Cowboy Down

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The rodeo reeked of big animals and big sweat. Dr. Jenny Casey tried to breathe through her mouth as much as possible and, twenty minutes after walking onto the stadium grounds, she didn’t know whether to be alarmed or relieved that her nose had grown accustomed to the smell enough for her to fully take in the sights.

She still couldn’t believe she’d allowed the department secretary and another female faculty member talk her into this whole rodeo thing. And here she thought she’d escaped small town America into a lifestyle that better fit what she thought of as her modernist facade.

Her mind wandered back to the conversation that had trapped her into spending a precious Saturday with giant bulls, horses and…more than a few tasty looking men.

“You have to see all that San Antonio has to offer, small town charm in the big city,” Sherrilyn had gushed last week during a quick lunch in the university’s main cafeteria,

“You’ve been in Texas two years and you’ve barely traveled outside of Austin this whole time.”

She nodded over to their third lunch companion, Dr. Adrianna Garza,

“Both of y’all work too much, you need some time to unwind. Besides I need to, you know, get my _____ on,” and she glanced around before making a universally understood sign for getting good and drunk.

“That’s not true, I just went to a conference in Denver in August,” Jenny protested, half thinking that it might not be a good idea to leave town and get drunk with the department chair’s secretary and the only other female in the department, tenured to boot.

Then again, cementing her few working friendships might not be such a bad idea.

“Presenting at a conference is work, Dr. Casey,”

Adrianna scrunched up her nose and rolled her eyes, using Jenny’s title to emphasize her opinion of Jenny’s idea of fun,

“And, while Denver is in the western half of the country, I hardly think it counts as Texas. She is right, you know, we spend too much time and get too satisfied with the urban granola Austin life. Different Texas experiences will be good for your research and you need to relax a bit before you give midterms.”

Then good old Dr. Garza hammered the last nail in the coffin,

“Anyway, what would you do if you didn’t go, take in the latest Indie film and work on a paper the rest of the weekend?”

Jenny sighed, so everyone knew Dr. Casey didn’t get out much, even in Austin.

A wet black nose on her bare arm nudged her out of her reverie and Jenny knelt down to give the little goat in the petting zoo some kibble to munch on. She wished she’d worn a more comfortable pair of shorts, rather than the snug jeans and thick-heeled boots but at least she fit in with the crowd.

She shrugged her long bangs away from her eyes and tucked the strand behind her ear as she stood up to look for her friends. Adrianna was nowhere to be seen and Sherrilyn was flirting with some tall, dark drink of water of a man in a cowboy hat on the opposite side of the arena.

Since they’d all agreed to meet up at the rodeo concert later that evening, Jenny wandered around the grounds alone for awhile. She bought a small, dangly pair of turquoise earrings from a local craftsman and like them so much that she put them on, right then and there. Later, nursing her second margarita, she strolled back to the concert area to meet Side Escort up with the girls.

Since this was the opening act for a more popular country singer, only a small crowd graced the area surrounding the stage. She stretched out on a white plastic chair near the front and closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying a bit of the evening breeze. Even in early March, South Texas was hot and mildly humid.

She heard microphones moving and steel tapping steel as the band readied for their first song. Somewhere an announcer introduced the band,

“Now let’s give a big Texas welcome to Charlie Ray and One True South!”

Jenny’s boots flew off the chair in front of her and hit the ground with a shocked thud. She sat up ramrod straight.

“Oh. My. God.”

Her friends hadn’t told her what band would be playing at the rodeo that day, and why would they feel the need? After all, she had a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard. What would they expect her to know about cowboys and country music?

Charlie Ray strode onto the stage and launched into his first song. He was still 110% man and certainly nothing like the staid and practical men she’d been around for the last ten years.

He was an old friend from more than a lifetime ago. She only kept up with his rising career because of the burning memory of a few stolen kisses that sometimes kept her awake at night, wishing she could relive that small town past just one more time.

He was singing some song or other about a girl and being lonely, or not being lonely…she couldn’t pay attention.

He was relatively talented and his voice wasn’t bad but none of that mattered. He looked almost exactly the same as he had looked a lifetime ago.

Still the same thick but soft black hair, maybe a little shaggier, more country singer than small town cowboy but still the same. Add the hat and the great ass and it still added up to one hot package. His brown eyes would no doubt still remind her of an impish little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

How long had she had an immature but comforting little crush on him? Until that night he had reached over and kissed her in the car. She could still taste that little flame burning up her spine and feel his fingertips on her scalp, then curling through her hair.

She couldn’t breathe. He started a second song. Something about wanting someone he couldn’t have. She felt thirsty. Perhaps another margarita…

She stood but didn’t move. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. And the way he held that microphone! No, a margarita was definitely not what Dr. Casey needed.

Then she saw Charlie Ray see her back. She mouthed “Ray?” and he broke into a great grin. She made a small gesture as if to say, “What’s up with all this?” She’d never seen him on stage before.

He just smiled on and kept on singing. Maybe he didn’t recognize her.

Then, between his second and third song, he turned that body all the way in her direction and started the third song, about something…that sounded a little adult for the rodeo. Did they have laws in Texas? Perhaps she was just interpreting the lyrics in a different way.

Oh boy, she needed a drink.

It was more than a little difficult to edge her way through the growing crowd. More rodeo fans were making their way toward the stage area as they waited Side Escort Bayan for the main act to start.

