty enough for her to take some pictures. I helped out as her camera man and we joked around and had fun with it. Eventually, she started getting turned on and wanted to fool around.”

Of course she did. She planned it the whole time, I’m sure.

“She pulled me into this little doorway where we wouldn’t be spotted, and we made out for a while. She’s such a good kisser! She’s so soft, her body feels amazing, and she teased my dick the entire time. Eventually she pulled my zipper down and let my pants fall down my legs. She knelt right there in public and gave me a fantastic blowjob. She can take me all the way, into her throat, so she’s much better at this than you. Fuck, I can feel you trying your hardest, but she’s just better. She can take my entire length, and you’ve never been able to do that.”

Ugh, here we go again! My pussy gushed at those words, and my nipples were hard as rocks! I’m such a cuckquean! Hearing my boyfriend say our cuckcake is better at sucking his cock than me shouldn’t make me this wet! My hand snaked down my torso and quickly sunk two fingers into my needy pussy.

“Fuck, it’s so hot to see you jilling while I tell you how good Kayla is with her mouth! You really do love it when I compare the two of you, don’t you? Well, she was so good, I came within a couple minutes, and she swallowed every drop! She is so sexy! Then we switched spots, and I pulled these off of her.”

I don’t even know where he grabbed them from, but he threw another pair of her panties on my face while I had his dick in my mouth. I came, just like that. Having her sexy blue lace panties thrown at me pushed me over the edge. It wasn’t the absolute biggest orgasm, but damn it was still amazing! My lips clamped down on his dick, as my entire body shook, my toes curling, and my eyes rolling to the back of my head. He smiled down at me and pet my head as my orgasm continued, somehow making it last longer by this treatment. When I was aware again, he continued his story.

“Shit, Maddison, that was so hot! Ok, almost done and I’m going to hurry because I can’t wait to fuck you now! I ate her pussy there in the alley, bringing her to orgasm with her dress pulled up around her waist and her leg over my shoulder. She loves my tongue, and she gave me the biggest kiss afterwards. She said she thinks she’s just about ready to feel my big cock in her pussy soon, and that made me want to fuck her right then and there. But I didn’t want to rush her, so we made out for a bit longer and then left the area. It was hard to concentrate on work after lunch, especially with her panties in my pocket the whole time.”

She was ready to fuck him?! Damnit, that should piss me off but it obviously didn’t! I started picturing it immediately, and I couldn’t help but moan at the image. My entire body felt electrified at the idea of them fucking. I was still lost in the thought when Christopher followed through with his promise by picking me up and throwing me on my back. He was on top of me and sinking his cock into my pussy before I even knew what’s happening.

I saw stars immediately! His cock felt so amazing, and I was so wet that he sank all the way in on the first push. He gave me this smile, full of the knowledge of why my pussy was so wet, as he started to pump his dick in and out of my core. He fucked me hard, this wasn’t loving sex, this was fucking. He pounded the shit out of my pussy, and I loved every second. He fucked me in missionary, he made me ride him, he fucked me from behind, and then he made me lay down and fucked me prone. I had 3 orgasms before he even neared his own climax. I was in Heaven.

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