A cheer erupted from the crowd just as she reached its edge. Did the music stop? She had to escape before her coworkers came back. Her reputation as a bright and rising intellectual star would never live down an act of public lewdness with a cowboy and she knew she would have no control over the situation if he found her.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and grabbed Jenny’s.

She looked up and there he was, larger than her dreams. “Ray?” His whispered name slid long and slow from her lips, “Who’s Charlie?” He laughed and tugged her back toward another building, never dropping her hand.

She struggled to keep up but he pulled her along even harder. She looked back at the crowd tentatively. How well could she really know a man she hadn’t seen in ten years?

He stopped only once and bought a brightly colored Mexican blanket from a vendor, keeping his hand down at her hip to hold her closer. Jenny thought that, at that touch, she might just burst into flames in front of the vendor and the few stragglers who hadn’t yet wandered over to the concert.

It would be decidedly un-professor-like to spontaneously combust but even worse to start putting her hands where she really wanted them.

He finally pulled her into some kind of stable and around a corner into a vacant stall, throwing the blanket into a corner. She could smell fresh hay and wondered that she could remember what fresh hay smelled like.

He stopped and there was some kind of heavy beam to her back, propping her up. He was so close; Jenny could smell the faint sheen of sweat that clung to him from his time on the stage. His shirt was damp. Even the nights in San Antonio were hot. He placed his palms on either side of her face and stared at her. “Jen?” She would have nodded but she couldn’t move what with him holding her face and molding his body to hers so tightly.

Then he kissed her. She could taste beer and a bit of lime and salt. She felt his tongue on hers and pulled it into her mouth, running the tip of her tongue down the back of his. Then the tip of her tongue found the roof of his mouth. He pulled away and put his lips lightly to hers.

“What are you doing in Texas,” he muttered against her lips.

“I live here. You know I live here.”

Her breathing was unsteady, “What are you doing here…in Texas?” She touched his cheeks, his temples, ran her hands through his hair. “Were you trying to find me? Do you think you can just…?”

He pushed her back against a different wall and cupped her chin to bring her eyes level with his.

“Professor, we both know I can have you whenever I want.” He stated it matter of factly, while he dipped his head and turned hers to the side for better access to her neck. She inhaled sharply.

Her mind said “No, I don’t think that is a good idea,” yelled it really, or it might have come out as a yell but Jenny had never shouted at anything in her life. They both knew it would ring false anyway and so the unspoken ‘no’ burst into a tiny flame between them. The ash of it fluttered slowly to the ground.

Her throat hummed as he circled a hand there. The other rested easily on her hip, one finger already turning in small circles under her shirt. She couldn’t move, suddenly filled Escort Side with an old childlike fear at the implied threat even though no real force was exerted. Still, it was like she was glued to that wall.

The fear expanded and fought with a familiar pang of bitterness and the great sucking need for that touch. She placed a hand on his chest as if to push away but her hand just rested there as his snuck further under her shirt.

Without even breaking the hold of his mouth on hers, in one smooth motion he slid her tank top and off her shoulders and down to her waist. The T-straps on both the tank top and the sports bra she wore to keep her girls reigned in tightened as he pulled them down, effectively tying her hands at her sides. His rough hands came up to cup her breasts and his thumbs traveled in circles over her nipples. She moaned against his mouth, struggling against the bonds of her own clothes.

“Don’t you think we ummm find ahhhh place for…”

She broke off as his lips and tongue took the place of one of this thumbs. He palmed her breast, supporting it while using his teeth to gently pull at her nipple. His tongue lashed fast at it as well. Jenny’s gasps for air only increased the sensations. She wasn’t going to make it to her hotel room. She’d just have to hope for no audience other than the horse in the next stall.

He released her tits and tongued her earlobe for a second, enjoying the sound of her wild breaths. Then he let her body go entirely to spread the blanket over the hay on the ground. In that time, she’d managed to shrug and struggle her top back up to her elbows but her tits impeded the rest of the shirt’s progress. Now, with her arms pinned merely at the elbow, at least her hands would be free to do a little roaming across that perfect jean-clad ass of his.

He supported her weight down to the blanket. The fiber was scratchy on her bare shoulders but her attention, her whole world, soon snapped right back to one point as she discovered her top wasn’t the only thing he’d managed to undo. She arched toward where his finger probed into the wetness there and he obliged by pushing his finger all the way in and pulling it back out slowly.

He repeated this a few more agonizingly slow times while she pushed up against his hand, trying to make him push it in faster. He smothered her noises with his kisses. She never could get enough of his mouth. But then he took it away.

He went back to nibbling at her nipples, and then moved down to her stomach which was tight with anticipation. The top and her sports bra still held her arms tight at the elbows but her hands were free to touch his face, to curl her fingers in his hair, then to grip it as his tongue found the paces his finger had been a moment before.

She. Couldn’t. Breathe. Again.

As his tongue fucked her, it went deeper than she thought possible. As he pulled it out, he licked upward and across her clit like he might lick an extra large ice cream. His tongue and the lips sucking at her clit were so impossibly gentle but his hands were still rough as he held them down.

Then he released one hand and she immediately used it to push his face further into her pussy. Her chest heaved much faster and she mmmm-ed a little more loudly but not enough to attract outside attention. Jenny couldn’t quite let go of all her tightly controlled dignity even as his finger fucked her and his lips and tongue moved in patient circles.

She bit her bottom lip hard to keep from screaming as all that pent up control exploded and she came, shuddering against his mouth, his finger still working her.

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